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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'TheMiracle'

Political Bohemian Rhapsody - Just a little something I found that deals with Ke... by TheMiracle on 12.10.2004

284 posts by user 'TheMiracle'

Winter Olympics - I also am enjoying the olympics. I live in Salt La... by TheMiracle on 14.02.2006
Vice President Cheney mistakes man for quail, and shoots him... - Such an embarassment. I look forward to 2008 when ... by TheMiracle on 14.02.2006
NEWS! - Dark_Myuutwo stars in movie! - Wow thats just about the funniest thing i've seen ... by TheMiracle on 12.12.2005
Books, Movies & Songs that Made You Cry - Books Perks Of Being a Wallflower Catcher In T... by TheMiracle on 12.09.2005
No One Remembered - Its my b-day tomorrow! right on! Happy birthday! :... by TheMiracle on 08.04.2005
What albums on CD have you got? - Jet's Get Born is a fab album! Even my mom loves i... by TheMiracle on 24.03.2005
Music Poll - Top three favorite bands: Queen, Brand New, Dashbo... by TheMiracle on 13.03.2005
AIDS CLOCK - Monday, June 20, 2067 Woo hoo I'll be 79...... by TheMiracle on 11.03.2005
Vegetarians and vegans, help me out... - Such as cookies and cakes, you could replace the e... by TheMiracle on 09.03.2005
the concerts you will attend this year - The Juliana Theory (March 31) Fall Out Boy (April... by TheMiracle on 06.03.2005
This is by far the worst and scariest message board I've ever seen - White Supremesists scare the shit out of me. Its s... by TheMiracle on 02.03.2005
A New Game!! - Something Corporate - She Paints Me Blue... by TheMiracle on 28.02.2005
A New Game!! - Jet - Get Me Outta Here... by TheMiracle on 28.02.2005
Ten Things - - When I had to put my dog to sleep - My first ki... by TheMiracle on 15.02.2005
Happy Birthday, FriedChicken - Happy Birthday! Hope its a good one!!!!... by TheMiracle on 07.02.2005
Friday Night Lights - I've noticed that same thing with little towns in ... by TheMiracle on 05.02.2005
A New Game!! - Saves The Day - Allstar Me... by TheMiracle on 05.02.2005
now listening to...... - Brand New - Jude Law & A Semester Abroad... by TheMiracle on 05.02.2005
Everybody's changing - A Superb song, my friend burned me their album a f... by TheMiracle on 29.01.2005
Does any1 like the movie Dogeball? - Dodgeball had some good moments but the best is Ol... by TheMiracle on 24.01.2005
have any of u seen ''white noise''? - It was okay, I saw it with two of my friends. That... by TheMiracle on 24.01.2005
Best guitar solo by Brian!! - Brighton Rock I Want It All Bijou... by TheMiracle on 22.01.2005
Tell This To Your Mother... - This is a really good excuse. Thanks for posting!... by TheMiracle on 20.01.2005
Ashlee Simpson gets booed at Orange Bowl - Damn...I wish i could've seen that... by TheMiracle on 05.01.2005
learner's permit - Congrats! I can remember when I get my learner's p... by TheMiracle on 02.01.2005
What did you guys get for Christmas? and how are you spending Christmas day - Linda: Its a RP80 modeling guitar processor made b... by TheMiracle on 26.12.2004
What did you guys get for Christmas? and how are you spending Christmas day - I got a guitar pedal (I love it!), two shirts, and... by TheMiracle on 26.12.2004
Need help - Definetly give him a gift. He's your friend :)... by TheMiracle on 23.12.2004
Comedies. - Old School, that movie makes me laugh every time I... by TheMiracle on 20.12.2004
Friends - "8. When you fall - I will point and laugh at... by TheMiracle on 15.12.2004
STOP PRESS: Queen European Tour in Spring 2005 - That means a road trip to Europe. :)... by TheMiracle on 10.12.2004
Hah! And the call December 7 a day that will live in infamy... - I heard that Perfect Circle remake, ugh, its pure ... by TheMiracle on 09.12.2004
