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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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ANNOUNCE: Definitive Sao Paulo 1981 - Wardour-366 - I noticed something interesting in the DJ Intro tr... by MJDSQ on 23.01.2020
Queen & Paul Rodgers 2006-03-17 Buffalo, NY FLAC/AUD (New Source) - Thanks a lot. Dragon Attack is brilliant ... Brian... by MJDSQ on 25.08.2019
New documentary - I liked the documentary ... there are some nice bi... by MJDSQ on 01.05.2019
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Las Vegas 2018 - Day 5 (Sep 8th) - Thanks for sharing. The quality of this recording ... by MJDSQ on 14.09.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Las Vegas 2018 - Day 4 (Sep 7th) - Thank you very much for sharing. I attended both t... by MJDSQ on 14.09.2018
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert - Las Vegas 2018 - Day 4 (Sep 7th) - Thank you very much for sharing. I attended both t... by MJDSQ on 14.09.2018
Full Bohemian Rhapsody trailer - A Queen biopic is an impossible task ... too many ... by MJDSQ on 15.05.2018
We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions (Raw Takes) - Simply amazing. I could hear Freddie singing the a... by MJDSQ on 06.10.2017
Live Mini Concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live - Pretty tight ... Here's I WANT IT ALL as shown on ... by MJDSQ on 23.06.2017
Want to hear something really good? - I'm curious to know what is it :-) ... by MJDSQ on 09.10.2016
Queen: On Air (Pre-order now available) - I remember a time when we didn't have any new rele... by MJDSQ on 29.09.2016
Queen + Adam Lambert / Barcelona 22/05/2016 - my YT vids - Great vids. Great concert. Thanks!... by MJDSQ on 23.05.2016
ANNOUNCE: QUEEN Live in Brazil 1981 DVD (Short version - Upgrade) - Amazing share. Thank you very much.... by MJDSQ on 08.04.2016
Hyde Park 1976 early QTV logo version (raw audio > flac) sample - Thank you very much Ghostwithasmile. I've been lis... by MJDSQ on 15.03.2016
QUEEN + A.Lambert LIVE IN POLAND Krakow 21.02.2015 DVD multicam+2CD set - Uow...great quality. Brian killed in Dragon Attack... by MJDSQ on 22.02.2016
Bri/Rog with Procol Harum - Brian's playing is so amazing! I can hear it all d... by MJDSQ on 08.01.2016
CLTCL - Bristol 1979 (clean up) - Great job. Love John's bass line. Is this the only... by MJDSQ on 03.10.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert 2015-09-25 Buenos Aires (HD webstream rip) - Thanks Terraj. The HD streaming is very nice despi... by MJDSQ on 03.10.2015
Queen + AL Argentina GEBA - Live audio webcast FM streaming - Lambert is spectacular in WWTLF .... Brian nailed ... by MJDSQ on 25.09.2015
Announce: Queen + Adam Lambert Rock in Rio 2015-09-18 (AOL Webrip 720p) - Yes, thank you. The show wasn't perfect (issues in... by MJDSQ on 19.09.2015
(PHOTOS) - Queen + AL - 16-09-2015, São Paulo - Amazing photos...Are you a professional photograph... by MJDSQ on 17.09.2015
The Miracle - That's the Magic about Queen...A couple years ago ... by MJDSQ on 06.08.2015
Hammersmith 75 - That's right. We've been waiting for ages for 70s ... by MJDSQ on 31.07.2015
Concerts For The People of Kampuchea [2015 edition] - Thanks pittrek. Amazing sharing.... by MJDSQ on 20.03.2015
A Kind of Magic - 2015 - Solos - Brian fukn May...Amazing!!!... by MJDSQ on 04.03.2015
Hyde park Sweet Lady 16mm film - Guys, was the full Hyde Park concert recorded in 1... by MJDSQ on 28.02.2015
The state of Queen today - Those who like the original line up can watch the ... by MJDSQ on 12.01.2015
ANNOUNCE: Queen+Adam Lambert: Rock Big Ben Live (2014-12-31) HD720p Webrip - UOWW...Thanks terraj... by MJDSQ on 02.01.2015
ANNOUNCE: Queen+Adam Lambert: Rock Big Ben Live (2014-12-31) HD720p Webrip - Thanks Terraj....Guys, are the BBC online access n... by MJDSQ on 02.01.2015
QUEEN LIVE AT BIG BEN LINK - Great concert...too many complaints really. We sho... by MJDSQ on 31.12.2014
Soundcheck for the New Years Eve concert.....very interesting! - Great show...Very nice addition of Killer Queen be... by MJDSQ on 31.12.2014
Helene Fischer Show - ZDF (German TV) 25.12.2014 20.15 - Both songs are in youtube. I want it all: https:/... by MJDSQ on 19.12.2014
best version of now im here - Hammy 79...Both Brian and Freddie are on fire! Unb... by MJDSQ on 19.12.2014
Queen Forever in Holland documentary 2014 - Thanks for sharing. Are English subtitles availabl... by MJDSQ on 03.12.2014
May & Ellis Live In Paris 2013 "We Will Rock You" & "The Kissing Me Song" - Amazing! I remember a time when I would die to see... by MJDSQ on 17.10.2014
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert: Summer Sonic Osaka (2014-08-16) IEM+Aud MP3 - Amazing Share. Thanks from Australia!... by MJDSQ on 11.10.2014
Best Quality Live Killers CD - I have the Toshiba EMI release (2004 I think) and ... by MJDSQ on 23.09.2012
You don't Fool Me guitar solo - Interesting. That solo has always being one of my ... by MJDSQ on 21.09.2012
Hugarian Rhapsody - Its a shame that so many people could not enjoy th... by MJDSQ on 21.09.2012
ANNOUNCE: Edited 2012-07-03 Moscow Show - Beautiful. Thanks.... by MJDSQ on 23.08.2012
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Adam Lambert, Hammersmith, July 12th 2012-DVD9 - YOUTUBE - Great work. Thanks.... by MJDSQ on 23.08.2012
Queen Interview, what is Freddie saying? - I really liked this one. Its interesting to see Jo... by MJDSQ on 18.06.2012
Queen The Complete Chord Songbook - Great. Thanks...... by MJDSQ on 09.06.2012
DVD-Announce: Guest appearance Brian May 19-05-1998 London - I came hare just to thank you mate. How amazing is... by MJDSQ on 07.06.2012
Opening Number - Queen Extravaganza (Somebody To Love) American Idol 2012 - I have to say that I was great. I was very resista... by MJDSQ on 26.04.2012
Boycott the new 'Queen' shows... - Brian and Roger are the reasons that most people k... by MJDSQ on 12.04.2012
Brian May Documentary - Very nice Job. I really enjoyed this. Brian is... by MJDSQ on 01.03.2012
Live Download 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers - Maybe this link is still on http://www.mediafire.c... by MJDSQ on 20.01.2012
Live Download 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers - Thank you very much. You made my day. All the Bes... by MJDSQ on 20.01.2012
Live Download 2005 Queen + Paul Rodgers - Thanks bootLuca, I`ve been looking for these track... by MJDSQ on 20.01.2012
Brian + Roger + Adam Lambert @ EMA 2011 - That was great. Its amazing to see Brian in such a... by MJDSQ on 06.11.2011
Freddie was honored in the opening of the Rock in Rio 2011 - I care, as well as many others that believe in the... by MJDSQ on 27.09.2011