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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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6 discussions started by 'Plengel'

No Subject - I believe Metallica also does this kind of stuff.... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
For Newbies: How do I behave on Queenzone... - Okay, the "New Queen Album"-topic was th... by Plengel on 01.06.2004
No Subject - Only one answer: "Need Your Loving Tonight... by Plengel on 17.05.2004
complete links??? - How come that someone posts a link that only part ... by Plengel on 08.04.2004
OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD HOLDER - Hello to you all, some of you may remember a po... by Plengel on 14.03.2004
Question about the "Invisible Man"Video - During Brian's Guitar Solo in the video you see se... by Plengel on 05.11.2003

373 posts by user 'Plengel'

ANNOUNCE - Greatest Karaoke Hits 2019 SHMCD - I'm interested as well, could you send me a PM wit... by Plengel on 10.03.2020
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - I think he never did. All he was asking for was a ... by Plengel on 29.02.2020
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Nice teaser! A good addition to the expanded studi... by Plengel on 16.12.2019
RT - The Lot..revisited - It's all a matter of taste, of course. Personally,... by Plengel on 29.11.2019
The Immortals (John Deacon) - No Turning Back Vinyl Rip (Lossless) - Many thanks for this!... by Plengel on 21.11.2019
What should be contained in The Miracle Box Set? - My idea would also be to put the non-album b-sides... by Plengel on 02.10.2019
What should be contained in The Miracle Box Set? - Of course it would be great if they'd release a ma... by Plengel on 02.10.2019
Under Pressure (38th Anniversary) - Many thanks! This sounds a bit like a cut and past... by Plengel on 02.10.2019
Does Anyone Have Any Of These Brian May Songs? - I have these somewhere on CD. If I find some t... by Plengel on 13.08.2019
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Thanks CMi for another great installment of the Ex... by Plengel on 10.08.2019
The Restoration Collection (CM) - Thanks! Installing VLC Player did the trick. ... by Plengel on 30.07.2019
The Restoration Collection (CM) - Hi all, I only recently downloaded some of thes... by Plengel on 28.07.2019
New Freddie Releases - Let's wait and see. I might pick up the new Mr. Ba... by Plengel on 24.07.2019
Radiohead Minidisc - Nice response to the leak from Radiohead themselve... by Plengel on 11.06.2019
Imaginary singles collection set - Could it be that they mean the version from the Ro... by Plengel on 20.05.2019
ANNOUNCE: "News Of The States" Blu-ray - Awesome! Thanks! ... by Plengel on 21.02.2019
ANNOUNCE: "News Of The States" Blu-ray - Great comment! I have to admit I pictured it a... by Plengel on 21.02.2019
Party (Stand Alone Version) - Thanks for the info! I've been meaning to ask ... by Plengel on 19.02.2019
Is there a Database of Queen In Studio/Demo tracks? - This is a more tricky one. BETA215's collection is... by Plengel on 06.12.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Again, well worth the wait! The rough mix from ... by Plengel on 24.11.2018
Simulation Theory - To be honest, besides "Pressure", I haven´t heard... by Plengel on 24.11.2018
QueenOnlineStore - Jazz Anniversary Items - Seems like a hal-hearted attempt to slag some extr... by Plengel on 10.11.2018
Queen + Genesis - Such a shame of such an interesting thread. Would ... by Plengel on 10.11.2018
Greg brooks interview - I'll just wait and see what they'll come up with t... by Plengel on 19.09.2018
Who's Playing Tim Staffell in the Movie? - Not credited in the IMDB cast & crew section, but ... by Plengel on 19.09.2018
Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Soundtrack List - There is some interesting stuff on here. I'm very ... by Plengel on 05.09.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Thanks for the explanation. Very clear. Let´s hop... by Plengel on 06.07.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Anyone? ... by Plengel on 02.07.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Hi all, could somebody provide me with some more i... by Plengel on 22.06.2018
Songs They Attempted But Didnt Make It ON The Set - I was at the 2005 concert in Arnhem at the front o... by Plengel on 08.06.2018
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - I think that's because it was the only availab... by Plengel on 20.01.2018
Any ideas what this is? - Reading the description, that were my thoughts als... by Plengel on 13.01.2018
Hyde Park - what WAS already released? - I don't think that was the reason. Hammersmith... by Plengel on 05.01.2018
What Would You Like To See From Queen In 2018 ? - Honestly, I don't think that 2018 will bring us th... by Plengel on 02.01.2018
Spread Your Wings from Live Killers - Try [url]www.queenlive.ca[/url] for a full analysi... by Plengel on 10.12.2017
