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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'alexxzazou'

a mix - a mix! ... by alexxzazou on 31.12.2008
+ ++Happy New Year '09++ + - just a message for the ++  NewYear  ++   ... by alexxzazou on 31.12.2008

88 posts by user 'alexxzazou'

Queen - Flash (PiotreQ Remix) [w/ Video] - Great. Love it... by alexxzazou on 02.11.2012
The Show Must Go On (PiotreQ Rising Remix) [Video added] - great mixes,well done!... by alexxzazou on 24.03.2012
Queen - Slightly Mad (PiotreQ Remixes) - Tunes!flac/cheers! ;)... by alexxzazou on 03.02.2012
Sampled Queen tracks - Busta Rhymes samples'Dust'bassline on Dangerous ... by alexxzazou on 31.01.2012
LONG AWAY - Herr von Keil's 1983 Zodiacal Dust Cloud Remix - Fun!... by alexxzazou on 21.01.2012
'DANCER' Vocal/Guitar backing track - Love it,nice,thx!... by alexxzazou on 10.01.2012
New Queen 9-pack for Rock Band, includes Long Away - Thanks,keep 'em coming!... by alexxzazou on 15.12.2011
Don't Stop Me Now (PiotreQ Live Remix) [Talenthouse contest] - Big! Love it and DL soon;congrats... by alexxzazou on 12.12.2011
DSMN "As If Recorded Yesterday" for Talenthouse - Nice drums and guitar part.... by alexxzazou on 12.12.2011
Queen vs The Clash - Another One Bites The Radio Clash (w/ Video) + 4 more! - GREAT Thx!... by alexxzazou on 01.11.2011
Queen vs The Cross - Heaven For Everyone (Roger on Vocals) - Excellent Work again,thx!... by alexxzazou on 03.10.2011
Fat Bottomed Girls Multitrack password - May I have some help too, please? thanks.... by alexxzazou on 13.07.2011
Bohemian Rhapsody (Orchestral 2011 Mix) (+ videoclip) - Amazing work & video,love it,thanks!... by alexxzazou on 02.07.2011
Nothin' But Blue + Somewhere In Time - Great,love it thx... by alexxzazou on 20.06.2011
Queen Rock Medley (+ videoclip) - ;)  Great  thx!... by alexxzazou on 20.06.2011
A Capella Creation - Really Nice! Congrats... by alexxzazou on 05.06.2011
Freddie Mercury - My Love Is Dangerous (Remix + Videoclip) - Perfect ;)... by alexxzazou on 28.05.2011
We Will Break Thru You (Mash-up) + Videoclip - WOW Great + amazing video.i love it. thanks a lo... by alexxzazou on 17.11.2010
Queen vs AC/DC - A Day On The Razor's Edge (EP) - Rock On! cheers A... by alexxzazou on 04.11.2010
Queen + Kerry Ellis - 'The Duets' EP by Arquest - Thanks a lot! all the best AlexxZ... by alexxzazou on 04.11.2010
Queen vs Chic - Good Times Bite The Dust (Mash-up) - Congratulations and thanks for sharing Funk you ... by alexxzazou on 04.11.2010
Q vs NKOTB - It's A Beautiful Heaven ('Valentine' Mash-up) - yeah great this one thx!... by alexxzazou on 05.10.2010
Sail Away Sweet Sister (word mix) - Explanations let us appreciate both mixes    ... by alexxzazou on 28.02.2010
Stone Cold Crazy (Extended Fickle Mix) - like it too. twice. thanks Lord ... by alexxzazou on 28.02.2010
I Want It All - D mix - Great mix,well done.thx a lot. Peace... by alexxzazou on 13.01.2010
On The Common Stage: Queen Remixed [Full Version] - Very Well done PiotreQ excellent Kind of Visi... by alexxzazou on 29.12.2009
On The Common Stage: Queen Remixed [Preview / 17+1 mash-ups] - aaaaaaaaaah...    Xmas the 27th,this year! an ... by alexxzazou on 23.12.2009
QUEEN vs. PET SHOP BOYS - See Me Coming Headlong - great fun,thanks. nothing we can do about it,out... by alexxzazou on 17.08.2009
Remix pack - Really a Great Pleasure thanks Daniel VZ amazi... by alexxzazou on 02.08.2009
I Want It All - Fantastic mix DanielVz.  Congratulations and than... by alexxzazou on 31.07.2009
State of Shock ('The Worx' Mash-up) - Great Job,Love it.thanx PiotreQ.One of the Best ... by alexxzazou on 13.07.2009
Queen vs. Annie Lennox - I Want A Little Bird - Excellent,Vonkeil,         thanx.    (... by alexxzazou on 10.05.2009
Get Down Make Love ('Action This Day' Mash-up) - yeah..Love it.     ttttop mashup mixed by Pio... by alexxzazou on 19.04.2009
One Vision ('Extended Intro' Edit) -  Perfect,as usual ...many thanx PiotreQ ... by alexxzazou on 02.04.2009
A New Lily Is Born - Very well done,i love it.great fun.Cheers  AZ ... by alexxzazou on 19.03.2009
Vocals Cuts from "Made In Heaven" - yes please someone, it wd be NICE,'pellas request... by alexxzazou on 02.01.2009
a mix - a mix! ... by alexxzazou on 31.12.2008
+ ++Happy New Year '09++ + - just a message for the ++  NewYear  ++   ... by alexxzazou on 31.12.2008
Q + PR + Del Shannon - Runaway ('Old Vinyl' Remix by PiotreQ) - a ++ ! Bang ! ++ by Piotreq, Ladies & Gentlemen...... by alexxzazou on 08.12.2008
C-lebrity Mercury 90 Video-mix - ! thanx for sharing,great vid,very well done.a++ ... by alexxzazou on 25.10.2008
Cosmos Rocks Instrumentals - Many thanx for the great mixes of the whole alb... by alexxzazou on 07.10.2008
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Small (MJK Mix) - Nice Mix ,well Made,thanx for this one, Mjk.sma... by alexxzazou on 04.10.2008
Queen vs McFly Don't Stop Me Now - nice... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
my melancholy blue - electro remix - nice&original... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Scandal (remix + video) - great,love it... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
