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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Wreckage'

Creed call it quits - Hankies at the ready people... http://www.acces... by Wreckage on 05.06.2004

183 posts by user 'Wreckage'

GNR - Plenty of direct downlaods are sure to turn up via... by Wreckage on 20.05.2006
I forgot how good this is - Very amusing. I reckon Dave Grohl Could make a liv... by Wreckage on 19.02.2006
the 2006 Brits - Prince rocked - Let's face it, Prince could have got up there and ... by Wreckage on 19.02.2006
Team America - 'Kim Jong Il's "So Ronery" song deserved... by Wreckage on 24.01.2006
"wake up"-intro song used on U2 2005 tour - 'The Arcade Fire', perhaps?... by Wreckage on 24.01.2006
Help unzipping n64 roms - Man, to think I wasted so much of my youth pal... by Wreckage on 17.01.2006
Foo's, Earls Court, tomorrow... - Hmm, you'd have to shoot a certain Mr May - (w... by Wreckage on 20.12.2005
Foo's, Earls Court, tomorrow... - Saw them at Earls Court and Saturday, and I'm stil... by Wreckage on 20.12.2005
Who's concerts you been to? - Weezer x3 (Once as an opening act. Billy Corgan ... by Wreckage on 21.11.2005
Best Musicals - 'The Producers' is the only musical I have any tim... by Wreckage on 15.11.2005
The Darkness' new album - If 'One way ticket to hell and back' (honestly, I'... by Wreckage on 15.11.2005
Favourite David Bowie Song??? - At the moment, Joe The Lion (excellent guitar riff... by Wreckage on 10.11.2005
Musicians, show off your instruments. - To my name, I have: A Fender Jazz Aerodyne Bass... by Wreckage on 28.10.2005
Any Stevie Wonder fans out there? - For those of you who can't wait for october 18th '... by Wreckage on 01.10.2005
Weezer Breaking Up - Looks like the writers have homed in the 'we don't... by Wreckage on 18.09.2005
For any Foo Fighters fans in the UK.... - Both B-Sides are perfectly serivcable, I have to s... by Wreckage on 18.09.2005
Big Bottom By Spinal Tap, Anyone Heard This Sendup of Fat Bottomed Girls? - Yes, and what a joyous thing it is too. Not sure t... by Wreckage on 07.08.2005
Last album you have bought and why? - The other day I was looking for some music that wo... by Wreckage on 21.07.2005
new terriost attack in london - I know how you feel. I'm only an office worker... by Wreckage on 21.07.2005
Happy Birthday President Bush!!! - Bon Anniversaire, M Bush. Now then, about this ... by Wreckage on 06.07.2005
Live 8 is bothering me... - Pink Floyd have said they are donating all roy... by Wreckage on 05.07.2005
Pete Doherty - I've said it before and I'll say it again - some p... by Wreckage on 03.07.2005
Pink Floyd on Live 8 - Roger Waters has probably ever smiled so much in h... by Wreckage on 02.07.2005
The Simpsons, The Motion Picture! - To be fair, the standard of writing in the last co... by Wreckage on 28.06.2005
COLDPLAY - QUOTENAME]Haystacks Calhoun wrote: [/QUOTENAME]Col... by Wreckage on 28.06.2005
Billy Corgan plans to reform Smashing Pumpkins - He may hve a tough job pulling this off. Though he... by Wreckage on 21.06.2005
Billy Corgan - I quite liked thier sound - good dream-pop/tec... by Wreckage on 19.06.2005
Foo Fighters - In Your Honour CD - The second, 'quiet' disc is exceptional, IMO. Ther... by Wreckage on 19.06.2005
Confirmed Track Listing & Artists Queen Tribute Album - The Flaming Lips and Josh Homme's contributions co... by Wreckage on 19.06.2005
I bought the tenth anniversery edition of the very first Weezer album - Hey Ron J Ogrebattle, I am very mcuh in agreeme... by Wreckage on 16.06.2005
Billy Corgan - I actually had the pleasure of seeing the great ma... by Wreckage on 16.06.2005
The best of 2005 music - Me too! Although I'm looking forward to listen... by Wreckage on 10.06.2005
Whose Shirt Did YOU Wear To The Queen Spring 2005 Tour? - To Newcastle, I wore a Led Zep T-Shirt (with the f... by Wreckage on 24.05.2005
