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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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8 discussions started by 'Victorvil'

A cool Remix of DSMN! - Hey Queenzone community, I've been working on my r... by Victorvil on 13.12.2011
Is this a sampler from Dancer? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6C8ybsrH14& That... by Victorvil on 16.05.2011
No Subject - by Victorvil on 29.08.2007
No Subject - well... now you can use Flashget too Getright a... by Victorvil on 09.12.2004
Somebody to Love in Rio (Video) - From 12.01.1985 good quality (I don't know i... by Victorvil on 05.09.2004
Shizuoka 1975 y London 1980 DOWNLOAD! - so.. a couple of good bootlegs Shizuoka 29 Apr ... by Victorvil on 14.08.2004
BBC 1977 - here's the complete 1977 BBC Session download o... by Victorvil on 14.08.2004
some mp3 - hi everyone! here are some good mp3, the qualit... by Victorvil on 05.04.2004

156 posts by user 'Victorvil'

A Fresh Start for us all now Queenzone mafia Brenski has gone! - A new start for you, trolls. ANUSTART. ... by Victorvil on 15.04.2020
Fred Mandel instead of Spike Edney during '84-'86 gigs - Mandel played with Supertramp in 83 (you can see h... by Victorvil on 02.04.2020
1980-12-08 Queen - Wembley 1980 1st Night (Wardour 406) - Thanks bootluca!... by Victorvil on 26.03.2020
Queen, Liar, Live in Hamburg 1974/12/05 - The Kurgan uploaded first to his youtube chann... by Victorvil on 18.03.2020
ANNOUNCE - Greatest Karaoke Hits 2019 SHMCD - Send me one too please! thank you! ... by Victorvil on 09.03.2020
Robbie Williams now asserts he was asked to become new Queen lead singer - Sold Knebworth 3 times. That kind of popularit... by Victorvil on 05.03.2020
What was the last thing freddie ever did? - According to the JIm Hutton book, that's the last ... by Victorvil on 14.02.2020
Made in Heaven - VOX Snippet - Just beautiful. What a voice!... by Victorvil on 03.01.2020
2019 Baker's Dozen - Thanks Bob, for putting everything that has been s... by Victorvil on 26.12.2019
John Stuart RIP - Sad news, all his contributions thru the years wer... by Victorvil on 18.09.2019
Fukuoka 1982 footage - "TV stations were usually just allowed to film the... by Victorvil on 30.08.2019
Fukuoka 1982 footage - Thanks Bob. So, snippets The Hero or We Will Rock ... by Victorvil on 29.08.2019
Fukuoka 1982 footage - Where are those screenshots? From the Japanese Bra... by Victorvil on 29.08.2019
Live Killers in Munich 1979 (clean-up) - amazing clean up. Wishing some day we can see the ... by Victorvil on 26.06.2019
ANNOUNCE : GEISHA BOYS THE COMPLETE TOKYO TAPES (Empress Valley) - Amazing tapes.... thanks masahiko for uploading th... by Victorvil on 08.06.2019
Sex playlist - Coming Soon.... by Victorvil on 02.04.2019
ANNOUNCE Queen live in Lyon, February 17, 1979 - 1st: THANK YOU! 2nd Is Dreamer's ball from this s... by Victorvil on 28.03.2019
1979.02.04 Zurich - upgrade - Yesterday I was thinking about all those 40th anni... by Victorvil on 11.02.2019
1979-12-26 Queen - Hammersmith Odeon 1979 (Wardour 307) - What a great show this was. And the the recording ... by Victorvil on 31.12.2018
Is there an official DVD of Guitar Legends 1991? - And the shows in certain trackers... Some dens own... by Victorvil on 20.12.2018
1982.05.21 Munich - upgrade - Bob, you're a great guy. Thanks for allowing us to... by Victorvil on 29.11.2018
Freddie on "Never Let Her Slip Away": true or false? - Love that song. Freddie seemed to help arrange the... by Victorvil on 01.06.2018
Earls Court 1977 - 2018 Edition by CM - Chief, your name is no coincidence. Thanks to ever... by Victorvil on 24.03.2018
Who remains your fav Queen member and why? - Roger and John.... by Victorvil on 20.03.2018
Mixing a song anyone? - I'd happily do it!... by Victorvil on 30.11.2017
