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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'MartynTS'

Other Music - Hey! I was wondering if anyone wanted to share mus... by MartynTS on 22.12.2015

134 posts by user 'MartynTS'

Other Music - Hey! I was wondering if anyone wanted to share mus... by MartynTS on 22.12.2015
Best Vocal Harmonies per Album - I always liked the harmonies on the night comes do... by MartynTS on 22.12.2015
Anyone under the age of 18? - I'm 17, turning 18 in a little over a month. I sta... by MartynTS on 24.11.2014
what is your most underrated Queen song? - Hard to say, it depends on who you're talking to. ... by MartynTS on 07.11.2013
Freddie Mercury biopic 'probably won't happen' (Peter Morgan via BBC) - I agree. Personally I would rather see a biopi... by MartynTS on 02.09.2013
Hyde Park 1976 - Film rolls 2 and 3 extracts. - Thank you for sharing! I've been hoping someone wo... by MartynTS on 01.09.2013
. - Really? Tell me more.... by MartynTS on 30.08.2013
Freddie Mercury - Interview 1984 in a train - I haven't seen this before, thanks for sharing... by MartynTS on 21.08.2013
Queen Vinyl collection - I have Queen l original vinyl. Don't be jealous... by MartynTS on 07.08.2013
Brian May Tweets Regarding New Queen tracks with Freddie - I'd rather hear some new live material from the 70... by MartynTS on 25.07.2013
PRESS RELEASE: QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT TO PLAY THE 2013 iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FEST - I texted a radio station to try and win tickets, I... by MartynTS on 25.07.2013
If You Could Just Have Three Queen Albums In Your Collection. - Queen l, Queen ll, ANATO my three favorite albu... by MartynTS on 25.07.2013
Blackpool March 1, 1974 - If they performed those songs and we could hear it... by MartynTS on 12.07.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen Tour Books Collection High Resolution PDF - This is a pleasant surprise! Thank you for sharing... by MartynTS on 17.06.2013
Queen members and intelligence. - I'd have to go with Brian. Not exactly sue why... by MartynTS on 08.06.2013
The Queen Live Archive List... FINALLY. sorry for the delay - Wasn't it just recorded to be shown on TV? I'v... by MartynTS on 06.06.2013
The Queen Live Archive List... FINALLY. sorry for the delay - It was recorded on video. Bits of the Sao Paul... by MartynTS on 06.06.2013
What are your favorite Freddie Mercury quotes? - "I'd rather not go to jail in a leotard!" Or so... by MartynTS on 03.06.2013
Life on Two Legs - Norman Sheffield's Autobiography - I'd like to read it, but knowing myself I probably... by MartynTS on 02.06.2013
Hey YOU boy hey YOU hey YOU boy Think that YOU know what YOU'RE doing? - To google I go! Seriously though, great post. ... by MartynTS on 02.06.2013
Coming from Wardour, QUEEN "Definitive Denmark News - Thanks for putting your money out there to try... by MartynTS on 01.06.2013
You and I - It's a very rare track that is difficult to get a ... by MartynTS on 25.05.2013
Lyrical Laziness - I've never really thought about this a whole l... by MartynTS on 21.05.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER - My UTorrent goes from "network connection working"... by MartynTS on 23.04.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER - I'm seeding it, so you should be able to get it. T... by MartynTS on 15.04.2013
Announce: Complete Kampuchea concert 26 December 1979 FLAC - I have the files on my computer but I don't have t... by MartynTS on 13.04.2013
ANNOUNCE: Queen New York February 5, 1977 MASTER - I'd also really appreciate a seed if anyone could.... by MartynTS on 09.04.2013
Hammersmith Odeon 1975 - Am I the only one who doesn't reallt care about Ha... by MartynTS on 09.04.2013
Queen:The Complete Chord Songbook 2013 - One of these days I'm going to figure out how to p... by MartynTS on 07.04.2013
1977.02.09 Boston - definitive version - Thank you for creating this version! And thank you... by MartynTS on 06.04.2013
Favorite Queen playlist - I usually just play an album straight through. I d... by MartynTS on 06.04.2013
