Roger Taylor live at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire [22.10.2021] - complete video, multicam footage!

Many of us attended Roger's last concert of his Outsider tour at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. It was an amazing experience and we had a great time... so I started collecting videos from my friends and from youtubers in order to create a complete multicam video. And with the help of my friend Albert we present you this exclusive video recording! The Youtube version was deleted by Universal Music immediately so here you have a direct download [720p].

New book!

I rarely recommend Queen books to people because there are so many of them... but this one is different: Queen - A People's History. I only have started reading it but it's fascinating - this is Queen as remembered by the people who attended their concerts. From the earliest shows up to the Knebworth Park, over 500 fans have written their memories. It's a hardback book with over 200 photos and definitely worth reading. Enter the code AF7E2AHN at the checkout to get free postage to anywhere in the world! Order your copy at the Spenwood Books website.

On this day [January 27]


Here is a list of concert programs that I need for my collection together with the price I'm willing to pay. There are a couple more that aren't listed here because I don't have any scan (Wintershall 2011). Please get in touch if you are willing to sell (or donate :-)) some of these items to me. Thank you!

News Of The World tour program (Denmark only) Queen
Copenhagen 13.04.1978
I will pay EUR 200
Unofficial Dublin 1984 programme Queen
Dublin 1984
I will pay EUR 100
Queen in Vienna 1984 Queen
Vienna 1984
I will pay EUR 150
Unofficial Queen programme for Slane Castle 1986 Queen
Dublin 1986
I will pay EUR 100
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2001 Roger - Wintershall 2001
I will pay EUR 100
Cowdray Ruins program (UK) Roger
Cowdray Ruins 2002
I will pay EUR 150
WhatsOnStage Awards 2012 WhatsOnStage Awards with Brian
London 2012
I will pay EUR 50
Freddie For A Day event at the Savoy hotel with Brian May Brian
Freddie For A Day 2012
I will pay EUR 80
City Rocks charity programme (with Brian and Kerry) Brian + Kerry Ellis
City Rocks 2014
I will pay EUR 30
Roger Taylor in Wintershall 2016 Roger Taylor
Wintershall 2016
I will pay EUR 80
SAS Band - 25 Riff Tour programme SAS Band with Roger
UK 2019
I will pay EUR 25