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When QueenZone shut down in November 2020 I have decided to save the database of forum posts and make it available to public. The forum will never become active again but it's available for fulltext search. All the posts since late 2004 (except for spam) are here and I'd like to remind you some of the best discussions. John S Stuart's posts about the Queen catalogue, Thor Arnold's posts about Freddie's life and Barry Mitchell's or Justin Shirley-Smith's interesting contributions are available here).

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4 discussions started by '**Queen_of_Ramms+ein**'

Wachovia Spectrum 14.03.2006 USA - Hey there! this is my first post and i dont know i... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.05.2006
Freddie apears in a vh1 advert !! - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.04.2006
IMPORTANT - WHY DOES NOBODY USE RAPISHARE ANYMOREEEE?????? ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.11.2005
HELP!! - hey guys i need your help! :( i havent a bittor... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.10.2005

157 posts by user '**Queen_of_Ramms+ein**'

Question about "Sail Away Sweet Sister"... - ssss... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 14.09.2006
Do you think that Freddie is...? - omg!! Can you guys leave Freddie REST IN PEACE!!??... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 09.09.2006
Any Hendrix Fans? Want a concert? - I think Hendrix is ok, but this is a Queen page, w... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.05.2006
Do you ever get bored? - being honest... there´s no Queen or Brian... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.05.2006
Miracle Sessions - Thank you so much 4 this! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.05.2006
Freddie Mercury & Leo Sayer - Thunder Of My Heart - That´s not Freddie ....... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.05.2006
Freddie Mercury si back - That was amaizin ! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.05.2006
Wachovia Spectrum 14.03.2006 USA - That´s what i thought :S "poor of ou... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.05.2006
Wachovia Spectrum 14.03.2006 USA - Hey there! this is my first post and i dont know i... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.05.2006
Is this Freddie? - You kiddin´right? NONE OF THIS PEOPLE ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 13.05.2006
Queen in Rapidshare's Links (video) - Thanks my friend!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 10.05.2006
Nice question about Freddie - I´d hug him so hard and tell him i really lov... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 03.05.2006
QUEEN WERE GREAT IN THE '70'S - I love Queens 70,LOVE IT, but you cant say n... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.05.2006
ANNOUNCE: OPERA OMNIA 4 CDs ----> Rapidshare - *downloadin´* Thanks ! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.05.2006
Was Freddie the greatest singer ever? - I think.....hmm... no wait.... yeah.... Freddie... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.04.2006
Earl's Court '77 MP3 - Thank you ! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.04.2006
Announce: Hot Space Demos - THANKS!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.04.2006
Freddie apears in a vh1 advert !! - You can view the news article athttp://www.queenzo... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.04.2006
No Subject - Mr. Snow: You are a fuckin´loser, you don&... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.04.2006
The TRUTH about Mr. Snow - I don´t usually say bad words but... Mr. Sno... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.04.2006
ANNOUNCE - Second Freddie Mercury Interview 1984 - Thanks one more time ;)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.04.2006
ANNOUNCE - Freddie Mercury Interview 1984 - Lots of thanks ;)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.04.2006
Out On His Own - Brian May - Thank you ! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.04.2006
Oh My Gosh!!!!!! Just Discovered!!!!! Early Live Tracks!!!!!!! - LMAO LMAOOO ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.04.2006
Faye Wong @youtube - :| what ta...?... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.04.2006
NEVERMORE(RARE BBC) RAPIDSHARE - Thanks for sharing =)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.04.2006
Japanese Queen Medley - LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! LMAO!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.04.2006
Rare track from Queen II session (unsure) - Thank you, but i cant hear it, i have no flac prog... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 03.04.2006
ANNOUNCE: Guitar Greats 1983 FLAC & mp3 - Is there anyway to download this file with out a t... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 30.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Dragon Attack-Fat Bottomed Girls from Worcester DVD - Audio - he´s good :o)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 30.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Funny How Love Is FULL take 5 INSTRUMENTAL DEMO - LMAO XD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Funny How Love Is FULL take 5 INSTRUMENTAL DEMO - Thank you!!!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.03.2006