Which album should get the anniversary box treatment next? - I have heard a Queen demo version of Freedom Train... by Plengel on 08.12.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Thank you for your answer! Of course, the c... by Plengel on 27.11.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Great work as always! Of course you're in the l... by Plengel on 23.11.2017
NOTW 3 tracks Test Pressing - Great to hear yet another new mix of Spread Your W... by Plengel on 23.11.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - My thoughts exactly! I was looking for these w... by Plengel on 23.11.2017
'Man In The Shadows' - I thought that with the leaking of the tracklist o... by Plengel on 21.11.2017
Boxset notw - Just watched the unboxing video and I must say tha... by Plengel on 18.11.2017
Which album should get the anniversary box treatment next? - I honestly doubt that Queen Production will push t... by Plengel on 15.11.2017
Which album should get the anniversary box treatment next? - We already got some on Made in Heaven in the f... by Plengel on 15.11.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - My best guess would be to wait for its release on ... by Plengel on 12.11.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - The snippets from the raw sessions CD sound really... by Plengel on 12.11.2017
All dead, all dead by freddie mercury on the radio - Simply wonderful! I always liked this song. On ... by Plengel on 28.10.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - More alive than ever :) It would be great to se... by Plengel on 15.10.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - Anybody found out yet which webstore offers the mo... by Plengel on 15.10.2017
QUEEN: EXPANDED COLLECTION (CMI Music) - Hi all, Although this is my first post in years... by Plengel on 11.10.2017
fans of Metallica's Black Album...? - "Ride The Lightning", "Master Of Pu... by Plengel on 11.10.2005
World Cup 2006 - If Czech Republik loses it's match tomorrow agains... by Plengel on 11.10.2005
No Subject - Neither. Only download... by Plengel on 11.10.2005
UK Exclusive!?! - I'm sure you can get a copy of "Flesh Gordon&... by Plengel on 10.10.2005
Queen 'Q' logo on Hollywood Records inlay trays? - I tend to avoid these CD-cases. I really dislike t... by Plengel on 06.10.2005
FOOD & DRINKS - Fav. Food: Mexican, Italian. Fav. Drinks: Beer, A... by Plengel on 03.10.2005
Top 5 Dodgy footballers names - Try Philip Cocu in France.... by Plengel on 29.09.2005
Germany 2006 (Football) - 1) To Win World Cup 2006 ? (ARGENTINA) 2) Best Pl... by Plengel on 21.08.2005
Hyde Park Setlist - The lyrics for the last one were allready on t... by Plengel on 16.07.2005
Absolutely Rare bootleg? - *crap... by Plengel on 28.06.2005
EU and the votes - I'm glad I got the chance to do something about it... by Plengel on 03.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live Boston - 1982.07.23 - Yes there is, the 1st gen recording I have has... by Plengel on 02.06.2005
EXTREMELY RARE (Hear It Here First) - Exactly what I thought of this matter :) Oh an... by Plengel on 25.05.2005
EXTREMELY RARE (Hear It Here First) - Stop it! This is not your quoting party, it's ... by Plengel on 24.05.2005
EXTREMELY RARE (Hear It Here First) - Ah, ghe ghe, now I get it :) Let's just blame ... by Plengel on 23.05.2005
EXTREMELY RARE (Hear It Here First) - ????... by Plengel on 23.05.2005
EXTREMELY RARE (Hear It Here First) - the fact that you just downloaded it from the ... by Plengel on 23.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Vienna 1978 - Yes, all shows that are on the list are for trade.... by Plengel on 15.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Sheffield 2005-05-09 (Flac) - In the openings post he says that he has downl... by Plengel on 13.05.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Vienna 1978 - I really should update more reviews to my site, so... by Plengel on 13.05.2005
Budweiser Vs. Heinekin - By saying that, you can't call yourself a beer... by Plengel on 12.05.2005
Tickets from this tour - Nope, still have my tickets.... by Plengel on 10.05.2005
Houston 1977 complete - Believe me, the complete Houston 1977 bootleg real... by Plengel on 06.05.2005
ripping audio from GVH2 - Try googling for a programm called "DVD Audio... by Plengel on 03.05.2005
To YourValentine - I'm still thinking of going too. If I'll go, I'm s... by Plengel on 01.05.2005
Is floor standing better than sitting? - Totally agree here :) In Antwerp I had seating... by Plengel on 01.05.2005
MUNICH DISASTER - You hate everything about the Queen + Paul Rodgers... by Plengel on 01.05.2005
Any singers out there? - Totally agree here. I just sing for fun, not i... by Plengel on 01.05.2005
O-zone - Nah, Pim is a nice guy, maybe I'll invite him to t... by Plengel on 28.04.2005
O-zone - And why's that???... by Plengel on 28.04.2005
Antwerp 20.04.05 - Rev, do you have an e-mail somewhere. I'm willing ... by Plengel on 28.04.2005
