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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Simmer'

No Subject - In the seventies everybody grew their hair.. I'm ... by Simmer on 29.07.2004

155 posts by user 'Simmer'

No Subject - You sound like a spoiled brat. Are you only child... by Simmer on 12.12.2004
is brian may natrally curled - No... it's a wig!!... by Simmer on 11.12.2004
There are people that REALLY should get a life.....take a look: - If Freddie would talk to someone nowadays it would... by Simmer on 09.12.2004
Best Queen song written by a gay singer while getting a blowjob - Get Down, Make Love?... by Simmer on 07.12.2004
Best Guitar Solos - I Want To Break Free LOL!... by Simmer on 07.12.2004
Electric Six (...revisited) - I saw it and I'm finding it hilarious. I think th... by Simmer on 02.12.2004
Best Queen song with verses in a foreign languaje... - 1. Teo Torriatte. 2. Las Palabras De Amor 3. Mus... by Simmer on 02.12.2004
how old is roger - Very very very old...... by Simmer on 01.12.2004
A reviewer on Amazon.com trashed Queen - LOL... what a fool! By the way, he knows that Q... by Simmer on 01.12.2004
what do you guys think about robbie wiliams on We are The Champions - I do not mind Robbie Williams, but I didn't like t... by Simmer on 01.12.2004
in about 4 hours I'm gonna meet Brian - Nice story... Show some pictures as proof.... by Simmer on 30.11.2004
most depressing song - Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) I'm getting scar... by Simmer on 25.11.2004
was freddie ill during filming of "a kind of magic" ? - Just make-up... he plays a pale magician.... by Simmer on 25.11.2004
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE ! - 14 years... how time flies!... by Simmer on 23.11.2004
best voices in the music history ever - Freddie is the best without doubt. Check this l... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
BRIAN MAY - THE BEST GUITARIST EVER?! - Maybe not the best, but he is my favourite guitari... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
Who is the best writers in the history? (Single, duo etc...) - Freddie Mercury (ya know, the singer of Queen) ... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
Best Queen Album(s) - Tough question!! It's a battle between Hot Spac... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
Last sighting of Freddie - His last sighting was the lamp hanging above his b... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
Brian's curse - WERE ALL DOOMED!! WE KNOW BRIAN MAY... What a ... by Simmer on 16.11.2004
Freddie removed from Tussauds - Here another wax Freddie... Live Aid stage. htt... by Simmer on 13.11.2004
my friend told me that ................ - Did he had a sheer heart attack? No, Roger Taylor... by Simmer on 06.11.2004
Queen and Abba - ABBA is great, I like their music. It's not just ... by Simmer on 06.11.2004
Deacon angry at Knebworth. Why? - I think he heard on that day his wife was pregnant... by Simmer on 30.10.2004
Queen or The Beatles? Which is the greatest band ever? - Queen and The Beatles are my two favorite bands. ... by Simmer on 29.10.2004
GREG BOOKS IS GAY - Freddie was gay too... You made it sound like a i... by Simmer on 23.10.2004
I Was Born To Love You - I like the MIH version better. Those 80's synths ... by Simmer on 18.09.2004
Best Queen song with Brian or Roger on lead vocals? - Brian - Leaving Home Ain't Easy, Long Away Roger ... by Simmer on 18.09.2004
Did Freddie shave his balls? - In the 70's and 80's they didn't shave much in tha... by Simmer on 15.09.2004
New Fan Song Added: Nevermore by Rafael Siancas - Well.. I hope he doesn't want to make a livin' wit... by Simmer on 15.09.2004
Worst Queen video? - I agree with Under Pressure. It's just boring not... by Simmer on 10.09.2004
Anyone remember Andrea Corr singing "Is This The World We Created"? - Anyone has pictures or a video of it?... by Simmer on 10.09.2004
Doesn't this guy look like Roger's pimp? - It's one of Freddie's lovers I suppose...... by Simmer on 10.09.2004
