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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Michael'

Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - OK, I'm going to pick up from the post about the "... by Michael on 31.01.2010

111 posts by user 'Michael'

Roger Taylor - new track (Isolation) - I agree with Benross. I don't expect any more qual... by Michael on 22.06.2020
Queen Greatest Hits Japan 2020 - May and Taylor, and the Queen organization, are bu... by Michael on 08.01.2020
Boston, MA — August 4, 2019 - This video is a great example of one of the reason... by Michael on 05.08.2019
New Queen + AL tour any thoughts? - Prediction. Most, if not all, of the following son... by Michael on 11.07.2019
Announce: 'Articles on Queen' blog by me! - Thank you kindly, sir. Looks like some enjoyable r... by Michael on 11.02.2019
NEW BOOK AVAILABLE NOW: Queen Touring America - Fantastic book! My wife bought it for me for Chri... by Michael on 27.12.2018
The Miracle 30th Anniversary box set coming??? - An anniversary edition of The Game would probably ... by Michael on 23.12.2018
ANNOUNCE: News Of The World DVD - Back atcha: Are you aware of this? http://bootleg... by Michael on 25.11.2018
ANNOUNCE: News Of The World DVD - Man, brother: Thank you!... by Michael on 25.11.2018
Queen decisions - Brian and Roger are, first and foremost, businessm... by Michael on 06.11.2018
NEW BOOK AVAILABLE NOW: Queen Touring America - Looks like a fantastic book, but far too expensive... by Michael on 14.10.2018
Greg brooks interview - I'm surprised that Queen approves such terrible re... by Michael on 18.09.2018
Tim Staffell new album - Staffell's first album, Amigo, is pretty good, in ... by Michael on 16.09.2018
Peter Freestone on"BoRhap" - the movie - Interesting. Thank you.... by Michael on 15.08.2018
Setlist - Keep dreaming. Innuendo and Long Away. Yeah right... by Michael on 26.03.2018
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - I agree wholeheartedly with the previous post. For... by Michael on 24.11.2017
Brian on Setlist Q+AL 2017 - I completely understand. We "die-hard" fans get ti... by Michael on 18.11.2017
We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions (Raw Takes) - Thank you, Jake12. Very cool! ... by Michael on 06.10.2017
No It's late and Spread your wings - I don't understand a lot of things that "Queen" do... by Michael on 23.07.2017
No It's late and Spread your wings - "Queen are a hits band to 99% of the public" - Unf... by Michael on 23.07.2017
It was good while it lasted... - . . . And it likely will not return. You didn't t... by Michael on 09.07.2017
QUESTION FOR HARDCORE QUEEN FANS - I'll take the bait on this. I hear a lot of people... by Michael on 26.06.2017
Which "deep cuts" do you want on this new tour? - I never tire of hearing '39. Love it - particular... by Michael on 09.02.2017
Which "deep cuts" do you want on this new tour? - Here are the ones I would like to hear. Do I thin... by Michael on 04.02.2017
First ever concert and what number was (were) Queen - First Concert: Angel, with Trillion, 1979. Queen ... by Michael on 02.01.2017
Somebody To Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury - I am in the process of reading it. So far, so goo... by Michael on 30.12.2016
A Night at the Apollo (2016) - Yes, I understand that no one can top the four ori... by Michael on 13.12.2016
A Night at the Apollo (2016) - Excellent. Quite frankly, I think they play the s... by Michael on 12.12.2016
Why so few comments under the"On air" press release on QOL? - It seems that no matter what Queen do, their "real... by Michael on 01.10.2016
Accoustic on 'Jealousy' - You gotta love Queen! The guys were so creative. ... by Michael on 15.09.2016
Most Powerful/Emotional Queen Song - I love the band, Queen. Always have. Had the good... by Michael on 09.08.2016
Betting Lines On Freddie Mercury Biopic - Here's what I think for what it's worth. The biop... by Michael on 19.08.2013
Life on Two Legs - Norman Sheffield's Autobiography - Great post! Thank you.... by Michael on 02.06.2013
Good decent boxsets. Your opinion - The Genesis box sets from a few years ago. Awesom... by Michael on 25.04.2013
Most favourite Queen song (only one) and why. - "Teo Toriatte (Let Us Cling Together" - great voca... by Michael on 31.03.2013
Rainbow DVD will be released in spring 2013?! - I would be willing to be it's a bootleg, like the ... by Michael on 26.03.2013
