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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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John Stuart RIP - RIP JSS... by blueroom on 21.09.2019
This Christmas' DVD/blu-ray release... - Jim Beach is my dad's boyfriend and he told me tha... by blueroom on 01.09.2019
A Night At The Opera remaster - There's a "Blu-ray High Fidelity Pure Audio" relea... by blueroom on 01.09.2019
Does Anyone Have A Digital Version Of This Album? - It's not that hard to download music these days. T... by blueroom on 27.08.2019
Keep Yourself Alive US edit - Well would you look at that!... by blueroom on 29.07.2019
Keep Yourself Alive US edit - I have a copy of the mono version, length 3:32, so... by blueroom on 29.07.2019
Brian May's 1969 - BBC Radio 2 Programme [UPDATED] - I'm not sure whether or not this version of Earth ... by blueroom on 24.07.2019
Brian May's 1969 - BBC Radio 2 Programme [UPDATED] - Thanks for the share. Do you remember what time Ea... by blueroom on 20.07.2019
Time Waits for No One gets physical release - Continuing the QPL trend of third-rate Photoshop c... by blueroom on 19.07.2019
Which Queen forum is superior? Queenzone or r/Queen? - I used to subscribed to r/Queen but after the movi... by blueroom on 15.07.2019
ANNOUNCE : Budokan 1985 1st Night (Uxbridge & Wardour) - Thanks!... by blueroom on 06.07.2019
Hyde Park - Never knew people had such strong opinions on Hyde... by blueroom on 06.07.2019
1980.11.29 Essen - merge - Thanks!... by blueroom on 02.07.2019
Radiohead Minidisc - I think the official release is higher quality tha... by blueroom on 11.06.2019
ANNOUNCE : GEISHA BOYS THE COMPLETE TOKYO TAPES (Empress Valley) - Thanks!... by blueroom on 08.06.2019
Is Body Language really that bad? - I think it's ok. Definitely not one of their best ... by blueroom on 31.05.2019
Bowie - 'Spying through a keyhole' - Should I start selling my furniture to save for th... by blueroom on 25.04.2019
ANNOUNCE: 1979/04/25 - Queen Budokan 1979 5th Night *Uncirculated Recording - Thanks Chin!... by blueroom on 19.04.2019
Record Day 2019 (UK) - ^ I agree, Los Angeles 74 and Earls Court 78 were ... by blueroom on 12.04.2019
ANNOUNCE Queen live in Kobe, April 27, 1979 - Thanks for the share. Am I correct in saying this ... by blueroom on 01.04.2019
ANNOUNCE Queen live in Lyon, February 17, 1979 - Thanks!... by blueroom on 28.03.2019
Future Releases - Speculation and Rumours - Here's what I think could be released this year: ... by blueroom on 25.03.2019
Record Day 2019 (UK) - Was going to pick up that 7" if not for that awful... by blueroom on 04.03.2019
Many Faces of Queen - New (unofficial) Compilation - Funny, I found this new at a Sunrise Records store... by blueroom on 07.11.2018
Queen decisions - I actually quite like the NOTW box unlike most peo... by blueroom on 05.11.2018
'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie reviews & impressions - Deeply regretting my ticket purchase. As if we nee... by blueroom on 05.11.2018
'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie reviews & impressions - Haven't seen the movie yet but that "We haven't pl... by blueroom on 24.10.2018
'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie reviews & impressions - Maybe the reviews will make QPL realise that we wa... by blueroom on 24.10.2018
WOULD YOU LIKE A SMILE COMEBACK? - If the "new" version of Doing All Right is anythin... by blueroom on 19.10.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody OST released! - I was looking forward to Doing All Right but it re... by blueroom on 19.10.2018
Removing My Live Queen Concert Uploads - Well that's a drag. Thanks anyway for all that you... by blueroom on 13.10.2018
Queen at the beeb - According to the Queen On Air booklet, Roger says ... by blueroom on 11.10.2018
Spoiler Section for Anyone Who's Seen BoRhap - What could be spoiled in a documentary?... by blueroom on 11.10.2018
The absolute low of this forum - Actually, I think the absolute low of this forum i... by blueroom on 02.10.2018
Queen had never been a real rock band - You've all got it wrong - Queen were never a band ... by blueroom on 24.09.2018
