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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1 discussions started by 'Fly away'

Song transitions - I have no musical training or education, but I hav... by Fly away on 23.12.2015

64 posts by user 'Fly away'

Your thoughts on three of my favs.. Ogre battle, Father to son and Liar - Going on the studio versions: Liar - a top song ... by Fly away on 08.12.2019
The Works or A Kind of Magic? Which one is better album? - Works, hands down. Side two (Machines to ITTWWC), ... by Fly away on 01.11.2019
Better Live than on record. - Crazy Little Thing Call Love - the extended instru... by Fly away on 22.08.2019
Which Songs Would You Have Picked For Queen's Live Aid Set? (6 songs) - I agree regarding HTF that they needed a heavier s... by Fly away on 15.06.2019
BoRhap Movie Scenes - Best part for me is the scene where they are discu... by Fly away on 07.06.2019
John Deacon's Greatest Bass moment with Queen? - Liar, Play the Game, FBG, Best Friend .... so many... by Fly away on 10.04.2019
What is your favourite Queen song outro? - Amazing thing is, there are just loads of great on... by Fly away on 18.02.2019
What is your favourite Queen song outro? - Great responses so far - I would add Let Me Live (... by Fly away on 17.02.2019
Seriously? THESE are the champions? - Well said, spiralstatic; I totally agree.... by Fly away on 09.01.2019
Director of Bohemian Rhapsody (Video) feels 'ripped off' by Queen. - I'm sure he's made some good money being interview... by Fly away on 31.10.2018
DAVID COSTA- A NIGHT AT THE OPERA/ A DAY AT THE RACES - Erm, Queen II anybody? The most iconic picture of ... by Fly away on 21.10.2018
DAVID COSTA- A NIGHT AT THE OPERA/ A DAY AT THE RACES - Lol this is what he says about his work for Queen:... by Fly away on 20.10.2018
The five Queen albums you listen to the most - The works, innuendo, the game, anato, adatr/notw... by Fly away on 04.08.2018
We Will Rock You Fast BBC in Ram superbowl commercial - One of the youtube comments suggests Roger plays a... by Fly away on 05.02.2018
Queen 2 - I’ll prolly get crucified for this: side two of ... by Fly away on 28.12.2017
Queen's Version Of Big Spender - Having listened to their cover of this on a number... by Fly away on 17.11.2017
Which album should get the anniversary box treatment next? - I agree with folks suggesting The Game, but any mo... by Fly away on 14.11.2017
What song did Queen sing for the entirety of these live career? - God save the Queen, although not for the entirety... by Fly away on 04.11.2017
All dead, all dead by freddie mercury on the radio - re: Real Wizard: Yep, hearing that was a huge sur... by Fly away on 26.10.2017
The worst Queen video in your opinon is? - Body language... by Fly away on 28.09.2017
Who should play Freddie in the biopic? Your choice. - Rami Malek. I hear he did well in an audition, or ... by Fly away on 13.09.2017
Deacy lyrics trivia - My life has been saved?... by Fly away on 23.08.2017
What 3 Queen songs... - Misfire, Play the Game, Killer Queen... by Fly away on 08.05.2017
Which "deep cuts" do you want on this new tour? - Given the official roll-out of WWRY ("fast" versio... by Fly away on 01.02.2017
First ever concert and what number was (were) Queen - Live at the Bowl, aged 16!... by Fly away on 16.12.2016
Rock It + Coming Soon - The second repeat of "to my soul" in the intro is ... by Fly away on 25.11.2016
Berkeley Barb review of Queen 1 - It is cool (and a bit strange too). The movie adve... by Fly away on 10.08.2016
Most Powerful/Emotional Queen Song - Too much love will kill you Days of our lives... by Fly away on 09.08.2016
"Don't take offence at my innuendo..." - There is also some similarity of the lyrics to par... by Fly away on 17.07.2016
"Don't take offence at my innuendo..." - That all we are and all we do is insignificant in ... by Fly away on 16.07.2016
