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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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81 posts by user 'Rokku'

Potential Names for inevitable "QUEEN CONDOMS" - Keep Yourself ALIVE... by Rokku on 27.06.2015
Everyone VOTE for Freddie! - Masturbation more productivity than that vote ... by Rokku on 26.03.2015
Rockband 4: vote for INNUENDO - There Can Be Only One. Track 13.... by Rokku on 26.03.2015
Roger Taylor "Touching The Sky" JAM TV Special 1994 - Wow, that's really interesting! Spasibo xD... by Rokku on 23.03.2015
Concerts For The People of Kampuchea [2015 edition] - Big Thanks! ... by Rokku on 20.03.2015
Innuendo EPK 01/01/1991 - https://vimeo.com/93072123 - here is not blocked v... by Rokku on 28.02.2015
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - 2014-02-02 Munich Flac - Gracias!... by Rokku on 09.02.2015
I'm In Love With My Car - In documentary "Making of ANATO" was cool snippet ... by Rokku on 07.02.2015
Favourite Queen "Top of the pops" performance? - Enjoy watching Las Palabras De Amor performance. F... by Rokku on 03.02.2015
Queen + Adam Lambert - Live At The Ziggodome (Amsterdam 30-01-2015) FULL - Can somebody give some links to bootlegs in excell... by Rokku on 03.02.2015
Were Freddie and Roger lovers? - With M.Bison intonation from crappy SF movie : ... by Rokku on 03.02.2015
Roger Taylor's "Fun in Space" and "Strange Frontier" in vinyl and CDl!! - Umm, The Lot have 12 CD / 1 DVD.  QueenOnLine m... by Rokku on 03.02.2015
Unknown interview? - Today I watched documentary by Snow, about Argenti... by Rokku on 02.02.2015
Tokyo 1985 Alternative Video Angle - Just one fact that you can do this video much bett... by Rokku on 01.02.2015
Queen songs live vs. studio - Really love Drowse live version... ouch... by Rokku on 29.01.2015
Queen LIVE Killers - Another compilation from Snow?... by Rokku on 27.01.2015
ANNOUNCE: Rock in Rio - 1985 - Rehersal's Snippets! - Let's make action for fund-raising on the Kickstar... by Rokku on 17.01.2015
Happiness Album - Touch The Sky is the best song in the album, but I... by Rokku on 17.01.2015
from DIME: Concerts For Kampuchea Outtakes * Unreleased mix-down tracks... - Muchos gracias... by Rokku on 02.01.2015
Those 'new' Queen Forever tracks. What do you think? - Queen Forever or eState Of Shock ;)... by Rokku on 19.09.2014
Disturbing facts or..? - Ahhh, is a shitty translate of her magnum opus :) ... by Rokku on 19.09.2014
Disturbing facts or..? - Is it article about Ahundova? (RIP) :D Really lov... by Rokku on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever Release date for November - What's about Let's Make Love? This is song from AK... by Rokku on 19.09.2014
Brian and Roger on BBC radio this Friday - Announce of the new album and information about sp... by Rokku on 18.09.2014
Roger Taylor: The Best - So I hope all thats errors on The Lot will be fixe... by Rokku on 11.09.2014
What is the one Queen song you would like to have re-worked? - HS is the awesome thing in Queen catalogue. Please... by Rokku on 07.09.2014
Freddy Mercury - Cylinders De - Anyone has a lyrics?... by Rokku on 04.09.2014
Sydney show filmed ! - lol, i think about 1985 show... by Rokku on 26.08.2014
After "Live at the Rainbow 74" what´s next and when? - I hope we'll finally see GVH3 or reissue of GVH1&2... by Rokku on 02.08.2014
1985-01-18 - Rio De Janeiro [Chief Mouse restoration] - Very Nice, Chief you must work in QP, your works s... by Rokku on 01.08.2014
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT - PHILADELPHIA 2014 MULTICAM BLURAY - Screenshots are great... by Rokku on 29.07.2014
ANNOUNCE: THE FREDDIE MERCURY VIDEO (DORO 1995 DOCUMENTARY - Big Thanks. But why it was not released in those ... by Rokku on 29.07.2014
Argentina 81 - http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3388032... by Rokku on 30.05.2014
"Join The Fight Club" - If Adam voice will be like at Vegas gig, it's will... by Rokku on 30.05.2014
Argentina 81 - This torrent you can find on Rutracker.org :)... by Rokku on 29.05.2014
Don't Try So Hard - collage video - Better than most DoRo's stuff, thanks ... by Rokku on 25.05.2014
1986 Manchester Maine Road--my pics - Wow, thx... by Rokku on 23.05.2014
New album - I don't wanna hear this MJ tracks on Queen album :... by Rokku on 22.05.2014
Roger Taylor - The Different Lot by Leonardo Archivist Pelz - I can be fucking wrong but this youtube - compilat... by Rokku on 28.04.2014
