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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by 'Baneé'

Could anybody explain me... - Hi all, sorry if i write this in the wrong forum, ... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
Freddie animation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuWWcT95ss0 He&#... by Baneé on 10.08.2006
THE THINGS THEY HAVE TO DO FOR MONEY! - OMFG!, just look at this, it´s...it´s...... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
HOLDING ON (QUEEN DEMO) - Well, i want to share this demo with all of those ... by Baneé on 27.07.2006

155 posts by user 'Baneé'

A Very Big Free Hug - Thank you!! now, why a hug has to be banned? (I... by Baneé on 14.12.2006
I've found the truth! - LOL!!... by Baneé on 06.12.2006
true or false roger - lol!!! great job! ;D... by Baneé on 01.12.2006
The size of Freddies overbite.. AGAIN!!! - Mmm, let me think... between XXL and Queen size.... by Baneé on 01.12.2006
Where do you think you would be now if you never got into Queen? - I´d become a strip artist(?).... by Baneé on 01.12.2006
The size of Freddies overbite.. AGAIN!!! : The response - Maybe it is...technology improves every day!... by Baneé on 30.11.2006
Material de Queen - poco pero bueno - Interesante la pagina amigo, felicitaciones!! :) ... by Baneé on 29.11.2006
For your viewing pleasure: book/poster on eil.com - Me either =X... by Baneé on 29.11.2006
The size of Freddies overbite.. AGAIN!!! - He took the green pill instead of the red on... by Baneé on 29.11.2006
Queen did it again! - ...and played with our heart ;P... by Baneé on 28.11.2006
did freddie killed himself? - He did, by cutting his vains with a sheet of paper... by Baneé on 28.11.2006
A BRAND NEW CAPTION THREAD ;) - LOL!! HAHAHA, great interpretation!!... by Baneé on 24.11.2006
I've found the truth! - Wow! now, it really makes sense. All these yea... by Baneé on 24.11.2006
Sweet dreams... - I also agree. In fact, I love Eurythmics!! ;)... by Baneé on 24.11.2006
Freddie's backbend and/or headfling photos. - QUOTENAME]carboengine wrote: [/QUOTENAME]You didn'... by Baneé on 21.11.2006
In My Defence video? - Well, probably Serry is a very loving person. ;)... by Baneé on 05.11.2006
I got attacked by transexual pedos! [+queenzone][+bonus for girls] - LOL! great story!, and I specially love the writin... by Baneé on 04.11.2006
Poor John - LOL!! at least they should have said: "and th... by Baneé on 04.11.2006
In My Defence video? - As Serry said (If I had to do it...), that´s ... by Baneé on 04.11.2006
Brian and Roger adress... - Try visiting John ;P... by Baneé on 04.11.2006
Things That Annoy You... - Children and Jehova´s witnesses.... by Baneé on 31.10.2006
My parents idiots - thinking Brian did drugs! - Parents are always right.... by Baneé on 31.10.2006
Honouring Myself - That´s exactly what I was going to ask.... by Baneé on 31.10.2006
John Deacon posting on these forums? - If he does, that´ll be great!! ;)... by Baneé on 31.10.2006
I've been speaking to Freddie again. - Fatty, you´re the best comedian ever!! I vote... by Baneé on 20.10.2006
WHERES THIS ROGER PHOTO FROM - LOL!! well said ;P... by Baneé on 20.10.2006
I Bet Roger Hates Me Now - I just love the part: "We love John Deacon&qu... by Baneé on 13.10.2006
Friday the 13th - Oh yeah, the old classic "Nightmare" wit... by Baneé on 13.10.2006
Question about Freddie's trousers - I think it was in Japan, but I'm not really sure.... by Baneé on 13.10.2006
Im off to Bath - OH God!, that´s because he looks like a b... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
I have 10 dicks and 10 vaginas - I just can't stop thinking about yourself having y... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Bored? Try this. - Me too. Please, tell me when you have finished... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Why Queen Don`t Come to Latin America :( ??? - Oh God, I hope he isn't.... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
