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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by 'SallyJ.'

testing - does it work?... by SallyJ. on 07.09.2006
fed up - I am so fed up with a certain sick person on this ... by SallyJ. on 25.06.2004
new replies - ummm when I reply in a topic, it appears somewhere... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Happy Birthday Saturn! - Happy birthday to you, Hans! I wish you all the b... by SallyJ. on 26.01.2004

254 posts by user 'SallyJ.'

Happy Birthday Bob the Shrek! - Very Belated Happy Birthday dear Bob! sorry I've b... by SallyJ. on 02.03.2007
Heavens to murgatroid, I'm busy! - I loved Catweazle when I was little! Surely th... by SallyJ. on 02.02.2007
Happy Birthday, S@turn - Happy Birthday! Toedels! ... by SallyJ. on 27.01.2007
Brian May - all curled up. - It is Brian, this pic is from a tourbook. I believ... by SallyJ. on 29.12.2006
Depp WILL play Freddie - Who cares about blockbusters or if Freddie will be... by SallyJ. on 20.12.2006
A Very Big Free Hug - Oh well, yes it's in the wrong section of course b... by SallyJ. on 16.12.2006
fans from the day--suspect something wrong w/freddie? - Yes, I think lots of fans suspected something was ... by SallyJ. on 15.12.2006
The man in Pink... - Spike Edney... by SallyJ. on 15.12.2006
For everybody speaking Dutch or living in Limburg, - Heehee, very good try Serry ;-) A word = ... by SallyJ. on 25.11.2006
For everybody speaking Dutch or living in Limburg, - Leuk artikel, goed gedaan, Jeroen! :-)... by SallyJ. on 24.11.2006
queenlive - I saw them in '86 but I didn't notice any lack of ... by SallyJ. on 24.11.2006
Let us introduce to each other - Oooh just read..IronEagle is a grandad now lol! Co... by SallyJ. on 23.11.2006
Let us introduce to each other - Hello! I'm Jaye, Dutch, 37, first saw Queen on t.v... by SallyJ. on 23.11.2006
Happy Birthday Shawy! - Happy Birthday Shawy :-) ... by SallyJ. on 14.11.2006
translation for Mustapha? - What he *points up* said. It seems that every now ... by SallyJ. on 09.11.2006
Happy Birthday, Jeroen - Jeroentje! Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! :-) Knuffel... by SallyJ. on 04.11.2006
John Deacon posting on these forums? - Jeroen wrote: 'He obviously DOESN'T! The Oppos... by SallyJ. on 02.11.2006
what was Queen doing when you were born? - Same here, Smile :-) 1969... by SallyJ. on 27.10.2006
OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE FROM HANNIE :-( - I'm sorry but I feel the need to say something... by SallyJ. on 12.10.2006
Happy Birthday Raf Raf!!!!!!!!! - Oh sorry I replied in the other topic but this see... by SallyJ. on 03.10.2006
This is a day early... - Happy Birthday KK :)... by SallyJ. on 03.10.2006
Should over-thin models be banned from fashion shows? - A lot of girls and women are brought up with the i... by SallyJ. on 18.09.2006
Nobody uses the Queenzone chat room... - No, it's not.... by SallyJ. on 17.09.2006
The Dutch Fan Club Day - who is coming? - Hey :) Of course I'd love to meet Jeroentje! An... by SallyJ. on 14.09.2006
No Subject - very! :P... by SallyJ. on 09.09.2006
testing - oh! ooh! eeh! think it does! Hello :) I remembe... by SallyJ. on 07.09.2006
testing - does it work?... by SallyJ. on 07.09.2006
Happy Birthday, pma - I wish you a happy birthday Op-Pma! Caviar and Ch... by SallyJ. on 25.06.2005
Things that annoy you about Queen after Freddie........ - The commercials, the musical. :(... by SallyJ. on 23.09.2004
Queenzone seems different! - All I'd like to say is: I am glad to see a nice ... by SallyJ. on 11.09.2004
Why I hate Americans - Maybe it would help, Jasen, if you'd start thinkin... by SallyJ. on 28.08.2004
