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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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8 discussions started by 'Johan'

No Subject - bugger wrong button again ... by Johan on 29.08.2006
No Subject - by Johan on 18.08.2006
No Subject - Please delete:)... by Johan on 03.06.2006
No Subject - Please note that I am not ungratefull, because I a... by Johan on 09.01.2006
No Subject - I'll be there as well. Together with a friend of m... by Johan on 06.03.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - WHAAAA, I've bought tickets. So it seems that I wi... by Johan on 31.01.2005
No Subject - by Johan on 18.01.2005
No Subject - by Johan on 17.10.2004

88 posts by user 'Johan'

Under Pressure RAH mix question - Very cool. Thanks!... by Johan on 03.10.2019
Flash and the hero from Rock Montreal. Video. - I believe I read or heard somewhere that those 2 s... by Johan on 18.10.2014
One Year of Love (Demo) - Great share, thank you. Very interesting to hear. ... by Johan on 10.06.2013
... - I had not seen this until now. Great share, many, ... by Johan on 10.06.2013
... - Oops ... by Johan on 10.06.2013
... - I had not seen this until now. Great share, many, ... by Johan on 10.06.2013
Why CLTCL instead of AOBTD at Live Aid? - So you feel that doing a song about "biting the du... by Johan on 27.08.2012
Brian confirms more Queen work - I do not want piss on anyones parade here, but cou... by Johan on 14.06.2010
Brian May to Holland - I don't believe there are tickets on sale for the ... by Johan on 08.06.2010
Brian May to Holland - I think the premiere for WWRY NL is actually on th... by Johan on 07.06.2010
Q&A With Roger Taylor - Oh... It has been asked, it probably just didn't g... by Johan on 19.03.2010
QPR : Ahoy Rotterdam 7th of October - Wow! Just arrived back home from Rotterdam, it wa... by Johan on 07.10.2008
Where do you rank Comos Rocks? - 1. Queen II 2. Innuendo 3. Made In Heaven 4. Th... by Johan on 18.09.2008
Cosmos Rockin' (Complete Lyrics) - It reminded me of KISS when I read the lyrics for ... by Johan on 15.08.2008
Queen - The Ark - Calleth You Cometh I? - Is this some kind of mash-up mix or so? I'm curren... by Johan on 14.08.2008
New Q+PR song sample?? - I thought I would have been the only one think... by Johan on 14.04.2008
Queen + Paul Rodgers in Rotterdam 2008 TICKET - Yes it is.... by Johan on 07.04.2008
Multitrack Updates - .... by Johan on 25.02.2008
UNRELEASED: Skip Demos - Many thanks for this brilliant share!! Very cool.... by Johan on 02.09.2007
ANNOUNCE - The Call - Very nice share! Brilliant, thanks!... by Johan on 01.09.2007
Too Much Love Will Kill You - Remix the DUET 2007! - I miss the Red Special guitar solo, the best thing... by Johan on 18.03.2007
Releasing Queen dvds in 4:3 a big mistake - I believe the We Will Rock You 81 concert was shot... by Johan on 19.01.2007
Announce: 2 Videos WWRY-The Musical (London Cast) ProShot DVD - Nice one! I'll be waiting for it!... by Johan on 15.01.2007
queen 2007 tour rumour - Where does he say that...?... by Johan on 07.01.2007
Queen + Paul Rodgers CD could be a Double-Album! - Anymore details or news?... by Johan on 05.12.2006
John's relation with Queen - now. - So please, enlight us...... by Johan on 06.11.2006
Watch video of Lynn Carey Saylor ft. Brian May: We Belong - I really like this song, nice and powerfull with s... by Johan on 16.10.2006
Princes Of The Universe ->LIVE - no.... by Johan on 11.10.2006
We Are The Champions (Orchestral Fickle Mix) - I really like these orchestral mixes! Great stuff,... by Johan on 06.09.2006
Play The Game (Fickle Orchestral Version) - I really like it, could you do some more mixes of ... by Johan on 29.08.2006
No Subject - bugger wrong button again ... by Johan on 29.08.2006
BEAT THE RAPID SHARE 70 SECOND COUNTDOWN - It does not work.... by Johan on 26.08.2006
yeah this guy played Bass instead of John during one Vision - Yeah, the two greatest things in one commercial. Q... by Johan on 18.08.2006
Brian May:YoungStratMan is not telling the truthm, there was no booing! - Why not let him use it on his Soapbox but use ... by Johan on 16.08.2006
Brian, Rog and Paul to hit the studio in October (confirmed) - I do not think they will be recording a full album... by Johan on 16.08.2006
Roger Shepherds Bush Empire 1994 - I would be even better to upload it to a newsg... by Johan on 05.08.2006
Mr.Roboto - Yeah, why was he thrown out, I've never been a... by Johan on 01.08.2006
Brian and Roger - after shows. - Yeah, they'll be annoyed and nervous because t... by Johan on 23.07.2006
Announce: Who wants to live forever ('After Forever' cover) - This is a very good cover, I really like it.... by Johan on 14.07.2006
No Subject - Smitty this is once again brilliant! Thanks Mate!!... by Johan on 05.07.2006
No Subject - yeah, Disc 1 finished downloading just now! Thanks... by Johan on 04.07.2006
This sounds like Freddies Piano playing - Dear God, this is just bloody awful!... by Johan on 01.07.2006