THE INCREDIBLES! - I saw it just last week with my neighbor, we both ... by TheMiracle on 06.12.2004
Paint A Picture. - I face east and when I look outside I can see some... by TheMiracle on 20.11.2004
Randomness! Add to the randomness! - Sonia, you may like boys, but I like Men :)... by TheMiracle on 20.11.2004
electric 6 - Oh god don't remind me about the small soldier... by TheMiracle on 16.11.2004
coffe or milk - Soymilk... by TheMiracle on 09.11.2004
Halloween topic... Best horror movies you've ever seen. - Geeks! I love Wait Until Dark! When Alan Arkin pop... by TheMiracle on 01.11.2004
Political Bohemian Rhapsody - Just a little something I found that deals with Ke... by TheMiracle on 12.10.2004
Mercury and Me difficult to find - My friend found it on ebay for really cheap and go... by TheMiracle on 12.10.2004
does anybody have profile pictures of themselves ??? - Sonic killer, I absolutely love your shoes! They'r... by TheMiracle on 09.10.2004
I can't sleep. Fuck. - I've had that same trouble lately. I've trained my... by TheMiracle on 04.10.2004
Green Day's message to the USA - God bless them and this song. It was kind of weird... by TheMiracle on 04.10.2004
How often do...................................... - I'm not one for reality shows, but I kind of like ... by TheMiracle on 30.09.2004
I want to get to know you personally ;o) - MSN: KillerQueen06@hotmail.com AOL: KillerQueen47... by TheMiracle on 23.09.2004
Hello! - Hey I'm Hispanic too! Mexicans totally rock :)... by TheMiracle on 20.09.2004
Hello! - Hey! Hope you have a fun time on the board :) N... by TheMiracle on 19.09.2004
Favourite Muse song? - New Born, Stockholm Syndrome, and Falling Away Wit... by TheMiracle on 16.09.2004
Worst Queen video? - I didn't like body language either and Play The Ga... by TheMiracle on 11.09.2004
Van Halen - Van Halen is one of my favorite bands. I have thei... by TheMiracle on 11.09.2004
NME turns to out and out lying - When it comes to reviews of Queen, I usually don't... by TheMiracle on 09.09.2004
Napolean Dynamite - He is cute in real life! I thought I was the o... by TheMiracle on 09.09.2004
Napolean Dynamite - I love this movie, so do my teachers and peers ,th... by TheMiracle on 08.09.2004
wanna read a song?! - Oh that is so sweet! You're lucky you have a boyfr... by TheMiracle on 08.09.2004
The Strokes - Personally I like The Strokes. I was going to see ... by TheMiracle on 08.09.2004
For all of the high-schoolers? - Ghetto, thats cool you have a creative writing cla... by TheMiracle on 08.09.2004
Muse or Radiohead? - I love Stockholm Syndrome, one of my favorite song... by TheMiracle on 07.09.2004
Disturbing Films - One Hour Photo really was a bit of a creepy film. ... by TheMiracle on 06.09.2004
What are... - I hop for IHOP.... by TheMiracle on 06.09.2004
Top 10 Albums - Queen ~ Queen II Dashboard Confessional ~ Places ... by TheMiracle on 06.09.2004
I'm 16 today - Happy Birthday! Hope you get your license soon :)... by TheMiracle on 05.09.2004
The National Music Test (Take It) - I got in the top 20%, pretty good concerning I don... by TheMiracle on 05.09.2004
Beating the crap out of preps is ok , isn't it? - Oh...I thought this was something about those nast... by TheMiracle on 03.09.2004
Birthdays - April 8th, 1988... by TheMiracle on 31.08.2004
newer bands influenced by queen - I heard that same thing about Claudio's (coheed an... by TheMiracle on 28.08.2004
Fav. Adam Sandler Movie - My favorite is The Wedding Singer, especially the ... by TheMiracle on 27.08.2004
*** MUSIC IN LOVE *** - Oooh Burn! j/k :) I have several songs but I ... by TheMiracle on 27.08.2004
Board Etiquette - God Bless that informative video... by TheMiracle on 25.08.2004
Budapest: A Possibility - But what if we do get it? Is it going to be like t... by TheMiracle on 22.08.2004
Airplane! - I'm having a bunch of friends come over tonight an... by TheMiracle on 21.08.2004