Man Utd vs Arsenal - Arsenal are on better form at the moment. but with... by Wreckage on 20.05.2005
Eurovision - Here's something to amuse all 'Little Britain' fan... by Wreckage on 15.05.2005
NEWCASTLE REVIEWS ONLY PLEASE - A country/hoe-down send up of 'Feel like makin... by Wreckage on 06.05.2005
NEWCASTLE REVIEWS ONLY PLEASE - Staging/sound: Newcastle Telewest arena is pretty ... by Wreckage on 04.05.2005
A question for all of you Brits... - That's 'RULE Britannia', you ignorant bloody y... by Wreckage on 04.05.2005
Next stop Newcastle - 25 Hours and 3 minutes until they are due to hit t... by Wreckage on 02.05.2005
Bassists? - I'm a below average bass player with an average si... by Wreckage on 23.04.2005
The Hollywood Queen Tribute Official Tracklisting... - We shouldn't moan at a tribute with some recognisi... by Wreckage on 12.04.2005
Newcastle meet-up - Should this go ahead, put me down as a 'maybe'. (I... by Wreckage on 11.04.2005
Newcastle tix - Got mine a few days after I bought them from Ticke... by Wreckage on 11.04.2005
Just a lil "hello" - I don't remember you, but still, welcome back aboa... by Wreckage on 11.04.2005
Newcastle 03/05/2005 - Back on topic, I too will be up in Geordieland for... by Wreckage on 07.04.2005
Hobson's Choice. The 2005 General Election. - Hmmm. I really ought to make a case for voting Tor... by Wreckage on 26.03.2005
What u listening to.....? - Isolation - Joy Division... by Wreckage on 08.03.2005
Sonic Vs Mario - I go for the short fat Italian -American-Japanese ... by Wreckage on 08.03.2005
Chelsea Vs Barcelona at the Champions League - I'd also like to know why Ronaldinho and Paolo Fer... by Wreckage on 08.03.2005
Queen is soon on the road - where YOU gonna be? - Just Newcastle. All the gigs that were closer to h... by Wreckage on 07.02.2005
Has anone actually received their tickets yet? - Got my tickets for the Newcastle show today - exce... by Wreckage on 25.01.2005
the concerts you attend - I'm off to Newcastle for the May 3rd gig.... by Wreckage on 24.01.2005
UK Dates - I stand corrected. From its official website, ... by Wreckage on 15.01.2005
UK Dates - I'm guessing that 'Wembley Pavillion' is the new n... by Wreckage on 15.01.2005
Why didn't Brian sing '39 at Freddie's tribute show? - Freddie always sang '39 during Queen's live shows,... by Wreckage on 15.01.2005
What do we think of Guns N' Roses - One of the last great rock bands, but the mix of ... by Wreckage on 15.01.2005
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Woman Ever! - Happy Birthday!... by Wreckage on 11.01.2005
Velvet Revolver - Saw them in London last September, going to see th... by Wreckage on 30.12.2004
Instruments - Just started on the bass guitar. I'm too tight to ... by Wreckage on 23.12.2004
Are there any recordings with Queen you would like to change somehow? - I think 'You take my breath away' overdoes it with... by Wreckage on 22.12.2004
What books are you reading - Right now I am reading 'The Fountainhead' by Ayn R... by Wreckage on 12.12.2004
Dimebag Darrell, R.I.P. - Yes, very clever *sighs*... by Wreckage on 09.12.2004
thoughts on bohemian rhapsody documentary? - I enjoyed hearing the different tracks on their ow... by Wreckage on 04.12.2004
Have you Ever been to a bad gig? - I've seen some pretty poor openig acts. 'Thunder' ... by Wreckage on 28.11.2004
It's SNOWING!!! - Snow up in Sheffield already? Kind of makes me wis... by Wreckage on 18.11.2004
My Thoughts on Band Aid 20 - From reading about who would be doing what on this... by Wreckage on 18.11.2004
Fatty, I demand an explanation here! - *Starts chanting... 'fight, fight, fight, fight...... by Wreckage on 16.11.2004
the worst thing of the world - Unpaid Overtime... by Wreckage on 12.11.2004
In your face, lefties! - Ted Kennedy! Jimmy Carter! Walter Mondale! Wesle... by Wreckage on 03.11.2004
Scissor Sisters - 'Take your Mama' reminds me of Elton's 'Island Gir... by Wreckage on 12.09.2004
