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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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Brian's filthy lyrics in 'All Dead, All Dead' - I thaugt the prefered way to come was without fart... by Riku M on 01.04.2020
Queen 50 [1970-2020] Announcement - Finally Adam gets some recognition. It's well know... by Riku M on 01.04.2020
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Yet another great release, thank you! Riku... by Riku M on 12.02.2020
queen writing - When the machines take over..... It ain't... by Riku M on 06.02.2020
I dream of christmas - Of course I know that but that was Queen, not ... by Riku M on 22.11.2019
I dream of christmas - When did Freddie ever get 250.000 people into a st... by Riku M on 21.11.2019
I dream of christmas - I know of two people who have been even more unpro... by Riku M on 18.11.2019
Marching band 'amazing' Queen tribute - Amazing!... by Riku M on 04.09.2018
Brian May says Freddie Mercury would be jealous of Adam Lambert - One thing would probably make Freddie a little jel... by Riku M on 04.09.2018
Innuendo BTT experience - @sebastian, Africa by night is mentioned in the Fr... by Riku M on 12.02.2018
Unpopular opinions related to the band - If you think that is bad you will be delighted... by Riku M on 23.01.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Great! Thanks!... by Riku M on 16.01.2018
Liam Gallagher: Brian's guitar sounds "like he’s got it clogged in his ass" - Interesting that people here find Liam very talent... by Riku M on 14.10.2017
OIQFC - News - I agree. The extra cost for an additional cd w... by Riku M on 10.10.2017
Queen photo sessions with George Hurrell - Nice! Hadn't seen some of them.... by Riku M on 25.09.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Thanks again, keep them coming! ;-)... by Riku M on 22.08.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Great :-)... by Riku M on 19.08.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Thanks again for another great compilation!... by Riku M on 25.06.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Looking forward listening to it. Thank you!... by Riku M on 07.05.2017
Queen In 3-D Book... an update inspired by Jim Jenkins' enthusiasm - Sounds interesting! Wonder how much it will cost?... by Riku M on 15.01.2017
2014 article - Very impressive, thank you for posting it!... by Riku M on 04.01.2017
Freddie's mum Jer is gone - Where did you hear that? If that is the case it's ... by Riku M on 17.11.2016
Roger On Planet Rock 2016 - Thanks for bringing it here!... by Riku M on 15.11.2016
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Great, thanks! Have you already decided which albu... by Riku M on 08.11.2016
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Very nicely done, thanks alot!... by Riku M on 09.10.2016
Best crescendos in Queen's music - All god's people has one of the most powerful crec... by Riku M on 03.09.2016
Queen on Finnish charts - That makes sense :-D... by Riku M on 19.04.2016
Queen on Finnish charts - You are correct, here's the whole list: htt... by Riku M on 19.04.2016
Queen on Finnish charts - As a fellow Finn I find it a little sad that Body ... by Riku M on 18.04.2016
How many gays ? - Can one be gay just in this forum and straight... by Riku M on 21.03.2016
These Are The Days Of Our Lives - Alternative Video - I would also very much like to have it if it can b... by Riku M on 23.01.2016
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert - 18/01/2015 London - 720p Multicamera - Thanks!... by Riku M on 18.11.2015
Found this - The same thing crossed my mind. That would be ... by Riku M on 26.10.2015
Robbie Williams for Freddie (new video) - The more times go by the more unique Freddie seems... by Riku M on 25.03.2015
Sun City - part 2 - Great share, thank you! I didn't think we would ev... by Riku M on 11.03.2015
Queen + Adam Lambert - Behind The Magic (actually..its funny) - Funny stuff! This is just another hint that they r... by Riku M on 02.03.2015
Video - Freddie was a very powerful member of the ba... by Riku M on 07.02.2015
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - 2015-01-18 London 2 Flac - Thanks a lot! I was there and it was great.... by Riku M on 05.02.2015
Orbit talks about Queen and Michael Jackson - No, he talks about the Jackson stuff like "Thi... by Riku M on 13.11.2014
The llama's turned into a chimp - I think you just proved my point....... by Riku M on 11.11.2014
The llama's turned into a chimp - Nice to read some common sense every once in a... by Riku M on 10.11.2014
Queen - Remixes - Especially for Gerry - Brilliant! I just hope Queen productions won't get... by Riku M on 08.11.2014
Freddie's live falsetto - That's correct. We do have to remember that st... by Riku M on 31.08.2014
Freddie's live falsetto - I don't think Freddie in any way lost his falsetto... by Riku M on 30.08.2014
Appreciation and questions post for Dont Lose Your Head. - Great melody and rythm with awesome vocals from Fr... by Riku M on 18.05.2014
The Queen Fanthology- Chapter Seven: Jazz - Thanks a lot! So much work but a great result. Loo... by Riku M on 02.02.2014
hmm... wtf?! - So Kacio, which album that came out last year shou... by Riku M on 27.01.2014
Roger Taylor - The Different Lot by Leonardo Archivist Pelz - Thanks a lot! ;-)... by Riku M on 26.01.2014
1979.03.01 Paris - audience merge - Thanks!... by Riku M on 26.01.2014
1980.09.28 New York - merge - Thanks!... by Riku M on 26.01.2014
Freddie Named [2nd] Greatest Lead Singer - Interesting, I actually think Axl was one of the v... by Riku M on 12.12.2010
IT S OFFICIAL NOW ! - Interesting indeed but I won't get my hopes up unt... by Riku M on 08.11.2010
The Freddie 10cd 2 dvd boxset - I bought it new when it came out for a similar pri... by Riku M on 20.10.2010
Brian's Soapbox -v- Holly's Soapbox - Holly2003 wrote: I resent the implication that ... by Riku M on 14.10.2010
Brian's Soapbox -v- Holly's Soapbox - GratefulFan wrote: Oh Jesus.  Is there anythi... by Riku M on 14.10.2010
Brian's Soapbox -v- Holly's Soapbox - What a sad thread! I agree mostly with Adam but I ... by Riku M on 12.10.2010
I simply can't say. I'm not allowed. It's a secret. Anyone for a Carrot? - I actually think that was the funniest thing I ... by Riku M on 23.02.2010