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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'QUEENexpert'

Crystal - Ok, sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was ... by QUEENexpert on 26.11.2009
question - so i was wondering. you know how a bunch of people... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009

78 posts by user 'QUEENexpert'

Why oh why oh why does every body like.....? - It's ok. Everyone has their own opinons. I just ge... by QUEENexpert on 12.03.2010
Whats your favourite song from each of the group - Oh I forgot John!! Misfire-Deacon ... by QUEENexpert on 26.01.2010
Whats your favourite song from each of the group - All of them. I can't choose a favorite. If I had t... by QUEENexpert on 25.01.2010
How long does it usually take Brian May to reply to an email? - i sent him a few messages like a few months ago an... by QUEENexpert on 05.01.2010
Highs & Lows 2009 - high-receiving all my queen cds/albums. low-lett... by QUEENexpert on 31.12.2009
Freddie & Chemotherapy related Hair Loss - i certainly dont know. but he was aging and your h... by QUEENexpert on 29.12.2009
News of the World - i just got this album for christmas actually. roge... by QUEENexpert on 29.12.2009
Lady Gaga names Freddie as her #1 influence - thats disgusting. how can she say that Freddie is ... by QUEENexpert on 27.12.2009
Bewildering Account on Freddie Mercury - Freddie was a diva there's nothing more you can re... by QUEENexpert on 27.12.2009
I Wanna Testify - i'm jealous. i agree, very nice find. enjoy it. ... by QUEENexpert on 24.12.2009
I put my first two videos on YouTube! and they're for Freddie Mercury - very cute. thank you. ... by QUEENexpert on 24.12.2009
Roger Taylor Solo Videos - there is one video of I Wanna Testify on Youtube t... by QUEENexpert on 24.12.2009
Qween Absolut GReatest - not everyone likes hot space. i do, but not everyo... by QUEENexpert on 22.12.2009
Do not respond tothe Queenzone Ghost - i have no sour feelings against the queenzone ghos... by QUEENexpert on 21.12.2009
Under Pressure A Cappella - the socals ruined somebody to love. you didn't mis... by QUEENexpert on 20.12.2009
Feel free to disagree (or agree. I dont care) - honestly, i disagree. i think they should keep mak... by QUEENexpert on 18.12.2009
LADY GAGA AND QUEEN - i knew that. i was actually very angry. because, a... by QUEENexpert on 14.12.2009
Do you think 'Fun It' was a precursor for 'AOBTD'?? - John could've gotten the sound from Roger. And, I ... by QUEENexpert on 06.12.2009
John's input concerning One Vision - I remember in the making video, John said somethin... by QUEENexpert on 06.12.2009
Don't Stop Me Now AMAZING Super Mario Bros video! - How cool is that. It's at these times, I'm proud t... by QUEENexpert on 01.12.2009
Brian Has not seen John for 7 years - its not like they don't stay in touch. just becaus... by QUEENexpert on 01.12.2009
Freddie in 1989 - I think they just look old. well, not old, but age... by QUEENexpert on 01.12.2009
Signed programme dilemma.... - You want to get rid of it?!!?!?!! Keep it forever.... by QUEENexpert on 29.11.2009
Paul Rodgers: "Freddie who?" - That is very funny. And very disrespectful. But he... by QUEENexpert on 28.11.2009
Crystal - Thank you all very much!!!! And i guess now i know... by QUEENexpert on 28.11.2009
Crystal - Ok, sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was ... by QUEENexpert on 26.11.2009
Queen II - No Synths (Okay, just one) - Brian is old. He doesn't remember things. Roger do... by QUEENexpert on 26.11.2009
When was the First Time You Heard Queen and What were your Impressions - Yes, I agree. Roger was a better drummer in the 70... by QUEENexpert on 01.11.2009
Love Album - '39? I didn't know that was a love song. Sure it h... by QUEENexpert on 29.10.2009
Queen's Live Bloopers - How about the time Roger forgot the words to I'm i... by QUEENexpert on 29.10.2009
Goran Višnjic: "Queen is the greatest band of all time" - Very cool. ... by QUEENexpert on 27.10.2009
Were Queen A Rock Band - They were one of those rare rock bands that coul... by QUEENexpert on 25.10.2009
Will they tour again? - You know it kinda sucks for me and pther my age be... by QUEENexpert on 24.10.2009
Just Curious - I know Sebastian already said but if you want to b... by QUEENexpert on 20.10.2009
Wondering...Freddie about Brian. - I think he never talked about Brian because no one... by QUEENexpert on 18.10.2009
Funny Freddie topic on Cracked.com - very amusing. i couldnt stop laughing. pretty damn... by QUEENexpert on 12.10.2009
Karaoke lovers... what Q songs to you sing? - I don't do karaoke but if I did i would definitely... by QUEENexpert on 11.10.2009