I have a job interview tomorrow - If you can establish a rapport with the intervie... by Wreckage on 04.09.2004
Velvet Revolver Live (A Review)........... - I saw their show in Hammersmith last night,and ver... by Wreckage on 03.09.2004
Girly Men? - David Beckham, and other so-called 'metrosexuals'.... by Wreckage on 01.08.2004
The Story of Bo Rhap is coming... - Will they still feature the re-enactments of the r... by Wreckage on 14.07.2004
Freddie's Lovers on UK Television - I admit, with more than a small sense of shame, th... by Wreckage on 14.07.2004
Is there anyone here who doesn't like U2? - I don't really mind Bono using his fame and status... by Wreckage on 14.07.2004
I got tickets for Velvet Revolver!!! - So did I. I sooooo Rock. Or something.... by Wreckage on 10.07.2004
Chinese Democracy this november. - Sources close to the bands management (and apparen... by Wreckage on 09.07.2004
Michael Moore for President!!! - The following passage was originally extracted f... by Wreckage on 28.06.2004
Michael Moore for President!!! - The Anti - Moore reader: Volume 1 RE: Topic tit... by Wreckage on 28.06.2004
Unlucky en-ge-rland - Dodgy refereeing decisions or not, England deserve... by Wreckage on 24.06.2004
Velvet Revolver - It is good stuff but hardly ground breaking. (desp... by Wreckage on 16.06.2004
Euro 2004 - Bit of a shame for England really, seeing as they ... by Wreckage on 13.06.2004
Famous Queen fans or listeners - Matt Lucas and David Walliams (of 'Little Britain'... by Wreckage on 13.06.2004
Politics - I... voted... tory... in both local and european e... by Wreckage on 11.06.2004
NME award to F. Mercury in 1977:) - A quick browse on that site for the NME creep/bast... by Wreckage on 10.06.2004
SMURF YOU! You smurfin' smurf-hole!!! - Chanukah smurf?... by Wreckage on 10.06.2004
need help / copy protected 'CD' - Aparently the copy protection on some CD's can be ... by Wreckage on 10.06.2004
Why we love Queenzone - Y'know what, I don't like this place at all and I ... by Wreckage on 10.06.2004
Keane - Co-sign... by Wreckage on 09.06.2004
Beatlesque Queen - The end of 'lap of the gods' (NOT 'revisited) alwa... by Wreckage on 08.06.2004
The Song Name Game - I hate U - Prince... by Wreckage on 06.06.2004
Creed call it quits - Hankies at the ready people... http://www.acces... by Wreckage on 05.06.2004
VH1 - Nothing wrong with infobars, if you are in a... by Wreckage on 05.06.2004
November Rain - The full text of the 'Without you' short story... by Wreckage on 04.06.2004
November Rain - Possibly... it... symbolises... things falling apa... by Wreckage on 04.06.2004
Pet peeves - People who stand around gossiping in groups near q... by Wreckage on 02.06.2004
Apologies in advance - Though I am 'south of Berwick', I really don't giv... by Wreckage on 31.05.2004
Oh No. Not another 20 hypothetical questions - 1. If you were invited to a fancy dress party and ... by Wreckage on 31.05.2004
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith '75 Video - Thanks to Richard for hosting this and to YV for p... by Wreckage on 28.05.2004
I'm just a girl in the world.... - I'm sure you'll have a great time, there ain't not... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
eBay ultra rarity - How on earth will he deliver it to the winning bid... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
Fugees BoRhap - I reckon the version you are talking about is the ... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
What do you feel when... (for young people) - Vindication.... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
Heeeeeey yaaaaaaaa!!! - How's writng, producing, arranging and perform... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
And now....the end is here - You are right, it is quite an odd feeling. I s... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
Velvet Revolver! - Despite being a massive G 'n R fan, Iam fairly ind... by Wreckage on 27.05.2004
