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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Woody43'

What future realease would make fans happy? - Maybe too much tipple - but I see a lot of negativ... by Woody43 on 29.12.2010

55 posts by user 'Woody43'

Share your collection - 27 years in the making this one.... I was fortu... by Woody43 on 28.10.2019
Brixton Academy Love Token - "Look what happened to me?" - I always assumed he said 'blues in June'... by Woody43 on 17.10.2019
Share your collection - From the same event - the mech included some Queen... by Woody43 on 12.10.2019
Share your collection - Managed to find some items out this afternoon - wi... by Woody43 on 12.10.2019
Share your collection - And the inside... by Woody43 on 12.10.2019
12 Inch Versions - Full list Staying Power Back Chat GaGa IWTBF ... by Woody43 on 14.08.2019
When did Freddie get the HIV virus - 'Another song written by Freddie in the summer of ... by Woody43 on 27.05.2019
Greg Brooks to reveal BohRhap Official Soundtrack album/Jazz Outtakes - Back in the 90s i was really looking forward to an... by Woody43 on 14.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - And finally Roger at the Astoria in 1990....... by Woody43 on 07.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - And here's John (playing with The Cross in 1988...... by Woody43 on 07.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - Brian doing Too Much Love I think... My memory is... by Woody43 on 07.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - OK Above is RMT at the kit during the Smile bit - ... by Woody43 on 07.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - A test post to confirm whether my photos from the ... by Woody43 on 07.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - I'll try to load some up over the coming weekend -... by Woody43 on 03.09.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - 'Is it Jacky's footage of the Marquee gigs that is... by Woody43 on 30.08.2018
Is it time for an official Smile release? - A nice bonus to a Smile release would be the live ... by Woody43 on 29.08.2018
Brian with Broken arm? - Brian broke his arm in the late 80s skateboarding.... by Woody43 on 09.02.2018
QAL summer UK Stadium Dates - Nice.................... by Woody43 on 19.01.2018
info for pics - Definately the Biggles premiere......... by Woody43 on 10.11.2017
info for pics - From memory, that will be from the premiere for th... by Woody43 on 09.11.2017
Queen in 3-D - Hi All of brians stereoscopic books come with a... by Woody43 on 23.05.2017
Tutti Frutti Wembley Intro - He definately says ' i need my f**king water...'... by Woody43 on 23.03.2017
Roger Taylor Planet Rock - The quote from Roger was in the context of new mus... by Woody43 on 09.11.2016
Who are the Backing Singers? - Fairly certain that the backing singer in the midd... by Woody43 on 27.10.2016
one vision documentary - That was on magic years vol. 3.... by Woody43 on 23.08.2016
Was Freddie Well Enough to Perform at the Brits '90? - There was a brief article in a Queen Fan Club Maga... by Woody43 on 20.08.2015
On Fire (Live at the Bowl) vs Live In Milton Keynes - The mix is probably the orignal 1982 mix, I seem t... by Woody43 on 19.08.2014
Queen autographs - Definitely genuine. Excellent items ... by Woody43 on 26.02.2014
Brian & Michael Jackson Meet Up - I may be wrong, but have a distant memory of rumou... by Woody43 on 09.01.2014
BRI'S HEALTH SCARE - Met Brian in October at the British Library. He wa... by Woody43 on 31.12.2013
What is a ‘doll’s house’ from Pheobe's blog about Freddie - Stelios, Queen had a small area just off stage to ... by Woody43 on 13.11.2013
Just for the record...The Lot - GT, I'm not a frequent poster on the site and you ... by Woody43 on 13.11.2013
Life changes by Freddie - Its been a long time since I read the sleeve notes... by Woody43 on 08.11.2013
Queen - I Can't Live With You (Brian Malouf Remix) - I've got the Malouf remixes, they are probably my ... by Woody43 on 19.05.2013
New game - different rules - I like these threads JSS, keep them coming.....my ... by Woody43 on 16.05.2013
Best solo albums - 1. Blue Rock 2. Mad, bad and dangerous 3. Back t... by Woody43 on 03.11.2012
22.12.1992 - The Marquee Club, London, UK (Smile Reunion) DVD - Hi, I would love to see this DVD but have no idea ... by Woody43 on 19.06.2012
Queen "Elite!". - OK, I also have no idea what has been said - but o... by Woody43 on 30.03.2012
We will rock you - rick rubin remix promo cd - Hi I do have one. I have no idea on value - do you... by Woody43 on 30.03.2012
Which name would you like BM and RT to call themselves? - Given their association with the brand, their age,... by Woody43 on 25.08.2011
'The Works' Tour - Opinion? - Ooh, can't believe the Wembley songs!! I remembe... by Woody43 on 24.05.2011
How do you think Fred initiated lead-vox? How did others feel? - I seem to remember Roger saying that the group fel... by Woody43 on 26.04.2011
Queen + Roger Daltrey - Outcome? - I don't recall any suggestions of a tour it was ju... by Woody43 on 13.01.2011
Queen A Kind Of Magic LP Signed - Looks ok to me, the Brian signature seems genuine,... by Woody43 on 01.01.2011
Please help Hot Space signed real or fake? - I'm not convinced about the signatures, John Deaco... by Woody43 on 01.01.2011
Man in the shadows official release? - hi can you clarify - i am the worse for wear in so... by Woody43 on 29.12.2010
What future realease would make fans happy? - Maybe too much tipple - but I see a lot of negativ... by Woody43 on 29.12.2010
How freddie really die? - Please why do we have to read this rubbish. ignore... by Woody43 on 29.12.2010
If They Toured With Brian And Roger on Vocals - I think Roger and Brian could produce a great show... by Woody43 on 12.09.2010
Fake Autographs - worse than a fake, its a reprint of a fake!... by Woody43 on 20.07.2010
Best tracks - Liar March of the Black Queen Tenemet Funster L... by Woody43 on 11.03.2010
Queen Archivist : A serious question if you please - Greg I agree with the previous post and would m... by Woody43 on 22.02.2010
Band lineup - I agree that I don't see anymore tours with Roger ... by Woody43 on 15.08.2009
Touring profits - I remember Gerry Stickles saying that they wanted ... by Woody43 on 15.08.2009
Brian May: overly aggressive over songwriting credits - I'm late into this post - but where has Brian supp... by Woody43 on 10.08.2009