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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'SaveMe09'

Roger & Debbie - Anybody know, were Roger and Debbie dating when th... by SaveMe09 on 01.10.2006
felix taylor - Anybody have a fairly recent pic of Felix, roger's... by SaveMe09 on 01.07.2006

42 posts by user 'SaveMe09'

Kate Winslett - The reason the Titanic went down by the bow -     I  am  pg !!!!    not  ""Save Me 0... by SaveMe09 on 23.06.2009
Kate Winslett - The reason the Titanic went down by the bow -    THANKS  ! :-))))))))   [url=http... by SaveMe09 on 23.06.2009
Is This Rufus? - I know Rufus is young but damn he's gorgeous..just... by SaveMe09 on 24.12.2007
Most Prized Possesion - Hmmm, not sure which wins...close between the conc... by SaveMe09 on 15.08.2007
Save Me? - One of my absolute favs...obviously :)... by SaveMe09 on 27.07.2007
Queen: Homosexual Themes? - Can't you people just enjoy the great music, and t... by SaveMe09 on 09.06.2007
Why is it that freaks sing Queen on American Idol? - I was watching the show last night yelling at the ... by SaveMe09 on 18.01.2007
How much Queen have you got on your iTunes? - 248 with two brian may albums and 1 roger taylor +... by SaveMe09 on 16.01.2007
The worst Queen album ever! - 1. Pain so Close to Pleasure 2. Fun it 3. Get do... by SaveMe09 on 10.01.2007
A Night At The Opera or A Day At The Races; which is better? - Definately "A Day at the Races" my favor... by SaveMe09 on 29.12.2006
Queen: Behind the Music on VH1 - you can find it on youtube.com its broken up into... by SaveMe09 on 20.12.2006
eye candy? - If you go to gettyimages.com and look up editorial... by SaveMe09 on 11.12.2006
Did smoking affect Roger's singing voice over the years? - anybody know if he still smokes?... by SaveMe09 on 25.11.2006
Describe each band member in one word. - Roger: Sexy Brian: Brilliant Freddie: Legendary ... by SaveMe09 on 15.11.2006
Which is the worst Queen song? - Pain so Close to Pleasure Flash... by SaveMe09 on 09.11.2006
Goodbye Schumi! - Great Race yesterday...This is my first season bei... by SaveMe09 on 23.10.2006
A day at the races appriciation thread! - Overall from beginning to end my favorite album...... by SaveMe09 on 12.10.2006
Roger & Debbie - King Mercury wrote: "when that video was fi... by SaveMe09 on 03.10.2006
Roger & Debbie - Anybody know, were Roger and Debbie dating when th... by SaveMe09 on 01.10.2006
What was the song that got u on 2 Queen? - One Vision... by SaveMe09 on 01.10.2006
Who was the best Songwriter in the group? - 1. Brian the rest is kinda even. ... by SaveMe09 on 28.09.2006
Cheers to Roger! - For some strange reason I realized yesterday that ... by SaveMe09 on 04.09.2006
Older formats need updating - I want the magic years series on DVD... by SaveMe09 on 19.08.2006
Baby on wembley DVD... - It's definately Roger's (Rory) because the lady ho... by SaveMe09 on 08.08.2006
Rufus Tiger: whats in a name? - Anybody have a recent picture of Felix Luther?... by SaveMe09 on 21.07.2006
Building my Queen CD collection...please help!!! - Buy the crown jewels box set, it has the first 8 s... by SaveMe09 on 01.07.2006
felix taylor - Anybody have a fairly recent pic of Felix, roger's... by SaveMe09 on 01.07.2006
Please dont shoot me, but... - I don't care how old roger gets he still the sexie... by SaveMe09 on 17.06.2006
Pictures of mary and freddie? - I think the baby is Rory Taylor...in one of the dv... by SaveMe09 on 25.04.2006
favorate queen song? - well i dont have just one either but here are some... by SaveMe09 on 16.04.2006
No Subject - you're fuckin psycho!... by SaveMe09 on 15.04.2006
Queen have turned into a joke! - Queen Plus Paul Rodgers...it is what it is...Peopl... by SaveMe09 on 10.04.2006
No Subject - I agree, this site is for queen fans...not F#$%i... by SaveMe09 on 10.04.2006
"Queen" to peform live on American Idol - Zak Royen: Ummm....I hate to join the pissing ... by SaveMe09 on 07.04.2006
San Jose Show - All three california shows were AMAZING!! God I ha... by SaveMe09 on 06.04.2006
"Queen" to peform live on American Idol - I don't think it's hypocracy at all...every year t... by SaveMe09 on 06.04.2006
opening act/length of show - yep 730 not 800 like the anaheim and san diego sho... by SaveMe09 on 04.04.2006
San Diego-wtf happened at the show? - I think everyone who's going to the last few shows... by SaveMe09 on 02.04.2006
San Diego-wtf happened at the show? - Absolutely an Amazing show...I'm still speechless ... by SaveMe09 on 02.04.2006
St. Paul Pics - Great Pics, send them to brianmay.com... by SaveMe09 on 28.03.2006
SETLIST POLL ----> FOR BRIAN, ROGER and PAUL - HEADLONG!!! But i would love ONE VISION... by SaveMe09 on 28.03.2006
What shows are you attending? - I will be going to all 3 california shows, San ... by SaveMe09 on 21.12.2005