Your song! - Madagascar -G n' R... by Wreckage on 25.05.2004
Another 20 Hypothetical Questions - .Your ex boyfriend/girlfriend becomes famous for s... by Wreckage on 25.05.2004
Heeeeeey yaaaaaaaa!!! - I think it's rather good too, so no kicks from me.... by Wreckage on 25.05.2004
New puppy - Nice story, shame about the name.... by Wreckage on 23.05.2004
20 Hypothetical Questions - 1. If you were on Death Row, what would you choose... by Wreckage on 23.05.2004
It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! - I'm too tight to fork out for drinks, but I'm ... by Wreckage on 22.05.2004
The Travelling Queenzoner Part II - I've always wanted to pay a proper visit to the fa... by Wreckage on 22.05.2004
What emotion are you? - I am 'peace'?! Now that can't be right, I thin... by Wreckage on 22.05.2004
How well-travelled is the average Queenzoner? - Wales Scotland France Holland Spain Italy Gr... by Wreckage on 20.05.2004
Star Whores... - And I can't help but think there is something very... by Wreckage on 16.05.2004
Star Whores... - Funny?I think it is quite rational on the part of ... by Wreckage on 16.05.2004
It's nine o' clock on a Saturday... - Weezer - Blue album (deluxe ediion) The regula... by Wreckage on 16.05.2004
Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - Ah, but that would deprive Terry of at least 1/5 o... by Wreckage on 15.05.2004
Eurovision Song Contest 2004 - How about that Bosnain guy? Like a hybrid between ... by Wreckage on 15.05.2004
G 'n R and Queen - During thier 1992 wembley show, Brian joined G n'R... by Wreckage on 12.05.2004
A Numbery Film Quiz - The taking of Pelham 123... by Wreckage on 12.05.2004
You are all sad bastards - 3.6 Sad bastards? Speak for yourself.... by Wreckage on 11.05.2004
Hmmm... Looks like I'll be in Limbo... - Fifth level of hell. Gloomy and wrathful? Moi?... by Wreckage on 11.05.2004
Name and shame thyself! - I have Wyclef's version of AOBTD on single somewhe... by Wreckage on 11.05.2004
Bush portrait... - There seems to be some confusion here - the pa... by Wreckage on 09.05.2004
New DVD-A? - Greg Brooks hinted at that a Queen II DVD-A might ... by Wreckage on 08.05.2004
FRIENDS - The carachters were always too untypical of twenty... by Wreckage on 08.05.2004
Bush portrait... - "Maybe you can do a better job?"...the h... by Wreckage on 08.05.2004
How about an album of "Rocks Re-takes"? - Of course I haven't heard the masters, I just ... by Wreckage on 03.05.2004
How about an album of "Rocks Re-takes"? - Perhaps muffled is not the right word, but the... by Wreckage on 02.05.2004
How about an album of "Rocks Re-takes"? - It'll never happen, but I'd quite like too hea... by Wreckage on 02.05.2004
A question about football (soccer) - For a start, the defender will be sent off and be ... by Wreckage on 30.04.2004
some mp3 - Cheers Victorvil!... by Wreckage on 28.04.2004
Kill Bill Vol. 2 - I'd say the main difference between Vol 1 and 2 is... by Wreckage on 27.04.2004
Remember Elizabeth Taylor's speech at the Freddie Mercury Tribute? - I found her speech rather patronising, but not out... by Wreckage on 26.04.2004
When there is an exam... - Ah, but then you miss out on some of the Chris... by Wreckage on 26.04.2004
Is Roger anti abortion? - Didn't he also wear a 'Ban nukes now!' Catherine H... by Wreckage on 25.04.2004
This Is Spinal Tap-- - Apparently when Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne/Black la... by Wreckage on 25.04.2004
Banquo you old boozer. - QUOTENAME]Sir Archie Leach wrote: [/QUOTENAME] ... by Wreckage on 18.04.2004
Me and Mr. Johnson - 'Honkin' on Bobo'... s'alright I s'pose. I particu... by Wreckage on 16.04.2004
Book Reccommendations - 'Anti-Americanism' - by Jean Francois Revel... by Wreckage on 16.04.2004
Robin Hood = new airport :I - Hmmm. But surely Robin Hood is more commonly assoc... by Wreckage on 16.04.2004
Queen bashing - I've not yet clicked on the link but sign me up fo... by Wreckage on 09.04.2004
