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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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What's spect on the pipeline for this year?, The 50th anniversary is near. - Hopefully the 50th anniversary in 2021 will be tre... by EDWOOD on 16.02.2020
The Miracle Boxset - You would think that having an archivist for what?... by EDWOOD on 07.02.2020
UK music purchases hit highest level since 2006 - Yep - if they want to make money on physical produ... by EDWOOD on 03.01.2020
Queen Release 2019? - So in 2019 the ‘Queen’ releases were the balle... by EDWOOD on 22.12.2019
Another proof how it is done - The problem is Queen are a much bigger and more su... by EDWOOD on 05.10.2019
Press Release: Queen + Bejart - Ballet For Life DVD/BR Release - I agree - I don’t think there is a Queen related... by EDWOOD on 12.08.2019
USA success - So with all this success and tsunami of profit and... by EDWOOD on 04.08.2019
New Freddie Releases - This is only the Freddie solo release for this yea... by EDWOOD on 24.07.2019
'You're My Best Friend' commentary - This is very good, detailed work Sebastian! Enjoye... by EDWOOD on 17.07.2019
Greg Brooks teasing... - So its already 6th June and we have no idea what a... by EDWOOD on 07.06.2019
Raw sessions and song development: SYW & GDML - This is the kind of stuff we all want but QP seems... by EDWOOD on 12.04.2019
Now Silly Season Is Over....... - Or a film version of the musical, ‘We Will Rock ... by EDWOOD on 25.02.2019
Now Silly Season Is Over....... - Yeh - it was in that Greg Brooks podcast from 2018... by EDWOOD on 25.02.2019
Now Silly Season Is Over....... - I’m afraid that silly season isn’t over quite ... by EDWOOD on 25.02.2019
'Bohemian Rhapsody' has now broken $750M at global box office - It’s now made just under $850 million folks - th... by EDWOOD on 18.02.2019
Which official releases do you expect for the coming autumn? - Wouldn’t there have been some more concrete rumo... by EDWOOD on 10.08.2018
We Will Rock You & We Are The Champions (Raw Takes) - Very very good. Thanks for the links to the video... by EDWOOD on 06.10.2017
News Of The World 40th Anniversary Box Set - ITS OFFICIAL! - If this NOTW boxset is as good as its sounding to ... by EDWOOD on 31.08.2017
And The Beatles stick two fingers up to Queen AGAIN! - Christ! So on top of the 3 Anthology albums The B... by EDWOOD on 06.04.2017
Deluxe Editions - Yes it looks really good but were there any balloo... by EDWOOD on 08.07.2016
Sacha Baron Cohen talks about Freddie Mercury Biopic on Howard Stern - I can now see this veering off into some bizarre s... by EDWOOD on 12.03.2016
What happpened to the Queen: Play The Game mobile phone game? - Sorry cmsdrums - I shouldn't have raised your expe... by EDWOOD on 04.01.2016
What happpened to the Queen: Play The Game mobile phone game? - A bit of sarcasm from me there really! I kn... by EDWOOD on 02.01.2016
What happpened to the Queen: Play The Game mobile phone game? - To be honest Queen don't have to do another th... by EDWOOD on 01.01.2016
What happpened to the Queen: Play The Game mobile phone game? - That made me laugh actually. :-) Still they... by EDWOOD on 01.01.2016
Speaking of a "new Freddie Mercury"............ - Yep - there's not just the voice but the songwriti... by EDWOOD on 30.05.2015
queen official APP - Over 600 megs for this! My IPad is nearly out... by EDWOOD on 30.05.2015
September 2015: Queen - Complete Studio Album Vinyl Collection - A 15 vinyl Anthology set?! I would love this to b... by EDWOOD on 05.04.2015
Brian May. Common decency - The minute he mentioned Owen Jones as someone we s... by EDWOOD on 10.01.2015
Queen Forever charts crash - You have to bear in mind that it's the case of dim... by EDWOOD on 12.12.2014
Let Me In Your Heart Again - The Works only has 9 tracks on it but what is biza... by EDWOOD on 29.11.2014
New Queen(+) tracks VS new Pink Floyd single...Opinions? - The US has been inundated by Queen 'hits' compilat... by EDWOOD on 29.11.2014
Bold statement by Queen today... - From looking at some very good estimates of sales ... by EDWOOD on 19.11.2014
Real unreleased tracks to come? - Maybe Universal/Virgin Records and QP will look at... by EDWOOD on 15.11.2014
mid-week album charts UK - The album is still at number 5 in the UK album cha... by EDWOOD on 14.11.2014
New takes on well-known tracks - A BIG LIE - There is no way that MJ sold anywhere near 1billio... by EDWOOD on 09.11.2014
Adam Lambert will never be a RockStar!!! - A lesbian cat?! Lol. I couldn't really care l... by EDWOOD on 19.10.2014
The Vault - For an archive boxset/s it doesn't have to be stun... by EDWOOD on 17.10.2014
Why Brian and Roger are looking like "Rip off" to fans? - Well, in the US yes. Although Queen are bigger in... by EDWOOD on 11.10.2014
If Adam Lambert buggered off, who wold you like to see fronting Queen? - I don't mean that they will definately stop to... by EDWOOD on 07.10.2014
If Adam Lambert buggered off, who wold you like to see fronting Queen? - Let's face it the era of Queen+ touring won't cont... by EDWOOD on 06.10.2014
Queen The Demos - Very interesting that Greg Brooks mentioned this. ... by EDWOOD on 05.10.2014
