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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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0 discussions started by 'Fidel'

31 posts by user 'Fidel'

Vacation Plans - It's not so good to be Flashman at Queenonline is ... by Fidel on 16.07.2004
Is this sexist? - You didn't miss much. It was the usual mindles... by Fidel on 13.07.2004
Wimbledon 2004 - Lisser, Yes it does matter but I will not go i... by Fidel on 06.07.2004
Worst Guitar Solos - Yeah, yeah, yeah! We all know you don't like S... by Fidel on 04.07.2004
Shouldn't this be in the 'Personal' section? - Only if you wash your feet first!... by Fidel on 29.06.2004
Shouldn't this be in the 'Personal' section? - LMAO. Look who's talking!... by Fidel on 29.06.2004
A tribute to Mr. Moikyahree... - Ha! I thought you would say that. Oh well, whateve... by Fidel on 29.06.2004
Shouldn't this be in the 'Personal' section? - You could be right there Erica my dear! Or Flas... by Fidel on 29.06.2004
HAPPY PRIDE DAY - Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's Gay P... by Fidel on 28.06.2004
5 Hottest Queenzoner Finalists - I better put a serious vote in this time. Femal... by Fidel on 28.06.2004
How stupid can you GET?! - At least it's better than some of the other dr... by Fidel on 28.06.2004
In response to who likes Bowie, Who likes Fatty - I agree Dave.... by Fidel on 28.06.2004
A tribute to Mr. Moikyahree... - Sounds good Danny. I suppose you won't give a ... by Fidel on 28.06.2004
Spam vs. Spam - This is getting a bit out of hand don't you think?... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
Spam vs. Spam - Calm down Barry. Most people with a brain will kno... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
A tribute to Mr. Moikyahree... - Excellent Danny. You're a man of many talents. ... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
Spam vs. Spam - I doubt Barry had anything to do with that website... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
I have a NEW picture... - What would YOU know about romance?... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
LJ - That's what they are doing idiot! Living life then... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
Driving - What a waste of gas money!... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
The 'Cheer Up Miss James' thread - Miss James down? I don't know? Maybe if toss pots ... by Fidel on 27.06.2004
my date blew me out - Here you go Charles. It takes a while to load but ... by Fidel on 24.06.2004
my date blew me out - lmao, Barry.... by Fidel on 24.06.2004
Driving - Good luck Catgoddess and enjoy. Driving is a piece... by Fidel on 24.06.2004
Hottest Queenzoners - I vote for Flashman/Sir Archie Leach/Melvyn. Be... by Fidel on 24.06.2004
Wimbledon 2004 - Impossible! You will never be accused of being... by Fidel on 23.06.2004
Wimbledon 2004 - You beat your alias at tennis? That’s the fu... by Fidel on 22.06.2004
the doc says my winkle is normal length - lol, ah yeah! Tiptoe through the tulips.... by Fidel on 22.06.2004
The Darkness? - They suck!... by Fidel on 22.06.2004
Wimbledon 2004 - lol, whatever you say Sybil. It was establishe... by Fidel on 22.06.2004
Wimbledon 2004 - Welcome back Melvyn..........oops...Flashman...no,... by Fidel on 21.06.2004