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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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outdated sound of Queen (album) - WarQueen wrote: "Hot Space" sounds more ou... by Ayreon on 08.10.2008
Setlist Antwerp????? - Sorry, do't agree either, Brian was very good ... by Ayreon on 24.09.2008
How many times did you watch Live At Wembley DVD? - The DVD: maybe 10-20 times. The video, from bac... by Ayreon on 21.09.2007
Foreigner - When i hear 'Cold as ice' it reminds me slightly... by Ayreon on 18.09.2007
Rocky - Maybe III,, but i doubt Queen would be involve... by Ayreon on 24.07.2007
What was your FIRST thought of Queen? - I thought it was loud noise, wouldn't even call it... by Ayreon on 23.07.2007
About Roger's involvement on "Barcelona" song? - Sorry, that's either Michael Kamen or Mike Moran, ... by Ayreon on 11.05.2007
New Paul Rodgers Live CD - No, i'm not buying it. I buy Paul's stuf when ... by Ayreon on 25.04.2007
Tear It Up & Liar simularities........ - Wiley, in Cologne he 'pretended' to play Now i'm h... by Ayreon on 17.04.2007
Tear It Up & Liar simularities........ - Brian also did a "now I'm Here" teaser i... by Ayreon on 17.04.2007
queen's power - Are you serious? Most bands you mention are sti... by Ayreon on 11.04.2007
What if Queen and The Flintstones..... - mm...that must have rocked!... by Ayreon on 28.02.2007
Queen Mark II. Arggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! - What's wrong with it? when they would call it '... by Ayreon on 01.02.2007
The original miracle image - LOL And now just ad Paul Rodgers' face and an... by Ayreon on 21.12.2006
New Queen cover by kid singer - Ahhhh! An international Jantje Smit! Please hel... by Ayreon on 20.12.2006
Queen Vs. Queen+PR - Yeah Yeah, blah blah... Please READ the questi... by Ayreon on 19.12.2006
What Would Be A Good Album Title? - Bang!?... by Ayreon on 07.11.2006
A Call to Arms - You Are sick. get a life.... by Ayreon on 03.10.2006
Roger & Debbie - Almost... She's a dutch model... ... by Ayreon on 02.10.2006
Is the MAGIC TOUR One of the Greatest Music Tours of All Time?? - For me it's certainly one of the greatest. For ... by Ayreon on 15.09.2006
Queen + Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter Tour CANCELLED - bad timing. bad taste. what are you thinki... by Ayreon on 05.09.2006
Brian's Clogs - I believe Brian shops for them when he visits Ho... by Ayreon on 29.08.2006
Your faveourite Solo album - Hapiness... by far... by Ayreon on 27.08.2006
Name for the new Queen+PR studio album... - Why not Q + PR? and maybe subtitled "featu... by Ayreon on 23.08.2006
Is roger single? - And they have been together for about 4 years no... by Ayreon on 11.08.2006
Desmond Child as a Queen producer? - This topic is not about that, but about a produc... by Ayreon on 09.08.2006
Mercury and Me question - There are nice passages in the book though. Inde... by Ayreon on 09.08.2006
Just out of interest? - Ayreon, Billy Joel, Valentine, Damian Wilson...... by Ayreon on 09.08.2006
So I guess this is the official tracklisting for Freddie's 'best of'? - Some of the best rarities, for which we fans bou... by Ayreon on 24.07.2006
Misconceptions :) - I had the same experience! Also i always th... by Ayreon on 28.06.2006
Brian's Bad Night in Philly... - I know from experience Brian does get frustrat... by Ayreon on 19.06.2006
Freddie's solo albums are actually quite good - there isheavy use of a drummachine on BTTL (Dr... by Ayreon on 08.06.2006
Freddie's solo albums are actually quite good - Mayb you should get your eyes checked. No-one ... by Ayreon on 08.06.2006