O-zone - Is it from a commercial then? Also don't know ... by Plengel on 27.04.2005
O-zone - Here I am! I don't come to The Zone too often ... by Plengel on 27.04.2005
Was there EVER a Knebworth 8/16/86 date that was Cancelled? - Knebworth was allready an extra date on the tour r... by Plengel on 22.04.2005
RE-SEED MUNICH 2005!!! - how can I see if I am seeding it?? Can I allready ... by Plengel on 21.04.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers - Munich 14.04.2005 - Is there allready a FLAC or APE or WAV version ava... by Plengel on 19.04.2005
BROADCAST TIMES ANNOUNCED FOR FANCOURT - Just take a look at the date of the post and you'l... by Plengel on 18.04.2005
ANNOUNCE !! QUEEN + Paul Rodgers Sat 2nd April Spain, Barcelona, fixed!! - Download still doesn't work.... by Plengel on 13.04.2005
getting beyond a joke... - And it shouldn't be too hard to get if you'll do s... by Plengel on 13.04.2005
Valensia New Queen Tribute Album - Maar ondertussen wel met 'em op de foto gaan ;... by Plengel on 08.04.2005
Valensia New Queen Tribute Album - Valensia's Tribute album is really great! Some ver... by Plengel on 07.04.2005
Gothenbourg 1982 - Aha, that way :) It's changed now :)... by Plengel on 04.04.2005
missing roger tracks - You could buy the albums...... by Plengel on 04.04.2005
Gothenbourg 1982 - Weird, topic title says "Don' Stop Me Now (De... by Plengel on 04.04.2005
"Platinum Collection" being copied by other artists... - The original releasedate was September 18th 20... by Plengel on 04.04.2005
Lost tracks? - I believe that Roger worked with Billy Squier on &... by Plengel on 27.03.2005
Smile songs? - The quality on "Ghost of a Smile" is... by Plengel on 20.03.2005
Q+PR: 46664 Gig MP3 (4 songs) - Well, listened to "Tie Your Mother Down"... by Plengel on 20.03.2005
DOWNLOAD:some Queen live songs. - Well, just listen to the original by Led Zeppe... by Plengel on 20.03.2005
Smile songs? - Try to find and buy "Ghost Of Smile". Al... by Plengel on 20.03.2005
Fancourt video is here - Thanks Rien! I'm downloading it at the moment at 4... by Plengel on 20.03.2005
What are there star signs? - Fred got the Pheonix from a medal he had won at so... by Plengel on 18.03.2005
Football club badges - Ask me this five years ago and I'd probably named ... by Plengel on 15.03.2005
John S Stuart and other Queen experts help - As for "White Queen" I think he mean... by Plengel on 14.03.2005
Mad bad and dangerous to know... - I payed 20 euro's for that one (PERFECT Condition)... by Plengel on 10.03.2005
Name the new footbridge to Wembley Stadium after Freddie! - Me too, nice suggestion :)... by Plengel on 10.03.2005
open air shows - possibility for italy? - The Colosseum would be a nice concert venue....... by Plengel on 09.03.2005
The Cross - Manipulator (Extended Version) - I think you mean "My Secret Fantasy"... by Plengel on 03.03.2005
Machines (or back to Humans) instrumental version - It's on the CD "The 12" Collection"... by Plengel on 23.02.2005
Golders Greens Hypodrome, London England 4-21-74 Soundboard Recording - I agree, that was (to my knowledge) the last s... by Plengel on 21.02.2005
the Simpsons Same Sex Marriage Episode - That would be me :)... by Plengel on 20.02.2005
Who makes mistakes in sleeves? - As for the Phoenix in the Queen crest: Freddie ... by Plengel on 20.02.2005
Please your favorite to least favorite Queen albums. - 1. Queen II 2. A Day At The Races 3. Innuendo ... by Plengel on 18.02.2005
Soundboard Bootlegs - Just because a bootleg has really great/excell... by Plengel on 17.02.2005
So this is what Queenzone has been reduced to? - Woo!!! 7 USD for shipping. Now that's a lot of... by Plengel on 16.02.2005
When has Muse mentioned their Queen influence? - They are quite good. "New Born" is my ab... by Plengel on 16.02.2005
songs that shouldve been singles and songs that shouldnt - "One Year Of Love" shouldn't have been p... by Plengel on 13.02.2005
Promos - Of course Promo's are more valuable today than nor... by Plengel on 02.02.2005
Rotterdam Concert Presales - No, saturday the 29th of january... by Plengel on 20.01.2005
Rotterdam Concert Presales - Uhmmm, ik ga misschien die dag onze Canadese vrien... by Plengel on 19.01.2005
Dumb question (dutch) - Ik moet m'n ouders eens gauw een cursus creditcard... by Plengel on 19.01.2005
Belgium date! - Ordered 4 tickets yesterday. They should arrive so... by Plengel on 19.01.2005
German shows on general sale!!! - Aha, I see, the same place :) Is it a reliable sit... by Plengel on 16.01.2005
German shows on general sale!!! - YV, what's the place where I can order tickets for... by Plengel on 16.01.2005
Queen: A Night at The Dundee opera - Dundee 1975 please re-seed - Heh heh, nice to see that the Dundee 1975 show is ... by Plengel on 31.12.2004
Velvet Revolver - Bought the CD and thought it was quite good, but a... by Plengel on 30.12.2004
Learn Dutch - From what I've heard, Dutch is one of the hardest ... by Plengel on 30.12.2004
