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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Griffin'

Funny little doodle - http://rapidshare.com/files/106543248/7 One Night ... by Griffin on 11.04.2008

112 posts by user 'Griffin'

Favourite 'Freddie Talks To Audience' Quote - something like 'put this one in your dirty address... by Griffin on 05.04.2009
Ku Klux Klan opens New Georgia Chapter - [img=/images/smiley/msn/teeth_smile.gif][/img] ne... by Griffin on 26.01.2009
Opening vocal effect in 'You Don't Fool Me' - young hearts are melting/only phoenix survives ... by Griffin on 25.01.2009
Bohemian Rhapsody is equal to... - ...a pint of Guinness perfectly poured by a superm... by Griffin on 28.12.2008
Favorite Songs From Other Bands... - the Cult -- Rise, Peace Dog ... by Griffin on 14.12.2008
Queen Singles Collection - Box 1 - frank39 -- excellent point about the other box set... by Griffin on 05.12.2008
Fav Queen Love song - You're My Best Friend ... by Griffin on 29.11.2008
the REAL news of the world.. - the Somali pirates seem to be against global warmi... by Griffin on 19.11.2008
USA T-shirt Promotion at FYE Stores - FYE is a USA 'record store' chain, and the t-shir... by Griffin on 19.11.2008
US election - Happiness. ... by Griffin on 08.11.2008
God has a tatoo - it's a belly dancer, and when He wiggles his finge... by Griffin on 08.11.2008
The Comos Rocks - My two cents - I'll go as far as saying the album is half-great -... by Griffin on 05.11.2008
happy birthday MasterHistoryGirl - Happy Birthday![img=/images/smiley/msn/cake.gif][/... by Griffin on 29.10.2008
TCR in the USA - local FYE in Morgantown, WV started the day w/ 5 c... by Griffin on 28.10.2008
Why are Americans so attracted to conspiracy theories? - Here's a thought I'm very surprised no-one has poi... by Griffin on 01.07.2008
Why are Americans so attracted to conspiracy theories? - hmm...FDR himself said 'if something happens, it's... by Griffin on 28.06.2008
What happened to Treasure Anus? - Chuck Norris happened, then Bruce Lee and Jackie C... by Griffin on 09.06.2008
BO CAILE - neon guns online! *penny lane ovations*... by Griffin on 09.06.2008
Is Obama that fake!? - oh snap! a West Virginia thread! well, Obama's j... by Griffin on 28.05.2008
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - saw it this afternoon, definitely worth the matine... by Griffin on 26.05.2008
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - is it true JarJar makes an appearance?... by Griffin on 24.05.2008
Fight From the Inside! - mmm yes...very nice, heavy and melodic with the ch... by Griffin on 21.05.2008
'Confirmed songs' - Keep Your Cosmos Alive... by Griffin on 21.05.2008
New Q+PR song sample?? - it's all about solar flare activity, really... by Griffin on 14.04.2008
Innuendo - Innuendo rocks! \m/... by Griffin on 14.04.2008
Are we sure that Queen + PR is right???? - Chuck Norris would do more spin-kicks than Paull R... by Griffin on 13.04.2008
Funny little doodle - urgh! back in a while... ... by Griffin on 11.04.2008
Funny little doodle - http://rapidshare.com/files/106543248/7 One Night ... by Griffin on 11.04.2008
How do you Queen fans look like? - Should work... http://s291.photobucket.com/albu... by Griffin on 10.04.2008
Why is it that White Comedians Aren't Funny??? - who is that cat Gallagher? and why are all your w... by Griffin on 08.04.2008
Cosmos background.... it's not a joke ! - lol it's an Ent from the Lord of the Rings, the wh... by Griffin on 08.04.2008
Everything wasnt perfect when Freddie lived either... - who are the BRAIN POLICE?... by Griffin on 04.04.2008
STAR FLEET- 1983 CD? - I honestly don't know if that cd is 'real' or not,... by Griffin on 02.04.2008
Quick Convention Report - TY pootle1! sounds like you had a good time at the... by Griffin on 02.04.2008
I'm pregnant!! :D - congratulations -- my wife Mary is pregnant also! ... by Griffin on 01.04.2008
Is Queen & Paul Rodgers coming back to America in '09? - for one, I'm glad to hear QPR will invade the US m... by Griffin on 27.03.2008
The Cosmos Rocks - LOL Zonk *TCR* reminds me of the recent Rolling... by Griffin on 21.03.2008
