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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'DGAA'

question about photo - Anyone know when this photo was taken?      ... by DGAA on 30.06.2011
BBC session - Hi everyone      Does anybody have a lossles... by DGAA on 28.12.2010

69 posts by user 'DGAA'

info about a john pic (maybe a tv performance) - Maybe it's from '45 with Kid Jensen? http://www... by DGAA on 25.08.2019
Top of the Pops dates - 21-11-74: Presenter: Noel Edmonds (Wiped) (8) TH... by DGAA on 01.11.2016
Now I'm Here - Top Of The Pops or Granada TV's '45 ??? - ... by DGAA on 10.10.2016
Why so few comments under the"On air" press release on QOL? - ... by DGAA on 03.10.2016
List of all Queen video - more complete (few seconds longer) http://w... by DGAA on 31.08.2016
Top of the Pops dates - Killer Queen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvj... by DGAA on 20.03.2016
Rainbow Nov 74 vs Hammy 75 picture quality - Rainbow- Phillips (Norelco) PC-70 or PC-72... by DGAA on 02.02.2016
Queen: From Rags to Rhapsody. BBC Documentary - My english is shit, but i will try to explain.... by DGAA on 20.12.2015
Top of the Pops dates - Here is Fred ;) ... by DGAA on 18.03.2015
Top of the Pops dates - Granada TV [b]'45 with Kid Jensen[/b] 25th Decembe... by DGAA on 18.03.2015
Top of the Pops dates - Sorry for bumping an old thread but this might be ... by DGAA on 09.03.2015
Searching for a high resolution copy of this pic/poster - http://www.crazyaboutmagazines.com/ourshop/p... by DGAA on 15.02.2015
Freddie Mercury coolest picture? - http://queenlive.ca/queen/live%20pics/81-03-04_Mar... by DGAA on 28.01.2015
"Complete" Queen music video list (attempt 1) HELP NEEDED! - Now I'm Here or Killer Queen? http://homepa... by DGAA on 14.01.2015
New German Queen Documentary " We are the Champions! - 40 Jahre Queen" - making of These Are The Days Of Our Lives http:... by DGAA on 03.11.2013
TV ADVERTS FOR QUEEN ALBUMS/SOLO ALBUMS. - JAZZ   http://www.retrojunk.com/content/commerc... by DGAA on 04.12.2012
Early XMAS surprise - Rainbow Theatre March 31, 1974 ... by DGAA on 08.11.2012
Announce: FLAC 1974-12-08 The Hague (you'll gonna like it silver) - Thank You !!!!!... by DGAA on 03.11.2012
Freddie Mercury Interview in USA 1976 RARE!!! - interview is on youtube since 2008, but with the w... by DGAA on 25.10.2012
What's the story behind this pic? - This photo was taken at Marquee Studios (late 1975... by DGAA on 30.08.2012
Queen BBC Session 6 possible video? - Are you sure? In my opinion it's Maida Vale 4... by DGAA on 14.08.2012
Announce: Queen, Munich, Olympiahalle, December 18, 1980 - I'm seeding now.... by DGAA on 27.07.2012
Top of the Pops dates - BBC Sounds of the 70s 2       This new ser... by DGAA on 16.04.2012
Top of the Pops dates - Here's the link (snippets) http://www.sendspace.... by DGAA on 09.04.2012
Top of the Pops dates - Seven Seas Of Rhye (2:05 to 3:05) http://www.yout... by DGAA on 08.04.2012
Live At The Rainbow On Film - March Or November? - Yes. For example this photo from Bob site. ... by DGAA on 13.02.2012
1980-11-25 Paris, France (upgrade) + video - Please reupload Disc1!!! Thanks!!!!... by DGAA on 26.01.2012
1981.10.09 Monterrey - radio - Please reupload. Thanks !!!... by DGAA on 23.01.2012
ANNOUNCE FLAC: 1980 Tour Mega Torrent - Please seed!!! Thanks !!!... by DGAA on 23.01.2012
ANNOUNCE: Queen, Lyon, April 20, 1982(merge) - Please seed. Thanks !... by DGAA on 21.01.2012
ANNOUNCE : ESSEN nov. 29th 1980 - Please seed. Thanks !... by DGAA on 21.01.2012
1978.12.03 Toronto - merge - Thank you very much!... by DGAA on 17.01.2012
1978.12.03 Toronto - merge - Thanks for sharing this! And please reuplo... by DGAA on 17.01.2012