best drummer roger taylor or nick mason - Roger is even better than Keith Moon and John Bonh... by Simmer on 10.09.2004
New Fan Song Added: Long Away by Crossed Hearts - Very nice!!! Maybe the voices could be a little... by Simmer on 10.09.2004
March of the Black Queen vs. Bohemian Rhapsody - Even though BR is overplayed it's still the better... by Simmer on 05.09.2004
me against the darkness - The Darkness doesn't offend me actually... And Ro... by Simmer on 05.09.2004
70's, 80's,90's Queen - The 70's are superior. Everything the band did tu... by Simmer on 05.09.2004
Most underrated John Deacon song? - Bohemian Rhapsody is the most underrated John Deac... by Simmer on 01.09.2004
what is the saddest song???? - Bijoe, although the lyrics are quite uplifting.... by Simmer on 01.09.2004
How Queen members rated eachothers musicianship - John once said: "Freddie is a lousy pianist, ... by Simmer on 30.08.2004
Who was the LEADER of the band? - Deacon was the leader. He was feared by the other... by Simmer on 30.08.2004
Have You Met....'QUEEN'....? - I met Freddie once in 1996. It was very cool and ... by Simmer on 30.08.2004
5 septermber - I'm gonna send him a birthday card, I'm sure he wi... by Simmer on 29.08.2004
What is the best Queen album? - I actually can't choose between Hot Space and Flas... by Simmer on 27.08.2004
What Do You Prefer ... or ...? (FINAL) - Tough choice but Bohemian Rhapsody is the best son... by Simmer on 24.08.2004
Another FIRST for Queen! - Strange, love songs are not allowed? But in 'I ... by Simmer on 24.08.2004
Budapest: A Possibility - Well okay, but isn't it fun to have all their conc... by Simmer on 22.08.2004
Teletubbies meet Bohemian Rhapsody - Is Elmo from Sesamstreet also gay?... by Simmer on 20.08.2004
dutch!!! - Count me in! ;) From Schiedam...... by Simmer on 19.08.2004
Spot a curious thing on "Mother Love".....what do u think? - It's Freddie.... by Simmer on 17.08.2004
What do you prefer... or ...? (Third Round) - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy The Show Must Go On... by Simmer on 15.08.2004
One thing that annoys me about "Don't Stop Me Now" - In England they indeed use the other term Cels... by Simmer on 15.08.2004
Witch band member do you think is the best? - A+ Freddie Mercury He is my favorite member... ... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
OLD vs. NEW - If Freddie was alive he would tell everybody t... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
No Subject - Hmmm, something went wrong I think. Sorry for pol... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
Freddie's hair - In the seventies everybody grew their hair.. I'm ... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
When you hear Bohemian Rhaspody do you........ - When it came on the radio during my work I'd sung ... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
New Fan Song Added: Bohemian Rhapsody by Stepping Stone - Nice try!... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
No Subject - In the seventies everybody grew their hair.. I'm ... by Simmer on 29.07.2004
New Fan Song Added: Killer Queen by Adam Steen - Very good!! Although the voice sounds so robot-li... by Simmer on 28.07.2004
Queen's Best Epic Song - I didn't say The Prophet's Song is better than BR ... by Simmer on 24.07.2004
Queen's Best Epic Song - The Prophet's Song is the most epic one I think.... by Simmer on 23.07.2004
New Fan Song Added: Cool Cat - Nice... although the falsetto singing isn't that g... by Simmer on 23.07.2004
Phish and Queen - Their intro accapella is awful. And the singer ha... by Simmer on 13.07.2004
Did Freddie have a nose job? - If you had asked this to Freddie himself when he w... by Simmer on 05.07.2004
New Queen - Q2... by Simmer on 04.07.2004
New Fan Song: You're My Best Friend - It has it's charm but I'm not exactly overwhelmed ... by Simmer on 04.07.2004
Exercise In Free Love... whose voice is it in here? - Yep, it's Freddie!! He almost sounds like a violi... by Simmer on 03.07.2004