How, Who & Which ...???.....Queen... - Killer Queen, on Dutch tv show "Toppop",... by SallyJ. on 28.08.2004
volume at queen concerts - It was ummm..well.....LOUD!... by SallyJ. on 27.08.2004
For those few of you who were Queen fans before 1980 - I was about 11, I think. Didn't like it at first. ... by SallyJ. on 27.08.2004
NEWBIES vs DEITIES - And 4) Someone who has just discovered Queen,... by SallyJ. on 27.08.2004
Thought I'd tell ya how things are... - Hey Kayla :) *waves*... by SallyJ. on 27.08.2004
Happy Birthday Lisser!!!!!!! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 27.08.2004
Freddie's Girlfriend Speaks - I think it's a lot of crap. There is no mentioning... by SallyJ. on 25.08.2004
QUEEN - OH DEAR... by SallyJ. on 19.08.2004
dutch!!! - I'm dutch as well. (And this belongs in the pers... by SallyJ. on 19.08.2004
What do we think of Def Leppard? - "See he was Biseksual, not that ,that is bett... by SallyJ. on 13.08.2004
Does anyone feel like Queen ruined 'One Vision'?... - How can they ruin their own song? I don't mind the... by SallyJ. on 13.08.2004
Discussion: John singing - "TOEWA?" Yes, 'Baby you're so square.... by SallyJ. on 12.08.2004
Bord and dieing of bordum! - You sure have a big mouth, Breanna. Perhaps you sh... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
Is breanna902000 the next Jake Britt? - Actually I think she's just a child who is bored o... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
Why is it that can call a woman a whore, a slut, a bitch, a skank... - whore, a slut, a bitch, a skank... Actually I wou... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
toe licker??? - But what do you mean by Northern friends? We are n... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
For those of you over the age of 25 ... - Hehe! Love it. :)... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
Coming of age - your opinions - I agree with what YourValentine and Janet said. F... by SallyJ. on 10.08.2004
toe licker??? - I didn't get that.... by SallyJ. on 09.08.2004
Wembley 86 CD/DVD Product Recall? - Oh don't get me wrong, we've had a lot of dreamers... by SallyJ. on 09.08.2004
Wembley 86 CD/DVD Product Recall? - It has to be more than just mentioning a name, cos... by SallyJ. on 09.08.2004
forewarning - No no, Thomas, please don't misunderstand, the say... by SallyJ. on 08.08.2004
What do we think of Marc Bolan/T-Rex? - We think, that anything that hasn't got to do with... by SallyJ. on 08.08.2004
"be gentle, I'm a newbie"- WHAT? - Still...this belongs in the personal section!... by SallyJ. on 08.08.2004
Teenagers on Queenzone - this belongs in the personal section!... by SallyJ. on 08.08.2004
Let's get naked! - It's so hot here at the moment, everyone IS almost... by SallyJ. on 08.08.2004
FINALLY!! Pink Floyd's "The Wall" to be made into a Broadway musical. - I feel the same way as Jeroen. Can't they leave an... by SallyJ. on 06.08.2004
First Queen album and Keep Yourself Alive Single - No I didn't buy it cos I was too little and didn't... by SallyJ. on 03.08.2004
Bad News - It was very much fun when it was released! :)) I ... by SallyJ. on 03.08.2004
Brian is bald! - This is very old 'news'. We've been here before. I... by SallyJ. on 03.08.2004
Freddie's Parents? - As far as I know they were very proud of him and l... by SallyJ. on 01.08.2004
check this - Yeah, those are really great pics! :)... by SallyJ. on 31.07.2004
idiots - "What do you want Sally?? Do you want her to ... by SallyJ. on 30.07.2004
idiots - The main reason why people are irritated by you, B... by SallyJ. on 30.07.2004
Over the last month.............. - I thought it was the usual holiday season flock of... by SallyJ. on 29.07.2004