Rainbow Live New release... this time for real - Exactly. And it just plain looks like it was s... by MartynTS on 27.03.2013
What is your favourite Queen album? - My favorite is probably Queen ll. But the one i lo... by MartynTS on 18.03.2013
John Deacon - a few questions - ^ A few of these i doubt anyone here could ... by MartynTS on 24.02.2013
The Secret Of Freddie's Allure and Alure - I was just going to post something like this. ... by MartynTS on 13.02.2013
What do you think is Queens best song? - I agree with this. You can argue over things, ... by MartynTS on 04.02.2013
Favourite John Deacon composition - Spread Your wings only if it's the BBC version... ... by MartynTS on 29.01.2013
Queen come fourth... - If i had to pick 3 of my favorite albums that aren... by MartynTS on 29.01.2013
Saddest Queen song(s)? - The Night Comes Down always makes me kind of emoti... by MartynTS on 29.01.2013
Favorite live version of Stone Cold Crazy? - The Boston 1976 version is amazing, and in great q... by MartynTS on 26.01.2013
Brian's Hair - I think Brian's hair still looks alright. Really I... by MartynTS on 17.01.2013
Poll: Favourite song written by John Deacon? - I voted Spread Your Wings. The Studio version isn'... by MartynTS on 17.01.2013
Your possible predictions about Rainbow (not another joke this time around) - In my dreams...! I would be absolutely ecst... by MartynTS on 14.01.2013
Freddie's languages - interesting, I've never heard of him being able to... by MartynTS on 13.01.2013
Poll: Favourite Live song 2 (corrected) - In The Lap Of The Gods.... doesn't matter which ve... by MartynTS on 13.01.2013
Under Pressure, cool cover - I really liked it! Refreshing to hear something li... by MartynTS on 10.01.2013
Fat Bottomed Girls - I always hear it as "across the wide across the la... by MartynTS on 09.01.2013
Fredie Mercury, Michael Jackson and the llama incident. - I've seen two Rush documentaries. I remember the f... by MartynTS on 03.01.2013
This is why "Queen Live At The Rainbow" should NOT be released! - It might hurt Queen's name? I think Freddie being ... by MartynTS on 02.01.2013
This is why "Queen Live At The Rainbow" should NOT be released! - Rainbow being linked to Freddies sexuality is some... by MartynTS on 01.01.2013
One Dump, one turd, two tits.... T-shirt - Ha! That's clever... by MartynTS on 18.12.2012
What influenced what? - I absolutely agree with you both, Black Sabbat... by MartynTS on 07.12.2012
Poll: Best Debut Album Song: Round 3 - I absolutely love The Night Comes Down! Though I c... by MartynTS on 04.12.2012
Freddie's Piano - It would be something intersting to see. Though I... by MartynTS on 26.11.2012
These are the Days of our Lives Video Shoot - How did he pull it off? - Very truthful post (I know this was already po... by MartynTS on 26.11.2012
Orchestral Teo Torriatte - a Tribute to Freddie - I really enjoyed it! You did a great job with the ... by MartynTS on 25.11.2012
5 best Queen Albums and 5 Worst - top 5 best is easy for me (rough order) Queen l ... by MartynTS on 06.11.2012
Definitive Mannheim by Wardour - I havent heard of that version before. From what i... by MartynTS on 04.11.2012
1974.12.08 The Hague - fix - Many thanks to everyone who was involved in this! ... by MartynTS on 04.11.2012
hungarian rhapsody - This means QP has the pro-video of the entire conc... by MartynTS on 03.11.2012
Montserrat has had a stroke - I hope she recovers well.... by MartynTS on 28.10.2012
question about hangman and its late live. - Theres audience film from the November 16, 1978 (N... by MartynTS on 18.10.2012
Fat Bottomed Bicycle Race - My apologies. I shouldn't have posted that wit... by MartynTS on 30.09.2012
Fat Bottomed Bicycle Race - edit.... by MartynTS on 29.09.2012
Seven seas of Rhye, See what a fol I`ve been, God save the Queen - This is true. Though, I think you know what I ... by MartynTS on 27.09.2012
Seven seas of Rhye, See what a fol I`ve been, God save the Queen - Probably not. The film crew packed up/left bef... by MartynTS on 26.09.2012