Freddie commenting on Michael Jackson (flv) - rapishare? maybe? :S please :S... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 26.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Argentina [Buenos Aires 01-03-1981] MP3 (Corrected) - Un millon de Gracias!! sos un amor! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 25.03.2006
Annouce - Take Love Uniondale - thanks! ;o)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.03.2006
POLL - vote for a 20 sec. snippet of a rare song I should upload - The call, never heard of it :S... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: New backstage footage (FINAL PART) I'm Going slightly Mad - thank you :P... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 18.03.2006
KNEBWORTH DOCUMENTARY.mpeg (rapidshare) - thank you !! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.03.2006
Announce: Los Angeles 9.14.82 (mp3 and FLAC) - THaNK YoU!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 13.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: The Cross Live In Dusseldorf (torrent + Rapidshare) - THANK YAH !!!!!!!!!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.03.2006
ANNOUNCE:Queen hosting "Countdown" Aussie TV 1985 - THANK YOU!!!!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 10.03.2006
Freddie & Montserrat interview - Thank you Rien :P... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 03.03.2006
ANNOUNCE: Brussels 10-12-1974 - mp3 rapidshare - Thanks 4 sharin this! :P... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.03.2006
Announce Great King Rat Demo - Thanks!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.03.2006
Mariah Carey 1st BEFORE Freddie Mercury? Come on!!! - everytime i hear Mariah my ears start to bleed and... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 27.02.2006
Live Aid - im sorry, maybe you are right, silly me :(... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.02.2006
Announce: [RapidShare] WWRY German TV Premier (with BM & RT) - Ive got a problem with it :S... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.02.2006
Barcelona 20.2.1979 - Thankss! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.02.2006
Live Aid - I dont know you guys, but i want only the Quee... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.02.2006
Ride The Wild Wind - good job! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.02.2006
LIVE AID - LMAO! XD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.02.2006
Request : Making Of These are the days of our lives - Thank you Barry!! you rock!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.02.2006
ANNOUNCE:Tavaszi Szel(Original). - great !... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 13.02.2006
ANNOUNCE: Freddie at Garden Lodge showing the mews (Video Snippet) - thank you!!! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.02.2006
RAPIDSHARE: ROGER TAYLOR US TOUR 06 PROMO INTERVIEW - thank you ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 10.02.2006
Por favor Tambien en RAPIDSHARE - He said: "here we can found some 1s... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 07.02.2006
Jailhouse Rock-Live - THANK YOU :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 07.02.2006
Announce: New Orleans '74 Mp3 (RAPIDSHARE) - Thank you! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 06.02.2006
ANNOUNCE - Freddie Mercury & Kenny Everett - Capital Radio 1976. - thank you so much! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 26.01.2006
The Alternate Yahuaca Miracle Album - I have most of them, but thanks for sharin :)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 24.01.2006
Mencion telecanal (2) CHILE - thankssss :P ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.01.2006
Newcastle 1986 (mp3 on rapidshare) - Thank you :D and here is some info ;) Artis... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.01.2006
Annouce: Queen - An Innerview with John Deacon 1977. - Thank you ;)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.01.2006
Announce : Roger Taylor Dec 1994 - THANK YOU !! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.01.2006
Announce: Queen: Special of the Week with Robert W Morgan 1981. - Thank youuuuuu! *downloadin* :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 21.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: It's A Beautiful Day clip - I loved it! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.01.2006
Openin' shows with eminem? - i... hate eminem...... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.01.2006
RAPIDSHARE!!!!!!! - Torrents files are slow and they really suck... so... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Stone Cold Crazy - I like it! thank you :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.01.2006
Queen - Live At Knebworth Park (09-08-1986) - Thank you so much! *now downloadin´" ;o)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: The Cross Live Video 12.05.1988, Manipulator+HFE (RapidShare) - Thank yoouuu!!!:D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - God (Brixton Academy) - Thank you for sharin this :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 15.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Freddie's last live concert (London, 14/04/1988) - THANK YOU SO MUCH MATE!!! xD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 13.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: 27-OCT-05 I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU mp3 - Thanks a lot!!!:D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Freddie's last live concert (London, 14/04/1988) - Please please!! can someone upload the songs again... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: "Grand Coulee Dam" and "Let's Get Drunk", mp3 - Thank you :o)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Dallas 1978 on RapidShare *UPDATE* - Thanks a Lot!!!! :D Im about downloadin the second... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 11.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: (RapidShare)Pavarotti & Friends 2003, Four Queen Videos - Thank YOu so MuCH!!!!!XD I CANT WAIT FOR "TOO... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 10.01.2006
