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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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3 discussions started by 'anna_libra'

we will rock you musical - Can anyone tell me preciselly  about the cast -... by anna_libra on 19.01.2010
groupie - Just being curious... Who's saying "But I've alway... by anna_libra on 26.09.2008
No Subject - "80s is the best period for music ever." now I ... by anna_libra on 23.08.2008

43 posts by user 'anna_libra'

we will rock you musical - Can anyone tell me preciselly  about the cast -... by anna_libra on 19.01.2010
Goran Višnjic: "Queen is the greatest band of all time" - made my day! [img=/images/smiley/msn/teeth_smile.... by anna_libra on 28.10.2009
Happy Birthday Freddie - Still miss you... Still love you :*... by anna_libra on 05.09.2009
Did Freddie loved it to get a blow job - is this for real?!... by anna_libra on 02.08.2009
Humpy Bong single - isn't it Humpty Bong, not Humpy Bong?... by anna_libra on 01.07.2009
GRAHAM GOULDMAN - 10CC STAR JEALOUS OF QUEEN'S SUCCESS - moaning sucker isn't he? ... by anna_libra on 07.10.2008
this guy looks like freddy - Jesus Christ. Just goes to show we all see people ... by anna_libra on 07.10.2008
grrrr! - That's why it's called Queen+PR, not PR+Queen ... by anna_libra on 05.10.2008
Waste of two and a half minutes? - FatBumGirl wrote: http://www.youtube.com/w... by anna_libra on 02.10.2008
American Dream - LOL everybody knows america is full of ... by anna_libra on 01.10.2008
An open letter to.... Queen and Paul Rodgers - "The new songs are definitely up there with Bohemi... by anna_libra on 01.10.2008
What do you think Freddie is doing right now? - would he be a newbie? ... by anna_libra on 28.09.2008
groupie - It could be, indeed... ... by anna_libra on 28.09.2008
Would you clone Freddie? - Ken should have a moustache. Just in case Bonsai F... by anna_libra on 28.09.2008
groupie - Just being curious... Who's saying "But I've alway... by anna_libra on 26.09.2008
NME Poll - no. 3 James Dean Bradfield, Manic Street Preacher... by anna_libra on 26.09.2008
What is Missing from Cosmos Rocks - drwinston you're completely right. it takes more t... by anna_libra on 23.09.2008
WHO'S GOING TO SEE THE TOUR??????????????????? - 1. Belgrade 2. 29.oct 3. standing It'll be my... by anna_libra on 22.09.2008
freddissimo account should be closed - very well said. I have just one question - why is ... by anna_libra on 21.09.2008
The good, the bad and Paul Rodgers - gnomo for president! let's stop all the fightin... by anna_libra on 17.09.2008
Brian & Roger are only proving one thing - Average... by anna_libra on 14.09.2008
Elizabeth is Queen - Backing vocals or what?... by anna_libra on 14.09.2008
Brian & Roger are only proving one thing - I like Q+PR but I don't like The Album. It's way b... by anna_libra on 14.09.2008
Poor Review of The Cosmos Rocks from The London Times - LOL Sammy Hagar! :))) Right on!!... by anna_libra on 14.09.2008
Does anybody else think The Cosmos SUCKS? - Brave one Freya :)... by anna_libra on 09.09.2008
My gift for Freddie's 62th birthday. - The best one I've seen on YouTube! Great job! :)... by anna_libra on 07.09.2008
Happy birthday dear Freddie !!! - Alexander, the painting is awesome!!!... by anna_libra on 05.09.2008
Happy birthday dear Freddie !!! - I love this day! I love you darling, it doesn'... by anna_libra on 05.09.2008
Happy Birthday Freddie! - Your star still shines the brigstest shine in heav... by anna_libra on 05.09.2008
Still burnin - They made themselves sound just like any other ban... by anna_libra on 02.09.2008
Céline Dion - Queen/Freddie Tribute - Is TM for real? ... by anna_libra on 29.08.2008
The Freddie Mercury Adventures - I knew Freddie would fend for himself when time co... by anna_libra on 29.08.2008
FREDDIE'S LASTEST INTERVIEW [2008] - apart from bad english, it's flawless!... by anna_libra on 28.08.2008
Why John Deacon is no real loss - I can't believe some people still don't realize th... by anna_libra on 28.08.2008
10 Reasons Why Treasure Moment is a Better Band Than Queen - You're quite good with this "10 reasons why" thing... by anna_libra on 28.08.2008
An experiment - He won't ask you to be his soul brother... oh no. ... by anna_libra on 27.08.2008
Brian May imposter on Queenzone - Why don't we simpy create a laboratory so that any... by anna_libra on 25.08.2008
Delilah - anyone who has a cat should also have Freddie's vo... by anna_libra on 25.08.2008
No Subject - "80s is the best period for music ever." now I ... by anna_libra on 23.08.2008
Happy Birthday John Deacon !!! - happy b deaky!... by anna_libra on 20.08.2008
Brian is Losing it - i want to believe you lester, coz it's imposible t... by anna_libra on 25.07.2008
Eurovision Song Contest - Now just what was that supposed to mean?... by anna_libra on 23.05.2008
I found the new ROGER TAYLOR - wtf???... by anna_libra on 23.05.2008