Your favourite Queen album cover? - Queen II You gotta love it.... by Simmer on 03.07.2004
Best Band Ever Final 16!!!!!!! - The Rolling Stones Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Be... by Simmer on 03.07.2004
Who Could Play Freddie Mercury in a Movie? - http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/54/039_39... by Simmer on 30.06.2004
Queen music at funerals - Sad but beautiful story...... by Simmer on 30.06.2004
Barcelona - Barcelona is a great album, sends chills to my spi... by Simmer on 29.06.2004
Hello - Hallo!... by Simmer on 25.06.2004
I've lost my respect for Robert Smith (The Cure) - I never liked the Cure so I don't mind.... by Simmer on 25.06.2004
First Queen song you heard - It has to be Radio Ga Ga or I Want To Break Free.... by Simmer on 25.06.2004
New Fan Song Added: Miracle Medley by Cover Band Innuendo - Very nice stuff, I enjoyed it. :)... by Simmer on 24.06.2004
New Fan Song Added: Misfire by Niek and Damien - Excellent guitar, Horrible singing...... by Simmer on 22.06.2004
Our Top 22 bands - 1. Queen 2. Beatles, The The rest in alfabeth... by Simmer on 13.06.2004
Do you think its possible? - Of course they still can write a great song. Sadl... by Simmer on 13.06.2004
New Fan Song Added: Doin Alright - Very good cover!!... by Simmer on 11.06.2004
Nevermore - Yeah, nice song! Don't think there's a longer ver... by Simmer on 09.06.2004
Freddie 2nd greatest frontman - Strange, Mercury was a greater frontman than Bon S... by Simmer on 08.06.2004
Beatlesque Queen - A Human Body is also kinda Beatlesque...... by Simmer on 07.06.2004
our own top 22 voices? - Take a look at this list: http://www.digitaldre... by Simmer on 06.06.2004
New Fan Song: We Will Rock You - The worst thing I have ever heard... stop the pain... by Simmer on 06.06.2004
Best piano openings to queen songs?? - Don't Stop Me Now is amazing piano work.... by Simmer on 05.06.2004
Most bizzare Queen video? - Body Language was quite... ...bizarre!!... by Simmer on 05.06.2004
We Will Rock You - My ears still hurt after hearing this cover. Ever... by Simmer on 05.06.2004
Favorite solo album - Barcelona... by Simmer on 31.05.2004
Wyclef Jean's remix of AOBTD - Only the Freddie parts are good.... by Simmer on 25.05.2004
Which Member of Queen Are You? - I am Brian May.... by Simmer on 25.05.2004
Another Roger sings Play The Game - Not bad Another Roger. I would have liked to hear... by Simmer on 24.05.2004
Woo... Vote Queen - Consider it done!!... by Simmer on 23.05.2004
New Fan Song Added: Bohemian Rhapsody - The singing is very bad and de intro just doesn't ... by Simmer on 19.05.2004
Favorite vocals from each member of the band - Freddie - All his songs Brian - Leaving Home Ain'... by Simmer on 10.05.2004
Freddie Parody - lol... by Simmer on 05.05.2004
QUEEN'S NEW SINGER FOUND!!! - I'm ashamed they are Dutch. But I agree about the... by Simmer on 05.05.2004
Vinou's song - Not bad... not bad at all.... by Simmer on 03.05.2004
So... tell me about yourself - First name in real life: Stephan Age: 21 What yo... by Simmer on 25.03.2004
Most homosexual Queen song. - Get Down, Make Love... by Simmer on 19.03.2004
Best Freddie's Vocal (on Queen) - Don't Stop Me Now is also very good.... by Simmer on 18.03.2004
YOU GUYS ARE SICK - Queen always took everything with a bit of humor!!... by Simmer on 11.03.2004
Queen II - White Side is nice. Black Side is awesome!!... by Simmer on 09.03.2004
A Rap song using a QUEEN SAMPLE!!! - It's a hit with a capital S !!!... by Simmer on 09.03.2004
A Rap song using a QUEEN SAMPLE!!! - This is rap with a capital C !!!... by Simmer on 07.03.2004
hey - Welcome, of course Queen is the best!!... by Simmer on 07.03.2004
"New York at Last" - Queens New York demo rebuilt and remixed... - Nice, I like it much.. you did a good job on it!! ... by Simmer on 07.03.2004
I just bought jazz - Damn, I forgot one... Dreamer's Ball is also very ... by Simmer on 07.03.2004
I just bought jazz - I like it, it's just a fun record. Not the best, ... by Simmer on 07.03.2004