Freddie's solo albums are actually quite good - Ahppiness is my number one. Blue Rock is awesome... by Ayreon on 08.06.2006
Freddie's solo albums are actually quite good - ever heard of some dude named Roger Taylor? He... by Ayreon on 08.06.2006
Do you think freddies songs leaned towards being gay? - not much. though i think he line 'laughing ... by Ayreon on 07.06.2006
Whose was the best songwriter of the 4? - 1: Roger 2: John 3: Brian 4: Freddie ... by Ayreon on 06.06.2006
Freddie Ipods? - Not completely true, Ducksoup. My Ipod holds l... by Ayreon on 29.05.2006
Brian and Freddie...in the Men's Room? - relax..is just a joke...... by Ayreon on 17.05.2006
ANNOUNCE: Queen - Die Show (Kabel1 GermanTV - May,15th 2006) TORRENT - Thanks a lot! btw, is it mpg1(vcd) or mpg2(dv... by Ayreon on 16.05.2006
Woot Woot! - It's like the Queen bible ;)... by Ayreon on 20.04.2006
Paul Rodgers Sheryl Crow Statement... - I really hope you are kidding....... by Ayreon on 20.04.2006
VANCOUVER-Last Show Countdown - Tell us people... How was the last show? ... by Ayreon on 14.04.2006
What an idiot... - Nice positive review, you'd better spend youir t... by Ayreon on 14.04.2006
QUEEN/MERCURY songs played in your area - Netherlands: Radio Gaga Break Free Breakthr... by Ayreon on 29.03.2006
Axl Rose is way better than Freddie - LOL!... by Ayreon on 27.03.2006
ANNOUNCE : Worcester 3/10/06 DVD - 3 songs from 1080i Hi-Def master tapes - Thanks man! ... by Ayreon on 19.03.2006
Freddie or Brian? - Brian as well, e makes it very emotional.... by Ayreon on 16.03.2006
Roger Taylor's Voice - No, Paul isn't playing piano for Borap, but for ... by Ayreon on 14.03.2006
Anyone Listening To The Guys On XM? - For the non- americans,like myself, among us; ... by Ayreon on 09.03.2006
You take my breath away - In Holland it is NOT illegal to download a song ... by Ayreon on 07.03.2006
Live Killers - Yeah, especially when it's mostly a 'cut and pas... by Ayreon on 02.03.2006
Texans Protest!!! - I believe Queen refuses to play there because Bu... by Ayreon on 01.03.2006
New encore... - Dont thin they'll ever change it. To me it sound... by Ayreon on 20.01.2006
ANNOUNCE - Dutch Queen Convention 2004 DVD - thanks!... by Ayreon on 19.01.2006
Heaven for everyone - Aren't you referring to the Cross version; with ... by Ayreon on 18.01.2006
Did queen hurt their legacy? - Very well said, Togg! Totally agree! Queen isn't a... by Ayreon on 18.01.2006
Dutch Queen Club Convention JSS/Valensia... interested? - yup. Me to! :)... by Ayreon on 17.01.2006
Paul rodgers syrup - Not anyone here has English as his native language... by Ayreon on 17.01.2006
Songs that Paul Rodgers Can't Sing - Yeah gary Cherone has a nice stage presance. too... by Ayreon on 16.01.2006
Songs that Paul Rodgers Can't Sing - You take my breath away Melancholy Blues Cool ... by Ayreon on 16.01.2006
Freddie Mercury Action Figure in 2006 - 18"? Freddie would be proud of that, i'm sure... by Ayreon on 12.01.2006
Queen, A new religion? - The bible should be 'As it began', the book bij ... by Ayreon on 12.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR at Saitama Super Arena 27/10/2005 - VIDEO - you can make an MPG version of the DVD.... by Ayreon on 11.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR at Saitama Super Arena 27/10/2005 - VIDEO - Come on people, keep seeding! Only 4 seeders ac... by Ayreon on 11.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Q+PR at Saitama Super Arena 27/10/2005 - VIDEO - Fantastic! Thanks a lot! now at 30 kb/s... by Ayreon on 09.01.2006