A BRAND NEW CAPTION THREAD ;) - Of course I do! we have the same kind of humou... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Has anyone ever met Freddie? - All those people who has the chance to met him mus... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Describe Freddie in one word - Everything.... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Queen Related names for a kittin - Musical prostitute ;)... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
Freddie at Garden Lodge Videos - I seem to hear Freddie saying the name "Phoeb... by Baneé on 12.10.2006
A BRAND NEW CAPTION THREAD ;) - OMG!,you´re in every detail! XD... by Baneé on 11.10.2006
How good is Made in Heaven??? - Excellent, I recomend it.... by Baneé on 11.10.2006
OMG! How cute! - Lovely dressed!! ;P... by Baneé on 10.10.2006
Has anyone ever met Freddie? - Lucky you! I don't know why you had a discussi... by Baneé on 10.10.2006
A BRAND NEW CAPTION THREAD ;) - OMFG!!! HAHAHAHA... by Baneé on 09.10.2006
Freddie: God or Human? - an Alien.... by Baneé on 09.10.2006
is it just me.... - It is just you ;P... by Baneé on 04.10.2006
Question About Freddie - Yeah, and sometimes Marlboro... by Baneé on 30.09.2006
What is Queen's Best Concert Ever? - Argentina 1981 ;)... by Baneé on 29.09.2006
How many gay/bi fans out there? - Ok, here are my personal answers for you, darling:... by Baneé on 29.09.2006
Who was the sexiest member of Queen? - Absolutely right!! ;)... by Baneé on 27.09.2006
Why are the beatles the greatest?? - Because of their 60's hairstyle...Mmm, forget it.... by Baneé on 26.09.2006
who is it in the monkey suit in the video clip"i'm going slighty mad" - Great!, while I'm sitting on Freddie's lap! ;D... by Baneé on 26.09.2006
Funny Freddie Pic - Just look at this one: http://www.geocities.com/S... by Baneé on 26.09.2006
Define Grunge.... - Excellent definition!... by Baneé on 25.09.2006
Lindsay Lohan and Queen....ick - Maybe she tried to look smart XD (poor thing)... by Baneé on 25.09.2006
Paris 1986 TV Report - Thank you so much for it!!. Please, share Argentin... by Baneé on 25.09.2006
Freddie's perfume??? - Armani for men, Mounsier by Givenchy, Eau Dynamisa... by Baneé on 24.09.2006
Brian has big cock? - If he has...who cares??... by Baneé on 24.09.2006
What would Queen have been like in the nineties? - Yeah!! me too!! :)... by Baneé on 24.09.2006
A Tragic Travesty - Thanks for the explanation Micro, I'm from Arg... by Baneé on 23.09.2006
Brussels or Paris - Paris sounds great!!... by Baneé on 23.09.2006
Brian has big cock? - LOL!!!!... by Baneé on 23.09.2006
Scandal's hidden messege - QUOTENAME]MmP wrote: [/QUOTENAME]I love Scandal, j... by Baneé on 23.09.2006
SCANNING ARTICLES ABOUT QUEEN - Interesting site. Thanks for sharing it! :)... by Baneé on 21.09.2006
A Tragic Travesty - Ok, It'd be something like this: "You'r... by Baneé on 21.09.2006
What did you eat for breakfast? - As an argentinian, I just drink mate for breakfast... by Baneé on 19.09.2006
This is HOT!!! - YEAH!, that´s really hot ;P... by Baneé on 19.09.2006
Freddie more popular than Brian and Roger!! - I've always knew he would be the most popular from... by Baneé on 18.09.2006
is this possible at QOL? - Because it´s illegal?, but on youtube you can... by Baneé on 18.09.2006
Freddie Mercury Mobile - I also thought about a mobile phone!! LOL!... by Baneé on 18.09.2006
Funny Queenzoners :D - Personally the funniest are: Get down, Sparrow and... by Baneé on 18.09.2006
"What the hell?" pictures - WOOOWW!!! great pics! thank you so much for sharin... by Baneé on 15.09.2006
Question about "Sail Away Sweet Sister"... - I agree! (no offense)... by Baneé on 14.09.2006
best pictures of Queen... - QUOTENAME]magicalfreddiemercury wrote: [/QUOTENAME... by Baneé on 14.09.2006
Do you believe in magic? - Well, I can't compare them. Both are great and... by Baneé on 14.09.2006
Where Can I Get A Replica Of Freddie Mercurys Jacket - LOL!! maybe he was hurry... by Baneé on 14.09.2006
