Band pass for The Reaction & other bands playing in Torquay that day (15.08.1966)
All access pass for the FM Tribute concert
FM Tribute guest pass
FM Tribute guest pass
FM Tribute - media pass
John Deacon's personal pass for the second part of the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert
FM Tribute - afterparty pass
FM Tribute - stadium access pass
FM Tribute - artist pass
Stage hands pass for the FM Tribute concert - probably for a roadie
FM Tribute - TV crew pass
DoRo party (with Brian and Roger) pass
John Deacon's personal artist pass for the Cowdray Ruins 1993 festival
Guest pass for Roger's concert in Gosport 1994
Cologne 14.10.1994 pass
London 19.11.1994 press pass
Cambridge 20.11.1994 guest pass
Roger Taylor in Cambridge on 20.11.1994
Roger\'s personal all access pass for the Happiness tour
Schio 17.1.1995 photo pass
Schio 17.1.1995 press pass
Genova 18.1.1995 photo pass
Brit Awards 2000 press pass - Queen with 5ive
Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame pass
Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame TV crew pass
Pass for the Heineken concert in Amsterdam on 30.04.2002
V10 with Roger Taylor concert pass
Crew pass belonging to Big Mart
Songwriter's Hall Of Fame pass
We Will Rock You afterparty (Melbourne)
We Will Rock You afterparty (Las Vegas)
Foo Fighters backstage pass
Roger Taylor's artist pass for Nelson Mandela's birthday concert (27.06.2008)