I want to travel - LOL Lestat... have you been to the Ethiopian re... by Griffin on 16.03.2008
I want to travel - well, if the political situation were different, I... by Griffin on 14.03.2008
New Band name - chaka & the sleestaks... by Griffin on 11.03.2008
What Do We Know? - there's a fairy named Butch who lives in a creek n... by Griffin on 06.03.2008
Moses was on the pipe - LOL! this comes up about the Gnostics every so oft... by Griffin on 05.03.2008
Square Earth - <The Divine Invasion> by Philip K Dick is fa... by Griffin on 04.03.2008
Queen lyric Quiz - "Stone Cold Crazy" (Trent Reznor Remix) ... by Griffin on 28.02.2008
Queen lyric Quiz - answer to queentel... "My Life Has Been Saved... by Griffin on 27.02.2008
Favourite joke - Chuck Norris refers to the pile of dead ninjas on ... by Griffin on 27.02.2008
What happened to John Harris? Where is he now? - Ah, Franco Harris. 1972 -- the Immaculate Recepti... by Griffin on 12.02.2008
Bob Marley Fan Appreciation - big ups, Bob Marley natural mystic & musical p... by Griffin on 12.02.2008
Why did Freddie take his sister's dolls? - they asked "Where's the Seven Seas of Rhye, s... by Griffin on 27.01.2008
What song are you listening to??? Part 3 - WWVU 91.7 (Morgantown, West mother-lovin Virginia)... by Griffin on 19.01.2008
The hardly necessary random thoughts thread - We all live in Amerika, Coca-cola wunderbar... by Griffin on 17.01.2008
Queen - 1977 BBC Session - Wolfgang's Vault Stream - Shakespeare's plays were not written by Shakespear... by Griffin on 14.01.2008
TOUR 2008! Confirmed by Brian! - woohoo!... by Griffin on 05.01.2008
Voting for INNUENDO and/or HEADLONG on the setlist - yes both, in a medley with the fast version of WWR... by Griffin on 05.01.2008
Benazir Bhutto killed - kindly direct your comments at Dick Cheney, Holly ... by Griffin on 31.12.2007
Which albums would You Save from a Fire? - well, sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning,... by Griffin on 31.12.2007
Headlong video - it's incredibly brave in the face of something ter... by Griffin on 05.12.2007
"Say it's not true" to be download-only STUDIO Q+PR-track on World Aids Day - surpisingly, SINT rocks -- the really spare arrang... by Griffin on 01.12.2007
No Subject - Knute -- yes -- those dobby droogs are a mod bunch... by Griffin on 27.11.2007
Brain May: EgoMayniac Part 7 - there can be only ONE Chancellor!... by Griffin on 25.11.2007
Brain May: EgoMayniac Part 7 - If Jeff Beck is the Guv'nor, then Brian May must b... by Griffin on 25.11.2007
No Subject - the Cult has used the soundtrack to open its shows... by Griffin on 20.11.2007
Innuendo album- best song - "Vitruvian Man" Brian May... by Griffin on 20.11.2007
Who would you have liked to see at The Tribute Concert? - Billy Squire and Heart... by Griffin on 15.11.2007
Pooh or not to Pooh - that is the question... - Be the Pooh! cue up Innuendo, crank it loud, pour... by Griffin on 10.11.2007
Have you ever considered going vegetarian?... If so, how hard is it? - Look for the Moosewood Restaurant (Ithaca, NY) coo... by Griffin on 28.10.2007
What song are you listening to??? part 2 - The Cult -- "Savages"... by Griffin on 28.10.2007
Should I spoil facts of Harry Potter??? - isn't Dumbledore the guy who taught Harry how to u... by Griffin on 24.10.2007
Freddie is the God of Music - must...resist urge...of sarcasm...must study...TQ ... by Griffin on 24.10.2007
What is the best song off the INNUENDO album - INNUENDO! only the phoenix survives... by Griffin on 24.10.2007
Ann Coulter finds herself in deep trouble... - TQ -- lol you were too complimentary to Mizz Coult... by Griffin on 13.10.2007
what is your favorite favourite queen drum solo? - lol the intro of WWRY!... by Griffin on 13.10.2007
What is your favourite cover version? - Devo - "Satisfaction" The Cult - "... by Griffin on 12.10.2007
Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize - hear hear! it will be interesting to see if envir... by Griffin on 12.10.2007
What in your opinion is the greatest guitar riff? - Brian's solo at the end of WWRY... by Griffin on 02.10.2007
