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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Furia142'

No Subject - France is my fav Italy Spain Holland... by Furia142 on 12.06.2004

53 posts by user 'Furia142'

Rotterdam 26 April 2005 - It was a very good show yes!!!!... by Furia142 on 30.04.2006
Whose Shirt Did YOU Wear To The Queen Spring 2005 Tour? - QUEEN II t shirt in Rotterdam... by Furia142 on 05.06.2005
HOW MANY CONCERTS HAVE YOU SEEN?? - I have seen 1 concert in Rotterdam and I go to Gel... by Furia142 on 05.05.2005
Who's going to Ahoy Rotterdam April,26? - Yes I go, thanks to the Fanclub.... by Furia142 on 06.04.2005
Queen is soon on the road - where YOU gonna be? - Rotterdam and Nijmegen... by Furia142 on 15.03.2005
Another date...10 july Nijmegen !!! - I've also ordered 2 tickets... by Furia142 on 12.03.2005
save me:milton keynes or montreal - Montreal... by Furia142 on 14.02.2005
No One But You. One of the best Queen songs ever? - No One But You is also one of my favourite songs, ... by Furia142 on 27.12.2004
Do you listen to Queen every day??? - Oh yeah I listen to Queen almost everyday.... by Furia142 on 03.12.2004
What's Your Favourite Queen And Solo Video? - Who Wants To Live Forever Save Me Don't Stop Me ... by Furia142 on 13.11.2004
"Back To The Light" - Yeah it is a great album, especially Too much Love... by Furia142 on 11.09.2004
How, Who & Which ...???.....Queen... - When Who Wants To Live Forever came on Dutch TV... by Furia142 on 28.08.2004
What Do You Prefer ... or ...? (FINAL) - The Show must go on... by Furia142 on 25.08.2004
dutch!!! - Bij de Arnhemse Bovenweg,ZAM Garage Ik wil niet... by Furia142 on 21.08.2004
dutch!!! - Bij de Arnhemse Bovenweg, ZAM Garage. Ik ga n... by Furia142 on 21.08.2004
dutch!!! - Me too I'm Dutch live in Zeist. Hi Queen_ forever... by Furia142 on 20.08.2004
help! profile names - Yeah I want change too, but it works not for me... by Furia142 on 29.07.2004
Witch band member do you think is the best? - Love them all.Brian for me, he got me into Queen... by Furia142 on 29.07.2004
Happy Birthday to Roger Taylor! - Happy Birthday Roger Wish you lots of love and Ha... by Furia142 on 26.07.2004
What are you listening to? - Someone to die for- Spiderman2 soundtrack Jimmy Gn... by Furia142 on 25.07.2004
No Subject - I find Brian still sexy and good looking.... by Furia142 on 02.07.2004
First Queen song you heard - Killer Queen on TV by Avro's TOP POP... by Furia142 on 02.07.2004
Euro 2004 - France Italy Spain and Holland... by Furia142 on 12.06.2004
No Subject - France is my fav Italy Spain Holland... by Furia142 on 12.06.2004
Favorite solo album - 1. Another World 2. Happiness? 3. Barcelona... by Furia142 on 30.05.2004
Queen medley at René Froger in ArenA Amsterdam - the Netherlands - No I'm not really a fan of Rene Froger.... by Furia142 on 30.05.2004
Favorite vocals from each member of the band - Freddie-Don't stop me now/My Fairy King Roger-Dro... by Furia142 on 08.05.2004
Queen in the Nederlands - Yeah maybe on Queensday 30th april on the markets... by Furia142 on 27.04.2004
Should I rejoin the Fan Club?? - Me too rejoin... by Furia142 on 20.04.2004
best cover...er - George Michael-Somebody to Love Metallica-Stone C... by Furia142 on 14.04.2004
The inside story... - Hi Jimmy, nice site. I like it.... by Furia142 on 10.04.2004
Another World - Another World Album is great, my fav songs are; Bu... by Furia142 on 03.04.2004
I can't believe nobody's posted about this yet! - Looks really good, I like it... by Furia142 on 31.03.2004
Wot Your fave Queen song?? :) - My favourite Queensong is Who Wants To Live Foreve... by Furia142 on 31.03.2004
favourite songs of QUEEN(a general election). - Save me Sail away sweet sister Tie your mother ... by Furia142 on 18.03.2004
Flash Gorden - Hey FLash Gordon it's not that bad, there are some... by Furia142 on 16.03.2004
There Must Be More to Life Than This - My faves are; In my defence and Love me like there... by Furia142 on 29.02.2004
Welcome to the new QZ design!! - Looks good, very nice... by Furia142 on 23.02.2004
Best Queen song with Brian or Roger on lead vocals? - Oh that's difficult, '39,Sail away sweet sister, L... by Furia142 on 28.01.2004
All Dead, All Dead - Very nice song, love it.... by Furia142 on 22.01.2004
Rambling about Innuendo Album - Innuendo is my favorite album, there are really no... by Furia142 on 18.01.2004
After Eights???? - Brian said it's not him, it's someone else.... by Furia142 on 17.12.2003
Brian's best solo piece in a song - I want it all,Tie your mother down, It's a Hard Li... by Furia142 on 15.12.2003
Best of 'Queen' 2003 - Wembley DVD, GVHII, The Call, Say it's not true an... by Furia142 on 13.12.2003
JSS to front Queen on new tour and album... - Yeah I believe it when I see it, just another rumo... by Furia142 on 12.12.2003
Future Dutch Queen born today - Tomorrow at 9.45 in the morning they told you the ... by Furia142 on 08.12.2003
who is the youngest queen fan on here? - Me too. I'm older than a lot of you... by Furia142 on 08.12.2003
Future Dutch Queen born today - Congratulations Willem-Alexander and Maxima with y... by Furia142 on 08.12.2003
Queen stole the show in South Africa!! - A good show especially Brian's song The Call and B... by Furia142 on 02.12.2003
Hair Like Brian May Blues - Now I like man with long hair xxx... by Furia142 on 25.11.2003
Twelve Years, 1946-1991 - Miss you Freddie. Thanks for the music you gave us... by Furia142 on 24.11.2003
6-0 - We are going to Portugal. YEAH!!!!!!!! Wesley Sne... by Furia142 on 20.11.2003
What song are you listening to right now (Part 5) - No-one but you... by Furia142 on 15.11.2003