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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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1986-06-21 Mannheim 1986 NPR/NDR German PRE-FM Master (Wardour 353) - Thank you for re-uplading it @davex26... by ColMan on 06.01.2020
1986-06-21 Mannheim 1986 NPR/NDR German PRE-FM Master (Wardour 353) - Can someone please re-upload. The link in the firs... by ColMan on 06.01.2020
Barcelona - Ibiza 1987 (2012 fullscreen edit in 1080p!) - Very nice, thanks. Is Freddie out of focus in t... by ColMan on 08.12.2019
The Immortals (John Deacon) - No Turning Back Vinyl Rip (Lossless) - Thank you!... by ColMan on 21.11.2019
BoRhap movie Live Aid audio mix info "Sound on Sound" article - Interesting to read about it. But I wished they ha... by ColMan on 07.09.2019
Another World (Deluxe Edition) - Thanks! I really like the extra tracks.... by ColMan on 03.09.2019
ANNOUNCE:- Roger Taylor - 19th August 2018 - Tilford UK - Thank you! Much better than lambert.... by ColMan on 05.04.2019
ANNOUNCE: Queen + AL 2018-06-17 Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway (FLAC) - Verdens gang (VG) gave the concert 5 out of 6 http... by ColMan on 20.06.2018
Brian on bass skills.. Why no bass parts on a Queen album from him? - Sorry I replied in wrong thread.... by ColMan on 20.06.2018
Brian on bass skills.. Why no bass parts on a Queen album from him? - Verdens gang (VG) gave the concert 5 out of 6 http... by ColMan on 20.06.2018
RE-ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers - Live Digital Downloads 2005-2008 (mp3) - Thank you.... by ColMan on 18.06.2018
Breakthru' 3sat HD broadcast - Thanks for this. Sad they don't release the pro... by ColMan on 12.06.2018
Five & Queen - We Will Rock You (Video transfer from laserdisc!) - Thanks for the download. ... by ColMan on 01.02.2018
The Cross 1990-12-07 Astoria - Thanks for the download. It sound great. :-)... by ColMan on 29.12.2017
The Cross 1990-12-07 Astoria - You have to click "If you prefer to use a differen... by ColMan on 29.12.2017
End of the Queenhub - Thank you for your efforts. I remember i used to ... by ColMan on 20.05.2017
COLLECTION OF HD RUSHES & DIFFERENT TAKES - Thanks for putting it togheter. It was very nice. ... by ColMan on 01.12.2016
Queen + Adam Lambert – Live in Japan - What a trash! They should continue to release ... by ColMan on 09.10.2016
1993-11-08 The Brian May Band - Osaka - Since You've Been Gone (TARANTURA) - Thanks for this one. Very nice concerts. Wish Bri... by ColMan on 29.06.2016
Regarding Rock Montreal colours (!) - Tank you for this one. It has very nice colors :-)... by ColMan on 21.06.2016
High Res Scans - Thanks for the pictures. They are very nice.... by ColMan on 06.05.2016
Some early 80s photos - Thank you for sharing.... by ColMan on 29.04.2016
FM Tribute - Brian May & Def Leppard - NIH (nicam stereo > flac) - Thank you for sharing.... by ColMan on 27.02.2016
Live in Houston 1977 - 2015 edition - Thanks for this! Very nice sound quailty. I like ... by ColMan on 16.02.2016
The Prophet's Song Early Version - Is it any working links on this?... by ColMan on 08.01.2016
Queen-Now I'm Here (Hammersmith Odeon Afternoon Soundcheck) (AUDIO) - Too bad they only released one song from the sound... by ColMan on 28.11.2015
Sun City Queen Breaking out part 2 - Thank you Anthony & Wendy.... by ColMan on 16.03.2015
Rotterdam film source 1978-04-20 [stabilized] - Thanks! Very nice share and good post processing.... by ColMan on 09.03.2015
Was the Hungarian Rhapsody gig the best live show they did since Live Aid? - What is the difference between Budapest and Wemble... by ColMan on 13.02.2015
Hungarian Rhapsody CD - The Mix - Hungary sound so low and Wembley is so high. ... by ColMan on 26.11.2014
Justin Shirley-Smith Rainbow ’74 Thanks - You did very good job. Hoping to see more releases... by ColMan on 18.11.2014
BASIC Bootlegs - Hello, Can you please upload "Tie Your Mother Dow... by ColMan on 10.11.2014
MEGA: Queen - Live Aid Video + BBC FM Audio - Synchronized - Thanks! Very nicely done. What is the main diff... by ColMan on 10.08.2014
ANNOUNCE : Rainbow original cinema 35 mm film transfer - Thank you for sharing this.... by ColMan on 03.07.2014
Roger Taylor Surrender Orignal Version acetate CD - Thanks for sharing.... by ColMan on 15.04.2013
Announce: Complete Kampuchea concert 26 December 1979 FLAC - Can anyone please seed?... by ColMan on 11.04.2013
Demo from heaven (renew) - Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :-)... by ColMan on 21.03.2013
Announce: We Are The Champions (video) Mannheim 21.6.86. - Best quality I have seen of this so far. Thank ... by ColMan on 19.03.2013
Announce: One Vision (video) Leiden 12.6.86. - Thanks! It was really nice clip :-)... by ColMan on 18.03.2013
MAGIC tour should have been - Magic tour?? Why didn't they play them om Queen I... by ColMan on 09.07.2008