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jose gozategui wrote:
thank you for your music. thank you to freddie for the most wonderfull years of music.
god save mercury
Date: 31.05.2005 03:21:15

marty202 wrote:
i can play four queen songs on bass gfuitar and i am only fourteen. i learnt with the queen wembley dvd and sheet music from the internet. thankyou everyone who has posted sheet music on the internet you are brilliant
Date: 26.05.2005 08:23:29

Sundance wrote:
I traveled with Queen for about a month many many moons ago. I want to say it was in 1982-83... their tour ended in L.A. playing two gigs at the end. Went out with the personal crew roadies and a couple of the band members to eat japeneese food many times down in Hollywood. It was there that I was introduced to Saki... if you have never tried it... don't. :-)
I remember one night during that tour, we played at an Ampitheater which had a animal refuge next door down in California. The people brought over a couple baby lions so we could pet them etc... it was very cool. The same night I got a huge surprize right along with the other fans; during "we are the champions" a blimp went over head with the lyrics going accross the blimp. Of all the hundreds of shows I have been to I have never seen or experienced anything close to that feeling. The whole crowd was screaming out the lyrics and the band was tighter that ever. There has got to be someone here that was either there with me that night or has it on tape... if you do will you let me know? I have lots of Queen stories ~ each of the band members were excellent people. The crew was incredible. Remember, the bands make it rock, but the roadies make it roll.
Peace, Sundance
Date: 21.05.2005 06:22:20

Lorenzo wrote:
Just one word for the website of the most professional Queen Fan in the world: Congratulatios!
Date: 18.05.2005 01:42:07

edu wrote:
Date: 13.05.2005 18:57:21

neil wrote:
I've just sent an email regarding information on The Rainbow gig stating that some bootlegs are mislabelled as Adelaide 74. I have the master copy of this and assumed it was from Adelaide 76 (not 74) due to the date on the box. Can you shed any more light on this?? Are you 100% sure these tracks are from the Rainbow?
Date: 07.05.2005 00:56:15

Alex wrote:
Wow! a great page... but the setlist of the FM-Tribute is missing.
Did you´ve any information about this appearence of Brian:

-Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Bryan Adams on vocals)
=>10.11.2002 London, UK (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund)
-Run To You (Bryan Adams on vocals, Brian on Red Special)
=>10.11.2002 London, UK (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund)
-I'll Do My Crying In The Rain (vocal duet with Bryan Adams, acoustic guitar)
=>10.11.2002 London, UK (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund)

Is there any possibility to get the tracks?
Date: 05.05.2005 18:41:02

Diego wrote:
Very good page, I´m queen´s fanatic.
I like this page all things is ok.
I wanna videos of queen, a lot of videos, do you know where can I find videos of queen????? tell me plz,
Date: 05.05.2005 02:09:56

Aly Williams wrote:
Just browsing through your excellent site and thought I'd drop you a line to say how impressed Iam with it. I particularly enjoy the bootleg section as Iam trying to increase my collection, I think I will be purchasing a few of these in the future. Looking forward imensely to Wednesdays gig at the MEN Manchester, it's been a long time, I was lucky to see the classic line up with Freddie 4 times so I wish the boys all the best and paul rodgers for doing the honours. Thanks again Aly (Huyton, Liverpool)
Date: 02.05.2005 16:58:59

I saw Queen in Nashville, the late 70's,Im trying to find out the date.they played at municipal auditorium in downtown Nashville.Thanks for any help
Date: 30.04.2005 15:31:59

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