Headlong Demo complete in flac quality - thank you... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 10.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Hyde Park, London 18.09.1976, mp3 - *Downloadin 2nd part* :D Thank you very much for t... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 09.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Garden Lodge Snippet (result poll + Rapidshare link) - Thank you :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: Hammersmith Odeon 24-12-1975 (FLAC version, RapidShare) - Thank you :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.01.2006
ANNOUNCE: The Lake House - Thank you Rien! xD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 31.12.2005
Announce: Brian May - TV Themes - Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you and Ev... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 31.12.2005
ANNOUNCE - Xmass 1989 Garden Lodge Video Snippet (enjoy) - Thank you very much! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 26.12.2005
Audio and Video - i didnt know it! ;D thank you !:D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.12.2005
Announce: MACHINES DEMO - Thank you! :D and Merry Xmas! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.12.2005
ANNOUNCE Brian May rare Demo / Sessions - THANK YOU :D ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.12.2005
Christmas gift from me - Thank you so much! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.12.2005
Another Miracle Demo Clip: Scandal! - i´ve already have it :D ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 21.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Humpy Bong 45 - thank you... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 21.12.2005
Houston 77 on rapidshare - Thank you for this!!!!!!!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: 24.08.1984 Brussels, Belgium - Thank you!!!!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.12.2005
A little thank you to all of you... ;o) - Rapishare... Maybe? :S... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.12.2005
We Are The Champions (TOTP Video) - Thank you so much! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 18.12.2005
Earl's Court '77 MP3 - doesnt woooooooooooorkkkkkkk :'( (i think is a ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.12.2005
Macbeth Suite: Unreleased - Thank you so much :D ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.12.2005
GARDEN LODGE TAPES - YOU ARE GREAT! THANK YOU XD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.12.2005
Another One Bites The Dust - Thank you !! :-D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 16.12.2005
We Will Rock You: Foot-stomps Percussion Track - haha!thanks :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 15.12.2005
Queen - Keep Passing The Open Windows (Early Take) - thank you this is real good stuff :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 14.12.2005
A little thank you to all of you... ;o) - Thank you but 1 and 2 are deleted :S :(... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Freddie Mercury / Wreckage - Thank you! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 12.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: 13.02.1981 Tokyo, Japan - THANK YOU :D ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 11.12.2005
flash - not funny...... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 09.12.2005
Small Clip - every Queen stuff is welcome to my collection! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 09.12.2005
ANNOUNCE - (1980) Chicago - Horizon - RAPIDSHARE - that is so WONDERFUL!!!!! :D:D:D THANK YOU! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.12.2005
Polar Bear - Take 2 - Thank you for this! you rlz! ;)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.12.2005
Roger Taylor fucking dyke.... - btw... WHAT ARE PEOPLE LIKE YOU DOIN IN THIS ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Brian May - Olympic Tracks ( 3 off ) - thanks!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 01.12.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen: Very rare - Imagine mp3 - i have it, but thanks for sharin... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 27.11.2005
Queen - Live At Velez Sarfield (08-03-1981) - THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 26.11.2005
REQUEST polar bear by queen - thank you jay!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 25.11.2005
Announce: Rainbow Theatre, London 31/03/1974 RAPIDSHARE - tnxssss!* :D:D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.11.2005
IMPORTANT - WHY DOES NOBODY USE RAPISHARE ANYMOREEEE?????? ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.11.2005
EWELL 71 - i dont have the fu...... programe to play it!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 18.11.2005
ANNOUNCE:- Brian May, Grand Coulee Dam - thanks but i dont have the programe to listen it :... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 17.11.2005
ANNOUNCE:Roger Taylor-I wanna testify(TV version). - i love it Thanx!! xD... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 15.11.2005
