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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'ana_libra'

28 years since we've lost John Lennon... - One of those who managed to outlive themselves... ... by ana_libra on 08.12.2008

44 posts by user 'ana_libra'

LET ME LIVE - Did you mean Stevie Ricks? He's doing rock st... by ana_libra on 26.02.2009
NUEVA RED SPECIAL - [img=/images/smiley/msn/thumbs_up.gif][/im... by ana_libra on 22.02.2009
These are the days of our lives feels unfinished - TM, you need help my friend. Seriously. ... by ana_libra on 22.02.2009
IT'S FINALLY HERE....THE BEST LIVE ROCK ALBUM VOTE OF ALL-TIME! - Frampton Comes Alive is the biggest selling live d... by ana_libra on 22.02.2009
Work in progress - Brilliant artwork! I have only one suggestion. You... by ana_libra on 22.12.2008
Freddie "3 chords" - Who not simply ask Freddie then? ... by ana_libra on 11.12.2008
Poll: best queen long lenght song - isn't a "A Musical Interperetuati... by ana_libra on 10.12.2008
LIVE KILLERS FONT - I think it's called UMBRA! ... by ana_libra on 09.12.2008
28 years since we've lost John Lennon... - Yeah, and your wig is in a wrong place,... by ana_libra on 09.12.2008
28 years since we've lost John Lennon... - One of those who managed to outlive themselves... ... by ana_libra on 08.12.2008
about this concert..... - LOL ... by ana_libra on 06.12.2008
about this concert - LOL LOL LOL ... by ana_libra on 06.12.2008
17 Years Ago This Day - You'll live forever darling... I promise :* ... by ana_libra on 24.11.2008
Freddie as 18. best singer of all time - 16 | Mick Jagger ??????????? c'mon now... we al... by ana_libra on 15.11.2008
It was 30 years ago today... - I'm only 21, and I've been a fan for little over a... by ana_libra on 15.11.2008
Brian the Ax Man - true. ... by ana_libra on 12.11.2008
If Freddie was still here - wouldn't paul be jealous? ... by ana_libra on 08.11.2008
Soundcheck + setlist of Belgrade????? - you mean, the COSMOS rocks? :) Queen Rocked in 199... by ana_libra on 30.10.2008
Soundcheck + setlist of Belgrade????? - why would they cancel the gig when there are so ma... by ana_libra on 30.10.2008
Is One Year of Love.... - it's better, without doubt ... by ana_libra on 21.10.2008
EXCLUSIVE BRIAN MAY INTERVIEW - :)))))))))))))))))) ... by ana_libra on 18.10.2008
No Subject - Maybe I'm crazy but I know a lot of people who thi... by ana_libra on 16.10.2008
Interesting idea? - I must object Marcos, you're actually q... by ana_libra on 13.10.2008
John Deacon seen at party! (picture included) - Has he grown a moustache?! ... by ana_libra on 13.10.2008
Houston 77 DVD cover + label - Thanks! Lovely as always![br]... by ana_libra on 09.10.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: AWFUL album title. - sorry, first line - what The hell... by ana_libra on 30.03.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: AWFUL album title. - I have to agree with mr. masterstroke, what he hel... by ana_libra on 30.03.2008
Vote NUmber One IDIOT - Well you have to have good examples to become good... by ana_libra on 30.03.2008
We want Q+PR to come Croatia - it's pretty stupid to say serbs are 'a bit too wil... by ana_libra on 29.03.2008
Don't Stop Me Now Documentary - where did this come from?... by ana_libra on 24.03.2008
Would you like to... - the cats are still living??... by ana_libra on 24.03.2008
DVD Queen Interviews part 1 - same problem here...:'(... by ana_libra on 22.03.2008
Plan to start sharing "The Best Of The Best" bootlegs - Great! Let's do it!!! ... by ana_libra on 09.03.2008
DVD tree - sharing by mail (enviar DVDs por correo) - What a lovely idea!!!! Queen Hyde Park 1976 Qu... by ana_libra on 07.03.2008
Whats your most prized Queen related possession - the magic they made....... by ana_libra on 07.03.2008
81 South America - Great. Hey anyone knows where I can find this v... by ana_libra on 29.02.2008
Vote for Brian WHAT???? - are you trying to say that all good football playe... by ana_libra on 29.02.2008
do you think Queen would have been more popular if Freddie wasn't gay? - Had Freddie not been gay, Queen wouldn't have exis... by ana_libra on 22.02.2008
sample from RARE demo from 1976 - this is not freddie... by ana_libra on 21.02.2008
Defending Yourself As A Queen Fan - narrow-minded people hate their lack of the abilit... by ana_libra on 21.02.2008
vote for queen! last hours/minutes - What's wrong with you people??? What happened to f... by ana_libra on 21.02.2008
queen, will it be the same ever again - It won't, coz it can't.. It hurts, it'll always hu... by ana_libra on 18.02.2008
Roger + Freddie - wtf??? ... by ana_libra on 18.02.2008
freddie personnality - freddie was just freddie... all that you've said..... by ana_libra on 18.02.2008