Happy Birthday to me! - Oh! I didn't know, sorry, otherwise I'd have poste... by SallyJ. on 29.07.2004
The Game - That's funny, I never noticed that before. I think... by SallyJ. on 29.07.2004
Should all women be screened for STD's? - And what, dare I ask, keeps you from taking respo... by SallyJ. on 28.07.2004
Queen Bus Tours - right....... by SallyJ. on 28.07.2004
Queen Bus Tours - Actually, I thought the fanclub organizes bus tour... by SallyJ. on 27.07.2004
Who Wants To Live Forever (Seal Tribute Gig) - Seal did quite well indeed, especially compared to... by SallyJ. on 27.07.2004
Posting on two boards - I'm posting on the new board but using the old way... by SallyJ. on 26.07.2004
Suicide notes - I don't understand what's 'interesting' about it. ... by SallyJ. on 24.07.2004
What do we think of Phoebe(Peter Freestone)? - He's a very friendly, nice guy :)... by SallyJ. on 23.07.2004
For serious collectors only! - Basje wrote: "at least we have a proper t... by SallyJ. on 17.07.2004
I Love the 90s - I never loved the 90's and won't start now ;) The... by SallyJ. on 15.07.2004
Jimmy May's Website. - Depressions are not always caused by situations or... by SallyJ. on 15.07.2004
Iron Eagle.... - Grand Poobah or Grand Pooh-bear!! :) *sends cud... by SallyJ. on 15.07.2004
Is there anyone here who doesn't like U2? - I liked U2 in the beginning, 80's, but got really ... by SallyJ. on 15.07.2004
Is Brian single? - Brian is married to Anita Dobson... by SallyJ. on 15.07.2004
Are there any other bikers here! - Not me, Krizzy! The only time I've ever been on a ... by SallyJ. on 12.07.2004
Sometimes Brian really pisses me off. - Yes I agree with what Philip said as well. ... by SallyJ. on 11.07.2004
Freddie biographys.. - After reading your comments on Rick Sky's book... by SallyJ. on 11.07.2004
Is John Deacon a Saint ? - And I don't think we 'hate' Brian! That's silly, h... by SallyJ. on 10.07.2004
This topic is really for long time Queen fans... - Me, I suppose :) I agree with what Lisa said,... by SallyJ. on 10.07.2004
bowie had angioplasty - oh :( I hope he gets well soon!... by SallyJ. on 09.07.2004
Is Brian a Queen Zoner ? - lol! :))... by SallyJ. on 08.07.2004
Little Wing - Wouldn't it be fab though if Brian actually did pl... by SallyJ. on 07.07.2004
What month did freddie record mother love ??? - but you all must admit, it's kinda funny that peop... by SallyJ. on 07.07.2004
Freddie's Lovers on UK Television - Hmm...I am not sure what to think of it. It seems ... by SallyJ. on 06.07.2004
Bowie help needed - Thanks for the links, Deaconfan and Barry :)... by SallyJ. on 06.07.2004
Bowie help needed - Don't you mean Buddha of Suburbia...or is one of t... by SallyJ. on 05.07.2004
Bowie help needed - Really, hidden bonusses? Tell me!! Please. Thank y... by SallyJ. on 04.07.2004
Exercise In Free Love... whose voice is it in here? - The whole Freddie and nothing but Freddie :)... by SallyJ. on 02.07.2004
Brian Superchunk???? - Owww come one Lisa! :) They both look quite good, ... by SallyJ. on 01.07.2004
Happy Birthday Plengel and er there's someone else....... - happy birthday Banquo and Plengel :)... by SallyJ. on 30.06.2004
Mental Institutions - look under "queenzone" ... by SallyJ. on 30.06.2004
The Queenonline Queen Box Raffle - I think it's a bit weird that they ask people to s... by SallyJ. on 29.06.2004
Your favourite Nena songs? - Ok thanks Drs DAJA, for the compliment about my de... by SallyJ. on 29.06.2004
Your favourite Nena songs? - good posting, Iron Eagle :) Drs. DAJA, you have... by SallyJ. on 29.06.2004
Roger's best album? - I quite like Electric Fire but it would go a bit f... by SallyJ. on 27.06.2004