what's your ride? - Yah, pretty cool what they do to the cars. I shoul... by TheMiracle on 20.08.2004
what's your ride? - 1988 BMW IX Dark Navy Too poor to pimp it out... by TheMiracle on 20.08.2004
The Best 351 Colleges - YAH! That place totally rocks! :)... by TheMiracle on 19.08.2004
Teletubbies meet Bohemian Rhapsody - *awkward silence* hahaha but that really was cute... by TheMiracle on 18.08.2004
Studying Music - When studying I usually listen to Queen, Jet, Van ... by TheMiracle on 17.08.2004
Favorite Guitarists - That list really was awful, they even put The ... by TheMiracle on 17.08.2004
What is the best bassline in a Queen-song? - Definetly Millionaire Waltz or Dragon Attack... by TheMiracle on 13.08.2004
Favorite Guitarists - Brian May Eddie Van Halen Carlos Santana Jimmy ... by TheMiracle on 13.08.2004
Favorite TV shows? - Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a great show! Family Gu... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
Freddie and South Park - Oh miss breanna babe, i do get what you're saying.... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
Freddie and South Park - What makes people think they asked for your though... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
Freddie and South Park - Keep your love of south park to yourself. Maybe wr... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
Freddie and South Park - Keep your love of south park to yourself. Maybe wr... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
Red Neck - Well said jgood... by TheMiracle on 10.08.2004
nasty taste , and this does not involve sex! - Well maybe if you got off your ass you'd quit comp... by TheMiracle on 09.08.2004
nasty taste , and this does not involve sex! - Sometimes my school serves California rolls that a... by TheMiracle on 09.08.2004
Craziest thing you thought as a kid? - I felt the same way too! I had an all white po... by TheMiracle on 09.08.2004
nasty taste , and this does not involve sex! - You must be a hick... by TheMiracle on 09.08.2004
forewarning - About damn time a stripper comes to a birthday par... by TheMiracle on 07.08.2004
FINALLY!! Pink Floyd's "The Wall" to be made into a Broadway musical. - Holy Crap! I've got to see this someday.... by TheMiracle on 05.08.2004
The Song Game - Glen Fry ~ You Belong To The City... by TheMiracle on 04.08.2004
Last Queen item you bought? - Queen II album, about back in november... by TheMiracle on 04.08.2004
Name your Top guitar/bass intro RIFFS of all time - Cream ~ Sunshine Of Your Love Brand New ~ Sic Tra... by TheMiracle on 04.08.2004
Priest and nun caught IN THE ACT - Give them a break, they're just horny... by TheMiracle on 03.08.2004
The Song Game - Queen ~ It's A Kind Of Magic... by TheMiracle on 02.08.2004
Do you have a daily plan? - 4:30 a.m. ~ go to sleep 6:20 a.m. ~ wake up, get ... by TheMiracle on 01.08.2004
What song do you like that's completely... - I rather like that Dashboard Confessional song :) ... by TheMiracle on 01.08.2004
So? Who's planning a trip to Las Vegas! - I wish, I love going to vegas. Can't wait till i'm... by TheMiracle on 29.07.2004
What are you listening to? - Dashboard Confessional ~ Several Ways To Die Tryin... by TheMiracle on 29.07.2004
The Song Game - Dashboard Confessional ~ So Beautiful... by TheMiracle on 29.07.2004
The Song Game - Queen ~ You Take My Breath Away... by TheMiracle on 28.07.2004
Smallville - I despise pretty much all shows on WB, too corny. ... by TheMiracle on 27.07.2004
The Song Game - Brand New ~ The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot... by TheMiracle on 27.07.2004
Farenheit 9/11 - I saw the movie a few days after its debut in the ... by TheMiracle on 27.07.2004
The Song Game - Steriogram ~ Sing The Night Away... by TheMiracle on 26.07.2004