It's a Hard Life Freddie´s suit - In the music video everyone is wearing very flambo... by MartynTS on 20.09.2012
Press Release: Hungarian Rhapsody DVD/Blu-ray/CD and Download Release - I'm really excited that it looks like were getting... by MartynTS on 19.09.2012
Bohemian Rhapsody piano cover - Great job! I swear one of these days I'm going ... by MartynTS on 16.09.2012
Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest - USA releasedate November 6th - I'd be happy if the CD had the full show. If it do... by MartynTS on 11.09.2012
Queen in cinema - I'd like to go if it was anywhere near me. I'm not... by MartynTS on 11.09.2012
Freddie's documentary "The Great Pretender" is leaked - Thanks for the link! ... by MartynTS on 09.09.2012
Freddie's documentary "The Great Pretender" is leaked - I watched parts 1 and 3 and they had some interest... by MartynTS on 09.09.2012
A Kind Of Magic Budapest '86 - Cinema Verison - I definitely noticed it. The rest of the video... by MartynTS on 06.09.2012
Freddie's microphone - I believe it was during Queen's early days tha... by MartynTS on 19.08.2012
Love Of My Life - Meaning? - Exactly. My guess is that it was written f... by MartynTS on 18.08.2012
Side White or Side Black? - I'd have to say side Black. The only thing I d... by MartynTS on 10.08.2012
Best Bootleg?? - very favorites off the top of my head... Boston... by MartynTS on 21.07.2012
Who was the best song writter? - Queen l = Freddie. More creative and “epic”. B... by MartynTS on 05.07.2012
A new Knebworth complete footage? - Unless I'm mistaken It's the common audience foota... by MartynTS on 16.06.2012
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN - 1977.11.23 The Spectrum, Philadelphia - Any seeders out there? Thanks.... by MartynTS on 14.05.2012
Why is A Night At The Opera so good? - Putting Bohemian Rhapsody aside it is full of amaz... by MartynTS on 02.05.2012
1981-10-09 - Monterrey México (better quality incomple source) - Thanks for the new source!... by MartynTS on 23.04.2012
ANNOUNCE : "AN EXCEPTIONAL LEGACY (Wardour)" - May 1, 1975 Tokyo, Japan - Thanks! Great share!... by MartynTS on 22.04.2012
1981-10-18 - Puebla Mexico , complete concert - Thanks for the share!... by MartynTS on 22.04.2012
ANNOUNCE : Queen Yokohama - April 30th 1975 - Thanks for the torrent, I just started downloadin... by MartynTS on 22.04.2012
No Subject - there's also a torrent for both disks further ... by MartynTS on 18.04.2012
Questions about Tokyo 75 May 1st Budokan - I don't think the audio exists on a "serious forma... by MartynTS on 13.04.2012
1982.04.16 Zürich from "Good evening Zürich" - Thanks!... by MartynTS on 13.04.2012
ANNOUNCE 1982.04.17 Zürich from Dime - Thanks for the torrent! ... by MartynTS on 11.04.2012
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury Garden Lodge Tapes - I downloaded this torrent but I can't get it t... by MartynTS on 06.04.2012
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Pittrek Best Of The Best Queenconcerts - Finished last night : ) Thanks Owen and the oth... by MartynTS on 05.04.2012
Freddie Memorabilia For Sale - Interesting item, very unique! Too bad I don't hav... by MartynTS on 01.04.2012
edinburgh 82 - That's a great photo : )... by MartynTS on 31.03.2012
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park 1976 (New Audience Source) - Troll? Listen to the sample. There's obviou... by MartynTS on 31.03.2012
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park 1976 (New Audience Source) - Thank you to EVERYONE involved in sharing this rec... by MartynTS on 31.03.2012
ANNOUNCE: The Reaction - Complete Acetate Collection - That really is too bad... I personally would... by MartynTS on 31.03.2012
Ibex with Freddie, 1969 (Photo) - Cool pic! Definitely haven't seen it before... by MartynTS on 29.03.2012
Sonisphere set to be cancelled - I feel kind of bad for them. Either way, doesn't m... by MartynTS on 28.03.2012
Announce as torrent : Monterrey 9 October 1981 - Thanks! I appreciate you seeding all these tor... by MartynTS on 27.03.2012