Question about Too Much Love Will Kill You.... - I prefer Brian's version as well. It's more 'fro... by Ayreon on 05.01.2006
Question about Too Much Love Will Kill You.... - Ever heard from an album from a band called Quee... by Ayreon on 04.01.2006
ROTC: one of the year's worst - i desagree. Like the album!... by Ayreon on 25.12.2005
"Solo" tracks within albums - Sheer Heart Attack guitars by Roger... by Ayreon on 22.12.2005
Dream Theater - Death On Two Legs - Yeah Russel would be great with DT- but he also is... by Ayreon on 22.12.2005
Dream Theater - Death On Two Legs - Funny you mention Bruce - he's also on an Ayreon a... by Ayreon on 22.12.2005
Dream Theater - Death On Two Legs - yeah he still is a great singer! But the high note... by Ayreon on 22.12.2005
Brian May Live At Brixton Academy DVD - Yoy want a live show? Buy Wembley, the Bowl, ROTC ... by Ayreon on 21.12.2005
Brian May Live At Brixton Academy DVD - Live at the Brixton is a very good reflection of t... by Ayreon on 20.12.2005
Hot Space - Queen were good writing songs in that genre, if yo... by Ayreon on 16.12.2005
"Surrender" Roger Taylor - i think surrender is a great song! As well as pres... by Ayreon on 16.12.2005
Announce: 30th anniversary ANATO special (dutch TV) - thanks! missed that on tv yesterday...... by Ayreon on 16.12.2005
Queen and Band Aid - I believe they weren't asked by geldof and were ki... by Ayreon on 16.12.2005
were Queen + Paul Rodgers actually at Live 8? - tose were all roumours...there's no evidence for... by Ayreon on 15.12.2005
What's been your QUEEN highlight of 2005? - Queen in Ahoy Rotterdam, was for me. Also the r... by Ayreon on 15.12.2005
were Queen + Paul Rodgers actually at Live 8? - I believe in Live Aid there was a different ba... by Ayreon on 15.12.2005
were Queen + Paul Rodgers actually at Live 8? - Queen were performing in Portugal that day. Besi... by Ayreon on 14.12.2005
I Need Your Advice - Weren't there bands he liked when he was young? Tr... by Ayreon on 13.12.2005
Is We Will Rock You at the dominion theatre london any good? - I kite it, it's more than ok, but not 'phenomena... by Ayreon on 06.12.2005
What would you like to see on a new Queen(+) album? - I don't agree bas. I think the boys have proven ... by Ayreon on 06.12.2005
What would you like to see on a new Queen(+) album? - No old songs, just new material, of Rog, Bri and... by Ayreon on 06.12.2005
Did Queen Ever? - He ain't miming the impromptu. Might be slightly... by Ayreon on 30.11.2005
check this out, Freddie Haters! - b.t.w.; i'm glad they played "i want it all... by Ayreon on 23.11.2005
check this out, Freddie Haters! - correction: Tie your mother down is not a 'replace... by Ayreon on 23.11.2005
check this out, Freddie Haters! - And let me remind you: People who like Paul ... by Ayreon on 23.11.2005
What do you REALLY think about Paul Rodgers? - although a nice guy and a great singer, he looks t... by Ayreon on 22.11.2005
Next DVD-A....? - I don't think the'yre currently working on it. The... by Ayreon on 21.11.2005
Metallica at SBC Park - WTF has this to do with Queen?... by Ayreon on 21.11.2005
Say It's Not True - The Lyrics are obvious - but so are the lyrics... by Ayreon on 21.11.2005
Tim Staffel ??..mmm good. - Please not! Tom Staffel is not a great singer...... by Ayreon on 21.11.2005
Bootleg Audience Chatter - you know who i mean, right Jeroen? ... by Ayreon on 10.11.2005
Bootleg Audience Chatter - Roger AAAAHHH! is a classic...can be heard on no... by Ayreon on 10.11.2005
Misheard lyrics – real ones, please! - When i was small i always thought Freddie sang '... by Ayreon on 09.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Boundless Rhapsody - relax dude... have a cup of tea or something ;)... by Ayreon on 07.11.2005