Queen+ Adam Lambert to headline at Glastonbury - I suppose the thing about Glastonbury is, because ... by EDWOOD on 05.10.2014
To those who complain about ''Queen Forever''... - They are owned by them now I believe. Remembe... by EDWOOD on 28.09.2014
Queen announcement - I thought Lambert was now concentrating on his sol... by EDWOOD on 26.09.2014
Let me in (your heart again) - Yep - Brian did mention '3 or 4' MJ tracks at one ... by EDWOOD on 20.09.2014
Queen Forever tracklist - Someone on Facebook wanted to know why Thank God i... by EDWOOD on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever Release date for November - I agree with the poster that said the 2nd preferre... by EDWOOD on 19.09.2014
Queen Forever? Or wishful thinking? - What they could have done is put THEIR preferred v... by EDWOOD on 19.09.2014
There Must Be More to Life Than This - New Mix - Good post Mrqueenfan I agree mainly with you. ... by EDWOOD on 19.09.2014
Rainbow debut's at number 8 - I think what you also have to bear in mind is that... by EDWOOD on 12.09.2014
Jackson estate being "difficult" over Mercury tracks - I think they'll be hoping for this album to have c... by EDWOOD on 01.09.2014
Jackson estate being "difficult" over Mercury tracks - So do this mean that the release of Queen Forever ... by EDWOOD on 31.08.2014
Queen's place in rock history. - I think that some bands/acts legacies will last fo... by EDWOOD on 24.08.2014
Queen Forever - Maybe they could have done an album like 'Love ' t... by EDWOOD on 18.08.2014
Queen See Future With Adam Lambert, Feel 'Vindicated' - There's been a 'big call' for QP to put out produc... by EDWOOD on 15.08.2014
Queen forever - Like I said if they use the 12 week window between... by EDWOOD on 15.08.2014
Serious Numbers ? Queen`s subvention payments for Touring - Tours were also seen as good promotion in the past... by EDWOOD on 13.08.2014
New Songs - If they can use one or more MJ track on this album... by EDWOOD on 11.08.2014
New Songs - At least it's something and more then we've had in... by EDWOOD on 09.08.2014
Whoa! "Greatest Hits 1973-2014"! - I don't think the US exactly needs another Queen h... by EDWOOD on 10.07.2014
Queen Forever - Like Inu-liger says, this technology has been arou... by EDWOOD on 09.06.2014
Title for the New Queen Album. Pick one. (...or two) - 'At the Circus', or 'Go West', or 'The Big Store'... by EDWOOD on 31.05.2014
Does Roger still own.... - 74 acres? Not a bad pad eh? Lol Do like the 'p... by EDWOOD on 29.05.2014
Don't Try So Hard - collage video - Good job there! Nice editing :-) I think now ... by EDWOOD on 24.05.2014
Great news about Freddie tracks. - I can't see the album being released before the to... by EDWOOD on 12.05.2014
‘It’s because people want it’: Brian May on why Queen has moved on with Ada - Surely it won't be long now before Brian and Roger... by EDWOOD on 10.05.2014
Possibly unseen Freddie interview footage. - An ideal album to have the 'Barcelona' treatme... by EDWOOD on 09.05.2014
Great news about Freddie tracks. - Well when the tour finishes in early August (?) th... by EDWOOD on 05.05.2014
Brian May wants Freddie Mercury movie to be 'one million per cent truthful’ - Careful Gerry or the Glamberts will be after you w... by EDWOOD on 04.05.2014
Brian May wants Freddie Mercury movie to be 'one million per cent truthful’ - One things for certain this film ain't coming out ... by EDWOOD on 03.05.2014
Great news about Freddie tracks. - The problem is now that the tour with Lambert is c... by EDWOOD on 03.05.2014
My thoughts on Adam Lambert+Queen plus welcome feedback. - Which one-off gigs has Adam Lambert played where h... by EDWOOD on 26.04.2014
liar! - Remember the press release recently where Queen re... by EDWOOD on 06.04.2014
New album Queen - Well, by some accounts, they already have another ... by EDWOOD on 27.03.2014
would john be happy if roger and brian called it a day? - To be honest all earnings from QP could cease imme... by EDWOOD on 10.02.2014
New Queen track - I always thought that Greg Brooks had fully catego... by EDWOOD on 14.01.2014
Queen/ Jackson songs to be released - I don't know if anyone's seen it yet, but Brian Ma... by EDWOOD on 16.12.2013
The Queen Fanthology - Chapter Two: Queen II - Reading these chapters and the large amount of inf... by EDWOOD on 19.08.2013
Roger Taylor - The Lot - Thanks for the input GT. So there is an abundan... by EDWOOD on 13.08.2013
Queen love song collection????? - Well MrFunster it will be great if we do get 4... by EDWOOD on 12.08.2013
Why is Greatest Hits selling so big this week? - For people who are interested, Queen's Greatest Hi... by EDWOOD on 07.08.2013
Why is Greatest Hits selling so big this week? - It will be the 'burgundy' one that's been certifie... by EDWOOD on 06.08.2013
Why is Greatest Hits selling so big this week? - I think GH has been available once again in Tescos... by EDWOOD on 06.08.2013
Why is Greatest Hits selling so big this week? - Just forgot Queen's Greatest Hits has been doing O... by EDWOOD on 06.08.2013
Why is Greatest Hits selling so big this week? - Pingfah - Queen's Greatest Hits has been showing i... by EDWOOD on 06.08.2013