VRA! Split-Screen Covers - QUEEN - "The Show Must Go On" - You did an excellent job with a very difficult son... by Michael on 24.12.2012
Polite Note From Queen Fans to Queen Productions Ltd - Good one, and SO true!... by Michael on 17.11.2012
Queen and Heart 1978 - Like I said before: Queen are exemplary musicians,... by Michael on 28.10.2012
Hungarian Rhapsody release! - Here's what I think is going to happen: Queen Prod... by Michael on 20.09.2012
Press Release: Hungarian Rhapsody DVD/Blu-ray/CD and Download Release - You are correct, YAFF. $100 concert tickets certai... by Michael on 20.09.2012
Press Release: Hungarian Rhapsody DVD/Blu-ray/CD and Download Release - My point is that it's virtually identical to Wembl... by Michael on 20.09.2012
Press Release: Hungarian Rhapsody DVD/Blu-ray/CD and Download Release - How many times are Queen going to re-release the s... by Michael on 19.09.2012
Favorite Hot Space song? - Las Palabras de Amour (The Words of Love), Under P... by Michael on 27.07.2012
Press Release: GVH1/2 Box Set To Hit North America on August 28th. - Re-releasing more junk. Thanks, guys.... by Michael on 19.07.2012
Hungarian Rhapsody - Pretty much the same as the previous few DVD relea... by Michael on 18.07.2012
Fredde Mercury- The Great Pretender Blu Ray Release - Thank you for this notification. I just ordered i... by Michael on 08.07.2012
sony digital officially announces live in budapest on cinemas - When are we going to get a DVD of Queen in the Sev... by Michael on 05.07.2012
THOUGHTS ON QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT - My opinion? Queen have now totally tarnished thei... by Michael on 02.07.2012
5 best Queen Albums and 5 Worst - Best 1. A Night at the Opera 2. Sheer Heart Atta... by Michael on 01.01.2012
Brian is horny again - The Dude: "Not true. No guy gets horny after 35. ... by Michael on 11.10.2011
What's gonna be the next concert released on DVD? - One of the old ones "remasterd", with "extras" - m... by Michael on 01.10.2011
Make Your Own Queen Live Album! - I did something similar when I purchased the downl... by Michael on 23.09.2011
Does anybody think they understand any of this? - I hear you, and I agree with you.  At this point,... by Michael on 21.09.2011
What`s next DVD - Another "deluxe" edition of something or other.  ... by Michael on 12.09.2011
Absolute Radio Podcasts (six) - Thank you very, very much.  Great post.... by Michael on 01.09.2011
Songs that should have been Hits/Singles - OK, I'll play along.  Try these on for size: "I... by Michael on 17.07.2011
What One Song Mars An Otherwise Perfect Album - Queen - Jesus, Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll, Seven ... by Michael on 16.07.2011
What should have been the track listing to Absolute Greatest? - Here are what I believe to be Queen's 20 "Absolut... by Michael on 14.07.2011
Top Songs That Roger Wrote - Innuendo Tenement Funster Radio Ga Ga I'm in L... by Michael on 11.07.2011
2nd batch, problems with Amazon. - I received my "Jazz" a few days ago from Amazon.c... by Michael on 07.07.2011
Another One Bites the Dust trivia - A few years ago, I attended an interview with Nile... by Michael on 11.06.2011
FAVORITE B-SIDE?! - A Human Body... by Michael on 04.06.2011
Which Queen songs give you goosebumps? - Great question! My answer is: Only one, and that... by Michael on 31.05.2011
Remasters 2011 - The "buzz" in the U.S. is that there is no "buzz".... by Michael on 24.05.2011
are Queen a ROCK band? - In my opinion, Queen were generally a "Rock" band ... by Michael on 28.03.2011
What do you think about the bonuses in the following reissues studio album - I think they are a lost opportunity.  I like wha... by Michael on 20.03.2011
Deep Cuts Vol 2 - My vote: Spread Your Wings It's Late Fight From... by Michael on 20.03.2011
Party...Queen's worst song - Party - Queen's worst song?  I don't think so, ... by Michael on 20.03.2011
First Five Albums Out This Week with Bonus Tracks! - Thistleboy, Wow!  Rockaway's lucky their shop i... by Michael on 15.03.2011
if you met brian may, what would you ask him to sign? - I understand why people feel so strongly about Pa... by Michael on 27.02.2011
embarrassing songs. - There's embarassing and there's plain bad, then th... by Michael on 24.02.2011
Queen box 2011 YES or NO - They probably won't release a box set any time soo... by Michael on 05.12.2010
