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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Lara'

"We feel the last time Queen performed was in 1986(...)" - "We feel the last time Queen performed was in 1986... by Lara on 04.01.2004

42 posts by user 'Lara'

Happy Birthday JOHN DEACON! - No fuckin' wonder.... :( Isn't Brian just a bo... by Lara on 21.08.2006
honoring Freddie on Nov 24th - ...and?! How was it?! Could you please share s... by Lara on 25.11.2005
24th November 2005 - I'm gonna take a day off from work and get a certa... by Lara on 29.10.2005
How old is Spike Edney? - who cares? what's the difference? ... by Lara on 19.06.2005
Brian May had a CAR ACCIDENT late this night!!!!!!!!!! - FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU STUPID FUCK,WILL YOU? ... by Lara on 03.04.2005
Do we f**king own them...? - why?... by Lara on 17.01.2005
john's house?? - We enjoy his privacy either ...(snear)... by Lara on 13.01.2005
ASK BRIAN MAY - Yes,we must admit, he's very good at this... by Lara on 15.12.2004
John and Freddie's last Days - It was just a quotation of what I was told the day... by Lara on 15.12.2004
Do we f**king own them...? - Powrzeszczales sobie ? :) You're f.. damn right,F... by Lara on 14.12.2004
Do we f**king own them...? - Yeah!! FENDEREK FOR PRESIDENT!!... by Lara on 14.12.2004
Bizarre Queenonline.com news quote - I think someone screwed up the writing of that one... by Lara on 14.12.2004
Do we f**king own them...? - To nie tak.Mam gdzies polityczna poprawnosc.Nienaw... by Lara on 14.12.2004
If not Queen, choose a name for Brian and Roger to use - BOSSY TART&HIS SLAVE... by Lara on 14.12.2004
John and Freddie's last Days - Good question runner, although everyone in here ar... by Lara on 14.12.2004
Your Birthdays - I was born 24th Nov 1991 ...... by Lara on 18.11.2004
John Deacon - eee... I truly enjoy this topic ...but I'm afr... by Lara on 11.10.2004
John Deacon - Deaky ghost! It's impossible to thank you enough ... by Lara on 08.10.2004
I've been speaking to Freddie again. - ..comedic genius for f... sake?! It was to be cyn... by Lara on 28.09.2004
Most underrated John Deacon song? - most underrated?... hmm...,i think "Who n... by Lara on 31.08.2004
A nice Birthday message................. - I'll tell you why Rog did not received his own B-m... by Lara on 24.08.2004
Happy birthday John - Damn,how I wish to get drunk with John The Great,b... by Lara on 19.08.2004
Happy Brithday Deaky! - 20 YEARS OLDER?! and have you seen Roger? If John... by Lara on 19.08.2004
Is John Sexy? - DRAGONZFLAME,he is my dad indeed ...yyyyyy...at he... by Lara on 23.06.2004
Perfect web sites devoted ONLY to Rog - Roger Taylor...? hmmm....you naughthy you,Jed! ... by Lara on 26.04.2004
The inside story... - Hi Jim, you love our comments and letters bu... by Lara on 13.04.2004
Brian and Roger using the name Queen. - That's Brian who's on blame!!! He's STUBBORN,SE... by Lara on 31.03.2004
Freddie in Munich - eeee......... jak to do Polski?Wybacz,¿e gupio py... by Lara on 18.03.2004
Who is the stupidest Queen fan here? - Brian May. ...or maybe he's only the most wicke... by Lara on 17.03.2004
My Apology Concerning John... - it's Ok... by Lara on 15.03.2004
Queen II - splandid!one of my favourite,along with Innuando.T... by Lara on 10.03.2004
Brian's address? - Don't you realize what you are asking for? or m... by Lara on 09.03.2004
John the most underrated Queen member??? - Maybe John's underrated because he wants to be un... by Lara on 26.02.2004
Freddie's death - gosh,this little girl is truly f...ed up!! now... by Lara on 11.02.2004
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure... - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure sounds very Freddie t... by Lara on 10.02.2004
"We feel the last time Queen performed was in 1986(...)" - "We feel the last time Queen performed was in 1986... by Lara on 04.01.2004
Bomi Bulsara - RIP,Bomi. :( Tell Fred we keep thinking of him.... by Lara on 30.12.2003
Jimmy May?? - Jimmy studied biology though I had no idea it wa... by Lara on 15.12.2003
Jimmy May?? - Jimmy studied biology though I had no idea it wa... by Lara on 15.12.2003
Where is John Deacon? - I do admire John's great inteligence and his obvio... by Lara on 14.12.2003
Garden Lodge-a tourist attraction? - Having great respect to all of you, guys,please,l... by Lara on 05.12.2003
Freddie - miss you here,a lot. So do you,John? Do you miss... by Lara on 24.11.2003