1987 Germany (WWF Club)
01. Cowboys & Indians

06.10.1987 Tyne Tees studios, Newcastle, UK (The Roxy, Channel 4)
01. Cowboys & Indians

17.10.1987 UK (No. 73)
01. Cowboys & Indians
02. Stand Up For Love

06.11.1987 Thames TV Studios, London, UK (Meltdown)

This can be considered the first proper live concert by The Cross. Six songs were broadcasted in December that year, Strange Frontier unfortunately wasn't. I'm also not quite sure about its position in the setlist.

01. Shove It
02. Cowboys And Indians
03. Love On A Tightrope
04. Stand Up For Love
05. Feel The Force
06. I'm In Love With My Car
07. Strange Frontier

06.01.1988 Japan (Yoruno Hits)
01. Cowboys & Indians

23.04.1988 Bavaria-Film-Gelände (Studiohalle 10), Geiselgasteig, Germany (Formel 1)
01. Heaven For Everyone

12.05.1988 Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland (Golden Rose festival)
01. Manipulator
02. Heaven For Everyone

1988 Germany (ZDF)
01. Heaven For Everyone

April 1990 Palazzo del Cinema, Venice, Italy (Azzurro (Italia 1))

Two mimed appearances on Italian TV - no idea about the exact date.

01. Power To Love

May 1990 Saarbrücken, Germany (Clip-Klapp)

A mimed appearance on German TV - no idea about the exact date.

01. Liar

1990 Alabama-Halle, Munich, Germany (Live Aus dem Schlachthof (serie 277) on Bayerischer Rundfunk)
01. Power To Love

05.09.1991 Funkausstellung, Berlin, Germany (Die 2 Im Zweiten (with Thomas Gottschalk))
01. New Dark Ages

08.09.1991 Germany (Hollymund (WDR))
01. New Dark Ages

10.09.1991 TV studio, Brussels, Belgium (TV show)
01. New Dark Ages