Whatcha doin' right now . . . ? - Drinking a snapple, listening to some music, and t... by TheMiracle on 26.07.2004
The Doors 21th century - Finally someone my age agrees that he was hot.... by TheMiracle on 25.07.2004
The Song Game - Roger Taylor ~ Young Love... by TheMiracle on 25.07.2004
- - He needs to get a life, seriously. Just ignore the... by TheMiracle on 16.07.2004
well i got my ipod... - I got a minidisc player for christmas. Pretty slee... by TheMiracle on 16.07.2004
Britney imitating Janet Jackson? - Thats what i was thinking GH... by TheMiracle on 16.07.2004
- - Oh pish, its just a group. Get over it. You think ... by TheMiracle on 15.07.2004
Other bands - I must disagree. Brand New can kick Chemical R... by TheMiracle on 13.07.2004
White Trash Family Photo Album - "Uncle Matt was just released from prison. Ma... by TheMiracle on 13.07.2004
too much love - The Freddie version gives me the chills cause it w... by TheMiracle on 12.07.2004
I can't believe this guy - He'll never stop until he gets out of office.... by TheMiracle on 11.07.2004
I got an extra 45 - I'll keep that in mind it sounds tempting but i do... by TheMiracle on 10.07.2004
They just can't keep their hands off of each other... - Johnny Depp and Orlando bloom? Even better!... by TheMiracle on 10.07.2004
Funny shit - The world map, thats too hilarious! And the Learn ... by TheMiracle on 09.07.2004
They just can't keep their hands off of each other... - Oooh yeah thats what I like to see! ;-)... by TheMiracle on 09.07.2004
Younger generations ? - I'm 16 and damn proud to be a Queen fan. The young... by TheMiracle on 09.07.2004
Funny shit - http://maddox.xmission.com I swear to god this ma... by TheMiracle on 09.07.2004
Top Ten List.... - I love letterman, i watched that top 10 list, very... by TheMiracle on 08.07.2004
This is one of the funniest things you will ever see - wtf? ... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
This is one of the funniest things you will ever see - wtf?!?!... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
CCR - I like most of their music. John Fogerty is coming... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
News Of The World,The Game & Bohemian - News of the World has always been a favorite of mi... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
The Who - I'd pay that much to see The Who, they're legends ... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
Did Freddie have a nose job? - Ewwww Donny Osmond, where I live, they worship him... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
New Fan Song: You're My Best Friend - The singing was poor and the way the whole song wa... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
Other bands - I love Josh Groban, I think his voice is just ... by TheMiracle on 05.07.2004
Family Guy - They had jennifer love hewitt and the members of K... by TheMiracle on 04.07.2004
Hyde Park 1976 Video - I would prefer a Rainbow Concert back in the 70s i... by TheMiracle on 02.07.2004
R.I.P. Marlon Brando... - He was one of my favorite actors and its truly sad... by TheMiracle on 02.07.2004
No Subject - When he was young in his 20s and 30s, roger was da... by TheMiracle on 02.07.2004
John says hello - Hey it could always be him, eh eh!... by TheMiracle on 02.07.2004
5 Hottest Queenzoner Finalists - My vote goes to Kev and Lisser defiently!... by TheMiracle on 02.07.2004
Rat Terriers - My friend has a rat terrier and it is one of the c... by TheMiracle on 30.06.2004
Family Guy - I love family guy, I have to say I think its bette... by TheMiracle on 30.06.2004
Amanda Tapping - looks like Roger Taylor?? - They have the same nose and mouth...very interesti... by TheMiracle on 30.06.2004
My friend pours peroxide in her hair... - Oh dear! Too much peroxide can really ruin your ha... by TheMiracle on 30.06.2004
