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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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42 posts by user 'Pheobe'

query for our fan mixers - The search function at the very top of the page (r... by Pheobe on 10.11.2006
Brian's scar? - Yeah the "A Kind Of Magic" is actual... by Pheobe on 03.08.2006
For All You Footie Fans - A couple Of Daft But Funny Clips.... - The Mourinho one was hilarious. Ta... by Pheobe on 03.08.2006
Don't mind this - Heres my fave recipe:- Starter course:- ... by Pheobe on 31.07.2006
As Requested - Champions TOTP Video - Ta for this. Nice one Merc.... by Pheobe on 23.07.2006
Yet Another Daft Joke - Heres another An old lady goes to the doctor an... by Pheobe on 26.03.2006
The Corrs New CD... - It actually does grow on you after a while. Some n... by Pheobe on 04.10.2005
Queen TV fans - Well Brian might have been an Eastenders fan as he... by Pheobe on 22.06.2005
GB replies to Queenonline - Thats exactly what I first thought when I read... by Pheobe on 22.06.2005
ANNOUNCE: Magic Castle, Live At Slane Castle Ireland, July 5th 1986 - Its coz nobody is seeding this that you cant downl... by Pheobe on 01.05.2005
Doctor Who - Sorry guys but that "Dalek" episode was ... by Pheobe on 30.04.2005
Ever Wondered What Flashman Get Up To? - Flashman!!!!!!!!! Well I never!... by Pheobe on 29.04.2005
My First Mix..... - Thats actually pretty good that mix. Well done.... by Pheobe on 14.04.2005
Queen concert in Prague-16th April-this saturday-I have tickets for YOU!!! - Try posting in the right forum - its not that ... by Pheobe on 14.04.2005
"Magic Nights In Europe" - The live in Pesaro clips include TYMD, IWTBF, FBG,... by Pheobe on 14.04.2005
For Sale - When I first saw your name I thought it said I... by Pheobe on 14.04.2005
Heres Something Freddie Couldnt Do With A Piano... - Thats actually pretty cool that. And yeah, I'd hav... by Pheobe on 08.04.2005
Heres a Joke To Start Your Day - A few days after Christmas, A mother was working i... by Pheobe on 04.03.2005
Yet Another Idiot Drunk Driver Kills.... - Its idiots like these that make me think they shou... by Pheobe on 25.02.2005
Oh Great, Food That Could Possibly Give You Cancer - From the Sky News site - "The dye, known ... by Pheobe on 19.02.2005
Shizuoka 1975 y London 1980 DOWNLOAD! - Its a download manager www.getright.com... by Pheobe on 09.12.2004
Christmas Songs - The Corrs did a very good version of Oh Holy N... by Pheobe on 09.12.2004
No Subject - I liked her when she sang about my fave Womble, Or... by Pheobe on 08.12.2004
Yet Another Mash Up Featuring Queen - Its not brilliant, but its not bad either. Nice... by Pheobe on 28.11.2004
JFK Reloaded... What Do You Americans Think Of It? - Because it would not nearly be controversial e... by Pheobe on 23.11.2004
Elton John - Peachtree Road (the usual leak) - Thanx NOBY your a real gent... by Pheobe on 02.11.2004
Elton John - Peachtree Road (the usual leak) - Does anyone else have "Turn The Lights Out Wh... by Pheobe on 01.11.2004
Elton John - Peachtree Road (the usual leak) - Any chance of these tracks - Answer In The Sky and... by Pheobe on 01.11.2004
GREG BROOKS IS DISLIKED - reply to Luca (Hangman) email - Lol!!!... by Pheobe on 19.10.2004
Okay, who died? - Actually, here's yet another version of WWRY. ... by Pheobe on 13.06.2004
Proof That Canadians Have a Sense Of Humour... - Tee Hee. Not bad at all... by Pheobe on 23.05.2004
A Question About Freddie To Get You Thinking - "i would probably read them just because i am so v... by Pheobe on 18.04.2004
A Question About Freddie To Get You Thinking - "As long as they wouldn't include stories about hi... by Pheobe on 16.04.2004
New caption contest! - "Heres my new song... The wheels on the bus go rou... by Pheobe on 30.03.2004
My website re-open - "No Translator can beat human work. If I make an e... by Pheobe on 23.01.2004
My website re-open - “Look very nice, but could you make a english si... by Pheobe on 23.01.2004
Useful Vox VBM1 links? - Adam, try this online translator to see what the s... by Pheobe on 21.01.2004
Sway (Mucho Mambo) - The dance version I knew of was by Groove Armada..... by Pheobe on 20.01.2004
Ella Enchanted - Dunno who it is, but I'm pretty certain its not th... by Pheobe on 19.01.2004
Any chance we can ban this fuckwit Baer again? - I see this idiot is still spamming the board. L... by Pheobe on 19.01.2004
For All You F1 Fans.... - Totally stupid but funny. LOL... by Pheobe on 12.01.2004
The man in the Shadows Reissue - "Red Dirt is perfect for a 5.1 mix, All the huge c... by Pheobe on 17.12.2003