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Roger Taylor on tour: Early days

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Note: this list includes only concerts. Roger's bands (Reaction, Smile) of course recorded studio stuff but that's not listed here. Also I'd like to say it's quite difficult to find accurate info about these old days so if you want to correct me, please do it.

The Bubblingover Boys (1957)

Roger Taylor (ukulele, guitar)
(other members are unknown)

1957 Bosvigo School, Truro, UK

Beat Unlimited (later 'The Cousin Jacks' and 'The Falcons') (1963 - early 1965)

Beat Unlimited

Roger Taylor (drums/guitar)
Mike Dudley (guitar)
David Dowding (bass)

One of favourite tracks of Cousin Jacks/Beat Unlimited was Wipe Out by The Ventures. Another known track they played live was Flingel Bunt - it was played by Cousin Jacks/Beat Unlimited at a do organised by the Liberal Association in the City Hall (17.12.1964).

summer 1963 Truro, UK

Johnny Quale and the Reaction (early 1965 - autumn 1965)

John Grose (aka Johnny Quale) (vocals)
Roger 'Splodge' Taylor (drums)
Graham Hawkins (guitar)
Mike Dudley (keyboards/guitar)
Jim Craven (bass)
John 'Acker' Snell (saxophone)

15.03.1965 City Hall, Truro, UK
15.04.1965 City Hall, Truro, UK
19.04.1965 City Hall, Truro, UK
summer 1965 Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
summer 1965 Village Hall, St. Just, UK
summer 1965 The Garden, Penzance, UK
summer 1965 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
17.07.1965 Werrington Park, Launceston, UK

Known setlists
15.3.1965 City Hall, Truro
Shadows, Rolling Stones and pre-Soul covers, especially James Brown and Otis Redding

The Reaction (autumn 1965 - autumn 1968)

The Reaction

Roger 'Splodge' Taylor (drums/lead vocals)
Mike Dudley (guitar, later keyboards)
Richard Penrose (bass from spring 1966)
John 'Acker' Snell (saxophone until 1967)
Mike Grose (guitar)
Jim Craven (bass until spring 1966 and again from summer 1968)
Roger 'Sandy' Brokenshire (lead vocals from November 1965 to spring 1966)
Geoff Daniel (guitar from spring 1966 to 1967)
Rick Thorning (bass from autumn 1968)

The Reaction were actually originally called The Reactions (until March 1966) and sometimes even billed as The Creation. Original line-up was of course identical to Johnny Quale and the Reaction but after a couple of months many changes came...