ANNOUNCE: My plan for the Live Killers DVD Special (Smitty's final gift) - Briliant idea! I'll be waiting for it...... by Johan on 24.06.2006
No Subject - Please delete:)... by Johan on 03.06.2006
ANNOUNCE: Funny How Love Is FULL take 5 INSTRUMENTAL DEMO - Thanks for this brilliant gem!... by Johan on 30.03.2006
Headlong Demo complete in flac quality - Fake or not, thanks to the people who make this po... by Johan on 09.01.2006
No Subject - Please note that I am not ungratefull, because I a... by Johan on 09.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR at Saitama Super Arena 27/10/2005 - VIDEO - Wow, brilliant! Thanks for this!! :D... by Johan on 08.01.2006
brian may red special - The one with the 6 pence is THE red special! :... by Johan on 03.09.2005
setlist and infos for ARNHEM here! - Indeed. It was the same setlist as the other t... by Johan on 10.07.2005
Hype park concert - will it be cancelled? - They should go ahead with it.... by Johan on 07.07.2005
Justin and Dan to join Queen + PR??? - It would be so f*cking great to see them live with... by Johan on 04.07.2005
announce:whishing well from hamburg - Thanks man!! I'm very anxious to hear this!... by Johan on 29.04.2005
Antwerp Concert - hehe, I don't mind and I'm Dutch and will atte... by Johan on 17.04.2005
which tunes should be dropped, which should be addded - I think Brians solo should be kept, as well as Las... by Johan on 08.04.2005
Soundcheck Queen tour 2005 - I doubt they played The Miracle and Breakthru ... by Johan on 05.04.2005
Okay, so John won't play anymore... - I just can't see this happen, even if pope won... by Johan on 01.04.2005
The gig in Rome will be cancelled? - So what if the pope dies...... by Johan on 01.04.2005
Songs that weren't played at Brixton, but should be played on the tour - They should definitly keep Lost Horizon, I think i... by Johan on 29.03.2005
Brixton - The Hitman would be so cool!! I think this is ... by Johan on 27.03.2005
Brian Vs Billy Sloan RE: Scotland - well, he certainly scores a point with this on... by Johan on 20.03.2005
46664 Fancourt WebCast - where do I go and click??? - Anyone any idea who drummed during Ga Ga as Roger ... by Johan on 19.03.2005
No Subject - I'll be there as well. Together with a friend of m... by Johan on 06.03.2005
Background Vocals - GO GO Rien!!:P... by Johan on 06.03.2005
breaking news on special announcement!!!!! - I would like to believe you, but I can't.... by Johan on 07.02.2005
The start of every concert. - AMEN!!... by Johan on 06.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - So True...... by Johan on 02.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - Yeah!! Like the old days, when Vlaanderen was ... by Johan on 01.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - hmm, ok then. Sorry!! ;)... by Johan on 01.02.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - Well, I don't think I will come near any alcoh... by Johan on 31.01.2005
Bought Tickets for Antwerpen - WHAAAA, I've bought tickets. So it seems that I wi... by Johan on 31.01.2005
Tour planned wrong!? - I believe this has to do with the musical. I think... by Johan on 31.01.2005
Rotterdam 2nd show ????? - I've sent an email as well. Nice to see that he co... by Johan on 30.01.2005
Will Paul play piano? - A quote from QOL Forum Administrator: "... by Johan on 23.01.2005
Brian's New Guitar line - So, in a way, Brians company have bought the r... by Johan on 02.01.2005
Tony Parsons Daily Mirror (20/12/04) - At least the guy is right about U2...... by Johan on 22.12.2004
Queen and Paul Rodgers? It seems for real this time! - If this is true, it sucks...... by Johan on 22.11.2004
The Miracle Tour(reply to a similar Topic... what if's) - Wow, I envy your imagination...what a cool story!:... by Johan on 21.11.2004
Were There Ever Any Songs That Queen Never Performed Live? - Machines was only played on tape, MOTHP & ... by Johan on 28.08.2004
MWAHAHA! I just edited the crap out of this! - "Well, there wasn't much of a physical state ... by Johan on 28.06.2004
Chinese Democracy and Queen - I once heard on live version of Sail Away Sweet Si... by Johan on 28.06.2004
Queen medley at René Froger in ArenA Amsterdam - the Netherlands - I've just seen the Queen Medley, and I think it wa... by Johan on 06.06.2004
my Queen quiz! - Too bad I already got both audiofiles somewhere on... by Johan on 31.03.2004
Radio Show CDs are now CDRs ? - I think he ripped you off and burned the CD himsel... by Johan on 30.03.2004
Queen digital remastered CDs - I must be crazy or something, because I have just ... by Johan on 09.02.2004
Queen At Knebworth DVD - I think they said they only had footage of We Are ... by Johan on 22.01.2004
Roger's not old.... - Can you remember the URL of that site??... by Johan on 12.01.2004
Radio listeners in the Netherlands prove again that Queen still rocks! - In the Dutch newspaper I read Boh Rap was listed a... by Johan on 24.12.2003