Queenzoners on the 2005 spring tour - Hey Bob, you're coming to Europe? Remember wha... by Plengel on 25.12.2004
STOP PRESS: Queen European Tour in Spring 2005 - I'll take Roger's word. If they'll disappoint me n... by Plengel on 10.12.2004
Arn't there any real traders on there way up - Just look at my site. If you have something that m... by Plengel on 05.12.2004
Queen Final Live in Japan - How can a "Works" Tour concert relea... by Plengel on 03.12.2004
Slane Castle - converting mp3 to FLAC???? Tell me you are not... by Plengel on 28.11.2004
Greendays new album- where do we stand on nu metal? - I couldn't agree more!... by Plengel on 28.11.2004
who's a cancer over here? - :D lol :)... by Plengel on 18.11.2004
who's a cancer over here? - I'm a Cancer (June 30th) Coincidence or destin... by Plengel on 17.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - :D... by Plengel on 16.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - yes? And? ... by Plengel on 13.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - Well, just come and see for yourself :)... by Plengel on 10.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - Well, that depends, you canb have a trial-peri... by Plengel on 09.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - I take that as a yes.... by Plengel on 08.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - Well, move to The Netherlands, then you can me... by Plengel on 08.11.2004
What QZers do know each other personally? - I consider Niek, Pim and Harry (Harry_queenbootleg... by Plengel on 07.11.2004
New album title - If it has absolutely no new material, I'd stick wi... by Plengel on 06.11.2004
Complete list of all available bootlegs - John, I'd higly recommend the Leeds 1982 bootleg. ... by Plengel on 05.11.2004
to my favorite queenzoner, Paul - Uhmm, I'm from The Netherlands, you forgot? As... by Plengel on 04.11.2004
Would Freddie have been fit enough to tour in 1989 ? - So that means you'rew also a bi-sexual and have AI... by Plengel on 01.11.2004
German fan club convention - I hope that everybody who's going will have as muc... by Plengel on 28.10.2004
German fan club convention - Hmmm, and now you're going too! I wish I hadn'... by Plengel on 28.10.2004
German fan club convention - You're going too, Luca??? If only I'd knew... :... by Plengel on 27.10.2004
acetates - I think he's the same guy who also got these v... by Plengel on 27.10.2004
Is Queen the only band in which all the members wrote #1s? - No Sebastian. All the popular 'Tallica songs w... by Plengel on 24.10.2004
Milton Keynes concert and extra's - I think one of the reasons that the picked the... by Plengel on 24.10.2004
100 bootlegs- well....? - Are you talking about the Osaka 15.05.1985 sho... by Plengel on 22.10.2004
100 bootlegs- well....? - Strange, the soundclip of the "Jazz Final&quo... by Plengel on 22.10.2004
Eponymous Queen or debut album. - Thank you :) an extra beer for you!... by Plengel on 21.10.2004
Eponymous Queen or debut album. - btw, could someone give me the link to the topic t... by Plengel on 21.10.2004
Eponymous Queen or debut album. - Thanks John, Chaka, Lester, Sebastian and everybod... by Plengel on 21.10.2004
B sides and unreleased stuff that I've heard - I have to say that "Two Worlds Apart" is... by Plengel on 18.10.2004
DUTCH: Fanclubdag Vlaardingen, 16/10/2004 - Das zou zeer goed kunnen, het is dat ik ze al een ... by Plengel on 04.10.2004
DUTCH: Fanclubdag Vlaardingen, 16/10/2004 - Yep, ik zal er ook zijn! Ik ben voor de Deathma... by Plengel on 04.10.2004
Fried Chicken - Fried Chicken = Gebraden Kip... by Plengel on 04.10.2004
!!!!!!!!!! You won't believe this... - And how old were you???? 15???? Praat geen poe... by Plengel on 02.10.2004
Body Language - Well it seems that it is not that bad at all. It r... by Plengel on 30.09.2004
André Hazes died... - Ik was daar bij, bij dat concert. Vond het teg... by Plengel on 25.09.2004
André Hazes died... - JEROEN!!! Hoe kun je dit in Godsnaam zo zeggen... by Plengel on 23.09.2004
Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl - I believe some footage of the 12.5.1982 Concer... by Plengel on 21.09.2004
The Ark - I only know "Echo Chamber", fun song.... by Plengel on 19.09.2004
O-zone - What kind of stupid post is this????? This (as... by Plengel on 14.09.2004
CDs that you're the most embarassed to own or you regret having bought - You're one sad person Drs. Dokus. You live in ... by Plengel on 11.09.2004
Did ever Freddie hit Live the same high notes like in the studio versions? - Waiting for Sebastian to reply to this topic :)... by Plengel on 08.09.2004
hunting for Scandal 12"..... - Hollywood Records "The Miracle" CD Yo... by Plengel on 07.09.2004
Top 10 Albums - Queen - Queen II Queen - The Game Queen - A Day ... by Plengel on 06.09.2004
Favourite hangover cures? - Same advice here. No hangover since I forced m... by Plengel on 06.09.2004
Free Queen Music - It's written a bit in Alexey-style, but of cou... by Plengel on 06.09.2004