Queen Sheet Music (very disappointing) - Simmer down now! I have a Queen sheet music book t... by TheMiracle on 29.06.2004
Driving - I'm currently doing a home study drivers ed course... by TheMiracle on 27.06.2004
The Beatles - The Beatles were my first favorite band only to be... by TheMiracle on 27.06.2004
Hottest Queenzoners - Lisser, I think you're very pretty in your pic :-)... by TheMiracle on 25.06.2004
Beautiful... - the website won't work for me! :-(... by TheMiracle on 24.06.2004
Somewhat interesting article... - A german superkid. what will they think of next...... by TheMiracle on 24.06.2004
Hottest Queenzoners - OMG! Kevpar, you are f*cking hot with your shag! ... by TheMiracle on 23.06.2004
Personal Hygiene Tip of the Week - I have a friend whose allergic to latex, poor chap... by TheMiracle on 22.06.2004
What scares you lot? - I hear you jingles. Spiders probably scare me the ... by TheMiracle on 22.06.2004
Do my eyes look right? - Naked Picture of Josue? WHERE?! ;-)... by TheMiracle on 22.06.2004
Read this email from Andy Rooney...... - I totally agree with Rooney, just last night I had... by TheMiracle on 20.06.2004
That elusive Jaguar commercial... - I haven't seen it yet! I'll have to keep watching ... by TheMiracle on 19.06.2004
I'm sexually repressed - Haha a weenis is the skin on you elbow! Wonder how... by TheMiracle on 19.06.2004
My website - I think it looks perfectly fine the way it is. I l... by TheMiracle on 19.06.2004
Heaven help us....!!! - That is just weird!... by TheMiracle on 18.06.2004
My website - You're a very lovely pianist. I love your works!... by TheMiracle on 18.06.2004
My FaceParty profile website - Don't mind me saying this, but Darren, you are cut... by TheMiracle on 18.06.2004
Horror movies - Oh dear! Thats just weird dragon!... by TheMiracle on 18.06.2004
Totti / So you think you can stone me and SPIT in my eyes? - "I don't see myself in this video. I'd like y... by TheMiracle on 17.06.2004
Euro 2004 - I have a cable connection. If that works, I wi... by TheMiracle on 16.06.2004
Euro 2004 - Damn I missed a good game. The only sports on thes... by TheMiracle on 15.06.2004
Euro 2004 - I'd love to discuss football with you Sonja! But l... by TheMiracle on 15.06.2004
Kurt's suicide note - He was on so much crack, it'd be nearly impossible... by TheMiracle on 14.06.2004
Taking It Further Than I Should...Probably - 1. Queen - Long Away 2. Brand New - The Boy Who B... by TheMiracle on 13.06.2004
Horror movies - I think the Texas Chainsaw Massacure was more gros... by TheMiracle on 13.06.2004
Best Summer Tunes - Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down Van Halen - D... by TheMiracle on 12.06.2004
Horror movies - I love Wait Until Dark! Audrey Hepburn is my favor... by TheMiracle on 09.06.2004
Freddie 2nd greatest frontman - Thats surprising Jaggar didn't make it! for me any... by TheMiracle on 09.06.2004
Our Top 22 bands - Thanks. Pink Floyd Rock :-)... by TheMiracle on 08.06.2004
our own top 22 voices? - 1. Freddie 2. Chris Cornell 3. Christina Aguiler... by TheMiracle on 07.06.2004
Our Top 22 bands - 1. Queen 2. Brand New 3. Dashboard Confessional ... by TheMiracle on 07.06.2004
Most bizzare Queen video? - Definetly the I Want To Break Free Video. The whol... by TheMiracle on 07.06.2004
Oh No. Not another 20 hypothetical questions - 1. I always liked that yellow gown Kate Hudson wor... by TheMiracle on 07.06.2004
Mets ... - Good ole' peter griffin. Family Guy is my new favo... by TheMiracle on 06.06.2004
I need to get out of here - Good to hear that you're away from it all. I hope ... by TheMiracle on 06.06.2004
Which Member of Queen Are You? - I'm a Brian May :-)... by TheMiracle on 06.06.2004
I need to get out of here - Sorry to hear that about you. I too wish I could l... by TheMiracle on 04.06.2004
