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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'Vallentine's'

Interviews... - Do you know where can I read a few interviews with... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005
About Freddie's car - I am pretty interested what car did Freddie have.I... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005

37 posts by user 'Vallentine's'

The Truth about Freddie Mercury - Snow dorkey I have only 1 thing to sya to you: ... by Vallentine's on 03.04.2006
The Game... - 1.Crazy little thing called love This is one of m... by Vallentine's on 10.03.2006
Make your own top 22 best voices... VOTE! - Here is my Top10: 1.Freddie 2.Enya 3.Thom Yor... by Vallentine's on 01.03.2006
Freddie's Best Attire - With whatever being put on, Freddie looked amazing... by Vallentine's on 26.02.2006
what album - Innuendo I was 5 years old when I heard the son... by Vallentine's on 26.02.2006
What "Era of Queen" did you like best: 70's Vs.80's? - Definitely the late 70's !!! Just the fact that... by Vallentine's on 24.02.2006
Band that you like better than Queen. - Queen are the best Other good- 4 me: oasis B... by Vallentine's on 19.02.2006
Queen top 10 - too hard to say but 1-Innuendo 2-These are the d... by Vallentine's on 11.02.2006
Paul Rodgers: no further plans with Queen - ^^^ I am a veggie too ^ ... by Vallentine's on 30.01.2006
Fave "5th" Queen member - He was a friend of Freddie, ha has never played wi... by Vallentine's on 16.01.2006
Queen fans (especially younger ones) - Tell them they are the suckers,not you!!! Signe... by Vallentine's on 11.01.2006
Where did it begin for you? - I remember perfectly.... 14.1.1991. Listening to... by Vallentine's on 03.01.2006
Favourite commercial with a Queen song? - Here in Bulgaria there was a Battentine's commerci... by Vallentine's on 14.12.2005
Queen songs that choke you up? - 1.There are the days of our lives-this song is so ... by Vallentine's on 05.12.2005
Things Queen should have done ... err ... maybe they did? - I wish Queen and Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes had cre... by Vallentine's on 02.12.2005
Freddie Mercury R.I.P - R.i.P. Freddie! Miss you greatest of the greatest... by Vallentine's on 24.11.2005
honoring Freddie on Nov 24th - After studying at the university I will go home an... by Vallentine's on 23.11.2005
If it wasn't Freddie...? - Who the damn gave you permission to write that bul... by Vallentine's on 15.11.2005
Describe Queen in One Word - Eternity! Cerenity! Glory! QUEEN!... by Vallentine's on 21.10.2005
my fantasy band - My favourite band would-be: Voccals-Freddie, of... by Vallentine's on 03.10.2005
Favourite video? - 1.Thes are the days of our lives-Freddie looks glo... by Vallentine's on 23.09.2005
What is your Favorite Queen Love song? - With no doubt save me and Crazy little thing calle... by Vallentine's on 26.08.2005
miralce - Wow man you're a powerful character!!!!! Bhahahah... by Vallentine's on 17.08.2005
favourite bass songs from queen - John's bass is HUGE in: Another one bites the dus... by Vallentine's on 15.08.2005
What is your most sentimental Queen Lyric? - If there's a God or any kind of justice under the ... by Vallentine's on 14.08.2005
The Invisible Man - The Invisible man is one of my favourite songs(num... by Vallentine's on 12.08.2005
Freddie at age 59 - If he were alive I'm sure Freddie would look very ... by Vallentine's on 27.07.2005
Freddies best vocal performance - 1-These are the days of our lives 2-Innuendo 3-C... by Vallentine's on 24.07.2005
Why? - Nice question really!... In the beginning of 1991... by Vallentine's on 19.07.2005
Interviews... - Do you know where can I read a few interviews with... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005
About Freddie's car - I am pretty interested what car did Freddie have.I... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005
best albums - My top 5 is 1 Inuendo 2 The game 3 The miracle ... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005
was hot space album that bad? - No Hot Space is as a very good album.It is very di... by Vallentine's on 12.07.2005
do anyone want john to be back performing with brian and roger? - Mike Preston stop talking man! You just wrote he'... by Vallentine's on 11.07.2005
best queen video - My top 5 is: 1-These are the days of our lives.It... by Vallentine's on 11.07.2005
Robert Plant beats Freddie to no1 best singer - Robert Plant is good but better than Freddie...NO!... by Vallentine's on 10.07.2005
7 best Queen songs, 7 worst Queen songs - Best ones- Innundo/These are teh days of our lives... by Vallentine's on 04.06.2005