First Queen song you heard - Killer Queen, on a dutch music program called TopP... by SallyJ. on 26.06.2004
Happy Birthday, pma! - Happy Birthday, Pete! :D ... by SallyJ. on 26.06.2004
Happy Birthday, Mr. Scully! - sorry bit late... Happy Birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 25.06.2004
fed up - I am so fed up with a certain sick person on this ... by SallyJ. on 25.06.2004
Tribute songs! How about it... - awwwww...that's so cute :)) it's not exactly ... by SallyJ. on 23.06.2004
TOFBRA IS COMPLETE! - I agree. Nothing more to add :)... by SallyJ. on 19.06.2004
the show must go on the life of freddie mercury - It's funny how different people are. :) I really ... by SallyJ. on 15.06.2004
the show must go on the life of freddie mercury - But what's so bad about Rick Sky's book then, it's... by SallyJ. on 15.06.2004
the show must go on the life of freddie mercury - The Show Must go On by Rick Sky? It really isn't ... by SallyJ. on 14.06.2004
Politics - as someone once said... "politics schmoli... by SallyJ. on 13.06.2004
MIH final song - Rainmustfall, put on headphones, turn up the volum... by SallyJ. on 12.06.2004
Some scary shit - those 'tributes' very scary indeed... by SallyJ. on 08.06.2004
Bowie/Reality - Oh great :)) Tell us all about it please, I've onl... by SallyJ. on 07.06.2004
Beatlesque Queen - The Beatles were special indeed, simply becaus... by SallyJ. on 07.06.2004
our own top 22 voices? - Bowie. Mercury. Sinatra. Can't think of anyone el... by SallyJ. on 06.06.2004
Happy Birthday, Bokkepoot, Sabine, ApollyonQ - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 02.06.2004
For Newbies: How do I behave on Queenzone... - Plengel does have a good point though. Apparen... by SallyJ. on 01.06.2004
Queen medley at René Froger in ArenA Amsterdam - the Netherlands - eek René Froger.....it's as if everyone think... by SallyJ. on 30.05.2004
What you need is... A CAMEL! - it's not water in their humps it's FAT :P but t... by SallyJ. on 29.05.2004
Happy Birthday, Dan & Paloma! - oops, sorry I am late! Happy birthday to both o... by SallyJ. on 26.05.2004
I've lost my faith in "Queen" - You're certainly not the only one who feels this w... by SallyJ. on 26.05.2004
It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 23.05.2004
What emotion are you? - I'm also Beauty... well, you learn something new ... by SallyJ. on 22.05.2004
Happy Birthday, iron eagle! - Happy Birthday! :)... by SallyJ. on 20.05.2004
Hello from... - Hello Kayla, nice to see you again :) ... by SallyJ. on 18.05.2004
Freddie's white overalls - Lots of people wore overalls in the seventies, so ... by SallyJ. on 17.05.2004
Its my birthday! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 12.05.2004
Happy Birthday SallyJ - 21.... yes, how did you know?? ;-) thanks for the... by SallyJ. on 10.05.2004
Happy Birthday SallyJ - How sweet of you all! Thanks, everyone :))... by SallyJ. on 09.05.2004
Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! - Is it's head also spinning around?... by SallyJ. on 06.05.2004
Happy Birthday, Silje - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 06.05.2004
Happy Birthday, AC - Happy Birthday, AC :) e un baccione! ... by SallyJ. on 03.05.2004
Gay = Freddie - One more try: if your're gonna try and insult peop... by SallyJ. on 30.04.2004
Gay = Freddie - The whole point is, we've been trying to tell ... by SallyJ. on 29.04.2004
When Freddie Mercury Met Kenny Everett... - very good posting, YourValentine :)... by SallyJ. on 29.04.2004
Queen in the Nederlands - ...and that one isn't located in Nederland too... by SallyJ. on 27.04.2004
