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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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ANNOUNCE as torrent : Argentina 25th Anniversary DVD Disc 1 - Any seed perhaps? It would be much appreciated! We... by TaylorGaGa on 13.05.2008
Announce:Vancouver 14 Dec 1978 Jazz Tour FLAC rapidshare - Thank you! Thank you! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 06.05.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen In Argentina 1981 DVD - Any chance of a seed? Many thanks in advance!... by TaylorGaGa on 29.04.2008
Announce: Queen on Saturday Night Live DVD - new torrent - A quick seed anyone? The lot of us are stuck at 97... by TaylorGaGa on 09.04.2008
RE-ANNOUNCE: Queen at Morumbi Stadium 03/20/1981 FLAC with interviews - Thanks so much for this! It's awesome! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 09.04.2008
ANNOUNCE: QPR Hyde Park 2005 video - XviD - Rapidshare - Thanks for this!!... by TaylorGaGa on 08.04.2008
Announce : Glasgow 1 December 1979 FLAC Torrent - I realize it's been quite a few months but any cha... by TaylorGaGa on 02.04.2008
ANNOUNCE:THE CROSS-04.12.1988 Le Palais, London, UK - Thank you! Thank you! I've been wanting this for s... by TaylorGaGa on 02.04.2008
ANNOUNCE: Brian May, Osaka 14-11-1998 FLAC (fixed) - Thanks a bunch!... by TaylorGaGa on 29.03.2008
Announce: BRIAN MAY 1998 - 11.14 Osaka Flac - Thanks for this! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 24.03.2008
Reopload of 1975 - 12.13 Dundee - mediafire - You're awesome! I'd been wanting this show for a w... by TaylorGaGa on 24.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: EARL'S COURT 6.6.77 PAL Snivlle Remastered Disc 1 - A seed or two please? I'm stuck at 68.5%. Much muc... by TaylorGaGa on 24.03.2008
Announce : Philadelphia 20 November 1978 FLAC - Thanks Ginger!! Can't wait to listen! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 22.03.2008
DVD Queen Interviews part 1 - A seed please? The whole lot of us are stuck at 37... by TaylorGaGa on 21.03.2008
ANNOUNCE : Worcester 3/10/06 DVD - 3 songs from 1080i Hi-Def master tapes - Any more seeders out there? I'm stuck at about 90%... by TaylorGaGa on 19.03.2008
OPERA OMNIA 4-CD edition (Flac, mediafire) - Fantastic!! Thanks so much for this!... by TaylorGaGa on 19.03.2008
Tour dates are out - God I hope they do come to the US! I don't want to... by TaylorGaGa on 19.03.2008
The Cross Marquee 21.12.92 FLAC - Despite the fact that it's been a while...any chan... by TaylorGaGa on 18.03.2008
The Cross Live in Leeds 1988 - Do you know which date in Leeds? February 19th or ... by TaylorGaGa on 17.03.2008
Announce: Queen+PR live at the gelredome 10-07-2005 Arnhem Queenzonetracker - Any help in the seeding department? TONS of thanks... by TaylorGaGa on 17.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: QPR Philadelphia March 14th 2006 DVD - Any seeders please? Much much appreciated!!!! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 17.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen + PR, Basel, 10. April 2005 - Mediafire - Thanks so much! Can't wait for the rest! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 16.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Milwaukee 07.03.1975 - FLAC - Any possibility of a re-seed? Much appreciated!!... by TaylorGaGa on 14.03.2008
RE-ANNOUNCE: DVD Live at Vienna 21-07-1986 - Any seeders please? I'm stuck at 71%! Much thanks ... by TaylorGaGa on 12.03.2008
RE-ANNOUNCE: DVD Live at Vienna 21-07-1986 - More seeders please?? I'm stuck at 50%. Much thank... by TaylorGaGa on 11.03.2008
Announce: Queen Live At Wembley Arena 9.8.84 FLAC - Any chance of a re-seed of the torrent or a re-up ... by TaylorGaGa on 10.03.2008
Live New York 1976 (FLAC) - Thanks for sharing!! Much appreciated! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 10.03.2008
ANNOUNCE - Queen - Not Fade Away Wembley, London 1984 - Seeders?!? Please?? I'm stuck at 40% and would rea... by TaylorGaGa on 10.03.2008
ANNOUNCE Cologne 6 December 1974 FLAC - Thanks so much Ginger!!!!!! Very much appreciated!... by TaylorGaGa on 10.03.2008
ANNOUNCE Cologne 6 December 1974 FLAC - So...I know it's been forever, but any chance of a... by TaylorGaGa on 09.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: 1977 8mm video (Montreal and others) - Could anyone PLEASE repost the link to part 1?!? M... by TaylorGaGa on 09.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: Live In Buenos Aires (08-March-1981) Complete FLAC - Mediafire - Any way someone could re-upload the missing sectio... by TaylorGaGa on 09.03.2008
ANNOUNCE :19 of the best Queen bootlegs - I know it's been quite some time but.....any seede... by TaylorGaGa on 05.03.2008
ANNOUNCE - Queen Knebworth 1986 - Queens last Concert! - I know it's been forever but....seeders? Much much... by TaylorGaGa on 04.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Thank You All (09-08-86) flac torrent - Could anyone seed please???? I will be forever gra... by TaylorGaGa on 04.03.2008
ANNOUNCE Berlin 28-04-78 from TRIAL Flac - Seeders?? Please? Much appreciated!... by TaylorGaGa on 03.03.2008
ANNOUNCE: 16 Queen related mpg's - Seeders please? I'm so close to finishing. Much ap... by TaylorGaGa on 27.02.2008
Queen live in Caracas 1981.Dvd - Could someone please seed? I'm stuck at 87.6%.... by TaylorGaGa on 26.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: 16 Queen related mpg's - Anyone out there mind seeding again? It'd be very ... by TaylorGaGa on 16.02.2008
Hammersmith 1979 DVD Kampuchea Show - Seeders anyone? Please?!?... by TaylorGaGa on 13.02.2008
Queen - Live In Himeji 24-03-76 FLAC - could anyone please seed again? i'm sitting at 91.... by TaylorGaGa on 12.02.2008
ANNOUNCE AS TORRENT: 'Prime Jive' Wardour Budokan Hall, 2/16/1981 FLAC - Thanks so much!!!!! Much appreciated! I can't wait... by TaylorGaGa on 12.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen on Saturday Night Live 1982 (DVD) - Could someone please seed again? It'd be much appr... by TaylorGaGa on 09.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Osaka 85 - Last Concert in Japan - LOSSLESS Version - It would be absolutely fabulous if someone could s... by TaylorGaGa on 06.02.2008
Brian vs. Roger – rare interview w/ Roger Taylor 1993 - Thanks so much for this! :)... by TaylorGaGa on 06.02.2008
ANNOUNCE: Paris, Pavillon de Paris 23rd April 78 FLAC clean copy mediafire - Thanks!! Can't wait for the next installment!... by TaylorGaGa on 06.02.2008