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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Hikara'

No Subject - edit:>_> this was accidental and I don't know how ... by Hikara on 26.07.2008

38 posts by user 'Hikara'

Does Brian... - Interesting info. Your link doesn't work though. :... by Hikara on 21.10.2008
Does Brian... - Sorry for replying to a slightly old topic but I w... by Hikara on 20.10.2008
Champions Queen return in glory - Most likely. Unfortunately. ... by Hikara on 18.10.2008
? Brian May Guitars - The cheapest I've seen his guitars sold (the Signa... by Hikara on 13.10.2008
Love! - Hmm...love can indeed be a very good thing. U... by Hikara on 03.10.2008
Poll: Who is the best song writer of Queen? - I personally like Brian's songs the most. Don't ca... by Hikara on 03.10.2008
Poll: Sexiest Queen member in 1986? - Brian. Brian. Brian. Brian. o.o Freddie in the... by Hikara on 27.09.2008
Why do I do the tings I do? - I second that, Sergei.... by Hikara on 21.09.2008
The Cosmos Rocks: YAY or NAY (A Vote) - Yay!... by Hikara on 21.09.2008
What song are you listening to part 5 - The Prophet's Song - Queen... by Hikara on 16.09.2008
Most stupid lyrics ever - How could you not when talking about bad lyric... by Hikara on 15.09.2008
Letter to Paul - Add me - Kirsten. I'm really happy Queen is act... by Hikara on 15.09.2008
MCR Appreciation Thread! - MCR is a pretty good band, they have some very int... by Hikara on 13.09.2008
Queen say 'Wear Condoms' - Stupid double posts...... by Hikara on 13.09.2008
Queen say 'Wear Condoms' - Brian's cute like that...^_^... by Hikara on 13.09.2008
The Large Hadron Collider is on... - Every time I read it it's like I get dyslexic fo... by Hikara on 13.09.2008
Queen and Paul Rodgers To rock the Ukraine - Lol, you stole my response! Oh well, I snooze,... by Hikara on 13.09.2008
The "We Got The Cosmos Rockin'!" Random Thoughts Thread - Noooooo! It isn't true! It can't be!... by Hikara on 07.09.2008
Q+PR to his America "early 2009" - I really, really, really hope they come to the Sta... by Hikara on 05.09.2008
At least Brian admitted he's a hypocrite ;-) - O.o I like your crazy thoughts. ... by Hikara on 05.09.2008
Happy Birthday Freddie! - Happy birthday to the wonderful Freddie. :)... by Hikara on 05.09.2008
6 Terrifying Things They Don't You About Childbirth - Agreed. I have plenty of friends who know ... by Hikara on 24.08.2008
What song are you listening to??? Part 4 - Poison-Alice Cooper... by Hikara on 19.08.2008
Classic Rock Band Battle Game - The Who: 44 AC/DC: 22 Pink Floyd: 40 SAVE Aero... by Hikara on 15.08.2008
What actor would you like to see play Freddie? - Agreed on that. That's what it always makes me t... by Hikara on 15.08.2008
Happy Birthday Jessica (KillerQueen840) - Happy Birthday person I don't know! ^_^ And a h... by Hikara on 13.08.2008
Michael Phelps is God - Sorry, Weird Al Yankovic is God. Or was it that he... by Hikara on 13.08.2008
Queen wallpaper- Princes of the Universe - Ooh, I like it. ^_^... by Hikara on 10.08.2008
Classic Rock Band Battle Game - The Who: 32 AC/DC: 30 Pink Floyd: 30 Aerosmith... by Hikara on 06.08.2008
Who is the most charmingly-smiling man on earth? - Hmm...I say John Barrowman. http://john-barrowman... by Hikara on 03.08.2008
Final Artwork is here - Damn...I was kind of expecting better from them. M... by Hikara on 03.08.2008
I Can Has Cheezburger - I love this site. ^_^ I submitted a bunch of lols ... by Hikara on 31.07.2008
No Subject - edit:>_> this was accidental and I don't know how ... by Hikara on 26.07.2008
Why is it that White Comedians Aren't Funny??? - Ditto. Plus I actually do find Jeff Foxworthy ... by Hikara on 25.07.2008
Brian is Losing it - FriedChicken>Awesome. And to the topic sta... by Hikara on 25.07.2008
Brians rants.... - Everyone complains...he just puts it where people ... by Hikara on 23.07.2008
I'm such a loser that... - I'm such a loser for caring about people's feeling... by Hikara on 21.07.2008
Clean Joke Time - Walking up to a department store's fabric counter,... by Hikara on 17.07.2008