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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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28 posts by user 'OneTrackMind'

Brian is horny again - Can't believe he thought she was good. But he did ... by OneTrackMind on 12.10.2011
Freddie was honored in the opening of the Rock in Rio 2011 - GratefulFan wrote: OK, don't want to pile on here ... by OneTrackMind on 28.09.2011
Ogre battle riff/Freddie and guitar - Brian has said that Freddie brought them the Ogre ... by OneTrackMind on 22.09.2011
Favorite guitar solo - Always thought the solo in These are the Days of o... by OneTrackMind on 22.09.2011
Queen Official Youtube Channel Copyright Infringement - How is this possible? Isn't the material the band'... by OneTrackMind on 22.09.2011
Well QueenOnLine has collapsed. That's a sign of success I guess, huh? - Maybe he means there's f*@^ all people posting the... by OneTrackMind on 17.09.2011
Ciomment from David Richards FB page for discussion - Maybe if it's true that he's ill, he may be just d... by OneTrackMind on 15.09.2011
Peter Hince book, "Queen Unseen" - I think this could be good. Hince always seemed li... by OneTrackMind on 15.09.2011
Jealousy Kick Drum - Mistake on 2011 Remaster?!? - This is a strange one. I mean, it sounds like a m... by OneTrackMind on 15.09.2011
DId Hot Space create an aversion to risk? - I don't understand the dislike for Hot Space, pers... by OneTrackMind on 12.09.2011
what did you do for freddies birthday? I...... - I hooked up my laptop to my P.A., picked up my gui... by OneTrackMind on 07.09.2011
Songs that sounded BETTER live - Surprised Staying Power's only been mentioned once... by OneTrackMind on 08.08.2011
Freddie Biopic cast ideas - I think Andrew Garfield would be a good choice for... by OneTrackMind on 31.07.2011
Best (solo) song of Freddie - How do you choose just one? Mr. Bad Guy is a gre... by OneTrackMind on 25.07.2011
"These Are The Days Of Our Lives" video shooting date - I think Roger was right to an extent. Freddie's vo... by OneTrackMind on 26.06.2011
Freddie came 2nd in the NME voting best singer - I wouldn't put too much stock in anything NME or i... by OneTrackMind on 26.06.2011
Tie Your Mother Down (Best/Worst/Favorite Versions) - bigV wrote: This one ;) V. The Intro t... by OneTrackMind on 22.06.2011
Help Freddie win Best Singer! - When does this stupid poll end? Seems like it's be... by OneTrackMind on 08.06.2011
Jim Beach confessed: The dwarf with the bowl of cocaine is truth - I saw that interview. I don't think he actually di... by OneTrackMind on 06.06.2011
The Future of Garden Lodge - It would be nice if it became some kind of museum ... by OneTrackMind on 04.06.2011
Brian's curse - lifetimefanofqueen wrote: Mr Mercury wrote: It ma... by OneTrackMind on 03.06.2011
Part 2 was really hard to watch - Of course it was a conscious decision, he can be t... by OneTrackMind on 03.06.2011
Question concerning authenticity - I just listened to it layered over the actual trac... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011
Paul Rodgers to tour with Queen again? - Maybe they should get Gary Mullen in and have done... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011
Part 2 was really hard to watch - Zebonka12 wrote: "I agree with the 'I' talk fro... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011
Which Queen songs give you goosebumps? - Mother Love, is a special song in the context of w... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011
Paul Rodgers to tour with Queen again? - I really hope they do it again. I didn't go fir... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011
Part 2 was really hard to watch - I agree with the 'I' talk from Brian. But he's alw... by OneTrackMind on 02.06.2011