Queen vs Chic - Good Times Bite The Dust (Mash-up) - Great job!... by Michael on 05.12.2010
Hot Space - It's just my opinioin, but Queen were never really... by Michael on 05.12.2010
Book Release: Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen - GratefulFan, you can order it now through Amazon... by Michael on 20.10.2010
Book Release: Is This The Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen - I agree with the previous poster: If Blake's Quee... by Michael on 19.10.2010
Your Queen Top Ten Tracks - OK, I'll play. Mine are as follows (in no particul... by Michael on 02.10.2010
1982.07.24 Philadelphia - low gen - Thank you. This was a show I actually attended. It... by Michael on 26.09.2010
Favorite "Queen" Song? - '39 and White Queen... by Michael on 29.08.2010
Your special Queen song - '39 - I love acoustic music, and this song is a g... by Michael on 29.08.2010
[Video] Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Some Things That Glitter - Thank you. That's better than I usually get. :)... by Michael on 31.05.2010
Made in Heaven - I think you folks are being too generous. The albu... by Michael on 31.05.2010
[Video] Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Some Things That Glitter - Personally, I think she's kind of chunky. I'd give... by Michael on 31.05.2010
If you could choose the ultimate set list for a concert - Ah, yes, great topic.  I'll try to keep it to abo... by Michael on 28.05.2010
Innuendo - My opinions - and everyone is entitled to theirs: ... by Michael on 28.05.2010
Cool Cat featuring Mr Squier on vocals? - OK, OK, so I misunderstood the question. No biggie... by Michael on 24.05.2010
Cool Cat featuring Mr Squier on vocals? - I've heard the Bowie version as part of the five-d... by Michael on 24.05.2010
What the Hell was up with the USA when Freddie was alive? - I didn't realize Ga Ga was a #16 hit. I don't reca... by Michael on 23.05.2010
Who is up for a litttle challenge - A Night at the Opera Sheer Heart Attack A Day at... by Michael on 23.05.2010
What the Hell was up with the USA when Freddie was alive? - Speaking as a Queen fan from the USA, I can tell y... by Michael on 23.05.2010
The Miracle - Can't say I really like it - relative to their oth... by Michael on 23.05.2010
The Works - Radio Ga Ga - Great single Tear It Up - Just a ri... by Michael on 10.05.2010
Jazz question - And Fat Bottomed Girls, you may be interested to k... by Michael on 06.05.2010
The Game - The Game?  Side 1: Solid; Side 2: Except for Save... by Michael on 30.04.2010
Hot Space as EP - OK, I'll play along. Well, unfortunately, I don't ... by Michael on 30.04.2010
It`s my appeal to older fans of Queen - I've been following Queen for over 30 years, so I ... by Michael on 07.03.2010
maybe the end has come. - Yes, Queen ended when Freddie Mercury died. Queen ... by Michael on 27.02.2010
best and worst - I agree with you about Queen II - Awesome album. A... by Michael on 24.02.2010
Best Singles/Worst Singles - Best Singles: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Anot... by Michael on 24.02.2010
best and worst - Best: A Night at the Opera, Sheer Heart Attack, A ... by Michael on 23.02.2010
Songs That Didn't Work Out Live - I'm talking about the backing vocals, and I think ... by Michael on 23.02.2010
What do you think about Queen? - I think Queen were a fantastic live act but, as I ... by Michael on 23.02.2010
Songs That Didn't Work Out Live - Gotta agree with Action This Day - or any song fro... by Michael on 23.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - Good point, Jimmy Dean. John and Roger do play qui... by Michael on 01.02.2010
Freddie tribute concert - your view - I thought the tribute concert was excellent, but I... by Michael on 01.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - Oh, yes, another comment that I really appreciate ... by Michael on 01.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - Oh, man, I am really enjoying some of these replie... by Michael on 01.02.2010
Your Opinion: Weakest Song(s) in Queen's Catalog - OK, I'm going to pick up from the post about the "... by Michael on 31.01.2010
Anyone in Queen liked Jazz? - I have to agree with the previous poster, who indi... by Michael on 31.01.2010
Bewildering Account on Freddie Mercury - Come on, folks. Don't make excuses. IF it actually... by Michael on 26.12.2009