Top of the Pops dates - That's strange. Do you have this info from the... by DGAA on 16.01.2012
Top of the Pops dates - Oops I forgot to mention one;) NOW I'M HERE 13-... by DGAA on 05.01.2012
Top of the Pops dates - Yes. Unfortunately still missing... by DGAA on 05.01.2012
Top of the Pops dates - SEVEN SEAS OF RHYE 21-2-74: Presenter: Emperor R... by DGAA on 05.01.2012
70s BBC pictures - unidentified? - A few days ago some guy posted on Youtube a missin... by DGAA on 31.12.2011
question about photo - Anyone know when this photo was taken?      ... by DGAA on 30.06.2011
Famous pic of Freddie - Lostman wrote: Does anybody know in which year thi... by DGAA on 23.06.2011
Queen Documentary "Days of our Lives" on BBC - Days Of Our Lives Teaser Clip http://www.youtube... by DGAA on 27.05.2011
BBC cues summer music docs on Queen, Santana - http://sheffdocfest.com/films/show/5135... by DGAA on 17.05.2011
Ibex - Liverpool 9/9/69 at dimeadozen - wrote: someone that could bring that show to this... by DGAA on 12.04.2011
Deep Cuts 2 - http://soundcloud.com/purplepr/tracks?page=1... by DGAA on 12.04.2011
An interesting pic - This photo (in my opinion) is from Leiden 11.06.86... by DGAA on 09.04.2011
Second Five Albums Re-Issued on 13th June - All live albums will be released in 2012.... by DGAA on 05.04.2011
another picture to identify.. - This photo is from Mexico , Puebla Estadio Ignacio... by DGAA on 01.04.2011
Picture - date confirmation? - This photo is probably from Drammen 12.04.1982... by DGAA on 31.03.2011
STAFFORD new bingley hall may 29 1977 - Audience shot is from New London Theatre Centre Oc... by DGAA on 02.03.2011
Now I'm Here - Top Of The Pops or Granada TV's '45 ??? - No. This is TV report from New York 02-05-76... by DGAA on 01.03.2011
Now I'm Here - Top Of The Pops or Granada TV's '45 ??? - GT wrote: Okay we have just had confirmation from... by DGAA on 01.03.2011
Announce: Queen Teo Torriatte - Tokyo 17.02.1981 (new mr peach tape) - Thank you!!!!!!!... by DGAA on 28.02.2011
SSOR - TOTP - NO. This is from TOTP    See Pittrek version ... by DGAA on 28.02.2011
An Archivist's view of the SiS exhibition - Queen Archivist wrote: Regarding the Stormtrooper... by DGAA on 27.02.2011
SSOR - TOTP - kurgan100 wrote: jamster1111 wrote: May someone c... by DGAA on 26.02.2011
NIH - TOTP - GT wrote: We had to sit on this a while without s... by DGAA on 26.02.2011
NIH - TOTP - Yes, super news!!... by DGAA on 25.02.2011
Providence 1974.04.27 on Dime - Thank You !!!... by DGAA on 15.02.2011
Re-Announce:Queen_Live_In_Manchester_16.07.86 DVD Files - Yes, please seed.    I'm stuck at 21% many yea... by DGAA on 15.02.2011
INfo needed on a interview - Sir GH wrote: Check this out - http://www.que... by DGAA on 12.02.2011
INfo needed on a interview - Look this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohF--iLb... by DGAA on 29.01.2011
Queen Live In Paris Dvd Rapidshare And Megaupload - Sir GH wrote: Is this just a re-do of this copy? ... by DGAA on 24.01.2011
Four Gifts To You - Thank you very much. But this footage isn't from M... by DGAA on 19.01.2011
BOOTLEG RACE (new mr Peach release) - Thank You.... by DGAA on 11.01.2011
New Mr peach recording from Tarantura: April 14 '79 - Here is a few songs from this bootleg (youtube) ... by DGAA on 07.01.2011
BBC session - Hi everyone      Does anybody have a lossles... by DGAA on 28.12.2010
Some questions about concert footages - Yesterday I found this:   http://www.youtube.co... by DGAA on 07.12.2010
1977-03-06 San Francisco - speed-corrected video - Very nice. Thank You !!!... by DGAA on 29.11.2010
What is available from the second night at Earls Court ? - Missman wrote: I have very strange feeling that I... by DGAA on 18.11.2010