I want to talk with a queen fan... - Sure, why not ;)... by Baneé on 13.09.2006
Freddie mercury on at 9:45 ITV - There´s going to be a special on The History ... by Baneé on 12.09.2006
Freddie was in my dreams... again. - I agree with you, my friend. I sometimes dream... by Baneé on 12.09.2006
Hi, I'm new here! - Welcome Dear!!... by Baneé on 12.09.2006
Ghost of Fred??? - COOL!!!;)... by Baneé on 12.09.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - HAHAHAHAHA!!! I really imagine that funny situ... by Baneé on 11.09.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - LOOOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!XD... by Baneé on 11.09.2006
The Return of the Add on Queen story!!! - distracted the Press by saying: "Look Guys, t... by Baneé on 11.09.2006
My Freddie Fan fiction story thread - Great story Queen Mercury!, I can't wait to read h... by Baneé on 11.09.2006
rogers toes - OMFG!!!! HAHAHA!!!!... by Baneé on 10.09.2006
rogers toes - I found this: http://cache.viewimages.com/comp/29... by Baneé on 10.09.2006
Roger picks his teeth - 01:34 ;)... by Baneé on 10.09.2006
Hi,I'm simmy! - Hi and welcome! :)... by Baneé on 09.09.2006
queenzoners you like - I love you, and me and i love condons between us X... by Baneé on 09.09.2006
Freddie speaks beyond the grave... - Huh?... by Baneé on 09.09.2006
How gracefully would Freddie have aged? at 60 - ... by Baneé on 07.09.2006
How gracefully would Freddie have aged? at 60 - ... by Baneé on 07.09.2006
If Brian May died in 1974... - ... by Baneé on 06.09.2006
Freddie's group hug - From Argentina, a very big hug to and for Freddie!... by Baneé on 06.09.2006
What you've done yesterday? - I got drunk.... by Baneé on 06.09.2006
Favourite words in a queen song? - "My kingdom for a horse" ;)... by Baneé on 06.09.2006
Who likes lindaofthevalley? [revival] - The only Linda i know is Mc Cartney, and she´... by Baneé on 05.09.2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE!!!!!! - LOL!!!, Happy Birthday to the greatest... by Baneé on 05.09.2006
FREDDIES BIRTDAY CAKE! - Anyway the wind blows...(ups, sorry);P... by Baneé on 05.09.2006
Where I can find??? - Yes!, that´s a great site!! ;)... by Baneé on 04.09.2006
Could anybody explain me... - Thank you so much!!!!!... by Baneé on 04.09.2006
can you please send it to me too ? - probably to send his e mail :P... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
freddie 60' - Mil gracias por la info Hector!!!, este lunes no m... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
Could anybody explain me... - Hi all, sorry if i write this in the wrong forum, ... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
You know you are obsessed with Queen if...... - You feel you´re a very close friend of them, ... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
i wet myself every single day - Mamma, i just missed my bass, it was missing in s... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
Does John Deacon miss QUEEN?? - yeah, anyway i like SMITTY site ;)... by Baneé on 03.09.2006
Roger&Freddie on youtube - I just love that part! the manipulated Rog XD ... by Baneé on 01.09.2006
delete this - This post makes me think about all the things i wo... by Baneé on 28.08.2006
Brian's Clogs - I find them really uncomfortables. Anyway, they ar... by Baneé on 28.08.2006
Brian vs. Roger - I bet 100% of my salary than Roger is going to win... by Baneé on 28.08.2006
Who likes Don't stop me now? - Yeah, i do. Specially the Live Killers version I ... by Baneé on 28.08.2006
Am i great? - Probably.Your mission in this world is to make peo... by Baneé on 28.08.2006
Mother Love - As most of the songs, i preffer not to analyse the... by Baneé on 27.08.2006
What was the first Queen song that you EVER heard? - Friends will be friends was the first song i could... by Baneé on 27.08.2006
Queen afterparty at London's Roof Garden Club - Thanks so much for sharing it! :)... by Baneé on 25.08.2006
Anyone know when/where this pic was taken? - You´re right, Lester Burnham, it was taken in... by Baneé on 25.08.2006