25.09.1965 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
21.10.1965 Godolphin Hall, Helston, UK
17.11.1965 Methodist Hall, St. Agnes, UK
20.11.1965 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
December 1965 Truro School, Truro, UK
24.12.1965 St. Brannocks Hotel, Newquay, UK
27.12.1965 Schools Christmas Dance, Truro, UK
31.12.1965 Flamingo Club, Redruth, UK
08.01.1966 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
07.03.1966 City Hall, Truro, UK
12.03.1966 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
17.03.1966 Ballroom, Redruth, UK
22.04.1966 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
20.05.1966 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
11.06.1966 The Old Barn Club, Penzance, UK
09.07.1966 Town Hall, Torquay, UK
16.07.1966 Winter Gardens, Penzance, UK
17.07.1966 City Hall, Truro, UK
05.08.1966 Town Hall, Torquay, UK
15.08.1966 Dartmouth, Devon, UK
16.08.1966 Town Hall, Torquay, UK
23.09.1966 The Old Barn Club, Penzance, UK
08.10.1966 The Guildhall, St. Ives, UK
14.10.1966 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
04.11.1966 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
18.11.1966 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
11.12.1966 Tell-a-Tale folk club on Chapel Street, Penzance, UK
1967 Mullion Church Hall, Truro, UK
07.01.1967 Flamingo Club, Redruth, UK
20.01.1967 Club, Harlyn Bay, UK
24.01.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
28.01.1967 Guildhall, St. Ives, UK
25.02.1967 Town Hall, Wadebridge, UK
03.03.1967 Flamingo Club, Redruth, UK
04.03.1967 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
10.03.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
11.03.1967 Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
31.03.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
01.04.1967 Public Rooms, Bodmin, UK
15.04.1967 Public Hall, Liskeard, UK
21.04.1967 Country Grammar School, Truro, UK
29.04.1967 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
04.05.1967 Skating Rink, Camborne, UK
06.05.1967 The Blue Lagoon, Newquay, UK
13.05.1967 Memorial Hall, Dobwalls, UK
27.05.1967 Skating Rink, Camborne, UK
03.06.1967 Public Rooms, Bodmin, UK
29.07.1967 Beach, Perranporth, UK
31.07.1967 St. Just Village Hall, Cornwall, UK
04.08.1967 Hayle Rugby Club, Cornwall, UK
10.11.1967 Pennace Hotel, Hayle, UK
15.03.1968 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
16.03.1968 Godolphin Hall, Helston, UK
23.03.1968 Public Rooms, Bodmin, UK
05.04.1968 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
11.04.1968 Winter Gardens, Penzance, UK
22.04.1968 Trevellas Cove, St. Agnes, UK
17.05.1968 Penmare Hotel, Hayle, UK
01.06.1968 Memorial Hall, Perranporth, UK
08.06.1968 Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry Museum, Bodmin, UK
July 1968 marquee, Trevellas Porth, St. Agnes, UK
July 1968 marquee, car park, Mevagissey, UK
July 1968 marquee, field, Carnon Downs, UK
04.07.1968 local beach, Perranporth, UK
06.07.1968 Feast Week, Megavissey, UK
07.07.1968 beach, Perranporth, UK
13.07.1968 Princess Pavilion, Falmouth, UK
27.07.1968 W.I. Hall, Mullion, UK
31.07.1968 Recreation Ground, Megavissey, UK
28.08.1968 Godolphin Hall, Helston, UK
06.09.1968 Village Hall, St. Merryn, UK
14.09.1968 Public Rooms, Bodmin, UK

Known setlists
Unknown date
1. Game Of Love (Wayne Fontana & The Minbenders)
2. Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut) (Peter Green)
3. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Doris Troy)
4. Slow Down (The Beatles / Larry Williams)
5. Respect (Aretha Franklin / Otis Redding)
6. I Got You (James Brown)
7. It's Gonna Work Out Fine (Manfred Mann)
8. Land Of 1,000 Dances (Wilson Pickett)

Smile (summer 1968 - 1970)

Roger Taylor in Smile

Brian May (guitar/vocals)
Tim Staffell (bass/lead vocals)
Roger Taylor (drums/vocals)
Chris Smith (keyboards until February 1969)
Phil (occasional keyboards)
John Harris (keyboards until 26.02.1969)
Mike Grose (bass)

26.10.1968 Imperial College, London, UK
31.01.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
12.02.1969 King's College Medical School, London, UK
27.02.1969 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
28.02.1969 Athletic Club, Richmond, UK
15.03.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
22.03.1969 Flamingo Club, Redruth, UK
28.03.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
29.03.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
05.04.1969 Winter Gardens, Penzance, UK
18.04.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
19.04.1969 Revolution Club, London, UK
31.05.1969 Whisky A Go Go, London, UK
28.06.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
29.06.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
19.07.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
25.07.1969 Percival Institute, St. Minver, UK
13.09.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
14.09.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
18.10.1969 College Union, Watford, UK
01.11.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
06.12.1969 Imperial College, London, UK
13.12.1969 The Marquee Club, London, UK
26.12.1969 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
17.01.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
31.01.1970 Imperial College, London, UK
07.03.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
08.03.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
17.04.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
18.04.1970 PJ's Club, Truro, UK
24.04.1970 Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, UK
09.05.1970 Imperial College, London, UK

Known setlists
26.10.1968 Imperial College, London
01. Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (Bach)
02. Can't Be So Sad
27.02.1969 Royal Albert Hall, London
(short silent video recording owned by Queen Productions, part is shown in the Champions Of The World video)
1. If I Were A Carpenter
2. Earth
3. Mony Mony
4. See What A Fool I've Been

An interesting fact: 'Johnny Quale And The Reaction' was founded by John Grose (aka Johnny Quale). John's younger brother Mike Grose later played occasionally with 'The Reaction', 'Smile' and even became Queen's first bass player.

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