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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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2 discussions started by 'AlleeCat'

Deacy is Cut from Uncut - On Brian's site, there is a news article that feat... by AlleeCat on 03.02.2005
Love SUCKS - Just having a bad day (year) I guess... by AlleeCat on 20.01.2005

49 posts by user 'AlleeCat'

Freddie & Bush - stupid game I came up with - B: What should I say when they ask me about Iraq? ... by AlleeCat on 27.06.2006
CrazyFrog video - didn't look like a belly button to me... I thi... by AlleeCat on 20.05.2006
Synthesisers responsiable for Queens demise in 80's? - John: DEMISE?? There is no DEMISE of Queen. Roger... by AlleeCat on 03.05.2006
best 'bass' album - I think that John's bass was more prominent on The... by AlleeCat on 10.03.2006
Duluth Tonight - Setlist/Reviews etc etc - Duluth is a suburb of Atlanta, GA (my former empl... by AlleeCat on 08.03.2006
First city on US tour 2006 - I think Denver would be a nice place to start... o... by AlleeCat on 07.11.2005
new album - They've hinted around at new recordings, what form... by AlleeCat on 09.02.2005
Deacy is Cut from Uncut - I don't know why I didn't notice that it was a fre... by AlleeCat on 03.02.2005
which is the hottest Queen member? - ***** Bad taste moment ****** Freddie has been ... by AlleeCat on 03.02.2005
Deacy is Cut from Uncut - On Brian's site, there is a news article that feat... by AlleeCat on 03.02.2005
Freddie's last interview - I don't know if it counts, but there is a snippet ... by AlleeCat on 28.01.2005
Love SUCKS - Thanks guys... I appreciate your replies. I gu... by AlleeCat on 20.01.2005
Love SUCKS - Thanks Miss James, I needed that :-)... by AlleeCat on 20.01.2005
Love SUCKS - Just having a bad day (year) I guess... by AlleeCat on 20.01.2005
Top Ten Reasons Why John Deacon Does Not Play The Tour - Very Good YV :-)... by AlleeCat on 19.01.2005
Is anybody here an obsessed Queen fan? - I seem to annoy my family to death with Queen... e... by AlleeCat on 12.01.2005
Deacon - Lucked in on the worlds biggest band! - Let us not forget Brian's beloved 'Deaky Amp' :-)... by AlleeCat on 12.01.2005
are all male queen fans gay? - I always hated this question... I am gay, but not ... by AlleeCat on 16.12.2004
Inarticulate and other one-time-used words by Queen - Struggle is also in "Let Me Live" ... by AlleeCat on 03.12.2004
Rogers voice - I've always thought that Roger's voice would be ve... by AlleeCat on 03.12.2004
Satire/Queen/Amazon - Here is the original topic :) http://www.queenz... by AlleeCat on 01.12.2004
Freddie after 1987 (great pretender) - Great Pretender is not a reissue of Mr Bad Guy. Mu... by AlleeCat on 30.11.2004
Queen's plans of comeback - I think that they're just in a tough spot right no... by AlleeCat on 26.11.2004
instead of Queen +...... - ...or Monarchy Inc.... by AlleeCat on 24.11.2004
instead of Queen +...... - How about Royalty Incorporated... by AlleeCat on 24.11.2004
There's always a Queen release in November. - About the US Tuesday thing... WHY??? Is there a re... by AlleeCat on 24.11.2004
Queen and Paul Rodgers? It seems for real this time! - My two cents: For the longest time, Brian and R... by AlleeCat on 24.11.2004
why does roger never smile - He laughs and smiles quite often in clips of inter... by AlleeCat on 23.11.2004
Queen and Paul Rodgers? It seems for real this time! - I'm not seeing as much excitement in the Paul Rodg... by AlleeCat on 23.11.2004
Best piano part... - I think You Take My Breath Away is lovely, I also ... by AlleeCat on 22.11.2004
Your Birthdays - Silly me... This year We Will Rock You premiered i... by AlleeCat on 17.11.2004
Your Birthdays - Well, I'm sure Freddie had a hangover on several o... by AlleeCat on 17.11.2004
Lighting rig and stage design - IMHO (from the pictures I've seen) The Works tour ... by AlleeCat on 15.11.2004
What's Your Favourite Queen And Solo Video? - Slightly Mad, Invisible Man... by AlleeCat on 12.11.2004
the Mercury Phoenix Trust - I don't see much new information, but... http:/... by AlleeCat on 12.11.2004
I need help with something - Not really more prurient than here :^)... by AlleeCat on 11.11.2004
I need help with something - Try this site... HIV positive, not necessarily dea... by AlleeCat on 11.11.2004
Can you judge a book by its cover? - Actually, by many fans' opinion 'The Miracle' had ... by AlleeCat on 11.11.2004
The BEST band in the whole tired world!!!!!!! - I am very tired... and would like a nap right now.... by AlleeCat on 11.11.2004
Queen's best and worst insert sleeve photo - I always thought that Brian looked very weird in A... by AlleeCat on 10.11.2004
Shortened Titles. - ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing LOL = Laugh... by AlleeCat on 05.11.2004
Why is Queen so underrated? - In the US I think mostly it has had to do with how... by AlleeCat on 27.10.2004
Sorta Similar in my opinion - Actually, I think the MIH 'Yeah' sounds just like ... by AlleeCat on 13.01.2004
Plot Failure --> HUG ME! - *Bear Hug* for everyone... by AlleeCat on 22.12.2003
Need more info on this (rare?) Queen book... - Seems to me that Freddie fulfilled Roger's ambitio... by AlleeCat on 18.12.2003
Right, John was the horse... - I thought John was a unicorn... by AlleeCat on 26.11.2003
DVD-As - Here are some of the ones I have... Eagles: Hot... by AlleeCat on 21.11.2003
Freddie Vs Tim - Unless I'm mistaken, only 'Doing All Right' has a ... by AlleeCat on 18.11.2003
Quote Help??? - Mmmoooooooo :)... by AlleeCat on 18.11.2003