What Did Freddie Look Like? - Well, QueenMercury, after all these wonderful expl... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
drawball - what a pity :(... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
Brian's Myspace imposter - I mean imposters, sorry, i´m very angry.... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
Brian's Myspace imposter - Also Freddie has his own myspace (from Heaven??) ... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
freddie crying - Ok, if you wanna believe he was crying, he was cry... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
freddie crying - HAHAHA...Oh God... by Baneé on 22.08.2006
Queen animated video - LOL!!!! very funny, thanks for sharing it!!... by Baneé on 12.08.2006
which queenzoner is Deaky? - Definetly i´m not Deaky....but i´d be th... by Baneé on 11.08.2006
Freddie animation - I really love the part when the old man is smashed... by Baneé on 11.08.2006
Scaramouche, scaramouche bumper sticker on eBay - Daaaaa.......... by Baneé on 11.08.2006
No Subject - anyway, interesting topic...hehehe... by Baneé on 10.08.2006
Freddie animation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuWWcT95ss0 He&#... by Baneé on 10.08.2006
Garden Lodge Videos - All i know is that both videos were recorded durin... by Baneé on 04.08.2006
Omg not this again. - Oh dear lord, that was scary.... by Baneé on 03.08.2006
you wish Freddie was your lover? - In fact, i wish Freddie was alive... by Baneé on 02.08.2006
Thank you!! - And special thanks to Brian, Roger and John for no... by Baneé on 02.08.2006
What if Freddie..... - And what if Freddie was a woman?. Fridda sounds ni... by Baneé on 02.08.2006
What if Freddie was not gay?? - Er...ok... by Baneé on 02.08.2006
Queen songs that make you cry - "You take my breath away", gosh, those l... by Baneé on 31.07.2006
My good lord, WHAT is that man doing??? - HAHAHAHAAAA, poor thing, he didn´t have time ... by Baneé on 31.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - QueenMechanics!! LOL, that´s hilarious!!!!... by Baneé on 30.07.2006
Which Queen member do you look like? - I´m like Freddie :P, from now on, i´ll m... by Baneé on 30.07.2006
THE THINGS THEY HAVE TO DO FOR MONEY! - Good for you!... by Baneé on 29.07.2006
Strange picture of Roger + Drumkit - Wow!!, very interesting pictures in that website, ... by Baneé on 29.07.2006
Well, this photo... - And talking about pants falling down, it remained ... by Baneé on 29.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - 7 seas of Rhye Posted: 7/28/2006 8:15:45 PM ... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
THE THINGS THEY HAVE TO DO FOR MONEY! - OMFG!, just look at this, it´s...it´s...... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - http://www.queenzone.com/queenzone/mp3.aspx?Q=1441... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - XD XD XD, yeah, but remember that Queen had always... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - LOL!!! Freddie´s always so vain!!! :p... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
YouTube Q. - Does this play for anyone else? - Yeah, the same happens to me. I wonder why, becaus... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - Hehe, thanks!, how about this one?? http://www.... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
reviving the caption thread :-D - Well, i´m not very good at this, but that... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
HOLDING ON (QUEEN DEMO) - I'm so sorry, i had no idea at all :(. Anyway, tha... by Baneé on 28.07.2006
HOLDING ON (QUEEN DEMO) - Well, i want to share this demo with all of those ... by Baneé on 27.07.2006
Freddie Pictures - What about this one??, Freddie in Panchigani. He's... by Baneé on 27.07.2006
Help with these...... - I'm glad you've liked that website guys, i was jus... by Baneé on 27.07.2006
Help with these...... - Hi everybody, i think the website that Planet´... by Baneé on 27.07.2006