Allow me to put an end to the Freddie/Adam debate once and for all - Thanks for the laugh... by blueroom on 24.09.2018
1979 Release... - Don't think there will be a release this year with... by blueroom on 14.09.2018
FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE FoR 100% UNDETECTABLE COUNTERFEIT MONEY $$ trustdoccu - Do you sell Hangman acetates?... by blueroom on 13.09.2018
Queen - Memorable Live Moments - I remember once they posted a video of some 8mm au... by blueroom on 29.08.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - ^ I thought Doin' Alright was the only one mixed i... by blueroom on 29.08.2018
??? ? ??? ??? ????? ??? - When you phrase it like that it really does make y... by blueroom on 29.08.2018
Live Killers 8-track - Is it just supposed to be a straight rip of the 8t... by blueroom on 21.06.2018
... - Just so you know happystar, I was not expressing s... by blueroom on 16.06.2018
... - Jesus Christ, someone just shut this thread down a... by blueroom on 16.06.2018
... - Unless Happystar is a member of Queen I don't see ... by blueroom on 06.06.2018
QUEEN: MONTEVIDEO 1983 - "Queen Serious Discussion"... by blueroom on 01.06.2018
Argentina February 28 1981 - ^ Sudden realization of something? Gasp of pain?... by blueroom on 30.05.2018
Songs They Could Have Revived During the Works Tour - I always liked Car live, it's great to see Roger s... by blueroom on 28.05.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen - 1978-05-12 - London, UK - "Or the problem is you guys still being mad at me ... by blueroom on 25.05.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen - 1978-05-12 - London, UK - There seems to be a surge in interest in these fin... by blueroom on 24.05.2018
1978.05.13 London - 40th anniversary edition - Thanks very much to both Wizard and the original t... by blueroom on 23.05.2018
Just ask Greg Brooks - ^ Does it actually say that in the book? I've neve... by blueroom on 22.05.2018
Paul Prenter "Sun" articles - It would probably be better for your health just t... by blueroom on 21.05.2018
The fair feller's master-stroke (help needed) - ^ copy-pasted from wikipedia... by blueroom on 16.05.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody - behind the scenes - What? Don't you all remember the show on Feb 31 19... by blueroom on 14.05.2018
Queen interviews (1976-85) - Thanks! Is the 1982-06-05 interview with Brian the... by blueroom on 07.05.2018
(Announce) Queen live in Lund, November 27, 1974 - Even if it was a troll (which we shouldn't automat... by blueroom on 04.05.2018
Possibility of A Jazz Box Set? - OhioMustapha wrote: The only reason there was a... by blueroom on 23.04.2018
Why the hate regarding "The Loser in the End"? - It's quite lyrically and musically simple, to be h... by blueroom on 23.04.2018
Possibility of A Jazz Box Set? - Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the album...... by blueroom on 22.04.2018
Possibility of A Jazz Box Set? - No chance. If we didn't get one for ANATO we certa... by blueroom on 21.04.2018
OMG!!! - When I was bored at the age of 10 I would play Nin... by blueroom on 16.04.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen Tour Books Collection High Resolution PDF - Thanks very much Kiwi Magic!... by blueroom on 15.04.2018
Poll: is mooghead acting like an idiot? - Childish, isn't it? Oh wait... But seriously, a... by blueroom on 15.04.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen Tour Books Collection High Resolution PDF - Does anyone still have these? All the links in the... by blueroom on 10.04.2018
Footage of Queen 1973 - Of course there's also the KYA and Liar promo vide... by blueroom on 02.04.2018
Why all the hate? Im just a Queen fan. - I don't mind if you're a Queen fan of whatever age... by blueroom on 01.04.2018
Earls Court 1977 - 2018 Edition by CM - Thanks a lot for this CM, really appreciated... by blueroom on 31.03.2018
Queen Mysteries - Re: Lady vs mother in Brighton Rock: If you sin... by blueroom on 31.03.2018
Poll: Who is the most annoying new poster here? - OhioMustapha Rocker: 49 posts Seems as if thos... by blueroom on 31.03.2018