TYPO IN THE NEW QUEEN BOOK - Yeah, what book is it? -confused face- ... by QUEENexpert on 07.10.2009
Can't wait for Adam's new album! - Does his album come out Nov. 24th?? If so, thats t... by QUEENexpert on 07.10.2009
Queen Crest - I've read on other sites other than wikipedia that... by QUEENexpert on 04.10.2009
What is Bohemian Rhapsody About ? - I remember watching a Freddie interview where he s... by QUEENexpert on 03.10.2009
What is Bohemian Rhapsody About ? - Actually, Freddie has no idea either. I honestly t... by QUEENexpert on 03.10.2009
Site - please help - I love Rogers Meadows. It's a wonderful site. I've... by QUEENexpert on 25.09.2009
Which song's lyric is most wise and why? - Body Language definitely. haha just kidding. For m... by QUEENexpert on 23.09.2009
Freddie Mercury - Very amusing. I wish i could've lived in Freddie's... by QUEENexpert on 22.09.2009
WHY QUEEN IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER - I agree. I think Brian has a great voice. Long Awa... by QUEENexpert on 22.09.2009
Queenzone - yes it is indeed very nice. ... by QUEENexpert on 21.09.2009
Top Ten Guitarists Ever - Eric Clapton. ... by QUEENexpert on 18.09.2009
WHY QUEEN IS THE GREATEST BAND EVER - How about we just say that QUEEN is a really amazi... by QUEENexpert on 18.09.2009
Susan Boyle's Queen cover? - doesn't made in heaven have only 11 tracks? whats ... by QUEENexpert on 14.09.2009
Susan Boyle's Queen cover? - It would be so funny if she did Body Language. I d... by QUEENexpert on 14.09.2009
Mistakes left on Queen releases - i think that part in Radio Ga Ga might just be the... by QUEENexpert on 14.09.2009
Close Encounters - Oh my God!!! I wish i was alive then!!!! i wouldve... by QUEENexpert on 13.09.2009
Happy Birthday Freddie! - yeah his birthday is the 5. ... by QUEENexpert on 13.09.2009
question - yes! we figured it out. thank you guys for all you... by QUEENexpert on 13.09.2009
New fan cover: Bohemian Rhapsody by Eyal Cahana - One of the best covers I've ever heard. Very good.... by QUEENexpert on 13.09.2009
Favorite Queen Live Album - Definitely Wembley. That was their best live perfo... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
question - Ok thanks. Much appreciated!!! ... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
Totally Annoyed..."Under review" - That is not cool. I really hat watching shows or s... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
question - ok thank you very much. I appreciate it. ... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
Best Five Things That Queen Ever Did. - 1.)Decide to become a band 2.)Make every single ... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
question - yeah thats what i mean. the thing through the eons... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
question - so i was wondering. you know how a bunch of people... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
Top 5 Things You Wish Queen HADN'T Done - here are 5 things i wish roger hadnt done. 1.... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
Were queen members gained equal profit? - it makes sense that freddie would be paid more tha... by QUEENexpert on 12.09.2009
Which Queen performance is this? - Yeah most likely Rock n Rio. And they're obviousl... by QUEENexpert on 09.09.2009
Flick Of the Wrist Wikipedia Entry - Why Flick of the Wrist was never a hit, I'll never... by QUEENexpert on 09.09.2009
Roger Taylor - ? i hope you all know that stuff isn't true. very ... by QUEENexpert on 05.09.2009
Happy Birthday Freddie - Freddie Bulsara/Mercury. A musical prodigy. He wou... by QUEENexpert on 05.09.2009
What song are these lyrics from? - It isn't Long Away. I honestl;y don't know what it... by QUEENexpert on 03.09.2009
Did Roger actually cheat on his girlfriends - I'm pretty sure he cheated on Debbie Leng with som... by QUEENexpert on 02.09.2009
Beatles,Aerosmith,why not Queen? - Queen should totally have their own Rock Band. The... by QUEENexpert on 29.08.2009
Michael Jackson 51st Birthday - this is a QUEEN website, not a Michael Jackson web... by QUEENexpert on 29.08.2009
Seven Seas of Rhye - I'm pretty sure Freddie and his sister Kashmira ha... by QUEENexpert on 29.08.2009
Rare Roger Picture - that almost doesn't even look like roger. from wha... by QUEENexpert on 28.08.2009
Jesus a rat a lier? Microwave thinks - Liar and Great King Rat aren't about Jesus, first ... by QUEENexpert on 27.08.2009
To which song could you cry... and cry...? - I cry when i listen to These Are  the Days of Our... by QUEENexpert on 27.08.2009
How do Queen fans feel about Adam Lambert? - I don't think he should join. He is a very good si... by QUEENexpert on 17.08.2009