Freddie and Brian related question on Test The Nation's Pop Music Test. - In what way is the first question related to Brian... by Plengel on 05.09.2004
Free Queen Music - "Not everyone gets enough pocketmoney to buy album... by Plengel on 04.09.2004
WORLD CUP 2006 qualifiers... - Of course! With starplayers like Romano Denneb... by Plengel on 03.09.2004
Long Distance Relationships ... - Exactly! That's why my girlfriend lives a 20 m... by Plengel on 03.09.2004
Eminem link to Queen - Listen to the Eminem song "'Till I Collapse&q... by Plengel on 03.09.2004
ebay: Queen live in Amsterdam 2000 DVD - Why would you want that???? Nothing really spe... by Plengel on 03.09.2004
Stolen: Help wanted - Wasn't P_G the one who also drove a black Ford Cou... by Plengel on 01.09.2004
In which country had Queen the best results in the Charts - http://www.caal.net/char.php?display=1 Check th... by Plengel on 30.08.2004
newer bands influenced by queen - You can't call that a cover.... by Plengel on 27.08.2004
dutch!!! - OMG!! Jamai hier!?!?!?!... by Plengel on 25.08.2004
GVH2 - More easter eggs? - That version makes me cry....... by Plengel on 25.08.2004
dutch!!! - Dude, en ik maar denken dat dat compleet de an... by Plengel on 23.08.2004
what's your ride? - Year: 1987 Make: Opel Model: Kadett 1.6s GT Col... by Plengel on 21.08.2004
from brazil - I hope you are enjoying your holiday, Sonja! I'm s... by Plengel on 26.07.2004
Queenzone Obituaries - Wonderful!! I liked the TED and the Dark ones :) ... by Plengel on 25.07.2004
1,000,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall - Sorry guys, I drank them all! [edit]Now reading... by Plengel on 24.07.2004
When did you last see the penis? - Well, to answer the question: 3 minutes ago, wh... by Plengel on 16.07.2004
Britney imitating Janet Jackson? - How sad some people are........ by Plengel on 16.07.2004
Demeter and Eric married - Congratulations!... by Plengel on 15.07.2004
Kurt Cobain's suicide note - The bastard miss-spelled Freddie there!... by Plengel on 11.07.2004
Who is The Black Queen? - The Devil a.k.a. Satan... by Plengel on 11.07.2004
Caption Competition - First picture: Roger to John: "WHAT DID YO... by Plengel on 09.07.2004
Euro 2004 - Time to collect the 50 Euro I've won, this Europea... by Plengel on 05.07.2004
Best Band Ever Final 16!!!!!!! - From this list, Metallica wil win for me! My favor... by Plengel on 02.07.2004
Euro 2004 - I actually hope that Greece will become European C... by Plengel on 02.07.2004
Happy Birthday Plengel and er there's someone else....... - A bit late, but anyway: Happy birthday Banquo! Hop... by Plengel on 30.06.2004
5 Hottest Queenzoner Finalists - Huh??? what has happened here? Me on the list? Why... by Plengel on 28.06.2004
How stupid can you GET?! - The honor of winning is enough, thank you all!... by Plengel on 28.06.2004
How stupid can you GET?! - Spanish and American songs.... by Plengel on 28.06.2004
New Fan Song: Is this the world we created by lorenzo - Wonderful!! Great job!... by Plengel on 27.06.2004
Hottest Queenzoners - I don't even have to think for this one: SONJA.... by Plengel on 25.06.2004
Euro 2004 - Phew.... The Netherlands advanced to the quarte... by Plengel on 23.06.2004
Euro 2004 - From what I've heard, Czech players Grygera an... by Plengel on 21.06.2004
Google search. - "French Military Victories" is also a ni... by Plengel on 20.06.2004
Banquo's 2000 Post Party - Congratulations Banquo! Bring on the beer!!! At... by Plengel on 19.06.2004
The better writer...Rog or Bri - BRian definately. He's has more technique IMO.... by Plengel on 17.06.2004
Best singer... Brian or Roger? - I'd say Roger. I'm waiting for Sebastian to reply ... by Plengel on 17.06.2004
Queen take over the record shop in commercial - YAWN............. by Plengel on 16.06.2004
Milton Keynes setlist and extras - You forgot the "Las Palabras De Amor" in... by Plengel on 15.06.2004
Euro 2004 - Ah Sweden - Bulgaria | 5-0 Good to hear this :) As... by Plengel on 14.06.2004
Euro 2004 - I'll keep you to that bet, Bob :) I think it w... by Plengel on 14.06.2004
46664 studio album - Dunno, I've only heard that Bri & Rog were wor... by Plengel on 13.06.2004
Euro 2004 - I've put my money on France also. I also think tha... by Plengel on 13.06.2004
46664 studio album - I sure do hope they'll get released. I don't know ... by Plengel on 13.06.2004
Famous Queen fans or listeners - At least Lars Ullrich from Metallica does. BUt I t... by Plengel on 13.06.2004
Reasonable price to pay for Box Of Flix - Cool :) Now I'll just hope I'll like the songs on ... by Plengel on 10.06.2004
Reasonable price to pay for Box Of Flix - Talking about Ebay, I just bought "The Cross ... by Plengel on 10.06.2004
need help / copy protected 'CD' - Well, easy to say to don't buy Copy Controlled... by Plengel on 10.06.2004
new MIH Wallpaper - The NOTW Wallpaper is really great Adam, thanks! I... by Plengel on 10.06.2004
Nevermore - From my knowledge Pim is right about that. Kinda w... by Plengel on 09.06.2004