Guys piss me off soemtimes - Calm down http://maddox.xmission.com/feminazi.htm... by TheMiracle on 04.06.2004
Wanna buy a Red Special, anyone? ;) - I'd love to buy it but its far too expensive :-/... by TheMiracle on 28.05.2004
Heeeeeey yaaaaaaaa!!! - *shakes it like a polaroid picture* Ooh yes do ... by TheMiracle on 26.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - I love Franz Ferdinand! Good choice BornToBeKings!... by TheMiracle on 25.05.2004
Another 20 Hypothetical Questions - 1.Depends on the situation 2. Hell yes! 3. I... by TheMiracle on 25.05.2004
Heeeeeey yaaaaaaaa!!! - Haha i love making fun of this song lol. My friend... by TheMiracle on 25.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Edith Piaf... by TheMiracle on 25.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Rooney... by TheMiracle on 25.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Electric Six... by TheMiracle on 23.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - I love the Hot Hot Heat! One of my favorites :-) ... by TheMiracle on 23.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Saves The Day... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Tori Amos ... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
What emotion are you? - You are Loss. Your life defines tragedy. You have ... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
Another stolen notice board game - Ozma... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
The Travelling Queenzoner Part II - Places I'd Like To Go England Italy Spain Aust... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
Becoming Queenie - I love the fab 5! But this new dvd seems exciting,... by TheMiracle on 22.05.2004
20 Hypothetical Questions - 1. My mom's homemade Mexican food or some sushi 2... by TheMiracle on 21.05.2004
What do you think boys and girls... - I'm in a situation where one of best friends, who... by TheMiracle on 20.05.2004
Groovy - Wow! I've never seen clouds so cheap! what a barga... by TheMiracle on 19.05.2004
Favorite Names - Girls: Amena, Aria, Maradona (yes i know its a las... by TheMiracle on 17.05.2004
Favorite song from each album - Queen: Son & Daughter Queen II: Tie between F... by TheMiracle on 17.05.2004
You are all sad bastards - Hmm...22.675 I'm close by you geeks.... by TheMiracle on 16.05.2004
Why...? - Hey i like guys with english/australian accents. L... by TheMiracle on 16.05.2004
It's nine o' clock on a Saturday... - I think the last CD i bought was Dashboard Confess... by TheMiracle on 16.05.2004
cicadas - If I go to the more grassier and desert part of Ut... by TheMiracle on 13.05.2004
How can I go on - probably my favorite off of the barcelona album as... by TheMiracle on 12.05.2004
A Numbery Film Quiz - Two For The Road... by TheMiracle on 12.05.2004
Name and shame thyself! - Oh dear The Osmonds! They're still popular whe... by TheMiracle on 11.05.2004
Hmmm... Looks like I'll be in Limbo... - Good thinking! pass it on over when you're don... by TheMiracle on 11.05.2004
Hmmm... Looks like I'll be in Limbo... - Interesting, I'm on level 8. Eigth Level of Hell -... by TheMiracle on 10.05.2004
Favorite vocals from each member of the band - Brian: Long Away or Someday One Day Freddie: Some... by TheMiracle on 09.05.2004
Ajax: the champions of Holland - That game was on but unfortunatly i did not have t... by TheMiracle on 09.05.2004
Greatest artist EVER!!!!! - I hear you rhapsody. I would be joyous if the U.S.... by TheMiracle on 09.05.2004
Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! - Hmm I guess i should get your recipe for, "special... by TheMiracle on 09.05.2004
Bush portrait... - ANARCHY! Woo-hoo! *sits down quietly* Haha, yah i ... by TheMiracle on 08.05.2004
MSN messenger users? - KillerQueen06@hotmail.com... by TheMiracle on 01.05.2004