UP at Sheffield - Crap indeed. Queen owns the copyright. It's been... by Ayreon on 03.11.2005
roger taylor-best of 2005 - Days of our lives in Rotterdam Ahoy was brillian... by Ayreon on 01.11.2005
Rhythm Guitarist? - i think it's quite a smart move by Brian. It all... by Ayreon on 21.10.2005
Freddie/Robert Plant - I don't think the voices really sound the same..... by Ayreon on 17.10.2005
2006 US Tour - I think it will depend on how well the 2005 Americ... by Ayreon on 05.10.2005
Best 2005 gig so far... - I Was in Barcelona, it wasn't that good in my op... by Ayreon on 05.10.2005
I played with Queen once - And that's just why people like him who know the... by Ayreon on 04.10.2005
Holy Shit!!!! - Great! A Q+PR Album!! I can't wait!... by Ayreon on 30.09.2005
Let's Do This.... - What a bunch of negative tossers you are! There'... by Ayreon on 22.09.2005
Why Did Rodger sing hijack my heart? - I love this song...Rogers vocals are great and l... by Ayreon on 17.09.2005
ROTC cd in the Netherlands - Yeah well thats because it ain't Ch!ps or 50 Cen... by Ayreon on 13.09.2005
What is your favourite.... - "I don't like very religious people, they t... by Ayreon on 08.09.2005
Tie Your Mother Down not really that great - In fact, Fredie encouraged Brian when he wass il... by Ayreon on 05.09.2005
Why isn't Under Pressure in ROTC? - That's complete bull. Brian and Roger don't need t... by Ayreon on 02.09.2005
queen on fire - Personally i think Queen were on their best form... by Ayreon on 29.08.2005
why Queen+ Paul Rodgers suck in the US - Awesome reply, AmeriQueen! Glad to read there... by Ayreon on 29.08.2005
the hyde park gig 2005 was shit - Wasn't there myself, but in the 6 concerts i've ... by Ayreon on 29.08.2005
Are These CDs Good Quality? - Don't buy it. Buy the official stuff. Since i... by Ayreon on 28.08.2005
Why Doesn't The U.S. Get It? - In a country with a complete moron as president,... by Ayreon on 26.08.2005
Should queen be one of the most well known bands.. - Well their reputation is huge in Europe, maybe n... by Ayreon on 17.08.2005
Freddie Mercury and Paul Rodgers picture together - I have no reason to assume Brian would lie about t... by Ayreon on 11.08.2005
Freddie Mercury and Paul Rodgers picture together - Fraddie was indeed a big Paul Rodgers fan, check... by Ayreon on 11.08.2005
information about queen´sellers - All i know is that Queen sold over 100 million alb... by Ayreon on 10.08.2005
Cover of new live album - Sorry that must be progart.com without the www ... by Ayreon on 08.08.2005
Cover of new live album - Yeah they really must be joking.... This real... by Ayreon on 08.08.2005
Were Queen on Do They Know It's Christmas? - I think Queen were in some kind of 'dip' at tha... by Ayreon on 17.07.2005
if queen+pr are to make an album would you buy it? - Ofcourse i would buy it! Anyone who really is a... by Ayreon on 12.07.2005
Cologne Setlist - Just woke up from a long night sleep after the c... by Ayreon on 07.07.2005
The Greed of Q+PR - It seems to me they are just pleasing the die ha... by Ayreon on 28.06.2005
brian's voice - I think Brian's voice is nice, but he hasn't got... by Ayreon on 28.06.2005
ANNOUNCE:Roger-ah crew live in dortmund - Glad to see the Roger AAAAAHHHH spirit is stil... by Ayreon on 16.06.2005
The Brian May, Roger Taylor and That Guy Tour 2005 - Chill out guys, it's not Queen, just our chaps Bri... by Ayreon on 24.04.2005
Studio overdubs on Milton Keynes - Those from We Will rock you Aren't overdubs, but e... by Ayreon on 18.04.2005