Nevermore - The time is wrong there, the BBC version of "... by Plengel on 09.06.2004
Our Top 22 bands - Queen Metallica Guns N' Roses Dire Straits U2 ... by Plengel on 08.06.2004
kewl - And I like Beer, lots of beer........ by Plengel on 06.06.2004
New Fan Song: We Will Rock You - Damn, this is really bad!!!... by Plengel on 06.06.2004
Ibex-Help - Roger does sing on "2 Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)... by Plengel on 06.06.2004
our own top 22 voices? - 1. Freddie Mercury 2. Axl Rose 3. James Hetfield... by Plengel on 05.06.2004
Official Bootlegs - "Metallica only sels them via the internet wh... by Plengel on 04.06.2004
Official Bootlegs - I believe Metallica also does this kind of stuff.... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
No Subject - I believe Metallica also does this kind of stuff.... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
Brian's "I want to hold your hand" - As the {EDIT] button doesn't work. Yes, it does... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
Brian's "I want to hold your hand" - He performed it during the Liverpool concert in 19... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
Your Favourite Queen websites - My favorite sites: www.queenzone.com (just for ... by Plengel on 03.06.2004
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For Newbies: How do I behave on Queenzone... - I was quite suprised by that also, but then ag... by Plengel on 01.06.2004
For Newbies: How do I behave on Queenzone... - Okay, the "New Queen Album"-topic was th... by Plengel on 01.06.2004
New Queen Album - If Queen Production wanted all people to have &quo... by Plengel on 31.05.2004
ANNOUNCE: Complete Rare Demo and Studio Live - No, almost all the tracks I download are offic... by Plengel on 31.05.2004
ANNOUNCE: Complete Rare Demo and Studio Live - Nope, because that's an official release. If peopl... by Plengel on 30.05.2004
What does it mean "Rhye"? - WHOAAAA!!!! That must be it!!! "The Seven... by Plengel on 28.05.2004
Your Favourite Queen websites - Talking about Queensites, what happened to Rien's ... by Plengel on 28.05.2004
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Future Queen Releases - For the people who are always whining about the FM... by Plengel on 21.05.2004
Favorite Gigs - "Can personally only comment on the concerts ... by Plengel on 20.05.2004
How well-travelled is the average Queenzoner? - The Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Germany Aus... by Plengel on 20.05.2004
Classic books - "Brave New World's alright, 1984 is better.&q... by Plengel on 20.05.2004
Favorite Gigs - 1973 - Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK, 13.09... by Plengel on 20.05.2004
ANNOUNCE: Complete Rare Demo and Studio Live - Ah yes, of course! Thanx Barb :)... by Plengel on 19.05.2004
ANNOUNCE: Complete Rare Demo and Studio Live - Okay, I'll try: Disc 1: 01. Ogre battle - i... by Plengel on 19.05.2004
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Tie Your Mother Down and One Vision - This is thge list according to Total Guitar Magazi... by Plengel on 18.05.2004
Future Queen Releases - A double CD with the complete BBC Sessions. I'd re... by Plengel on 17.05.2004
Unknown Queen song - "Need Your Loving Tonight" I think that'... by Plengel on 17.05.2004
No Subject - Only one answer: "Need Your Loving Tonight... by Plengel on 17.05.2004
The news, and the new tracks at the convention this year - "I also agree that none of the demos that hav... by Plengel on 13.05.2004
You are all sad bastards - 12.57... by Plengel on 11.05.2004
*entire* Milton Keynes concert & BBC tracks on MP3? - Ian, the so-called "Strike" demo is just... by Plengel on 04.05.2004
Soundboard Bootleg Recordings - From a radio broadcast, yes. Isn't Chicago 1978... by Plengel on 28.04.2004
Unreleased Songs - Lester, Chaka, read JSS post again, but very caref... by Plengel on 27.04.2004
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Gallileo, Bismillah? - Does it matter what it means??????... by Plengel on 16.04.2004
My happy fun comic! - It's great Dan! I really enjoyed it :D Can't wait ... by Plengel on 15.04.2004
best cover...er - Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy (maybe even slightly ... by Plengel on 14.04.2004
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complete links??? - Ok, thanx Richard.... by Plengel on 09.04.2004
Guns 'n' Roses on number 1 in The Rock Top 100of all time on Radio Veronica - The number 2 from that list suits the #1 position ... by Plengel on 09.04.2004
complete links??? - How come that someone posts a link that only part ... by Plengel on 08.04.2004
Common or not? - Well, 3 out of 3 seem to have both bootlegs, so I ... by Plengel on 04.04.2004
Common or not? - Pfff, don't know if they're common, I only know th... by Plengel on 04.04.2004
best solo artists from famous bands - Add the MJ Willem-Jan mentioned to Pim's list and ... by Plengel on 02.04.2004