November 14, 1978, Providence Civic Center - we all should be going bananas over this tape surf... by Victorvil on 27.11.2017
ANNOUNCE: 1975-04-22 Nagoya (Wardour) - Caramba! Another unsurfaced show??! Thanks so m... by Victorvil on 19.09.2017
Houston 1977 (2017 Edition!) *Updated Fixed File!* - Chief, you always deliver. This should've been in ... by Victorvil on 15.09.2017
1984.09.20 Leiden - source 3 (previously uncirculated) - Thanks for another uncirculated source Bob. Killer... by Victorvil on 15.09.2017
Press Release: News Of The World - 40th Anniversary Edition - YES! In 1977-1978 they were at their "Live pea... by Victorvil on 04.09.2017
BBC session 3 - Ogre Battle (2017 version) - Thanks to Brian's Wig and to Bob. BTW... BAN TH... by Victorvil on 20.02.2017
Somebody to Love multitrack - I love that little details, thanks!... by Victorvil on 20.02.2017
1981.10.17 Puebla - soundcheck (uncirculated) - Thanks Bob, always sharing new stuff!... by Victorvil on 04.12.2016
1979.01.21 Dortmund - merge of sources - Bob, Kurgan, Sikke, you're such fine gentlemen. Th... by Victorvil on 29.11.2016
Queen Cheese - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWDdd5KKhts May... by Victorvil on 27.11.2016
John 'volatile' at Madrid 1986?? - http://queenlive.ca/queen/reviews/86-08-05_Marbell... by Victorvil on 18.10.2016
Queen: On Air (Pre-order now available) - "See What A Fool I've Been becomes distorted in on... by Victorvil on 29.09.2016
These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Alternative Video - I cried a little watching this. Thanks so much Sik... by Victorvil on 05.01.2016
Replace a word of a Queen songs title wirh "Poop" - You Take my Poop Away... by Victorvil on 20.10.2015
Three Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson Duets Releasing This - I love the Hot Spice LP... by Victorvil on 05.10.2015
C_Matt's HD Revisions - I don't know how you can achieve some of that mixe... by Victorvil on 21.08.2015
Announce: DVD LiveAid !Rockin' All Over The World (Complete BBC4 Doc. 2010) - I don't know how I missed this one when it was b... by Victorvil on 21.08.2015
New Haven 1982 TV report [processed] - The complete tape of that show, whatever they tape... by Victorvil on 20.06.2015
Queen Live in Tokyo 1979, is it possible? - I've always thought of the possible 79 Tour DVD as... by Victorvil on 18.02.2015
ANNOUNCE VIDEO: Concerts For Kampuchea Outtakes [Video source merge] - Thanks a lot. These nice quality clips are awesome... by Victorvil on 04.02.2015
Queen 2 Album cover rip off - That photo was fan made as I remember. Josh Homme ... by Victorvil on 23.11.2014
Gustavo Cerati in memoriam - He was the reason to start playing guitar. And it ... by Victorvil on 05.09.2014
Rainbow is not heavy overdubed! (in comparation to the vhs) - Sadly, it has leaked. Gladly, I'm listening to the... by Victorvil on 05.09.2014
35 MM film transfer (uncompressed file reworked b Chief Mouse) - absolutely awesome. Thanks to both of you!!... by Victorvil on 12.08.2014
Freddie Mercury "Send In The Clowns" true FLAC - Thanks to JSS and to you MrQueenFan, for sharing t... by Victorvil on 06.08.2014
Your favourite VOCAL-PHRASING lines (studio versions) - But life still goes on I can’t get used to, l... by Victorvil on 25.04.2014
100 Better Ideas Than Queen + Adam Lambert - 89. Queen + Carrot Top... by Victorvil on 03.04.2014
1976-03-29 Osaka Afternoon (ZOOM LP) Direct transfer - MUCHAS GRACIAS!... by Victorvil on 02.04.2014
1974-03-31 40 years ago today : RAINBOW THEATRE , the best Queen Show ? - Thanks so much for this share. It's kinda like bei... by Victorvil on 31.03.2014
1979.03.01 Paris - audience merge - Bob, you really are a generous man. This shows you... by Victorvil on 27.01.2014
Announce: Level 42 supporting Queen Mannheim 1986-06-21 (flac) from Dime - Great Band! Thanks for the share!... by Victorvil on 28.12.2013