announce Silver Salmon - THANK MY FRIENDDDD!!!!! =D ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 15.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: I Wanna Take You Higher - Roger demo - THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 15.11.2005
ANNOUNCE DELILAH DEMO - THANK YOU FOR SHARIN THIS!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 11.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live In Caracas (27-09-1981) mp3 - wow you rlz!!! tahnk youuuuuuuu"!"... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 09.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Self Made Man (good quality) - Thankssss I love it!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen London 31.3.1974, Seven Seas Of Rhye (from the master tape) - WOW! great quality!!! THANKS!! =D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.11.2005
freddie pic request - WTF???... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 08.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Bohemian Rhapsody - Newcastle 04/12/1979 - just perfect!!! THANKS!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 07.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: 2 Freddie's RARE music videos (Rapidshare). Enjoy! - COOL!! thankssssssssssss =D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Manchester 1973 (torrent & Rapidshare) - What would I do without people like youuuuuuuuuuuu... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Roger Taylor Frantic Drumming video - heeey!!! Thanksss!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 02.11.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen + Paul Rodgers NJ 2005 MP3 Rapidshare - Thanks! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 01.11.2005
Announce: Stockholm 07.06.1986 - thank youuu you rlz!! thank to my friend Alex!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 30.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Queen Live Budokan 01.05.1975 - ohh :( need it ....RAPISHARE? pleeeeeeese!!! :S... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 30.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Rhapsody in Bohemia (Rapidshare) - wow you rlz! thankss!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
straight women who LOVE gay guys - I really really really really really really really... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
HELP!! - wow! didnt know that! :P thank youuu!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
I am so hurt - Im agree with you serry... he is tired... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
Whats your fave thing about QZ? - EVERYTHING!! :D... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
HELP!! - thanks for answer :P but ineed to tell you that ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 29.10.2005
This makes me sick!!! - you know.....some people don´t like music... ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.10.2005
HELP!! - hey guys i need your help! :( i havent a bittor... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.10.2005
We are the champions- japanese version-rapidshare - WOW! muchisimas gracias amigo!! soy de Arge... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 28.10.2005
ANNOUNCE - (1980) Chicago - Horizon - RAPIDSHARE - wow!! this is so kool!! Thank you!!!... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 27.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Semi-animated) - Hey you are so koool to post this!! thank youuu... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 25.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Newcastle 04/12/79 Don't Stop Me Now/ Somebody To Love RAPIDSHARE - thank yoouuuu! this is great! <3... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 25.10.2005
brian may nice guy of rock or male slut? - oh god... someone shut this b**** out! ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 23.10.2005
ANNOUNCE - (1979) Kanazawa - RAPIDSHARE - wow ! thanks !!!!! ;)... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.10.2005
ANNOUNCE - Complete unreleased BBC Sessions - RAPIDSHARE - Thank you sweet! now i´m a relly happy young ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 22.10.2005
ANNOUNCE - (1984) Viena - Stadthalle - RAPIDSHARE - WOW !!! I LOVE YOU !!I LOVE YOU !!I LOVE YOU !!I... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 21.10.2005
Was Freddie Mercury ever a robot? - Imfao NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 20.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Hijack My Heart (Soundboard demo) - Loove this song!! good memories! =D thank you ... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.10.2005
My Big Comic Book Debut..... - Lol http://www.momentumpictures.co.uk/flashgord... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 19.10.2005
Re Announce Queen Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 1975 - Hey im new in this!! I want to download thi... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.10.2005
ANNOUNCE: Earls Court Video - please i want to download this, reseed anyone! ple... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.10.2005
Nazis - this is so stupid. Hittler was so stupid. I a... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 18.09.2005
BBC 28 - 10 - 1977 - i try to download things in here and i think i nee... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 14.09.2005
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE! - I wanna tell you that i love you so much and i fee... by **Queen_of_Ramms+ein** on 05.09.2005