Tour itinerary [28 concerts]

19.02.1988  Leeds, UK 09.03.1988  Guildford, UK
20.02.1988  Glasgow, UK 10.03.1988  London, UK
21.02.1988  Leicester, UK 11.04.1988  Bremen, Germany
23.02.1988  Sheffield, UK 12.04.1988  Hamburg, Germany
24.02.1988  Nottingham, UK 13.04.1988  Berlin, Germany
26.02.1988  Manchester, UK 14.04.1988  Munich, Germany
27.02.1988  Bradford, UK 16.04.1988  Erlangen, Germany
28.02.1988  Newcastle, UK 17.04.1988  Frankfurt, Germany
01.03.1988  Southampton, UK 18.04.1988  Hanover, Germany
02.03.1988  Cardiff, UK 19.04.1988  Esslingen, Germany
04.03.1988  Norwich, UK 20.04.1988  Mannheim, Germany
05.03.1988  Birmingham, UK 21.04.1988  Düsseldorf, Germany
06.03.1988  Leeds, UK 23.04.1988  Dortmund, Germany
07.03.1988  Bristol, UK 24.04.1988  Bonn, Germany

Most of the gigs were in small clubs. IMO the 'Shove It' album is crap so the tour can't be worse than that :-) Especially I'm In Love With My Car is weak and can't be compared to the extremely powerful Queen version. 'Let's Get Drunk' is probably the best song & also the strongest message of this tour :-)

There were often some minor differences in the setlist. All the German shows included 'Rip It Up' before 'Stand Up For Love' and the early concerts had slightly different order (Feel The Force later & Strange Frontier earlier in the setlist, to name just two examples).

The Osnabrück concert (10.04.1988) was apparently cancelled because The Cross were scheduled to appear in some German TV show that day (maybe Formel 1 in Munich). The Osnabrück recording that is on the bootleg market is fake (comes from Esslingen in fact).

Typical setlist

01. Love Lies Bleeding 09. Manipulator
02. Cowboys And Indians 10. Let's Get Drunk
03. Love On A Tightrope 11. It's An Illusion
04. Man On Fire 12. Contact
05. Heaven For Everyone 13. Shove It
06. Feel The Force 14. Strange Frontier
07. I'm In Love With My Car 15. Let's Get Crazy
08. Laugh Or Cry 16. Stand Up For Love

Tracks played only scarcely

Rip It Up (German gigs)

A concert photo from this tour

Concert photo