LIVE TV Footage 1980 KCBS TV - I can't download it... but thanks anyway. I think... by Victorvil on 10.12.2013
The History of Rock n' Roll - The 70's: Have a Nice Decade - Bono and Hetfield looked very '94, '95 in that ser... by Victorvil on 23.08.2013
Queen game - i missed friends will be friends.... crap!... by Victorvil on 14.08.2013
1980.12.13 Brussels - merge - As usual, thanks for the update, Bob. When all the... by Victorvil on 22.07.2013
Edit: Happy April Fools 2013 :) - LMFAO... by Victorvil on 02.04.2013
What do you think is Queens best song? - best Queens song? Misfit Love, from Era Vulgari... by Victorvil on 04.02.2013
1981.11.24 Montreal - audience recording (fix) - Great! Thanks Bob! Looking forward for the 82 show... by Victorvil on 02.02.2013
Son and daughter or Liar? - Son and Daughter is my favorite track from the fir... by Victorvil on 16.06.2012
WHAT IF? Johhny Cash covered a Queen song ... - Fight From The Inside, slowed down and with a cool... by Victorvil on 25.01.2012
A cool Remix of DSMN! - Hey Queenzone community, I've been working on my r... by Victorvil on 13.12.2011
Happy Birthday Sir GH! - Feliz Cumpleaños! Have a good one!... by Victorvil on 07.11.2011
Paris '79 DVD without logo (Kurgan's edit) - The Image in this one is really clear. I'm really ... by Victorvil on 10.10.2011
Post for Pittrek - i want him to share the mean video, if you know wh... by Victorvil on 22.09.2011
Brian and Zoom - I used to have a zoom effect that comes with some ... by Victorvil on 22.09.2011
Melancholy blues video - makes sense that Bob Harris was behind the cam... ... by Victorvil on 07.09.2011
Queen "Live" at Madison Square Garden - NYC - Feb./1977 - amazing footage. i wonder how many tapes are stack... by Victorvil on 07.09.2011
Live in Chile 08 fantastic - amazing show. It was a wonderful experience after ... by Victorvil on 14.08.2011
Your Favorite Roger Taylor Vocal? - Fight From The Inside... by Victorvil on 13.08.2011
1980.08.26 Providence (upgrade) - amazing, thanks for the upload Bob... by Victorvil on 03.08.2011
The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert - Search and you will find. There's the BBC radio br... by Victorvil on 21.07.2011
ANNOUNCE: DVD of sat-rip BBC2 Days of our Lives (part 1 & 2) - THANKS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by Victorvil on 31.05.2011
Why was Princes of the Universe never played live? - It's quite a bitch to sing.... by Victorvil on 21.05.2011
Is this a sampler from Dancer? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6C8ybsrH14& That... by Victorvil on 16.05.2011
Crazy Tour 1979 - It must have been great to see Queen at those plac... by Victorvil on 11.03.2011
Announce: Queen Teo Torriatte - Tokyo 17.02.1981 (new mr peach tape) - Thank You Very Much... by Victorvil on 01.03.2011
An Archivist's view of the SiS exhibition - More from SiS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9Z... by Victorvil on 28.02.2011
BOOTLEG RACE (new mr Peach release) - Amazing... still a couple of minutes for the downl... by Victorvil on 11.01.2011
New Mr peach recording from Tarantura: April 14 '79 - Sounds amazing... poor Freddie's voice.... by Victorvil on 28.12.2010
Merry Christmas, especially from Olivier from Belgium :-) - Merry Xmas from Chile to all of you, the best quee... by Victorvil on 24.12.2010
Queenliveca Made My Night - Bob's page really rules.... by Victorvil on 09.10.2010
X-Factor ...you'lle be the judge??? - all the songs were downtuned... they can't even si... by Victorvil on 15.11.2009
Queen + Paul Rodgers - Milwaukee, USA, 2006-03-27, DVD - Thanks so much for the upload... a nice way to end... by Victorvil on 01.05.2009
What is your favorite queen song by each of the members? - Freddie: It's a Hard Life Brian: Sail Away Sweet... by Victorvil on 11.12.2008
