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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'LowSammy'

Miracle/Innuendo - Does anyone know which individual members actually... by LowSammy on 06.02.2005

51 posts by user 'LowSammy'

A New Game 2 - Sleeping with the Enemy- Julia Roberts oh wait...... by LowSammy on 12.03.2005
My Cat - My cat will be one year old next month. I am so a... by LowSammy on 12.03.2005
My new nick... - I like it. I say keep it. I say alot of things t... by LowSammy on 12.03.2005
Does anyone else feel 'betrayed' by John? - When I'm old and it's time for me to retire, I hop... by LowSammy on 12.03.2005
A New Game!! - Shut up and kiss me- Mary Chapin Carpenter... by LowSammy on 11.03.2005
A New Game!! - Joey- Concrete Blonde... by LowSammy on 10.03.2005
Kick Michael Jackson Out Of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? - That was pretty funny.... by LowSammy on 10.03.2005
Queen songs in "Ella Enchanted" and "Shaun of the Dead" - Shaun of the Dead plays "Don't Stop Me Now&qu... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
RICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!(petition thing) - YOU HAVE MY VOTE, JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Richard... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
Glenn Frey a Queen fan? - I think it's "Fweddie"... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
Which song is not a hit to you?? - Body Language, but only after I figured out it has... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
Brians emotional songs - My favorite is "Leaving Home Aint Easy".... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
I have a spare ticket for Q+PR Rotterdam concert - Anyone interested? - TheMir@cle, I don't think your dog would want to e... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
Queen in the USA - I agree. If there's a US tour, I will be attendin... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
to freddie - Please tell John to come back.... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
what meaning does this have? - I think it was John's, signifying that he would no... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
A New Game!! - Here, There, And Everywhere- The Beatles... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
A New Game!! - Now I'm Here- Queen... by LowSammy on 09.03.2005
A New Game!! - Little Deuce Coupe- Beach Boys... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
A New Game!! - Long Cool Woman- Hollies... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
ROCK IT (prime Jive) - I see what you're saying. I like it, though.... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
What u listening to.....? - Action This Day- Queen- Hot Space... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
help please - I guess my favorite from Queen II is Seven Seas Of... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
worst queen song - Body Language Machines Don't Lose Your Head My ... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
help please - My personal opinion is: I wouldn't put either o... by LowSammy on 08.03.2005
The word "little"... - What if "C-A-T" really spelled "DOG... by LowSammy on 06.03.2005
The Weirdest Queen Song - I agree with March Of The Black Queen. Does anyon... by LowSammy on 05.03.2005
Freddie look-a-like!!! 98 % match!! - Fuck you stupid ape? The funniest thing about tha... by LowSammy on 05.03.2005
Freddie look-a-like!!! 98 % match!! - Did anyone actually read ALL of that last post?... by LowSammy on 04.03.2005
Girl trouble - Maybe build her a cake or something.... by LowSammy on 02.03.2005
No Subject - I know where there's a dead racoon.... by LowSammy on 02.03.2005
Guild Red Special - Ebay is the only place I have seen them. I would ... by LowSammy on 25.02.2005
Question of all questions?? - Where was Robbie Williams?... by LowSammy on 25.02.2005
.....what about a song where Freddie doesn't sing?? - I think Brian did and excellent job on Sail Away S... by LowSammy on 25.02.2005
Who would you choose??? - Singer- Paul Rodgers Guitar- Eric Clapton Bass- ... by LowSammy on 23.02.2005
Can some one explain? - A built-in remedy For Kruschev and Kennedy As ... by LowSammy on 22.02.2005
Top 5 Queen Videos - These Are The Days Of Our Lives Radio Ga Ga I W... by LowSammy on 21.02.2005
Please your favorite to least favorite Queen albums. - Isn't it funny how everybody's favorite band is th... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
Synthesisers - It was "The Game" that they started usin... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
Sheer Heart Attack - Or why Bohemian Rhapsody isn't on A Night At The O... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
where is john deacon? - I think he's doing the impossible....enjoying life... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
The Leader and Mastermind.... - I agree with Lester, too. John was absolutely the... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
Brian@the brits - I have to work 55 hours a week to support me and m... by LowSammy on 20.02.2005
Can Any Body Give Me All The Albums Ever Done By Queen Pleasr :) - True Dat... by LowSammy on 18.02.2005
QUEEN BUBBLEGUM CARDS - I see them on Ebay all the time.... by LowSammy on 17.02.2005
Caption time! - Time to try out my new "butt mic".... by LowSammy on 13.02.2005
Where and why did Queen lose their ambition? - "The Night Comes Down", "Misfire&qu... by LowSammy on 10.02.2005
Freddiee mercury - You spelled "Freddie" and "ready&qu... by LowSammy on 06.02.2005
Crap Covers - I really can't stand Metallica's version of Stone ... by LowSammy on 06.02.2005
Miracle/Innuendo - Perfect! Thank you so much. I agree on "My ... by LowSammy on 06.02.2005
Miracle/Innuendo - Does anyone know which individual members actually... by LowSammy on 06.02.2005