Hottest new about The Darkness! :) - Put me down on the list of people who find the... by Wreckage on 09.04.2004
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2004 - Did he not decline an invitation to take part ... by Wreckage on 09.04.2004
Anyone Remember.... - I remember you. Welcome back.... by Wreckage on 02.04.2004
Anyone Remember.... - I remeber you. Welcome back.... by Wreckage on 02.04.2004
Anyone here like Bowie or T-Rex - Bowie is ace - so many reinventions and trails bla... by Wreckage on 28.03.2004
I said: are you gonna be my girl? - 'Jet' may just be the most derivative band around ... by Wreckage on 28.03.2004
Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! - "the SHU is rated quite highly by all accounts" ... by Wreckage on 27.03.2004
violent song lyrics - AC/DC - Nightprowler... by Wreckage on 25.03.2004
personality quiz - The 'mixed messenger' (no shit!)... by Wreckage on 22.03.2004
So... tell me about yourself - First name in real life: Lewis Age: 20 What you ... by Wreckage on 04.03.2004
I forgot what I was gonna say - Your silence will only incriminate you further.... by Wreckage on 26.02.2004
Really rather chuffed... - So you should be a 'happy camper' - very well done... by Wreckage on 26.02.2004
Hiya Queen Fans :o) im Shell - Welcome aboard, and happy posting.... by Wreckage on 26.02.2004
So Bush is planning to amend the constitution... - What bothers me about this is that he (Bush) still... by Wreckage on 25.02.2004
Happy Birthday Shoujo!!! - Happy Birthday and that.... by Wreckage on 03.02.2004
It's SNOWING!!! - Walkley, and yourself?... by Wreckage on 28.01.2004
Have I ever damned your eyes? - I don't mean to be cynical, but what benefit could... by Wreckage on 27.01.2004
It's SNOWING!!! - No heavy snow in my part of Sheffield, just that a... by Wreckage on 27.01.2004
Queen + at Glasto? - Jeff Payne - Whatever speculation are you referrin... by Wreckage on 25.01.2004
Annoying songs that get stuck in your head.... - The 'Scissor sisters' awful, hollow version of 'Co... by Wreckage on 25.01.2004
I'm baaaaaaAAAAAaack - WB, Mr C.... by Wreckage on 25.01.2004
THE BEST INSTRUMENTAL... - I nominate Metallica's 'Orion' and 'Call of the Kt... by Wreckage on 25.01.2004
Howard Dean sounds like... - Have a listen to the 'Dean mix' of 'Welcome to the... by Wreckage on 23.01.2004
hippie test - 1. Do you play an instrument or sing? a) Yes, str... by Wreckage on 16.01.2004
axl at FM tribute concert - I might be one of the biggest Axl fans here, but I... by Wreckage on 13.01.2004
Front Man Survivor (a benign, harmless game) - My second round of votes Joe Strummer (The Clas... by Wreckage on 13.01.2004
Happy Birthday, Alli James! - Though I am sure I have missed the boat... Happy B... by Wreckage on 12.01.2004
Front Man Survivor (a benign, harmless game) - 1) Brian Johnson (AC/DC) - As much as I like Acca-... by Wreckage on 12.01.2004
Saddam Captured - "My enemy's enemy is my friend" Thank you Brand... by Wreckage on 15.12.2003
Saddam Captured - "It's about fucking time someone got that son of a... by Wreckage on 14.12.2003
Saddam Captured - When I heard that "We Got Him" quote I got to adm... by Wreckage on 14.12.2003
Saddam Captured - Nope, its definitely him - DNA tests have confirme... by Wreckage on 14.12.2003
To the Uk! - They all seem pretty boing to me.... by Wreckage on 14.12.2003
What Sort of Brit Are You?! - That quiz says I'm a Londoner... and I am. Hurrah.... by Wreckage on 12.12.2003
Let's see who gets this one... - The man in question is abnormally short, so he can... by Wreckage on 11.12.2003
What song are you listening to right now (Part 5) - Prince - America... by Wreckage on 24.11.2003
The album is wish I hadn't bought... - Stevie Wonder - Songs in the key of life Motorhea... by Wreckage on 16.11.2003
If you LOVE the Darkness and in the US or Canada? Click here! NOW! - Hoh, I voted alright... but for whom, though?... by Wreckage on 15.11.2003