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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'bully_316'

John Deacon Interview 1986 On Rapidshare - This is a 3 minute interview with john on dutch tv... by bully_316 on 20.08.2005

46 posts by user 'bully_316'

ANNOUNCE - Milan 14 September 1984 FLAC - thanks!... by bully_316 on 14.04.2007
RE-ANNOUNCE: Queen at Morumbi Stadium 03/20/1981 FLAC with interviews - thanks!... by bully_316 on 12.04.2007
1979.02.01 Cologne - merge - thanks!!!... by bully_316 on 27.01.2007
Announce: 2 Songs from Munich, Olympiahalle 03.05.1978 VIDEO MPEG - thankyou!!... by bully_316 on 26.02.2006
Rhapsody In Bohemia - thanks for this!!... by bully_316 on 13.11.2005
QUEEN DVD COVERS - the covers are very good thaks for the time and e... by bully_316 on 05.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Video of press conference in Japan 2005 - thankyou!! very interesting... by bully_316 on 05.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers NJ 2005 MP3 Rapidshare - thankyou!!... by bully_316 on 03.11.2005
ANNOUNCE - (1976) Osaka - Kosei Nenkin Kaikan (Evening show) - RAPIDSHARE - thankyou!!!... by bully_316 on 08.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Toronto 1978 - thanks rog37!! ... by bully_316 on 25.09.2005
Announce-Queen + Paul Rodgers Basel 2005-wma - thanks!!!... by bully_316 on 25.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: 23.05.1977 Bristol, UK - thanks jay, another fine concert!!... by bully_316 on 25.09.2005
FLAC ANNOUNCE: Dallas, TX 102878 (WATC + complete GSTQ) - thankyou!!... by bully_316 on 18.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Innuendo EPK (SVCD Quality) - thankyou!!... by bully_316 on 17.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Birmingham 1984 - thankyou very much!!... by bully_316 on 11.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Fukuoka 1979 - thanks!!... by bully_316 on 11.09.2005
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN MANHEIM 1986 RAPIDSHARE - thanks!!... by bully_316 on 27.08.2005
John Deacon Interview 1986 On Rapidshare - hope you dont mind it being shared RIEN, but than... by bully_316 on 25.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: DEMORIES PLEASE MAJESTIES - thanks for uploading!... by bully_316 on 20.08.2005
John Deacon Interview 1986 On Rapidshare - This is a 3 minute interview with john on dutch tv... by bully_316 on 20.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: Magic Paris '86 - thanks very much for sharing!!... by bully_316 on 20.08.2005
Request: Montreal 01/12/1978 RAPIDSHARE - thanks for taking the time to upload!... by bully_316 on 14.08.2005
ANNOUNCE Queen live Manchester 1986 - thanks another good concert from the lads!... by bully_316 on 14.08.2005
ANNOUNCE: 1986.06.11 Leiden on Rapidshare - thanks for sharing this concert, much appreciated!... by bully_316 on 13.08.2005
A little thank you to all of you... ;o) - thanks very much!!!... by bully_316 on 10.08.2005
Announce: Frankfurt 4-28-82 Rapidshare (speed corrected!) - thanks for sharing cheers!!... by bully_316 on 02.08.2005
13.5.82 Vienna Rapidshare - many thanks to somebody to love for taking the tim... by bully_316 on 31.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Chicago 1980 mp3 torrent. - many thnaks for uploading, it really is appreciate... by bully_316 on 30.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen live in Oakland 1978 - thanks for uploading!... by bully_316 on 28.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Milan 14.9.1984 (on Rapidshare) - thanks, a good quality concert!... by bully_316 on 24.07.2005
Announce:Dublin 1984.Rapidshare - thanks for this another good concert from the lads... by bully_316 on 24.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith Odeon 12/26/79 - thanks for uploading this one cheers!... by bully_316 on 23.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: MONTERREY 09-10-1981 PT1 - thanks for posting this!... by bully_316 on 22.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: 14-12-1980 Festhalle, Frankfurt - thanks for this one!!... by bully_316 on 17.07.2005
ANNOUNCE. Paris '78 CD 2. 320 Kb/s. - thanks for uploading the 2nd cd. the first one ma... by bully_316 on 10.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris 78 (Flac version) CD1 - thanks for this one, hope disc 2 is on its way! ch... by bully_316 on 08.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Paris '79 (02-28) 256kbps MP3 - thanks for this one another fine one for the colle... by bully_316 on 05.07.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen,Tokyo 3th November 1982 COMPLETE MP3 - thanks for uploading this one!... by bully_316 on 05.06.2005
Announce: Bradford, 1974-11-06 - thanks for this one... by bully_316 on 04.06.2005
We Will Rock You musical - Dominion theatre 14-05-2002 (premiere) - thanks a lot, have been looking for this for a lon... by bully_316 on 01.06.2005
Announce: Oxford, New Theatre 1973-11-20 - yep, seems to be working fine... by bully_316 on 30.05.2005
Announce: 12.06.1986 Live in Leiden - thanks for uploading another great concert!!... by bully_316 on 22.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Website Launched and Houston 77 Complete - TORRENT - thanks very much for uploading, another one to ad... by bully_316 on 21.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Magic Castle, Live At Slane Castle Ireland, July 5th 1986 - thanks for posting this, good quality and another ... by bully_316 on 11.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Immigrant Magic - Berlin - 26.6.86 - thanks, and what great quality!!... by bully_316 on 07.05.2005
Queen at the 46664 2005 mp3 - it works, and fast download thanks... by bully_316 on 23.04.2005