Made in Heaven & Innuendo LP - Check the "Gimme The Prize" section on this site: ... by Plengel on 26.03.2004
Amster-damn your eyes! - Ah, Flashy, you're just a week too late, otherwise... by Plengel on 24.03.2004
voor nederlanders - Ach let er maar nie op Niek, die gast is gewoon wa... by Plengel on 22.03.2004
Rare Flash Gordon Re-Mix - I have to agree with Dark here. The Tomcraft Remix... by Plengel on 22.03.2004
Dutch Queen mother Juliana dies (94) - I heard it when I was at work. First Claus, now Ju... by Plengel on 20.03.2004
fave Queen song - Alle duiven op de dam. Godskolere scheit nieuwe... by Plengel on 19.03.2004
OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD HOLDER - "Congratulations. I had no idea what abseil or rap... by Plengel on 14.03.2004
OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD HOLDER - Hello to you all, some of you may remember a po... by Plengel on 14.03.2004
Queen Party In Waalre, Who Is Going? - You're coming to Waalre, Barb??!?!!? Great to hear... by Plengel on 10.03.2004
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Miracle... - Yes, they are good :) I saw them 3 times now, real... by Plengel on 06.03.2004
So... tell me about yourself - First name in real life: Paul Age: 21 What you d... by Plengel on 05.03.2004
How do you like the fan recordings? - Hey Niek, maybe we can do something together on ou... by Plengel on 03.03.2004
How do you like the fan recordings? - Niek, you still haven't fixed the guitars at the e... by Plengel on 02.03.2004
Post the lyrics to the song you are listening to... - Boudewijn de Groot Ik Geloof Nu hoef je nooit... by Plengel on 01.03.2004
Talk to Freddie Mercury! - Human: Who is Paul Engelen? Freddie Mercury: Som... by Plengel on 01.03.2004
Talk to Freddie Mercury! - Had he been drinking up there in heaven??????... by Plengel on 01.03.2004
Budapest soon on dvd ? - They still remain bootleg releases Azmandaman, no ... by Plengel on 25.02.2004
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Budapest soon on dvd ? - "Plengel too late my friend,, Milton Keynes is alr... by Plengel on 25.02.2004
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Top 3 places where you would most love to live! - 1. The Netherlands (I've lived there now for almos... by Plengel on 24.02.2004
Freddie's middle name - Well, my full name is in fact: Paul Petrus Alph... by Plengel on 24.02.2004
Welcome to the new QZ design!! - Well, I must say that I liked the old design bette... by Plengel on 24.02.2004
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Collectables - Well, that's the fun of this hobby (collecting). Y... by Plengel on 18.02.2004
Collectables - Your wantlist is indeed rediculously big, Henrique... by Plengel on 18.02.2004
I know i didn't read that right - I second that, Pim :) Lekkurrrrrrr wijf!!!!!!!!... by Plengel on 17.02.2004
Queen on the radio! - They also played "It's Late" in the radio last wee... by Plengel on 16.02.2004
Marco Pantani - Very sad news about "El Elefantino". I think th... by Plengel on 16.02.2004
Live Killers Death On Two Legs found!! - It's OK Mike. You can still mail me your address a... by Plengel on 11.02.2004
queen names - "you know, my aunt has 2 Irish Wolfhounds, and she... by Plengel on 10.02.2004
Happy Birthday, Fried Chicken! - Hey Niek Jong! Gefeliciflapstaart!!! De ge mar lek... by Plengel on 07.02.2004
High Court Rules For Same Sex Marriage - Here in The Netherlands it's quite normal, same se... by Plengel on 04.02.2004
Queen mp3 concert collection for sale - Isn't the Atlanta 1975 show on top of the list in ... by Plengel on 04.02.2004
The Video Collection on sale - The Big Boxset is indeed a great update Guy! :)... by Plengel on 31.01.2004
And the Oscars get worse... - Also a Dutch movie was nominated for an Oscar, the... by Plengel on 28.01.2004
Rainbow Theatre 20.12.1974 - Mercurian Mystery, I wasn't stating that you are a... by Plengel on 26.01.2004
Rainbow Theatre 20.12.1974 - What's the deal in doing that? Why would you creat... by Plengel on 25.01.2004
Baer - Good to see Old Grandpa is back!... by Plengel on 23.01.2004
Word Association - Kutclub and AFC Ajax In that combination. FEYEN... by Plengel on 22.01.2004
Your favourite Freddie stage wear - I've always wanted to have a Flash T-Shirt that Fr... by Plengel on 22.01.2004
Sway (Mucho Mambo) - I have two versions of this song: Shaft - Sway ... by Plengel on 20.01.2004
Fairyfeller: the Return - Yeah!!! You're back!!! WOO-HOO You never were r... by Plengel on 20.01.2004
lovely QUEEN music...... - rockabilly crazy little thing called love vroeger... by Plengel on 18.01.2004
Misfire - "Cuz Freddie's singing about the other person havi... by Plengel on 18.01.2004
Morumbi Live Pics - William, you're back?... by Plengel on 18.01.2004
Next Queen DVD in 2004 ?? - "Hammersmith 79 would be a good choice, too." I... by Plengel on 18.01.2004
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Has anyone ever dressed up as Freddie? - I once had a haircut like John had in the "Radio G... by Plengel on 16.01.2004
