Steve Plant / Stevie Sixx - forger of Outsider tour posters!!!

WARNING: a guy called Steve Plant aka Stevie Sixx aka steviesixx-5 or stevemandy on ebay and his wife Amanda Plant are selling fake reprints of Roger Taylor's Outside tour posters! I have purchased three, received only one and it was a really bad reprint. When I asked him about it he just blocked me (FB was our only way of communication). So I lost GBP 150 and got one bad quality fake instead of three originals. Beware! He is also the admin of the "Queen, Buy, Sale. Swap or Wanted" group on Facebook from where he also kicked me out. Other collectors have had the same problems with him and we're now uniting forces to fight against this bastard. Luckily most of the fakes can be recognized relatively easily so if you were also cheated by him please get in touch.

Peter Hince and his exhibition in Munich

Peter Hince needs no introduction. He is THE most famous member of the Queen touring crew (1975-1986), his book ranks among the best what you can read about the band and he is also a photographer. An exhibition of his photos was opened on November 26th and focuses on Queen's time in Munich. If you're in Germany make sure you visit the Galerie Stephen Hoffman at Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Promenadeplatz 2, 80333 München. The exhibition will be on for a couple of weeks.

Roger Taylor's Outsider tour is over...

And we had a great time! For me this was by far the best Queen-related tour since the collaboration with Paul Rodgers in 2008. Roger was in top form and delivered a superb setlist that left us in awe. The highlights were Strange Frontier, I'm In Live With My Car, Man On Fire, Rock It (with Tyler on vocals!), More Kicks, We're All Just Trying To Get By or the new version of Foreign Sand with audience participation :-)))

So far just the dates and setlists are online I would love if you could send me good quality photos, audio or video recordings, tickets or stage setlists from any of the gigs of the tour. However, my absolute priority is the final gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. I have filmed most of the concert and I have recorded audio. I will be getting more similar recordings from other fans and I would like to put together a complete multi-sourced video of the show that I will probably share at some point. Does anybody have good quality audio recordings or videos? The definition of a good video is: no camera shaking, no major amount of heads and hands in the way, no use of digital zoom. Sound quality is not important at all, the videos will be overdubbed anyway. If you think you can help with this project please send me your videos or audio recordings in original format using to Many thanks!

258 GB of live recordings available for free download

A little experiment. I have reworked the downloads section. I have purchased a account and I have uploaded all Queen, Brian May solo, Roger Taylor solo and The Cross live audio recordings I had found on my hard drive. All these recordings are available for download. is the only service that offers free downloading and good speed for larger amount of files - and better accounts are available for only a very small fee. More explanation and direct download links are available in the downloads section.

On this day [December 06]


Here is a list of concert programs that I need for my collection together with the price I'm willing to pay. There are a couple more that aren't listed here because I don't have any scan (Wintershall 2011). Please get in touch if you are willing to sell (or donate :-)) some of these items to me. Thank you!

News Of The World tour program (Denmark only) Queen
Copenhagen 13.04.1978
I will pay EUR 200
Unofficial Dublin 1984 programme Queen
Dublin 1984
I will pay EUR 100
Queen in Vienna 1984 Queen
Vienna 1984
I will pay EUR 150
Unofficial Queen programme for Slane Castle 1986 Queen
Dublin 1986
I will pay EUR 100
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2001 Roger - Wintershall 2001
I will pay EUR 100
Cowdray Ruins program (UK) Roger
Cowdray Ruins 2002
I will pay EUR 150
WhatsOnStage Awards 2012 WhatsOnStage Awards with Brian
London 2012
I will pay EUR 50
Freddie For A Day event at the Savoy hotel with Brian May Brian
Freddie For A Day 2012
I will pay EUR 80
City Rocks charity programme (with Brian and Kerry) Brian + Kerry Ellis
City Rocks 2014
I will pay EUR 30
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2016 Roger Taylor
Wintershall 2016
I will pay EUR 80
SAS Band - 25 Riff Tour programme SAS Band with Roger
UK 2019
I will pay EUR 25