new replies - http://www.queenzone.com/queenzone/forumnew/forum_... by SallyJ. on 27.04.2004
new replies - ummm when I reply in a topic, it appears somewhere... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Gay = Freddie - hehe! :) What I actually meant was I can under... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Is Roger anti abortion? - Fatty is right, and yes I think he also wore a no ... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Which Queen era do you like the best? - 70's for me :)... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Gay = Freddie - What's all this with that rap-language? It looks e... by SallyJ. on 25.04.2004
Freddie Planned the Funeral - I'm sorry I seem to fail to understand what's so s... by SallyJ. on 21.04.2004
Mary's son & Freddies god child Rick is actually Freddie's son. - open minds ok, but this is too ridiculous, just li... by SallyJ. on 21.04.2004
The Best Of Bowie - "Didn't he also compose a track for lennon?..... by SallyJ. on 06.04.2004
The Best Of Bowie - Bowie is great :)) One of my all time favourites... by SallyJ. on 05.04.2004
Anita Dobson - why is this a 'sticky' topic? what is 'sticky' any... by SallyJ. on 02.04.2004
Taylor quits Queen! - Ah.....almost got me there! Good one Togg :)... by SallyJ. on 01.04.2004
Our Amsterdam Mis-Adventure - bloody tourists! ;) :P... by SallyJ. on 29.03.2004
tis me birthday.. - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 26.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - I said what I had to say, and I will not say it al... by SallyJ. on 24.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - *edit* sorry, my post appeared 4 times!... by SallyJ. on 24.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - *edit* sorry, my post appeared 4 times!... by SallyJ. on 24.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - *edit* sorry, my post appeared 4 times!... by SallyJ. on 24.03.2004
Favourite Cult Films - Dead Man Edward Scissorhands Sleepy Hollow Don ... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
personality quiz - another Sonnet here...scary :)... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
Brian May has cyst removed - Stupid tabloids...they have a vivid imagination, t... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
Doy you like the band's shoes? - yeah...I like them...but I miss Brian's clogs! ... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - Ok, here's my final thoughts about it. I really tr... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
Im 20 today! - happy birthday :) if 20 makes you this happy, w... by SallyJ. on 22.03.2004
Happy Birthday, CatGurl14 ! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 21.03.2004
Worst ever Queen Guitar Solo - except maybe the one on Put out the Fire...... ;))... by SallyJ. on 21.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - I am a little bit confused.....Malina, if the addr... by SallyJ. on 21.03.2004
Brian May has cyst removed - oh ok thanks :) it just sounded a bit weird I thou... by SallyJ. on 21.03.2004
Brian May has cyst removed - "Let's hope it's not malignant" Indeed. And I h... by SallyJ. on 19.03.2004
Is Brian Bitter?? - Funny......nobody complains about pollution by car... by SallyJ. on 18.03.2004
I can't &*$%* believe this! - aww that's awful :( (bastards!)... by SallyJ. on 18.03.2004
and people wonder why there is such a push for legal rights--- - That's unbelievable...it's as if we are not making... by SallyJ. on 17.03.2004
For the guys here (your opinions wanted) - poor me... :-/ *pouts*... oh and btw, I vote ... by SallyJ. on 17.03.2004
is freddie really at peace? - "I am fed up with people showing up on this board ... by SallyJ. on 17.03.2004