Smile! - I believe it's from the Smile Reunion at the Marqu... by Plengel on 15.01.2004
Bitch fight! - *Picks up a fully loaded Tommygun and makes sure t... by Plengel on 15.01.2004
Unreleased material - SHE, the person who asked is a she.... :)... by Plengel on 14.01.2004
The Battle of the Genres - BATTLE #1. 60s Brit Pop Rock (Beatles, Stones,... by Plengel on 12.01.2004
Front Man Survivor (a benign, harmless game) - 1. John Lennon (Not the only frontman in the Beatl... by Plengel on 12.01.2004
Which 'Finding Nemo' character are you? - I'm CRUSH! I so totally Rock, Dudes :D BTW, I a... by Plengel on 10.01.2004
Donnie Darko - "Geeks, the song at the end is Mad World by Tears... by Plengel on 09.01.2004
Roger CD - Be sure to add "Touch The Sky" from the "Hapiness?... by Plengel on 09.01.2004
Working Now - WOO-HOO!!!!! BACK IN ACTION!!!!... by Plengel on 09.01.2004
Unreleased material - On www.queenpicturehall.com is some info on unrele... by Plengel on 02.01.2004
Does anyone want to trade for this MP3? - Wheheheh "troetelschijf" Hoe verzinnen ze het. ... by Plengel on 31.12.2003
illegal copying - I have totally no problem with downloading or copy... by Plengel on 30.12.2003
question about indiana jones - Yes Josuecifu, it really is a great boxset. 3 wond... by Plengel on 28.12.2003
question about indiana jones - Steven (Spielberg) made that clear in the document... by Plengel on 28.12.2003
when will you be the next age older? - 22 on June 30th... by Plengel on 27.12.2003
A Very Merry Christmas - You too a merry Christmas, Fatty. And the rest ... by Plengel on 25.12.2003
What was in your Stocking :D - Metallica "St. Anger" CD A bottle of Jean Paul Ga... by Plengel on 25.12.2003
Brian's Xmas riddle - "He's simply using "May" as in "I hope" or whateve... by Plengel on 25.12.2003
Radio listeners in the Netherlands prove again that Queen still rocks! - Good to see that the boys are back on the #1 Spot ... by Plengel on 24.12.2003
Birmingham 84 - From what I recall, "Saturday Night's Allright For... by Plengel on 21.12.2003
original bootlegs - In Concert '74 (Cologne 6.12.1974) First Live Att... by Plengel on 12.12.2003
Killer Queen book delivered - I'm sure it's a wonderful item, Rien! Have fun ... by Plengel on 12.12.2003
World Cup Draw - Nice Group! We also have a nice group: Czech... by Plengel on 07.12.2003
Future Dutch Queen born today - I think they will cal her Margarhita or Mabel. Bea... by Plengel on 07.12.2003
RARE RARE RARE - Where's the rare stuff????... by Plengel on 03.12.2003
Queenmania - "but their keyboard player is very good :)" Not... by Plengel on 01.12.2003
Metallica - I'm going to see them in 8 days at the Gelredome i... by Plengel on 28.11.2003
I got totally drunk - Well Luca, Join the club! :S :)... by Plengel on 25.11.2003
GH and "Best Of" - Queen (3x) U2 (2x) The Police Red Hot Chili Pep... by Plengel on 24.11.2003
LOTR Part 1 - For me, the 2nd best movie ever! PArt 2 is better ... by Plengel on 23.11.2003
Latest addition to your cd/lp/single collection. - The last CD's I bought (which is like a month ago,... by Plengel on 23.11.2003
queen austria report '82 - Yes, there is some footage from the Vienna concert... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
smile songs - You need to give Niek, and me of course, PILS for ... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
6-0 - "Totally off subject...I think Holland has the bes... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
The Dream - I'd also change Nagoya '82. The Tour was almost to... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
Queen + Valensia - Ah so now he is planning to record it anyway. I th... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
Queen + Valensia - Cool, an A Capella verstion of "You Take My Breath... by Plengel on 21.11.2003
TMOTBQ lyrics - Ah, "The March Of The Black Queen BBC Version"! ... by Plengel on 19.11.2003
Miracle last night - Ik stem voor! De JOEK in Geldrop misschien, nog... by Plengel on 18.11.2003
Queen + Valensia - Have you ever seen a picture of him? ;) But he ... by Plengel on 18.11.2003
Queen + Valensia - *Waiting for Pim to reply....... by Plengel on 17.11.2003
Where can I find Invincible Hope - After hearing it a couple of times, I fell complet... by Plengel on 16.11.2003
Ultimate Queen Concert Setlist - 1. WWRY + Five 2. WWRY + John Farnham 3. WWRY + ... by Plengel on 16.11.2003
Where can I find Invincible Hope - What's all this??? I just gave you a link to the s... by Plengel on 16.11.2003
Where can I find Invincible Hope - C:\Music\Queen\Queen + Treana Morris & Nelson Mand... by Plengel on 15.11.2003
Songs from other artists... that SOUND like Queen songs. - Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" sounds a bit like Que... by Plengel on 15.11.2003
Top 5 bands - Other than Queen???? 1. Metallica 2. Dire Stra... by Plengel on 15.11.2003
Question about the "Invisible Man"Video - During Brian's Guitar Solo in the video you see se... by Plengel on 05.11.2003