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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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Best Band Ever Final 16!!!!!!! - The Rolling Stones Deep Purple Led Zeppelin ... by Relayer on 02.07.2004
List your favorite intros on Queen songs. - 1. In the Lap of the Gods 2. Death on Two Legs 3... by Relayer on 10.04.2004
The Top Ten... - #1 Freddie; "What DID I say that was bleeped on... by Relayer on 10.04.2004
Dont Stop me Now - Totally, something different from Queen but very g... by Relayer on 04.04.2004
Best opening line in a Queen song. - I love the opening line in "Procession" Serious... by Relayer on 03.04.2004
Dream Theater covering Death On Two Legs - Dream Theater is a great band and Labrie's voice i... by Relayer on 03.04.2004
Rush - I love it when Geddy hits the really high notes an... by Relayer on 02.04.2004
Rush - http://www.hf.rim.or.jp/~junya/rushboots/rushboots... by Relayer on 01.04.2004
interpretations - I love the Brighton Rock solo, I just started lear... by Relayer on 26.03.2004
moulin rouge-what you you think? - I hated it too, I usually like musicals, but there... by Relayer on 26.03.2004
The song has gone away... - Yep, i got it from his site I dont think i can ... by Relayer on 26.03.2004
Random Facts - I've got the same birthday as Jimmy Page, I always... by Relayer on 25.03.2004
exercising to QUEEEEEN - If i were you, i would go for listening to "the ga... by Relayer on 25.03.2004
first show to release via bittorrent - Osaka please... by Relayer on 19.03.2004
OTHER FAVE BANDS? - Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, Rush... and... by Relayer on 14.03.2004
"A Smart Blonde" - a joke - That joke has been posted here before hasn't it? ... by Relayer on 13.03.2004
direct mp3 downloads! - Cheers man, thaks alot Great to see an Ibex con... by Relayer on 13.03.2004
Queen Chords - I go www.olga.net... by Relayer on 11.03.2004
Movies that have made you cry - Grave of the Fireflies, I usually don't like anime... by Relayer on 22.02.2004
Best Albums of 2003 - I can only think of two; White Stripes - Elepha... by Relayer on 18.02.2004
Forum or Notice Board? - Same here, Message Board for me... by Relayer on 16.02.2004
A question for Americans - "It doesn't sound too good..." They don't sound... by Relayer on 16.02.2004
A question for Americans - I don't know what you get in the UK, but in the st... by Relayer on 16.02.2004
Queenzone population - I post, not very often, but when something strikes... by Relayer on 16.02.2004
Blue Collar Comedy Tour - Im not a huge fan of Foxworthy, but I love that sh... by Relayer on 15.02.2004
Jethro Tull - I really like the Tull, the flute rock is somethin... by Relayer on 14.02.2004
Good News / Bad News for Roger - Wow, thats a dead on resemblence. LOL, Poor Rog... by Relayer on 13.02.2004
Electric Light Orchestra - EDIT... by Relayer on 12.02.2004
Hub rules - Thanks alot, I'll get right on that!... by Relayer on 06.02.2004
Hub rules - "Over at the losless Iron Maiden trading hub the a... by Relayer on 05.02.2004
Favourite movie - *Cough*West Side Story and A Clockwork Orange... by Relayer on 02.02.2004
i belive in ebay - yep, right after he was booted from the band due t... by Relayer on 02.02.2004
Chinese Zodiac!!! - Fire rabbit right here! :) hehe Hell yeah, Fire... by Relayer on 01.02.2004
THE BEST INSTRUMENTAL... - One of These Days - Pink Floyd... by Relayer on 24.01.2004
Spare VCD copies to give away - ... by Relayer on 10.01.2004
The best Love or love related quote in a Queen song. - Teo Torriatte I've always loved Hear my song S... by Relayer on 28.12.2003
"ah yeah" petition - Ah yeah... by Relayer on 05.12.2003
The Woman and the Bear - It's not at Picture Hall, but there is a picture o... by Relayer on 30.11.2003
Pink floyd-help needed - "When the Tigers Broke Free" wasn't on the album b... by Relayer on 29.11.2003
Latest addition to your cd/lp/single collection. - Just bought A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack yesterda... by Relayer on 23.11.2003
Top 5 bands - 1. Pink Floyd 2. Iron Maiden 3. Beatles 4. Supe... by Relayer on 15.11.2003
Songs from other artists... that SOUND like Queen songs. - I always thought that if Queen did a heavy metal t... by Relayer on 15.11.2003