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The Cross on tour: Mad, Bad & Dangerous

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Concertography > The Cross live > Mad, Bad & Dangerous
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Tour itinerary [19 concerts]
01.04.1990  Geneva, Switzerland Concert info 01.06.1990  Ibiza, Spain Concert info
21.05.1990  Hanover, Germany Concert info 02.06.1990  Ibiza, Spain Concert info
22.05.1990  Bonn, Germany Concert info 03.06.1990  St. Wendel, Germany Concert info
23.05.1990  Dortmund, Germany Concert info 04.06.1990  Nuremberg, Germany Concert info
24.05.1990  Göttingen, Germany Concert info 05.06.1990  Tuttlingen, Germany Concert info
26.05.1990  Hamburg, Germany Concert info 06.06.1990  Mannheim, Germany Concert info
27.05.1990  Kiel, Germany Concert info 07.06.1990  Bielefeld, Germany Concert info
28.05.1990  Berlin, Germany Concert info 08.06.1990  Stuttgart, Germany Concert info
29.05.1990  Amsterdam, The Netherlands Concert info 15.06.1990  Vienna, Austria Concert info
30.05.1990  Neu-Isenburg, Germany Concert info  

It's unbelievable but ALL tracks from the new album are played (although Passion For Trash only scarcely). After In Charge Of My Heart (incl. intro) Top Of The World Ma immediately follows. Highlights of the show are probably Top Of The World Ma, Breakdown, the anthemic Power To Love and I'm In Love With My Car (although the Queen version is much much better).

There were some slight differences in the set from night to night. Examples are that on some gigs Shove It and I'm In Love With My Car were dropped but when doing so the band often compensated this by coming up with a surprise or two. A good example of this is the 23.05.90 Dortmund gig where, although I'm In Love With My Car was kept, they played both It's An Illusion and Passion For Trash in favour of Shove It!

The Amsterdam concert saw Roger forget the lyrics to I'm In Love With My Car, much to the pleasure of the audience :-)

The Nürnberg gig was also special because the band were filming the video for their new single Liar on the night and they played the song twice in the set!

Typical setlist
01. In Charge Of My Heart 10. Better Things
02. Top Of The World Ma 11. Man On Fire
03. Closer To You 12. Old Men (Lay Down)
04. Cowboys & Indians 13. Sister Blue
05. Breakdown 14. Strange Frontier
06. Penetration Guru 15. Foxy Lady
07. Power To Love 16. Final Destination
08. Liar 17. Shove It
09. Heaven For Everyone 18. I'm In Love With My Car

Tracks played only scarcely
It's An Illusion
Passion For Trash
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