What Gigs Do You Have Lined Up? - the Cult -- 5 gigs in November, Baltimore, Indiana... by Griffin on 02.10.2007
Why did it take Queen 3 years to enter the RnR Hall of Fame?? - October 2, 2007 -- Treasure Moment awarded prestig... by Griffin on 02.10.2007
God sued over pestilence and terror - apparently the Almighty has filed a countersuit us... by Griffin on 26.09.2007
SUNSHINE - Movie Review - Interesting review. You make a good point, that H... by Griffin on 23.09.2007
What is the best song off the Miracle album? - I Want it All, Scandal, Was it All Worth It, Hang ... by Griffin on 18.09.2007
If you could, who would you bring back? - bring back that Leroy Brown!... by Griffin on 14.09.2007
The story behind the song "Sheer Heart Attack"? - Interesting that Roger has written more than one s... by Griffin on 11.09.2007
The story behind the song "Sheer Heart Attack"? - punk stripped rock down to the bare bones, strappe... by Griffin on 11.09.2007
Can we have LESS argumentative threads about Greg Brooks please? - can we? dunno, but Greg seems to be having a 'Trea... by Griffin on 08.09.2007
Your Favorite Song- and why it's your favorite. - Innuendo, because like BoRhap, it shows off Queen'... by Griffin on 07.09.2007
Happy Birthday Freddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - happy birthday Freddie...til the end of time!... by Griffin on 05.09.2007
Petition: Golder’s Green – Official release? - yes, but only if it's still dripping with that wab... by Griffin on 04.09.2007
Alice Cooper show tonight - there was a fab interview on 'Fresh Air w/Terry Gr... by Griffin on 04.09.2007
The Holy Bible (warning: spoilers) - lead on, oh kinky turtle... by Griffin on 31.08.2007
Queen+Paul Rodgers "All Anchors Down" - also there will be a cover of John's magnum opus '... by Griffin on 31.08.2007
Recommend some music - Phillip Glass <Glassworks> or Dvorak, <Sy... by Griffin on 25.08.2007
Monkey Business? - it is interesting how Freddie starts to sing about... by Griffin on 25.08.2007
What do we think of the Traveling Wilburys - Brian May is a Traveling Wilbury, but Robbie Willi... by Griffin on 19.08.2007
Happy Birthday Deaky! - Happy Birthday -- do something wild!... by Griffin on 19.08.2007
The Whatever You Make Of It Thread. - I want a ringtone of Freddie screaming "daaaa... by Griffin on 15.08.2007
Most Prized Possesion - VHS Queen's Greatest Flix 1981 or Japanese mini-di... by Griffin on 14.08.2007
There is hope for music - I would sign a petition forcing Treasure Moment to... by Griffin on 07.08.2007
There is hope for music - these are the men from West by gawdam Virginia ... by Griffin on 05.08.2007
New 'Montreal' DVD / CD Cover....Good or Bad? - like most everyone I'm hoping that's a draft image... by Griffin on 05.08.2007
For God's sake Mr. Brooks what's going on over at QP?! - If somebody can contact Jim Jenkins, can he please... by Griffin on 05.08.2007
There is hope for music - Treasure Moment "...the audio equivalent of a... by Griffin on 01.08.2007
Why do so many Queenzoners have mental health issues? - fatty for president!... by Griffin on 30.07.2007
What is Queen's worst album?? - Greatest Hits III. some interesting points about ... by Griffin on 28.07.2007
There is hope for music - my hope for music is that Treasure Moment will dis... by Griffin on 26.07.2007
Religion...? - some are cold, but few are frozen.... by Griffin on 25.07.2007
WTF is this? Walmart Exclusive Queen Release - there's gotta be a pony in there somewhere...there... by Griffin on 14.07.2007
In All honesty, whats wrong with Delilah? - drum machine...honestly...this song does not compa... by Griffin on 14.07.2007
Ranking Songs - Innuendo - Innuendo, Headlong, The Show Must Go ON, These Are... by Griffin on 11.07.2007
Dont try so hard - you'd think a song as beautiful as DTSH would insp... by Griffin on 10.07.2007
I miss John Stuart, and... - It was a hot, dark Tuesday night at the Black H... by Griffin on 01.07.2007
Oi IGSM ya bastard - tons o' fun! don't cut the hair EVER, proceed str... by Griffin on 27.06.2007
We Will Rock You (Fast) - the 1992 cd compilation 'the best of King Biscuit ... by Griffin on 24.06.2007