QueenFanmixers September Podcast - Freddie's Birthday - great.Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
DON'T SHUN IT! (Vonkeil feat. Roger Taylor) - top&fun,thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Living On My Own & Scandal remixes - Love Scandal mix.very well,thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Play_The_Game__Fickle_Orchestral_Mix - Beautiful.enjoy... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Queen vs. Madonna - WHAT IT FEELS LIKE...UNDER PRESSURE - perfect...... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Queen vs Nine Inch Nails "Fight From the Inside" - great mix,i like it,thank u... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
The show must go on (FM-Tribute video mix) - Nice video.thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Mix - the run depress mix of 'The Show'is a great idea.p... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Back Chat (vicspec electro mix) - Back Chat great mix.very well,Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
FREDDIE VS. MADONNA - POWER OF MY DEFENCE - very well done.!thanx ... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Don't Lose Your Head (Ga Ga Extended Remix) - i like it,thanx for this mix.Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Radio Ga Ga (Remix from Last.FM) - One of the Best GaGa mixes.Sure.Love it... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Good Company (Drum Remix) - good alt mix.!thanx a lot,Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Queen vs. Fergie mashup - great mashup done, thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Jailhouse Rock - Semi-studio mix - very well,Enjoy... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Mother Love remix - great great work,love it  thanx DanielVZ... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Repost: Yeah (The Long 2005 Remix by Rafael Moreira) - i like it, its great fun.Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Khashoggi's Ship (spl edit) available to hear - good mixes,thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Killer Queen Remixes: Karaoke / Instrumental / A Cappella + MOAR! - thanx a lot.Nice... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Queen vs. Madonna - The Killer's Secret - Terrible,as usual.Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
The Hero - Overdub Mix - a great mix.!thanx!... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
The Fickle Archives Vol 1 - thanx i love these mixes... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
New York At Last AdamS mix - ...and thanx mechaman89!... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
New York At Last AdamS mix - good touch on this NY.yes,boogie.thanx Adam... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Brighton Rock ('Little Magic' Remix) - Magic Inside...ok!!... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
PLAY THE GAME (Psychedelicious Remix) - Wonderful&Brilliant. Peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Alternate Brighton Rock - very good mix,thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
We Will Rock You ('Highlander' Remix) - i love it,good idea,thanxxx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
BRIGHTON ROCK: REMIXES & VIDEOMIXES - Yes still Rock.!thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Another One Bites The Invisible Man - Two great mixes,it works really good&Fun.Enjoy... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Queen vs. Madonna - Brighton Holiday - B.O. mix of Summer.Funky as Hell... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
QueenFanmixers June 2008 Podcast - Vonkeil vs Madonna (repost) - great podcast.it works really good,love it. Fred'... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
a question about Made In Heaven acapella - thanks for this accap well isolated.peace... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Our Hero... Flash - good work thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Who Wants To Live Forever - vicspec remix - i love this one, !thanks Vicspec. great feeeling... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
2008 August Queenfanmixers Podcast - great mashups. Queen vs the supremes or  'Wh... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Roger Taylor - Racing In The Street remix - very good mix for Roger's one.thanx... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
"C-Lebrity" Re Edit by me - better than the original.my opinion... good mix t... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Killer Queen (Beatnik Mix) - it sounds really good.pure heavier bass.well done,... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
C-lebrity (Guitar Remix) - very well done.one of the best mixes done these da... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Surf's Up... School's Out! (Mash-up) - thanx for sharing. another one ++bang++ by piotre... by alexxzazou on 27.09.2008
Greatest Video Hits 3 - harmonyeux@hotmail.com... by alexxzazou on 29.10.2007
Greatest Video Hits 3 - could u please send me the direct file?thanx a lot... by alexxzazou on 29.10.2007