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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'Guild84BHM1'

Satriani cites May's tone as the one you can't mistake for anyone else - http://www.guitarplayer.com/artist-videos/1436/joe... by Guild84BHM1 on 18.10.2016
Anyone know? - Where was Freddie's New York City apartment during... by Guild84BHM1 on 15.07.2007

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QAL live in Bologna - multicamera video - Can someone please seed or put on Mega? Thanks.... by Guild84BHM1 on 06.01.2018
Satriani cites May's tone as the one you can't mistake for anyone else - http://www.guitarplayer.com/artist-videos/1436/joe... by Guild84BHM1 on 18.10.2016
QUEEN + A.L. LIVE IN POLAND Krakow 2015 2 x DVD (WALL SCREEN & BRIAN CAMs) - Happy to be the 1st to say thank you!... by Guild84BHM1 on 30.05.2016
One Vision ('Extended Intro' Edit) - I know this is an old thread. This link no longer ... by Guild84BHM1 on 16.09.2013
Liar and Stone Cold Crazy Live at the Rainbow 1974 Bonus Videos - It's also unfortunate that this is an edited versi... by Guild84BHM1 on 19.05.2011
Announce as torrent : Tokyo 14 April 1979 - Bootleg Race - I'd like to be first to say Thank You!... by Guild84BHM1 on 12.01.2011
QUEEN ON TOUR 1974-1979 DVD SNOW PRODUCCIONES - Hello, I'd like to be the first to say thank you... by Guild84BHM1 on 19.08.2010
Announce as torrent : Bristol 23 May 1977 - Medieval Queen - I'd like to be first to say THANKS!!!... by Guild84BHM1 on 18.07.2010
Greatest MSG Concert in the 70's? Definitely Queen! - I saw them at Nassau Coliseum in 1978 and the Gard... by Guild84BHM1 on 05.11.2009
Announce as torrent : Okayama 28 April 1975 with hiss reduction - I'd like to be the first to say THANKS! ... by Guild84BHM1 on 05.09.2009
See What I Fool I've Been - Here's the song on youtube for those that want to ... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.09.2009
Announce : Uniondale 19 November 1978 FLAC - Thank you! This was my very first Queen concert! ... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.03.2009
A Quick Question About Freddie - I believe this is the type of mic he used live for... by Guild84BHM1 on 10.02.2009
Buenos Aires (Live Today!) - Yes. It stopped for me too after Seagull. ... by Guild84BHM1 on 21.11.2008
ANNOUNCE: QPR - Hannover Oct. 4th 2008 (FLAC master) - Thank you. The torrent is working. ... by Guild84BHM1 on 08.11.2008
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers NJ 2005 DVD - Disc 1 - Same here. Please seed.... by Guild84BHM1 on 21.09.2008
Announce on QZ Tracker - Rotterdam 17 May 1977 FLAC - I'd like to be the first to say thank you!... by Guild84BHM1 on 09.09.2008
Staying Power USA 7" Single - I found a Japanese one: http://www.pcpki.com/cg... by Guild84BHM1 on 11.06.2008
One Night of Queen - I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Thought they wer... by Guild84BHM1 on 11.04.2008
ZURICH ’78 - April 30 1978 (FLAC) - Torrent please?... by Guild84BHM1 on 11.04.2008
Almost Queen is better than One Night of Queen and i'll tell you why.... - I wasn't too impressed with Almost Queen's guitari... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.04.2008
Greatest memories of Queen... - I grew up in the states. Queen were cool in the 70... by Guild84BHM1 on 31.03.2008
ANNOUNCE:28.07.1982 Madison Square Garden flac. - Hey thanks for this. I was at one of these shows a... by Guild84BHM1 on 29.03.2008
Is this official? - This was released originally on VHS as Queen Final... by Guild84BHM1 on 24.02.2008
What the...... - Met him in NYC 1982 during an instore appearance.... by Guild84BHM1 on 13.02.2008
Have you ever meet the band members ?? - I met all of them in 1982 at Crazy Eddie's record ... by Guild84BHM1 on 12.02.2008
We will rock you video - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B00005MKNX... by Guild84BHM1 on 23.11.2007
1973.11.17 Liverpool - master - Love the early shows. Thanks!... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.11.2007
Wooooooooho Innuendo...wooooooooohoooooo!! - If you have a computer you could take the CD and c... by Guild84BHM1 on 29.10.2007
Announce: Queen Done Under Pressure 1986 FLAC - Same here. Please someone seed. I am also at 90%.... by Guild84BHM1 on 15.10.2007
Guitar - for guitarists - I would have to agree with Adam. I had been on an ... by Guild84BHM1 on 05.10.2007
new queen and paul rogers tour - I saw them on Long Island and they had blacked out... by Guild84BHM1 on 29.07.2007
Anyone know? - Thanks. That helps!... by Guild84BHM1 on 17.07.2007
Anyone know? - Where was Freddie's New York City apartment during... by Guild84BHM1 on 15.07.2007
Announce : Uris Theatre New York, 7 May 1974 FLAC - Thanks for this. Love the early shows.... by Guild84BHM1 on 25.02.2007
Weird collectibles - That's great! Sorry to hear it was stolen. Do ... by Guild84BHM1 on 31.01.2007
Weird collectibles - Mine is red ser #0120 . This is an early model... by Guild84BHM1 on 31.01.2007
Weird collectibles - Yes Boy Thomas, I am an original owner.... by Guild84BHM1 on 30.01.2007
Weird collectibles - How about the WWRY truck? I bought one for my kid.... by Guild84BHM1 on 30.01.2007
Optima Strings company - It's been mentioned that they also last longer tha... by Guild84BHM1 on 06.01.2007
Optima Strings company - Here you go... http://astrings.co.uk/... by Guild84BHM1 on 06.01.2007
Announce:Queen Live East Rutherford USA 8.9.82 FLAC - Nummer2, I believe this is the show where Brian... by Guild84BHM1 on 06.12.2006
Innuendo-Live. - They did do it live at the Freddie tribute. Robert... by Guild84BHM1 on 17.10.2006
Re:Announce Uniondale 77 Video MPEG-4 - Can someone reseed this or please put on Rapidshar... by Guild84BHM1 on 19.09.2006
Is There Any 1 Who Was At Any Of Queens 70s Gigs - United States: Nassau Coliseum 1978 Madison Squar... by Guild84BHM1 on 09.08.2006
Favourite Queen Guitar Solo - Prophet's Song... by Guild84BHM1 on 25.06.2006
Annouce: November 16, 1978 MSG, New York...for al l you FLAC fans - Can somebody torrent this?... by Guild84BHM1 on 26.05.2006
QPR Ahoy 2005 FBG Brian with his green special - Allow me to be the first to say: THANKS!... by Guild84BHM1 on 13.05.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen Long Island (Nassau) 19-11-1978 - This was my first ever concert. Thanks for this. N... by Guild84BHM1 on 05.05.2006
Q+PR Sell Out Watch - It appears Nassau Coliseum is very sluggish. There... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.01.2006
What shows are you attending? - Nassau Coliseum... by Guild84BHM1 on 01.01.2006