As no-one really cares... (I don't expect anyone to really know)... - happy birthday Josuecifu :)... by SallyJ. on 16.03.2004
Is Brian Bitter?? - "I think he comes across as being very bitter in h... by SallyJ. on 15.03.2004
I just bought jazz - ..."it was like if Freddie was just beside me sing... by SallyJ. on 10.03.2004
Happy Birthday Mandy (geeks)! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 06.03.2004
'Chat' section... - yeah and there's always the chat-room....... :)... by SallyJ. on 05.03.2004
Hutton still alive? - The only time I heard about people who were immune... by SallyJ. on 05.03.2004
Talk to Freddie Mercury! - I just noticed goinback's signature :(... by SallyJ. on 05.03.2004
Talk to Freddie Mercury! - Human: would you like to say hi to my cats? Fred... by SallyJ. on 02.03.2004
Random facts about queen members - lol Fatty that was really great :D... by SallyJ. on 29.02.2004
Oh, that Roger... - ah..... good old Roger!! :D *feels better*... by SallyJ. on 28.02.2004
Freddie was gay???!!.....AIDS come from this way? - "why we fight together ?! till we alive be lover ... by SallyJ. on 28.02.2004
Serious question - Aw I'm very sorry to hear that Jeffrey :( I also... by SallyJ. on 27.02.2004
Freddie was gay???!!.....AIDS come from this way? - yes, that's a very stupid subject. ... by SallyJ. on 27.02.2004
what's your first name?? - Jaye (J)... by SallyJ. on 26.02.2004
Freddie's middle name - No, it was Farokh and later on Frederick (sp?). Ju... by SallyJ. on 23.02.2004
Freddie's middle name - What do you mean middle names are not common outsi... by SallyJ. on 23.02.2004
QZ New front page :D - looks good :))... by SallyJ. on 23.02.2004
Another Highlight Of Ebay Fakes - oh dear! that's terrible. it doesn't even look lik... by SallyJ. on 22.02.2004
Question: Deleting Forum Messages - I don't mind it either, Richard. Delete ahead :) ... by SallyJ. on 22.02.2004
Happy Birthday, Janet!!! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 20.02.2004
Freddie's death - brian doesn't! ;)... by SallyJ. on 20.02.2004
I know i didn't read that right - By that one small comment, you've just lost my res... by SallyJ. on 17.02.2004
Did Queen Do drugs? - "Brian never did drugs" Sorry, but you sound ve... by SallyJ. on 16.02.2004
quick question for homework - Roger and Freddie were close friends, I don't know... by SallyJ. on 15.02.2004
.sciryL sdrawkcaB - oh! ok, never mind me. carry on. :D... by SallyJ. on 15.02.2004
.sciryL sdrawkcaB - ?? teem I taht elpoep gnitoohs teerts eht nwod g... by SallyJ. on 15.02.2004
Happy Birthday, Fatty! - happy birthday :)... by SallyJ. on 14.02.2004
Happy birthday MegaMike - Happy Birthday, Mike :)... by SallyJ. on 13.02.2004
Happy Birthday, Taylor-Mayed! - happy birthday, T-M :) gefeliciteerd, Pim :)... by SallyJ. on 11.02.2004
Queenzone population - I'm just surprised that very few of you seem to kn... by SallyJ. on 11.02.2004
Queenzone Revamp - - no mods - no smileys - better directions and... by SallyJ. on 10.02.2004
Freddie's death - I love Johnny Depp!... by SallyJ. on 10.02.2004
queen names - ... by SallyJ. on 07.02.2004
Info on Freddies Indian Roots - ...or maybe they respect freddie's wish to at leas... by SallyJ. on 04.02.2004
ULTIMATE POST- BEST EVER QUEEN CONCERT - The best one for me was the one in Leiden - Hollan... by SallyJ. on 03.02.2004
Happy Birthday Shoujo!!! - happy birthday Marie :)... by SallyJ. on 03.02.2004
Brian at WWRY - Yes it was Brian :) A friend of mine met him back... by SallyJ. on 02.02.2004
Question about Brian.... - didn't he also study german...? he does sound v... by SallyJ. on 01.02.2004