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR ; Chile 19/11/08 Full (No TV) DVD5 w/menus - this is no joke. Just wait till it works, i don't ... by Victorvil on 09.12.2008
Who has been the greatest live act ever? - The Who... that was THE live band in the 60's and ... by Victorvil on 18.10.2008
Announce: Queen Live in Bristol 5.23.1977 (flac) - as usual, thanks for sharing ... by Victorvil on 10.10.2008
Live At The Earls Court june 6, 1977 + bonus - june 7. DVD rapidshare - Past couple of hours? That was quick. :D Thanks fo... by Victorvil on 04.10.2008
Looking for a new Band. - Queens of the Stone Age... almost the same name. G... by Victorvil on 28.09.2008
NEW Tourdates: - Thanks for the info... i've been waiting since i w... by Victorvil on 15.08.2008
the most romantic queen song - In Only Seven Days and You take my breath away... ... by Victorvil on 13.07.2008
1982.10.29 Sapporo - merge - thanks for the special mix! Can't wait to listen... by Victorvil on 21.06.2008
Freddie joke - RLMAO... by Victorvil on 20.06.2008
"Live In Japan 1982.10.29" (Sapporo) - thanks for the show and all the info on sources...... by Victorvil on 19.06.2008
The greatest rock band ever? - Spinal Tap, best ever Tonight we're gonna rock ... by Victorvil on 13.06.2008
Live Jewels (Japan TV show) - rapidshare - Thanks for this... as the name says, Jewels ... by Victorvil on 10.06.2008
ANNOUNCE: Osaka 85, 15th May, Last Concert in Japan, Flac, mediafire - Thanks for this gem! Thanks YARA! Vic... by Victorvil on 06.06.2008
Torrent announce: Queen - Son & daughter (march '74), from swedish tv - Thanks, great piece of history in a better quality... by Victorvil on 25.05.2008
HOT SPACE TOUR '82 - Fukuoka, 1982, 19th October, Flac, rapidshare - Thanks man Great Share Vic... by Victorvil on 07.05.2008
Queen Rock Montreal CD - synth on Flash - In the South American 1981 tour, Brian played the ... by Victorvil on 02.05.2008
Guess the cover version song on the new album. - White Room, by Cream or Muppets' Mahna Mahna... by Victorvil on 07.04.2008
ANNOUNCE : QUEEN BUDOKAN 75 DVD - Thanks! Vic... by Victorvil on 06.03.2008
Announce: As It Began The BBC Archives - Thanks for this. Really ... by Victorvil on 19.02.2008
How do you steal a 24 track recording? - I think more 24 tracks are going to leak... in cla... by Victorvil on 11.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: COPENHAGEN '78 (mediafie upload) - Man, THANKS! I'm not the guy who requested this... by Victorvil on 21.01.2008
merry chrstmas - Happy Holidays - Feliz Navidad to all queenzoners... by Victorvil on 24.12.2007
Queen + Paul Rodgers, Nagoya, 01/nov/2005 (FLAC, Rapidshare) - Thanks for uploading a show in rapidshare Grat ... by Victorvil on 28.11.2007
Houston 77 - mediafire (DVD + FLAC) - Thanks Pittrek for uploading the Flac version, and... by Victorvil on 21.11.2007
Brian may picture - ohh sh*t What's Next? A Spam board? hope u enj... by Victorvil on 16.11.2007
Request - Liverpool - Try to use some donwload manager... I check the li... by Victorvil on 30.10.2007
Queen Convention Demos - THANK YOU In Adam's page, http://www.queenvault... by Victorvil on 30.09.2007
Your Favorite Song- and why it's your favorite. - it's strange, cause every Queen song have somethin... by Victorvil on 17.09.2007
REQUEST-Live At Rainbow Theater 1974.11.20 DVD - for requests use "Sharing the Music - Request... by Victorvil on 16.09.2007
Happy Birthday Freddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Happy Birthday Freddie We Miss you. We love you... by Victorvil on 05.09.2007
Download - Newcastle 4th Dec. 1979 - Best show ever! Simply Amazing!!! Thanks so ... by Victorvil on 03.09.2007
Is there anyone left in the universe who does NOT know? - Am I the only one that haven't seen Greg in a ... by Victorvil on 30.08.2007
Request - Liverpool - Taken from http://www.conciertos.megaqueen.cl (Now... by Victorvil on 28.08.2007
