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Official release: Freddie Mercury Tribute (2VHS, 2DVD)

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On 20th April 1992 many well known musicians (incl. the three remaining members of Queen) paid their tributes to Freddie on the stage of the Wembley stadium in London. The whole event was broadcasted worldwide to an audience of one billion people. And that's the point - if you want to have this recording, find someone who recorded it from the TV broadcast (and if it's in mono, overdub it with the BBC radio broadcast). The official VHS unfortunately misses approx. 25% of the gig (the main reason being that some artists were unhappy with their performance and refused to give their permission to include it on the video). OK, that's quite understandable (we all remember that some of the performances were really poor). But the recently released DVD... features less than 50% (!) of the concert! More than half of it is simply MISSING. I wonder what comes next... a DVD single with three songs?

As I said... there are many people who have the videotape with the original complete broadcast. Get it if you can. No need to waste your money on the official release.

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