Info on Freddies Indian Roots - oh no....not that again! *deja vu* ... by SallyJ. on 01.02.2004
Corporate whores!!! - "As for Pepsi, well, it's great WWRY is being used... by SallyJ. on 27.01.2004
Damn Im in love with this girl..... - Too bad, she's already with someone so eat your he... by SallyJ. on 27.01.2004
Happy Birthday Saturn! - Happy birthday to you, Hans! I wish you all the b... by SallyJ. on 26.01.2004
Stomach Flu - "and bullwinkle calls himself a Queen fan?...pfft"... by SallyJ. on 22.01.2004
All Dead, All Dead - Brian wrote this song after his cat died. The txt ... by SallyJ. on 22.01.2004
Anyone know how to contact Roger? - "Don't flood the fanclub litter bins." why not?... by SallyJ. on 19.01.2004
Remember the Queen Pepsi Ad? - :S... by SallyJ. on 19.01.2004
Anyone know how to contact Roger? - the best option is to send a letter/e-mail to Jack... by SallyJ. on 18.01.2004
Queen-Live Killers - a FAQ section would be a good idea indeed! :)... by SallyJ. on 18.01.2004
The "Cheer Up, Wstüssyb!" Thread - Get well soon, William! :)... by SallyJ. on 15.01.2004
axl at FM tribute concert - I hated it.... by SallyJ. on 13.01.2004
OFFICIAL WE WILL ROCK YOU SCRIPT AND LYRICS BOOK - oi that's not news, that's a commercial! :P... by SallyJ. on 13.01.2004
Great Quiz - I'm We are the Champions :)... by SallyJ. on 13.01.2004
The first time you saw...... - First time I saw it was when it was released. It w... by SallyJ. on 12.01.2004
Reasons to hate Queen - narrow-minded is the right word for such people. ... by SallyJ. on 12.01.2004
Happy Birthday, Alli James! - Happy Birthday! :)... by SallyJ. on 11.01.2004
Big Fish - and of course the wonderful Edward Scissorhands! :... by SallyJ. on 10.01.2004
Working Now - :))... by SallyJ. on 09.01.2004
Happy New Year - Happy New Year everyone! :)... by SallyJ. on 31.12.2003
Is this Freddie? - you're all mad! :P (I don't see any freddie'... by SallyJ. on 29.12.2003
AIDS, who cares? - "I'm very concerned about AIDS... I wish people wo... by SallyJ. on 28.12.2003
Plot Failure --> HUG ME! - a camel....!? no. *gives extra special xmas hug... by SallyJ. on 23.12.2003
Plot Failure --> HUG ME! - *hugs* where's mine? :)... by SallyJ. on 21.12.2003
The Darkness: Christmas Time (Dont Let The Bells End) - I much rather hear and see the Darkness who are op... by SallyJ. on 21.12.2003
Just a silly thought... - lol :)... by SallyJ. on 18.12.2003
What Sort of Brit Are You?! - ' You're a Londoner (if that's a word) from the mo... by SallyJ. on 13.12.2003
'Queen' predicitons for 2004 - heehee! good one Barb :)... by SallyJ. on 13.12.2003
Re-record Queen songs - No re-re-re-re-re-recordings please! I am sick and... by SallyJ. on 13.12.2003
I've got tickets to Bowie! - :D sounds great :D... by SallyJ. on 10.12.2003
Freddie's family from Iran? - Freddie's last name is Bulsara... a place in India... by SallyJ. on 09.12.2003
the guys, 2 ladies, or a choir - My choice would be 1. as well. Although they may n... by SallyJ. on 07.12.2003
books - Great Expectations, wonderful book :) These are a... by SallyJ. on 06.12.2003
Freddie's family from Iran? - pma is right. :)... by SallyJ. on 06.12.2003
I love Andrea Corr - "we watch the shows we watch the stars on videos... by SallyJ. on 01.12.2003
Brian's message - Maybe he missed Freddie just as much as I did. Som... by SallyJ. on 01.12.2003
Lonely Queen Fan Service - ooh..ummm .....don't worry, AC :)... by SallyJ. on 22.11.2003
Lonely Queen Fan Service - umm....I meant the Lonely Queenfan Service ... by SallyJ. on 22.11.2003
Lonely Queen Fan Service - awwww....hey, it's a nice thought! :)... by SallyJ. on 22.11.2003
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