1984.09.14 Milan - "The Jewels" (Insect) - as usual, big thanks for putting up shows in FLAC.... by Victorvil on 06.08.2007
Title: QUEEN - "A Night at The Dundee Opera" Caird Hall, Dundee, 12/13/75 - Thanks for the torrent info AND the mediafire file... by Victorvil on 09.07.2007
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN - HIGH VOLTAGE - taken from LP. - Vlatko kindly uploaded the files here: http://w... by Victorvil on 26.05.2007
ANNOUNCE - Berlin, Deutschlandhalle 28.04.1978 - Thanks for sharing more concerts and in such a goo... by Victorvil on 20.05.2007
Announce: Queen Live in Cologne 1974 (flac) - Thanks so much for sharing in FLAC and ... not ... by Victorvil on 10.05.2007
1978.12.07 Chicago - master - Many Thanks for uploading the first 3 songs!!! ... by Victorvil on 08.03.2007
show me wig - crap.... at least she didn't post in the seroiu... by Victorvil on 08.03.2007
1978.12.07 Chicago - master - Please... i can't believe i missed this one.... ... by Victorvil on 06.03.2007
RADIO GA GA - Sanremo 1984 Italy - Red Jacket???? Isn't that Montreaux 1984??? Go b... by Victorvil on 01.03.2007
ANNOUNCE: Tokyo 2-13-81 first gen, FLAC - This is amazing, thanks for your generosity. I ... by Victorvil on 23.02.2007
Chicago 1980 PLEASE - The Rapidshare files are dead, and no one is seedi... by Victorvil on 01.02.2007
1985.05.09 Tokyo - "At Last Budokan" (Wardour) - Thanks so much this is an amazing show! Greeti... by Victorvil on 28.01.2007
1979.02.01 Cologne - merge - Thanks for sharing this show, but all the queenzon... by Victorvil on 14.01.2007
George Michel Somebody to Love / Love of My Life (Rock in Rio) US 7" single - As always, the info its in the incredible page of ... by Victorvil on 14.01.2007
ANNOUNCE : TOKIO 31.03.1976 FLAC - Thanks so much for this excellent concert! Gree... by Victorvil on 09.01.2007
ANNOUNCE: HYDE PARK '76 VIDEO OUTTAKES - Thanks for this Really Old Queen Stuff is alwa... by Victorvil on 30.09.2006
Freedom Of Speech DOES NOT EXIST on QZ for some people - I can't believe that our relationships with a guy ... by Victorvil on 30.09.2006
ANNOUNCE: 77-12-01 New York mp3 192 kbps - Seems like we're stuck in 87.7%.... can someone pl... by Victorvil on 16.06.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR Super Arena - Video 27/10/05 - Rapidshare - Thanks a LOT!! Greetings From Chile Victor... by Victorvil on 13.02.2006
EWELL 71 - THANKS!!!!! thanks a lot for this jewel From... by Victorvil on 18.11.2005
Announce: 1985-05-15, Osaka - hi thanks for sharing this..... finally i'm abl... by Victorvil on 27.06.2005
tracklisting for 1975 Hammersmith Odeon (12-24-75) - you can get some audio from http://audiofind.ru.. ... by Victorvil on 25.12.2004
No Subject - well... now you can use Flashget too Getright a... by Victorvil on 09.12.2004
Shizuoka 1975 y London 1980 DOWNLOAD! - i forgot the link: http://en.grammy.ru/channels... by Victorvil on 08.12.2004
Shizuoka 1975 y London 1980 DOWNLOAD! - of course! grammy.ru is open again and you can ... by Victorvil on 08.12.2004
Somebody to Love in Rio (Video) - The file is still there..... try to browse the ... by Victorvil on 12.09.2004
Somebody to Love in Rio (Video) - From 12.01.1985 good quality (I don't know i... by Victorvil on 05.09.2004
BBC 1977 - i just put the links.... i don't check if it's com... by Victorvil on 23.08.2004
BBC 1977 - so if you want something complete... go to london ... by Victorvil on 22.08.2004
BBC 1977 - exactly, it's a fake show... so, the mp3 that you ... by Victorvil on 15.08.2004
Shizuoka 1975 y London 1980 DOWNLOAD! - so.. a couple of good bootlegs Shizuoka 29 Apr ... by Victorvil on 14.08.2004
BBC 1977 - here's the complete 1977 BBC Session download o... by Victorvil on 14.08.2004
ID This show? - that is from a BBC session (1977)... also Sprea... by Victorvil on 10.08.2004
some mp3 - hi everyone! here are some good mp3, the qualit... by Victorvil on 05.04.2004