Opening Lines - Jethro tull is one of my favorites too. Since the ... by TheMiracle on 01.05.2004
fun video - hahaha! thats so sad lol... by TheMiracle on 26.04.2004
Kill Bill Vol. 2 - I saw it on saturday, wow what a film! Talk about ... by TheMiracle on 26.04.2004
When there is an exam... - I can't wait till school is out. I'm so sick of it... by TheMiracle on 26.04.2004
Stairway to Heaven. My very last post - I have heard it backwards and agree that it is cre... by TheMiracle on 22.04.2004
Me! - Love the shirt :-)... by TheMiracle on 19.04.2004
The Breakfast Club - Haha that was on AMC today :-) First time ever wat... by TheMiracle on 19.04.2004
My happy fun comic! - I'm not the one who generally likes comics but I e... by TheMiracle on 15.04.2004
Queen-Legends on VH1 - So true deacon fan. I used to rather enjoy VH1 for... by TheMiracle on 14.04.2004
So... tell me about yourself - Hey cool! your name is Stephen Lee! You have the s... by TheMiracle on 14.04.2004
29 hours without sleeping - Yo soy sagura usted querres dormir ya! *blushes... by TheMiracle on 13.04.2004
a stab in the dark-ness - "This Just In," is a very hilarious show... by TheMiracle on 12.04.2004
Do my eyes look right? - a Farewell concert for Japan? hmm that just strook... by TheMiracle on 04.04.2004
To Mex, Nath and all who care - hope you have fun! what part of france are you goi... by TheMiracle on 04.04.2004
You see? THIS is why you do NOT drink! - ooh that looks like a nasty cut. So sad! yet so hi... by TheMiracle on 02.04.2004
Any Smiths fans here? - Considering their CD title, "Meat Is Murder,&... by TheMiracle on 02.04.2004
Simple Plan breaks up. - God I wish simple plan did break up! Hey! don't... by TheMiracle on 02.04.2004
The crust, or the bread.. - Mmmm i love english muffins! I'll have one please ... by TheMiracle on 30.03.2004
Ten Most Influentional Rock Bands Of All Time???? - They don't even have Queen on the Honorable Mentio... by TheMiracle on 30.03.2004
The crust, or the bread.. - I'm a crust person. I love eating the crust off of... by TheMiracle on 30.03.2004
I said: are you gonna be my girl? - I rather fancy that song! Both my parents love it ... by TheMiracle on 28.03.2004
post the cutest thing guys you know do - I think its way cute when guys are gay. The guys f... by TheMiracle on 27.03.2004
nick names - My dad likes to call me Chunga or Chungita :-)... by TheMiracle on 25.03.2004
I Wrote To Brian May... and he wrote back!!!! - I'm so jealous of you! :-)... by TheMiracle on 24.03.2004
JELLO!!!! (no, not the dessert) - I rather fancy their music. My friend even let me ... by TheMiracle on 24.03.2004
personality quiz - Right on! I'm a sonnet :-)... by TheMiracle on 22.03.2004
WHY MUST I FEEL THIS WAY? - I'm going through the same exact thing as you and ... by TheMiracle on 22.03.2004
ack, i feel so used - Hey at least you've made out before! I'm still wai... by TheMiracle on 22.03.2004
a new look at what i eat/drink - Thats pretty cool that you're thinking about becom... by TheMiracle on 20.03.2004
I'm a #1, it's mostly true, what about you? (hehe hey that rhymes) - Right on, i'm a number 2 --The peacemaker... by TheMiracle on 20.03.2004
Favourite movie - Italian For Beginners *cute romantic film* School... by TheMiracle on 18.03.2004
Today Is A Big Day For Us.... - Mexicana Pride right here!... by TheMiracle on 18.03.2004
OTHER FAVE BANDS? - Cat: the guy from something corporate i assure you... by TheMiracle on 18.03.2004
Msn contacts: - KillerQueen06@hotmail.com, feel free to add me if ... by TheMiracle on 18.03.2004
OTHER FAVE BANDS? - Thats so rad CatGurl! :-) I love Deja Entendu, in ... by TheMiracle on 17.03.2004
OTHER FAVE BANDS? - Anybody into that new Emo/Indie music?I think its ... by TheMiracle on 17.03.2004
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