Rock in Rio setlist - Looks pretty good to me. They are playing some of ... by Fly away on 22.05.2016
Dog With a Bone - copyright claim - I looked to see if all copies of this song were bl... by Fly away on 09.05.2016
Song transitions - Thanks for your comments. I guess I am wondering w... by Fly away on 23.12.2015
Song transitions - I have no musical training or education, but I hav... by Fly away on 23.12.2015
What song you choose for your funeral? - Last Horizon... by Fly away on 23.10.2015
Break Free Alternate Solo - Darn it, I waited half the morning to listen to th... by Fly away on 15.10.2015
Help with Brian photo - I see pine trees and possibly water in the backgro... by Fly away on 25.06.2015
Bo Rhap vs Prophet's Song - Middle section is the prophet's vision, right? As... by Fly away on 14.06.2015
most Over The Top "studio moment" for Freddie.Powerfull or tasteless? - My sense is that Freddie is just trying to make a ... by Fly away on 02.07.2014
Chicago Set List - The Chicago-Tribune website has some nice pics tha... by Fly away on 20.06.2014
Your favourite VOCAL-PHRASING lines (studio versions) - "I used to bring you sunshine, now all I ever do i... by Fly away on 25.04.2014
. - Las Vegas is closest for me, but a much smaller ve... by Fly away on 06.03.2014
One of Freddie's telling comments in Budapest - And at Wembley of course he states that they will ... by Fly away on 06.12.2013
New album New tour - This is all self-admitted fantasy. From their site... by Fly away on 28.08.2013
Least favourite music video - Yep, agree with Body Language as pretty crappy. Bu... by Fly away on 27.03.2013
... - Yeah - had hopes for it in the opening bars, but t... by Fly away on 09.10.2012
'Tear it up'. - If memory serves me right, TGIC and MOTP were rele... by Fly away on 07.09.2012
Which is Queen's most tragic lyrics? - Hard to beat the Mother Love lyric. I would also s... by Fly away on 10.03.2012
The Prophet's Song and Brian - Love it too - a real classic. I like the vocal bre... by Fly away on 21.07.2011
Easter Eggs in Queen songs - I always thought that there was a "thud" near the ... by Fly away on 20.05.2011
Queen & Roger Daltrey - Hmmm, agree with Holly. In looking at the wording,... by Fly away on 19.10.2010
If They Toured With Brian And Roger on Vocals - Based on the recent partnering of Brian and Kerry ... by Fly away on 13.09.2010
Kerry Ellis "Anthems" tracklisting revealed... - Thanks for posting - very interesting. Don't mean ... by Fly away on 13.08.2010
Where is everybody based here? - Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)... by Fly away on 07.06.2010
Favorite Album Cover? - Queen II - so iconic Miracle - a neat picture, an... by Fly away on 13.05.2010
Songs that took on a new life when played live - Crazy little thing called love - for the long solo... by Fly away on 26.02.2010
What do you think of Mother Love - Agree that it's a great song - haunting and IMHO t... by Fly away on 30.01.2010
Ride The Wild Wind Anyone? - I really like RTWW too. Could never decide if it i... by Fly away on 06.11.2009
Sounds like a Queen song...more? - When I first heard "Keep on Believing" by Grand Pr... by Fly away on 31.10.2009
Mistakes left on Queen releases - I always thought that there was a faint "thud" dur... by Fly away on 15.09.2009
What solo song would have made a good Queen song ? - Foreign Sand. -I like Roger's version, but to me... by Fly away on 19.06.2009
Say It's Not True - Question about the very last line - Apologies for my senior moment - of course I meant... by Fly away on 14.12.2008
Say It's Not True - Question about the very last line - I have to agree with you - it sounds very much lik... by Fly away on 13.12.2008
So who is going to see Q+PR at the movies tonight? - Saw it in downtown Albuquerque (new Mexico) last n... by Fly away on 07.11.2008