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Pittrek Best Of The Best Queenconcerts - Thanks for helping me (and anyone else downloa... by MartynTS on 27.03.2012
Announce as torrent : Monterrey 9 October 1981 - Could anyone out there seed? Thanks :-)... by MartynTS on 26.03.2012
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Pittrek Best Of The Best Queenconcerts - It's downloading again! Thanks for seeding... by MartynTS on 26.03.2012
Queen On Drugs - Brian said that was the last time he drank bef... by MartynTS on 26.03.2012
Announce: VCD The Cross (+ Brian + John) Live in London 04-12-1988 - Seems like an interesting video! Could anyone seed... by MartynTS on 25.03.2012
Queen On Drugs - I think it was more of a recreational thing too. I... by MartynTS on 25.03.2012
Eve of Christmas Hammersmith Odeon London UK 24.12.1975 - thanks for the share!... by MartynTS on 25.03.2012
Rock in Rio 1985 - Lost footage DVD - Edit: Nevermind, there are working links, my ba... by MartynTS on 25.03.2012
Queen On Drugs - He had someone who made him drinks during show... by MartynTS on 25.03.2012
RE-ANNOUNCE: Live Mar del Plata 04-03-1981 - Will do. Thanks for seeding!... by MartynTS on 24.03.2012
RE-ANNOUNCE: Live Mar del Plata 04-03-1981 - Could anyone out there seed? Thanks in advanced... by MartynTS on 24.03.2012
Stormtroopers - I've wondered this myself... thanks for the inf... by MartynTS on 23.03.2012
Announce : Queen + P.R O2 Arena, London. 13-Oct-2008 BluRay Incomplete - I only have about %10 left! Thanks to the share... by MartynTS on 23.03.2012
Queen "The 8mm Film Collection" - 2DVD In Links! - I should have thanked you when you first poste... by MartynTS on 23.03.2012
Queen Ringtones - The "Lalala" part from The Prophets Song xD Hop... by MartynTS on 23.03.2012
Freddie-desperation and transgression through performance. - sorry about those posts... I think i had my elb... by MartynTS on 21.03.2012
Freddie-desperation and transgression through performance. - I think that effect comes along when he gives it h... by MartynTS on 20.03.2012
ANNOUNCE FLAC: Pittrek Best Of The Best Queenconcerts - Is this torrent still good, or worth the time? Or ... by MartynTS on 18.03.2012
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Wembley Stadium 1986 (new Wardour release) (torrent) - Thanks for the torrent!... by MartynTS on 18.03.2012
Queen "The 8mm Film Collection" - 2DVD In Links! - I'll have to start downloading soon... Thanks fo... by MartynTS on 17.03.2012
Audience recordings of Rainbow 1974 - Maybe just no one recorded it?... Maybe it was d... by MartynTS on 16.03.2012
a question with mannheim and cologne 86 - Re-recorded over for the budapest gig? I could b... by MartynTS on 15.03.2012
I get the distinct impression here that not many people like Brian. - I don't really get why people call him a hypocrite... by MartynTS on 15.03.2012
Can Brian play the blues? - Clapton is a "Purist" According to him theres a ... by MartynTS on 14.03.2012
New reality show - "Well, if you ever see ME sitting on a panel, acti... by MartynTS on 14.03.2012
Live In Japan 1985 (Edit Version - Alternative Camera Shots) - I'd  be interested in getting a copy of this myse... by MartynTS on 11.03.2012
Best Of The Best - 1977 - Thank you for clearing that up. I don't know h... by MartynTS on 10.03.2012
Full Video Concerts - Well a lot of concerts aren't complete, usually mi... by MartynTS on 10.03.2012
Best Of The Best - 1977 - I downloaded the Houston show from this post, ... by MartynTS on 08.03.2012
Queen Survey - 1. 6 years 2. I heard Bohemian Rhapsody on the ... by MartynTS on 08.03.2012
Queen search for mystery Knebworth rock baby - Yes there was a death. I've heard several versions... by MartynTS on 08.03.2012
"Complete" Queen(related) concert-collection on Mediafire.com - Thanks so much! I can't imagine how much work you ... by MartynTS on 08.03.2012
RE-ANNOUNCE: Queen at Morumbi Stadium 03/20/1981 FLAC with interviews - any seeders out there?... by MartynTS on 03.03.2012
oakland 82 upgrade speed correction? - I would also be very appreciative if anyone could ... by MartynTS on 03.03.2012