KORG PA2X PRO/KORG PA800/Roland Fantom-G6,7/Gibson Custom Shop 1968/yamaha - You're wrong ;) Not Brezhnev, but Nazarbaev ... by Rokku on 28.04.2014
‘It’s because people want it’: Brian May on why Queen has moved on with Ada - If they wanna make fans happy, they must visit Kaz... by Rokku on 28.04.2014
Hopefully a new studio l.p. with Adam will be released early 2015!!! - I lol'd. They cannot release all this known stuff... by Rokku on 27.04.2014
Giorgio Moroder documentary - I just want full score of Scarface, that official ... by Rokku on 25.04.2014
KORG PA2X PRO/KORG PA800/Roland Fantom-G6,7/Gibson Custom Shop 1968/yamaha - This site have any moderators?... by Rokku on 25.04.2014
AMAZING: Freddie Mercury & Dave Clark unseen interview (1986) - Very Nice!! Thank You! Never seen this before... by Rokku on 25.04.2014
How did Jim Hutton survive so long? - Because Jim was a fucking homebody, but Freddie ro... by Rokku on 23.04.2014
Gafas Oakley Frogskins - What the fuck is this?... by Rokku on 23.04.2014
1974-03-31 Rainbow VIDEO - merge of multiple sources - Thank You! ... by Rokku on 23.04.2014
1974-03-31 Rainbow VIDEO - merge of multiple sources - oops ^^... by Rokku on 23.04.2014
ACRONYMS for Queen's tracks. - TMLWKY :)... by Rokku on 18.04.2014
ANNOUNCE: The Cross live in Düsseldorf - 22 Oct. 1991 --> STEREO this time - Can you reupload that? ... by Rokku on 15.04.2014
Roger and Brian now compared to the 80s - Roger now better than before, because it has four ... by Rokku on 14.04.2014
Hang On In There - I Love this song, especially guitar ending... by Rokku on 13.04.2014
Re-Announce - Hammersmith 24-12-1975 - Ain't no sanity clause - Seeding that's now - ENJOY! ;)... by Rokku on 13.04.2014
New Queen DVD in June... - One mouse click and it will works on any dvdplayer... by Rokku on 13.04.2014
Roger Taylor Nagoya 94.09.30 MU - Sad, but this links is dead ... by Rokku on 10.04.2014
1974-11-20 London Rainbow (2 "new" sources) 35mm. rip & acetate rip - Wow, awesome! Big thanks to you for this, but I ca... by Rokku on 10.04.2014
ANNOUNCE: 1998-09-24 Roger Taylor Live in Surrey (Cosford Mill) - Finally! Thank You :)... by Rokku on 10.04.2014
New Demo? - Not Bad... by Rokku on 30.03.2014
ike SmithB - WTF is this?... by Rokku on 27.03.2014
2014.03.16 - Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia - Spasibo , Alan :)... by Rokku on 20.03.2014
Deaky on AL MURRAY - So hopeless... :(... by Rokku on 02.03.2014
ANNOUNCE: 1998-09-24 Roger Taylor Live in Surrey (Cosford Mill) - Somebody plz reupload TATDOOL, link from top is de... by Rokku on 02.03.2014
The Queen Fanthology - Chapter Nine: The Game - Thanks! That's a really interesting information fo... by Rokku on 24.02.2014
Queen Graffiti - Nice, I Like It =)... by Rokku on 24.02.2014
(Almost) complete Yokohama 1975 - Spasibo! ;) Make a torrent plz :)... by Rokku on 22.02.2014
The Lot DVD Tracklisting - Thats "Two Drummers" version really sucks :(... by Rokku on 06.01.2014
Best sounding Queen bootlegs - Chicago '78... by Rokku on 03.01.2014
'Queen' and Jim Hutton - lol... by Rokku on 20.12.2013
Sad news - David Richards has passed away - Sad News ... by Rokku on 20.12.2013
Buenos Aires 1981 (February gig) GOGO VERSION! - (._.) okay... by Rokku on 20.12.2013
. - Probably this video was destroyed because they und... by Rokku on 15.12.2013
Buenos Aires 1981 (February gig) GOGO VERSION! - Thank! Deacon Bless You!!!... by Rokku on 13.12.2013
New source - The Cross 1990-06-15 - Vienna - VHS RIP - Colour version - Thank You!... by Rokku on 11.12.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen - The Miracle Sessions 1988-1989 - Reupload please, link in the top is dead... by Rokku on 11.12.2013
MIH Release delayed ? - Because that is Roger =) He loved that tricks =)... by Rokku on 11.12.2013
ROGER TAYLOR - The Great Music Experience 1994 (2nd and 3rd Night) [FLAC] - Yes, If you can reupload this gem please... by Rokku on 29.11.2013
Photos 1974/1975? - Really cool photos!... by Rokku on 25.11.2013
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park 1976 (New Audience Source) - Can you seeding this plz?... by Rokku on 25.11.2013
Freddie Biopic (or JEREMY KAPONE FOR FREDDIE) - ????? ?? ??? - ?????? ????? ?????????? ???? ???? :... by Rokku on 25.11.2013
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park 1976 (New Audience Source) - Seeding Plz... by Rokku on 24.11.2013