NEW Queen Vinyl Collection in Italy - Finally a reprint of Live Killers! Shame it's only... by blueroom on 15.02.2018
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Just received my corrected newspaper in the mail, ... by blueroom on 12.02.2018
Mastertapes Queen concert in QP Vault - Could someone post a link to the list GB posted? I... by blueroom on 05.02.2018
Unpopular opinions related to the band - I really like a lot of Roger's songs that most peo... by blueroom on 23.01.2018
Documentary QUEEN'84 AND OHNE MOULKORD BRING - THE ONE AND ONLY - Next time keep it to ONE forum (probably "Sharing ... by blueroom on 02.01.2018
Boxset notw - Just unpacked my box, and I have a misprinted news... by blueroom on 25.12.2017
NOTW 40th production problem - Of the NOTW box? There is only one version.... by blueroom on 18.12.2017
Queen: Rock The World HD webrip - "Deity: 9088 posts" some deity.... sad really.... by blueroom on 22.11.2017
NOTW 3 tracks Test Pressing - This is great, thanks very much.... by blueroom on 22.11.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Just had my first listen to the Raw Sessions. Fant... by blueroom on 21.11.2017
John Deacon songs? - Tossed them in the bin... by blueroom on 11.11.2017
What song did Queen sing for the entirety of these live career? - The song that they played for the longest was Now ... by blueroom on 04.11.2017
Does anyone have footage for November 19th 1974? - Make a post in the Sharing Music Request section n... by blueroom on 28.10.2017
Queen reversed - you can force it but it will not come... by blueroom on 11.10.2017
Stereo Vision - Bowie and Mercury - no one cares... by blueroom on 10.10.2017
... - You're welcome... by blueroom on 08.10.2017
Let's Turn It On... and get everybody thinking - You do realize people come here to talk about Quee... by blueroom on 07.10.2017
Queenzone Queenconcerts Database Version 9 Is Online !! - I just checked- it is definitely there. Under 1976... by blueroom on 03.10.2017
ANNOUNCE: Live in Edinburgh 1976 (On Rapidshare) - What's the problem with Bokkepot's database? Just ... by blueroom on 30.09.2017
(re) Announce: WATC shoot 6 October 1977 FLAC definitive version torrent - From Bokkepot's database: https://mega.nz/#!xcEzCJ... by blueroom on 24.09.2017
Long Beach Arena '77 1st and 2nd gig (Help needed) - London?... by blueroom on 12.09.2017
Who should play Freddie in the biopic? Your choice. - Not really sure about your logic there... just... by blueroom on 11.09.2017
Press Release: News Of The World - 40th Anniversary Edition - Notice that a few of the BBC tracks say "2017 ... by blueroom on 08.09.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Some of the footage they show looks really goo... by blueroom on 08.09.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Hmmm... you are right! So they must have multi... by blueroom on 06.09.2017
Hey, Queen, this is how deluxe editions should look like - Wow! Not that much of a fan of Metallica mysel... by blueroom on 06.09.2017
ANNOUNCE: Queen Manchester Free Trade Hall 1975 - Thanks Chin, for this and the other upload you pro... by blueroom on 06.09.2017
ANNOUNCE: Queen Manchester Free Trade Hall 1975 - Could anyone reup, hopefully on MEGA? Thanks in ad... by blueroom on 06.09.2017
1975-05-01 Tokyo, Japan ("Emperors of Japan") - multi-source merge - Could anyone reup (preferably on MEGA)?... by blueroom on 06.09.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Well at least 2/5 discs are completely new. Are th... by blueroom on 04.09.2017
Amazon UK: NOTW box set will be 5 discs - Disc1: News of the World (original mix) Disc2: Ne... by blueroom on 01.09.2017
unpublished songs - I can't understand any of this... by blueroom on 24.08.2017
Deacy lyrics trivia - It sounds like something Roger might have written ... by blueroom on 24.08.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Is "Batteries Not Included" still commonly accepte... by blueroom on 13.08.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - It was confirmed on a page on the official web... by blueroom on 29.07.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Hopefully this won't just be the 2011 deluxe NOTW ... by blueroom on 18.07.2017