I know where Freddie is, and it aint no graveyard. - LOL... by Simmer on 02.03.2004
hello! im new! - Welcome Spicy Queen.... by Simmer on 02.03.2004
what's your first name?? - Stephan is my name.... by Simmer on 29.02.2004
Freddie was straight?!? - Yes, he was straight. In fact... Brian, Roger a... by Simmer on 29.02.2004
NEW SITE LOOK? DIABOLICAL. - I agree... I liked the simplicity of it.... by Simmer on 29.02.2004
For Whom Is That Face? - I also think it's Roger.... by Simmer on 28.02.2004
The 'Break Free' girls? - Well, Freddie with a blonde wig would look stupid ... by Simmer on 28.02.2004
film characters on stage - What about Santa? :p http://www.queenzone.com/m... by Simmer on 27.02.2004
Hutton still alive? - Jim Hutton is still alive.... by Simmer on 26.02.2004
Somthing I noticed - Queen fanatic sounds better. :p... by Simmer on 26.02.2004
Your Favourite Time Of Songwriter-Freddie? - I think a good melody is better than smart lyrics.... by Simmer on 26.02.2004
There Must Be More to Life Than This - It's very good, also one of my favorite solo songs... by Simmer on 26.02.2004
Queen at the Brits 1990 - It's a sad sight yes...... by Simmer on 23.02.2004
Instrumental sharing project - Very nice Deacon Fan... keep up the good work!!... by Simmer on 21.02.2004
Don't you hate... - Someone have to send these links to Brian May in h... by Simmer on 20.02.2004
I know i didn't read that right - Pim just said: Fuck in the ass! To say it in farme... by Simmer on 18.02.2004
Freddie Mercury Day - Very nice!! :D... by Simmer on 13.02.2004
The most underrated Queen song ever is... - Jealousy Spread Your Wings... by Simmer on 13.02.2004
Queenzone population - :p... by Simmer on 11.02.2004
The most underrated Queen song ever is... - Indeed a great song... I hear it sometimes on the ... by Simmer on 11.02.2004
I Am Tired Of BoRhap - I never get tired of it... very strange. ;p... by Simmer on 11.02.2004
Music Freddie used to dance - Abba- Dancing Queen :p... by Simmer on 07.02.2004
I´m new in this - Hi, I'm from Holland. You know Maxima? LOL!!... by Simmer on 07.02.2004
look what I've found! - LOL... by Simmer on 02.02.2004
DOWNLOAD THE PEPSI COMMERCIAL! - I missed one thing. They should have hung up a b... by Simmer on 27.01.2004
The Making Of Bohemian Rhapsody - Don't think he's gonna act him. Just sit behind h... by Simmer on 25.01.2004
Something amusing... - But the question now is... did Freddie win at the ... by Simmer on 11.01.2004
The best Love or love related quote in a Queen song. - "I wish Friday would last for ever I held her clo... by Simmer on 29.12.2003
Bomi Bulsara - R.I.P. Always sad to hear such news...... by Simmer on 29.12.2003
Rare, unreleased 'Break Free' w/ Guest vocalist - LOL... by Simmer on 22.12.2003
sound in if u cant beat them - It's John Deacon!!!!!... by Simmer on 22.12.2003
Justin Timberlake in deep shit - Maybe that's the reason he likes Michael Jackson s... by Simmer on 16.12.2003
who is the youngest queen fan on here? - I'm 20... I'm feeling old. But it's great to see ... by Simmer on 12.12.2003
The Naive Fan... - When I was getting into Queen I thought that Roger... by Simmer on 07.12.2003
Innuendo - Great album, surely one of their best ones. It's ... by Simmer on 05.12.2003
Concert of the decade - Queen ABBA Beatles Beach Boys... by Simmer on 05.12.2003
VH1 - 50 Greatest Bands - I can live with the fact that the Beatles are #1 b... by Simmer on 22.11.2003
Funny Rog and Queen comics! - It's fun and looks really good. :)... by Simmer on 22.11.2003
6-0 - Holland will be the European Champions, watch my w... by Simmer on 20.11.2003
Wow Britney. - She's ugly.... by Simmer on 18.11.2003
Freddie Vs Tim - LOL Freddie of course, he wrote more songs for ... by Simmer on 18.11.2003
Queen + Valensia - Well, I like Valensia... he made some good music I... by Simmer on 18.11.2003
Bowie last night - Bowie is great, cool that he does such a thing.... by Simmer on 16.11.2003
Who can replace Deacon? - Paul McCartney... LOL!!... by Simmer on 16.11.2003