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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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ANNOUNCE: Flash Gordon (album edit without dialogue) WeTransfer link - Thanks... by BGennard on 16.12.2019
ANNOUNCE: Flash Gordon Album (edit - no movie dialogue) LOSSLESS - anyone have a link that doesn't require registerin... by BGennard on 13.12.2019
RT - The Lot..revisited - To be fair I love a lot of Rogers non Queen out pu... by BGennard on 27.11.2019
Which song from another artist you wish Freddie had sung ? - I always thought Freddie would have done a fantast... by BGennard on 11.11.2019
John Stuart RIP - R.I.P. Such a loss of knowledge and a man who had... by BGennard on 20.09.2019
ANNOUNCE:- Roger Taylor - 19th August 2018 - Tilford UK - any chance of a re-upload as the link now says fil... by BGennard on 12.04.2019
Which intro of Queen songs do you like most? - Death On two Legs, Was It All Worth It, Hammer To ... by BGennard on 30.08.2017
Which album Queen released in the year when you were born? - Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack (1974)... by BGennard on 26.08.2017
Your favorite Queen's love song? - You Take My Breath Away, Motherlove, Nevermore (On... by BGennard on 28.07.2017
"Through The Years" - An Anthology (MP3-320) - thank you..... by BGennard on 08.07.2017
Songs influenced/sound similar to Queen? - The song Love by Def Leppard also Kings Of the Uni... by BGennard on 13.07.2015